Thursday, February 22, 2018

Trench Coat Mafia: You Won't Even Believe What Happened To Me In Halfax

The Trench Coat Mafia Are Handicapped
Recently in Halifax I had an incident with the  Trench Coat Mafia. I can't even believe what they did, this must be some Dylan Klebold syndrome or some mental retardation or something. 

Anyway, whatever they are I have this group of retards following me around copying me and annoying me all over the place and then when I say something to them they all take off, then they come back screeching and hollering and looking for a fist fight  then they take off again before you can do anything.

So this is a regular occurrence around here in Halifax periodically, so right now it must be Spring getting them worked up or something. Don't be concerned though, this is not even a matter serious enough for the postman from Canada Post to step in to resolve, let alone requiring a police complaint.

This is what happened. I was sitting in the Food Court at the Mall having something to eat like some kind of Chinese Food or something and having a Pepsi.

Then these we'll call them "Trench Coat Mafia" types from around Atlantic Canada came over to me, examining them visually, I recognized their likeness from being around the Heavy Metal music "scene" in the Halifax area over ten years ago before I stopped playing there.

This is the crowd that tried to rip me off nearly ten years ago and flamed me bad on the internet, then tried to ruin my music band in Halifax. I had put the run to these people nearly ten years ago from doing all that and that was the end of it. Ever since then they run around copying me and follow me around annoying me periodically.

This is what they said to me.

They said that they "Didn't like me anymore" and that people I used to know in the music scene around Halifax and Atlantic Canada "Don't like me anymore."

First, I had to remind them that I was the one the hated them and put then run to them almost ten years ago.

They had ripped me off and flamed me on the internet, then I put the run to them, then years later they came back up to me at the Food Court in Halifax and said "They didn't like me anymore."

First, I am the one that doesn't like them because they tried to rip me off. 

Then they recently came back and said that they didn't like me now.

I got the story out of it though and told them to get the fuck away from me and stop annoying me when I am out eating at the Food Court because I don't know them and told them to stop following me around thinking they are in my life or whatever and can come up to me at the mall when I am out eating.

Then when I was out walking at get this....the new canal, again. Two people yelled at me and took off.

One guy came up to me in a van and started yelling incoherently in the middle of the day and looked like he was drunk driving and I asked him what the fuck he wanted and he took off. 

Then some other guy drove past me at the canal and started screeching and yelling out the window right at the new canal and then they took off.

This is what I have deciphered from the events.

Apparently, this is what I am told is what is taking place but who knows for sure.

The Trench Coat Mafia people are trying to get their names attached to the credits of my music albums so they can be famous on the internet.

They wanted to know at the Food Court if I was going to try and put my albums out on PRC Music, which is a scam.

So PRC music is being distributed by PHD Distribution and they make Vinyl Rips burnt on CD in the real package and are bootlegs or something.

Here is what is happening I was told but don't take this too seriously.

People from the Trench Coat Mafia are trying to get me to sign my band Collapse a real band to PRC Music, then they are trying to get their names on my albums credits and then they want to make CD's and put them on PRC music because they are putting bands out around here.

So they wanted to get their names attached to my band in Halifax so they can can get a record deal at PRC and get their albums released on PHD Distribution.

PRC was originally Great White North Records and I got ripped off and my record got bootlegged. I am told that is by "Interview CD" people, like "The Unauthorized Metallica Interview CD" or something.

Anyway, the people from PRC left Great White North Records before it closed and now they take credit for releasing my first album on the PRC info page. 

Then if  I say my band is on a "quest for world domination" they say that they "aren't on a quest for world domination" copying me.

Recently, they just switched from web page format for their label to blog format also matching this page.

In short, they are like the only record label around here releasing those crappy metal albums and they keep copying me and running a scam. Then they picked up everyone in Atlantic Canada and are being distributed by PHD which releases lp's burnt on to CD at the mall.

Then all these Trench Coat Mafia people came up to asking me if I was going to "try" and put my album out on PRC music and wanted to know if I was giving my records to them. 

Yeah right! Why so I can get ripped off and bootlegged again?

