Thursday, June 14, 2018


No Work For Low Level Pencil Pushers
I heard that Sobeys is going out of business permanently, no pensions or anything for staff. Then they were downplaying their last layoff, then they are too small now for SAP or J.D. Edwards so all that work is gone.

Plus everyone working their took a pay cut for their job at Sobeys, now they only have 30% of the work skills of jobs in other markets like Toronto and no one will hire them.

SAP is also hurt bad and people are triple sharing Project Management jobs for 50 thousand a year each because they don't have the skills to get the work done. So that's on the decline.

I also heard that Michelin Tire is going out of business and those plants are closing in Nova Scotia, then they might be totally out of business anyway.

I also wouldn't be too excited to find IT jobs in Halifax, most of those places are third party jobs and work on Sobeys, Superstore or SAP and JD Edwards Software, those I guess are all entry level with low pay or low level programing jobs for next to nothing.

So no work in Halifax in that stuff, all low pay jobs and you end up with only 30% of a resume for your position and are unqualified in Toronto.

Anyway, their hiring in garbage collection and construction in Halifax so you when you get fired you may want to get some overalls. Plus I may need a canal built on my property in future and may be hiring for that and odd jobs in garbage collection if your office jobs don't work out.

Just don't come here with a 30% complete work resume from shitty IT company or office or I'll tell ya to go fuck yourself.


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