Then they all wanted on my album credits so they could get a record deal at PRC to get their "albums out". 

That is the whole point, but you have to get the context of where this takes place at.

First I am a bigger artist eating at the Food Court at the mall than PHD Distribution is in the history of music. In fact I am a larger artist than a band like Slayer or someone eating at the mall than they were in their entire career.

Why would I give my music to PRC when I am too good to be on Sony or Universal because I am a better guitar player than anyone they ever had.

Plus why would I need some shitty record label from Quebec to release my albums when I used to work in a huge corporation, duh losers...I know how to sell a CD on the internet by myself.

The Trench Coat mafia people said first like ten years ago that they "hated me" in Atlantic Canada because I was a bigger band than everyone.

Then they tried to rip me off, flamed me on the internet, and tried to ruin my band in Halifax.

Then they run around screeching and hollering at me.

So I put the run to them years ago for all that, then years later they came up to me in Halifax recently and said that "they didn't like me anymore."

Then they wanted me to "make it up to them" by including them in a group on my album credits so they can be a "famous crowd" in Canada.

Then they wanted me to promote them so they could be music stars and are looking for a deal on PRC Music.

 Then they wanted to know if I was going to give my albums to PRC Music so they could have them.

Then they wanted their crowd's name in the credits so they can get a record deal at PRC and be famous.

Then they said they didn't like me anymore because my band was too big, then they wanted me to put their name in the credits to my albums so they can be a famous crowd in Canada because they wanted to be popular and go get a record out at PRC Music.

Then when I told them to get out of my face they drove up to me screeching and hollering again twice and took off. 

The point is, I get it...they are retarded or something doing all that.

Yea, ten years ago they said they hated me because my band was too big, then they tried to rip me off and ruin my band and flamed me all over the internet, then I put the run to them, them they came back and said they didn't like me anymore, then they said they wanted me to put their name on my albums credits in the booklet so they can be famous, then they wanted to get a record deal on PRC Music off it, then they wanted me to promote their names on the internet so they can be a "famous crowd" in Canada, then when I told them to get lost they followed me around and stared screeching and hollering at me and took off.

That's right everyone, the Trench Coat Mafia in Atlantic Canada want me to promote them so they can be a Famous Crowd now in Canada off my album credits...that's what some of them said.

Personally, I  think PRC music and all those people are trying to attach themselves to me by saying they are "in" my music thing and they are not.

Newsflash again....

I don't know you and I have nothing to do with you so stop following me around Halifax fantasizing about being music stars and wanting me to promote you on the internet by annoying me all the time.

Then they say they hate me, then they want me to promote them and put them on my album credits so they can get record deals.

Plus they all look like they are high on heroin and live in the slums or something.

To me you are all losers, so stop annoying me when I am out walking and eating at the Food Court because I will never promote you and I think you all suck anyway.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hometown Spotlight: Pictou County Pizza - My Hometown of New Glasgow, NS

Here is a documentary about my home town. It's about their Pizza there, it's a "regional flavor" , whatever that is.

Locally, Pictou County Pizza apparently, is famous to the area. Keeping in mind it's only in a town of ten thousand people. Anyway, it's super popular there and yes if you are wondering it's good food. 

However, it's not something you'd see on the Food Network or read about in a magazine or go visit when you see an NHL Game in Chicago or somewhere like that.

For me a small town like that is stupid anyway and I like big city food like stuff on the Food Network. That's because when you move to the big city and are working on getting books published everything in your hometown is stupid now because I'm right fancy now and have all kinds of stuff that's way better than your small hometown stuff.

What is good though is Pizza Pizza is opening in Halifax I think because they got the signs up, I like stuff like that from big cities that everyone eats. Pizza Pizza will be a guaranteed great place to eat in the area.

New Glasgow is a small town and anyway I'm better than all that now because I have all this awesome stuff now and live in a big city and I'm getting my books published.

No one from my hometown has ever done anything like that so I'm better than all them anyway.

That's right Pictou County, It was a big Death Metal band and now it's book publishing which is way bigger. That's because I'm better than my hometown now because I have all that.

Anyway, you're not going to find Pictou County Pizza at the MLB World Series to eat where I'll be hanging out at now that I'm better than Pictou County and moved away. That's because it's only in Northern Nova Scotia.

New Glasgow, however is a busy area because it's the Ferry Terminal area on the way to Prince Edward Island if you don't take the Confederation Bridge Land Link.

Well if the food there is that famous then why can't I get it in Halifax? Everyone only eats city food around here or something.

If I want pizza I'm not going to New Glasgow because I'm better than my hometown now, I'm going to go somewhere around here like Pizza Pizza.

So if it's that great they should be bringing it to my neighborhood in Halifax if they want me to eat it. Everyone follows me around copying me anyway from New Glasgow, so when's that opening.

I heard once that they tried to have it here from the Trailer Park Boys when they had a restaurant in Halifax but I guess that never lasted because I went downtown and I can't find it.

So I looked up this "famous pizza" they are talking about at some place called Acropole, I don't know what an acropole is but when I looked it up it had had something to do with "Acropolis" which I think is from Greece so apparenty is a Greek Pizza, I think.

Their claim to fame with this so called famous pizza is the "brown sauce". When I first looked at it I thought that it's probably brown because it's got rotten meat in it or it's made from rancid meat.

I think it's some kind of "meat sauce" so it's super dark, I thought it was rancid from being made with bad meat but it wasn't.

I think it's just from putting too much meat in the sauce or something. Everyone up there must be addicted to meat sauce or something.

Personally I love the Pizza in Halifax and think it's great, that Pizza in Pictou County is different than City Pizza. 

Now they put way more toppings on Pizza there and it's made of some kind of meat sauce or something. There's not as much toppings on Pizza in the City and it has a City Flavor to it which is great and I love it. 

Anyway, it I had to review it I would say that it's good, I would eat it. In fact I used to eat it all the time when I lived there. However, I live in the big city now and have books being published and I'm better than that small town now and don't go there just to eat pizza because I'm better than the whole area anyway.

It is good but it's not city pizza like at Pizza Pizza when that opens. At Pizza Pizza you can eat in a big city which is way better than eating in a small town.

The point is, if the pizza there is that good then why can't I buy it in Halifax. 

If you want me to eat that Pictou County Pizza these days, you're going have to bring it here and give it to me because I only live in places that are convenient now. 

Since I'm better than my hometown now if you want me to eat that then you're going to have to bring it here, because I'm better than New Glasgow now.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Trench Coat Mafia: PHD Music Distributes PRC Music

Girls Shocked,Local Bands Get Mall Distribution
No Way PHD Music, the people who put out the Venom - Box Set and then when you opened it is was vinyl copies burnt on to a cd in the real package, just signed the scam PRC Music from Quebec for a distribution deal to the put cds in the music store at the mall.

Then they picked up all bands in Atlantic Canada except mine because I'm not on it, through PRC Music.

That's because it's a scam.

Now all the bands from Atlantic Canada are going in the cd bin at the mall on PRC Music and PHD Distribution right next to the Venom bootleg vinyl rip, and Slayer's Paris Hilton Album.

Did PHD music say they were putting all the bands in the record store around here next to the Venom bootleg as a joke or something?

...because that's where its going.

QUICK! Hurry every one in metal in Atlantic Canada, a big record label is signing bands to put your records out at the mall! 

Only it has to go right next to the Venom Bootleg and the Slayer Paris Hilton album. 

And by the way Jason MacKenzie and Collapse aren't on it because they all suck.

So hurry everyone give your records away so you can be in the CD bin at the mall and get bootleged with the Venom and Slayer Cd's they just put out.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Donald Trump: The Best President Ever

Donald Trump: The Best President Ever
Simply put, Donald Trump is the best President ever. Not only is he my candidate he is everyone's candidate.

Finally, we can have a President that everyone in America and the world can enjoy. Donald Trump is America's  television president and the first real life celebrity that everyone knows to become president.

This is something that everyone can enjoy. That is because everyone knows Donald Trump  not like other candidates that no one ever heard of. Regular people at home can enjoy President Trump just like they watched him for years on reality television.

Now you can watch Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America at home just like on reality television, without worrying about the nations issues.

President Trump is the only celebrity to become President, now millions can watch him just like on reality television. Don't be concerned with political issues, just leave that for someone else to deal with. 

That's not an issue for Donald Trump fans, we just want to see him be the President like on a reality show as a celebrity so we can enjoy the President finally like a show or something. Trump fans don't need be concerned with political issues, that's for someone else to deal with, we just want to have fun and see him at the White House.

That's why President Donald Trump is the best ever, just like on a reality show where you don't need to worry about the issue's only in real life, that's the best part about President Trump - everyone can enjoy him even if they know nothing about politics because he is a reality television star.

Leave politics to someone else, we just wanna watch Donald Trump be the President, plus he looks great in the White House.

I read on some magazine rack or somewhere that Oprah Winfrey was planning to run for thanks! We already have one television celebrity president and it's Donald Trump. The White House is not going to be some place on a reality show where celebrities keep running for president, President Trump is probably a one time deal. Besides, aren't you sick of some woman telling you how to clean your kitchen all the time? I know I am. Vote Trump!

Finally in a fictional interview President Trump stated that he would like to apologize for the Patriots not winning the Superbowl this year, he said hopefully next time a more Patriotic team  than the "The Eagles" will win the Superbowl. 

President Trump then fictionally stated that he tried to change the name of the "Eagles" to the "Bald Eagles" so it would sound more Patriotic but they said "no".

He went on to say in the fictional interview that he might be judging a Philly Cheese Steak contest in Philadelphia on reality television but he can't right now because he is too busy being the President of America. 

Eagles Win Superbowl, Dismaying America's Patriots


Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Halifax Valley Girl Mystery Solvers Team: The Incident at Shubie Canal

Fresh off the tip that there is a mystery to solve in the Halifax area the Halifax Valley Girl Mystery Solvers Team has been dispatched to Shubie Canal to investigate.

Valley Girl 1: “As soon as we heard that there was an incident at Shubie Canal we went there right away to investigate. What we found out is that the Canal just opened in the Park Area and there is a new small bridge there. The rest of the Canal is still being constructed and is not open yet but they are digging up the area.”

Valley Girl 2: “Right away we thought that is was a little excessive for the Trench Coat Mafia to be down there bothering people at a Canal that just opened.”

Valley Girl 1: “Obviously that kind of behavior must be from Heroin Addiction, apparently it may be the only explanation for that kind of bizarre behavior.”

Valley Girl 2: “What we realized is that Canal’s have nothing to do with anything taking place with the Trench Coat mafia so that is a real mystery. Why would the Trench Coat Mafia be hanging around a Canal bothering people for money other than that they are looking for money for Heroin or something.

We thought their psychological behavior patterns were a little bizarre because of their over exaggerated fixation on a Historical Canal being built so we got our expert who has a Degree in Psychology to make an evaluation. Why would the Trench Coat mafia be hanging around a Canal, it makes no sense whatsoever.”

Valley Girl 1:  “Since the behavior at the Canal was so excessive and their fixation on a Historical Location so exaggerated we thought that there may be a larger mystery taking place. We thought they may be covering for something else like a methamphetamines lab or something.

We got our Psychological Expert to Investigate.”

Valley Girl 3 is an expert in Psychology and has a degree from a prominent university.

Valley Girl 3: “Right away I thought they were covering for something else because of their exaggerated behavior over a historical landmark. The deal they made was so large and exaggerated at the canal that I knew immediately that they must be covering for something else, possibly a methamphetamines lab.

Heroin and Methamphetamines cause this kind of bizarre behavior and I think that they have this fixation over the new canal because they are engaging in some kind of criminal activity and people entering into the area around the canal are setting off this bizarre behavior. Plus, we know they are looking for money for Heroin and for people to feed them because everyone knows that heroin addicts have no food because they are on heroin.

The evaluation of the events had led me to the conclusion that the Trench Coat Mafia believe that something else is going on at the canal other then what is really happening due to their excessive drug use and lack of formal education.

Then when people entered the area when the canal opened they ran out to harass them thinking something else was taking place, when they got there everything was normal outside and they were totally exposed. 

People on these harsh drugs and chemical substances often believe that something else is taking place other than what is actually happening. People visiting the new canal must have triggered some kind of psychological reaction which led them to lash out at the public acting on their false beliefs. Thus, exposing the larger situation.”

Valley Girl 1: “We think they are yelling at people at the canal on Heroin because they are trying to scare them away from their larger criminal activity, possibly a methamphetamines lab.”

Valley Girl 2: “We surveyed the area around the canal and this is what we discovered. The road near the park was recently blocked off for several months due to construction of the canal. The road area of the canal has just reopened and there is a small bridge there now where the canal has been finished at the lake. 

Across from the lake there is a small education center and a local theatre there for stage acting we believe.”

Valley Girl 3: “I later realized that this has to be the Trench Coat Mafia because of their exaggerated behavior, because that is what they do every time. Every time there is an incident with the Trench Coat Mafia their reaction is always over exaggerated that’s how we know it must be them.

Plus there is a local theatre there for plays I believe and a Historical Canal being built.  I think that their bizarre attachment to the local art, music, and acting community has also led them to be attached to Historical Recreations. This may be coming from their attachment to the acting community because they perform “Shakespeare in the Park” on the other side of Halifax outside during the Summer months.

I have diagnosed them with some kind Attachment Disorder, due to excessive heroin use. The exact disorder will be determined later.

We think that Shakespeare in the Park combined with the local theater at the Shubie Canal has led them to enact scenes in the Park thinking that they are inside some kind of play or something and performing on top of the new canal that just opened while they are on massive amounts of Heroin and methamphetamines. Just like they were doing in downtown Halifax.

I believe they are trying to scare people out of the area to protect some kind of other criminal activity by performing scenes from a play in front of the theater at the new canal.

What I believe is that while the canal was being constructed the road was blocked and criminals from the Trench Coat Mafia went in and set up some kind of illegal operation. Now they are infuriated because the road has reopened and the public is now travelling through the area and is interfering with their criminal operation. 

Now they are trying to scare people away from the area, but their excessive behavior has exposed the larger activity because of their overreaction to such a small event. The reaction was so large to people visiting the canal that I think is was some kind of hot button with them because of the larger criminal activity, possibly a methamphetamines lab , that they were trying to cover but it has now been exposed because of their over reaction to people visiting the canal. This lashing out at the public has exposed a larger mystery. 

I also think they may be trying to use water from the new canal in an attempt to run a methamphetamines lab which may be the run off water from the canal.

Valley Girl 1: “We surveyed the area and think the methamphetamines lab may be at Shubie Park which is a large wooded area at the top of the lake above the canal near the local shopping area. We think they may be also using the local shopping area to buy supplies to run a methamphetamines lab in the wooded area at Shubie Park and using run off water from the Canal to manufacture homemade methamphetamines.”

Valley Girl 2: “We are proceeding to the large wooded area at Shubie Park to investigate and look for clues, anything unusual at  Shubie Park is probably being caused by the bizarre activity of the Trench Coat Mafia and won’t match other events in the surrounding area.”

Valley Girl 3: “The psychological behavior pattern analysis I have performed has led me to believe based on the results that their future behavior patterns will lead them to the large wooded area in the park near the shopping area because of psychological brain pattern trending which predicts future behavior based on psychological analysis. 

Now we are proceeding into the large wooded area to investigate.”

The Halifax Valley Girl Mystery Solvers Team are now headed deep into the woods near the lake at Shubie Park by the large shopping area to look for clues in the mystery of the incident at Shubie Canal!


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Heavy(?) Metal Music: Is that Paris Hilton's Picture on the new Slayer? Plus, it's only February and the Trench Coat Mafia are back out already in Halifax.

Well we must be getting unusually warm weather in Halifax lately or maybe it's just warm here now. That's because the Trench Coat Mafia from the North End are already out annoying people looking for money and it's still over a month until spring.

Then what did I tell you, every time the City of Halifax builds a new structure or something all those bums come down from the North End and all start hanging off it.

Where are they at now? 

Duh, they are all hanging around the new Canal up by Portland Street on the Dartmouth side of the area.

That's because if there's an artistic expression taking place in Halifax  the Trench Coat Mafia has to be down there hanging off it and ruining the area annoying people.

So obviously their all going to be down at the new Canal by lake Banook just off Portland Street in Dartmouth. Duh.

Apparently, artistic expression also includes Historical Recreations because that's where their hanging out at. So just to let you know the Trench Coat Mafia are not just hanging out artistic events and taking people's posters down they are also hanging around Historical Recreations in the Halifax Area, like the new Canal near downtown on the Dartmouth side of Metro Halifax.

So the Canal just opened but they are still working on it, it's not huge it's just for walking beside and it connects to the Canal at the walking area for the Dartmouth Harbor Boardwalk area. They have these signs up for walking areas around Halifax Harbor and there's a Canal in there to walk at on the Boardwalk Area.

In the new area the Canal has been extended from Lake Banook and is being connected to the downtown area. Here is my point, the Canal just opened and now theirs all these people from the slums and North End down there yelling at people and taking off in their cars.

At least twice when I was down there since it opened like last month at least two people in their car yelled at me looking for a fist fight and when I told them to suck it they took off crying and shit their pants because they are pathetic cowards annoying people at the new canal area. ALREADY, and it just started getting warm here.

The point is they are pieces of shit anyway and can fucking suck it. Now they are down at the new Canal looking for a fistfight and yelling at people from their cars and then taking off.

They are probably looking for some music area to hang out at or something where someone can feed them while they do heroin or something.

That's what I heard, it's that they are all high on Heroin and out bothering people for money and food when they are visiting the new Canal.

That's probably because they know somehow that people who visit Historical Recreations like the new Canal have money. So when they get high on Heroin they all run down there looking for pork chops or something because they know people will have money who visit there.

Then they start yelling at you when you are at the Canal and then take off. Personally, I think they are trying to scare people out of the new Canal area unless they start giving them money when they are bumming people and are high on Heroin.

Everyone knows they are on Heroin, apparently the Trench Coat Mafia in Halifax is a huge Heroin Group of Retards. They are all doing Heroin and dressing up in leather outfits and then then going down to the new Canal Area off Portland Street and bumming for money or something. Then when you tell those junkies to fuck off people come out in their cars and start yelling at you looking for a fistfight because you wouldn't give their friends money for Heroin. Then when you go to bitch slap them they all take off crying like the pieces of shit they are anyway.

They are a bunch of pricks anyway. I wouldn't give them any change because they are all high on Heroin and start annoying you at the new Canal.

So as an FYI, there are a bunch of Heroin addicts or the Trench Coat Mafia or something like that all hanging around the new Canal area annoying people for money and yelling at you looking for fight and it just opened and the weather is warm right now in between the snow storms.

Come off it, the Canal Area at lake Banook is the probably the safest place in Halifax. That's where they are at, hanging around a rowing lake at a canal where they have a playground and a public park bumming for money and yelling at people high on Heroin and taking off.

All those pricks are going to get arrested and they are going to ban them from the downtown areas.

You watch then they will all be out selling art they made in the park by the Canal saying they are artists from the slums in Halifax. Then they will start bumming you for money for Heroin and when you don't give it to them they follow you around in their cars yelling at you and harassing you.

ALREADY, and the Canal just opened an it's warm today.

The Canal is a problem with those people already and it's probably the most family friendly part of the area. Every time the City makes something they all run down their bumming money from the people visiting it all hanging off it, now apparently everyone says they are all high on heroin.

All those pricks are fucking bastards. I wouldn't give any of those people money because then they think you're going keep doing it. Then they start following you around.

The if you give them spare change they probably fall in love with you and start trying to follow you around all the time and think they are going to be living at your house and bossing around your food and frying pans. That's because you were too nice to them by giving them change when they are bumming or just looking at them. 

I am told that this is the negative effects of being a Heroin Addict that we were all warned about. 

What I am finding out it that that is the behavior of people who are on Heroin, I am told.

So if you know of someone who behaves like that I am told that you can almost guarantee that they are a Heroin Addict or high on Heroin. 

What I am told is that Heroin is the reason for their behavior, so if someone acts like that around you it is because they are on Heroin and that is what it does to you.

Anyway, now they are hanging around Historical Recreations apparently like the new Canal bothering tourists for money already.

Historical Info: The new Canal is a Historical Recreation of the original Canal that ran from Shubie Park to the Halifax Harbor.

If you go to Shubie Park in Dartmouth they have the original Canal from the 1800's still preserved there for visitors.

Now the City has dug up the Original Canal (I think) and has reconstructed it from the 1800's.

Then Canal runs from Shubie Park in Lake Bannook and then it has been dug up and reconstructed and is being connected back to Halifax Harbor, they even reconstructed the Old Pump House or something and there is a walking trail there.

So the Canal Area is a Historical Reconstruction of the Original Canal from the 1800's that ran from Shubie Park down to the Halifax Harbor. A great Historical Recreation for the area, probably guaranteed to generate a lot of tourism.

Now, part of the Canal just opened like last month and the place is full of people harassing you when you walk through the new Canal area looking for a fight and bumming money.

I don't know for sure that's what it is I am just being told that it's the Trench Coat Mafia people and Heroin addicts and that they are doing that because they know people visiting the new Canal have money so they are down there bumming money for Heroin and Harassing people as soon as it opened and it's just starting to get warm here now outside.


That's how bad it here in the slums with these bums. They are so poor,desperate and high on heroin that they are apparently harassing people for money bumming at the new Canal Area at a Historical Recreation.


I saw that down at the new Canal twice since it opened last month, right in public.

Those Heroin addicts bumming all the time should get out the area so regular people can visit the new Canal without getting harassed to death for their money when there are out being a tourist.

Every time it starts to get warm they run outside and start doing that. (Apparently that is from Heroin.)

Why don't you people all get a job or something like regular people and start acting normal like everyone else.

When are you all going to grow up and get a life and start getting a job or something and then live in a regular family. 

No you're all down at the new Canal bumming for money high on Heroin.

Why don't you grow up and get a job and go back in the house like everyone else and stop being an immature loser bumming for Heroin money or something at a Historical Canal.


Is that Paris Hilton on the new Slayer in the Center of the Picture? Who is that to her right Lady Gaga?

Is that Paris Hilton in the Canter? Is that Lady Gaga to her right?
Now when you go to the mall the Venom cd says "First time on CD" and then it's Lp rips in a real package and next to it is the new Slayer and it has Paris Hilton's picture on it maybe.

 The point is you go to the mall and it says "Rolling Stones rare concert first time on CD" then it was supposed to be from the master tapes and then when you bought it and took it home was a vinyl lp bootleg copy copied from lp record to CD off some scratchy old bootleg vinyl lp they got off the internet and sold it in a real package at the mall on some scam.

Then at the same time the new guy in Slayer is from the band Exodus and on their newest album is the song "Angel of Death" which is one of Slayer's biggest songs and their guitar player is in slayer now.

I think they are just doing that because they are closing and have no customers and they are just making fun of everyone by putting that crap at the mall before they all close.

So you think you are getting an Exodus cover of a Slayer song because the guy is in Slayer now....then when you put it on it's a different song and it wasn't a Slayer cover

The newest "Slayer" Album
It's and original song by Exodus with the name "Angel of Death" and it's not a Slayer cover song when the guy in the band is in Slayer now and Exodus.

Lame. That's just to get you to buy the record because there is a Slayer title on the Exodus record and then it's a different song.

Then the song sounds like a joke song or something with clean singing on it but it also sounds like they tried to write a mainstream song to see if would be big or something with the same name as a Slayer song on it "Angel of Death."

Then people say that's all plagiarized or something, all I know it that it sounds terrible. So I listened to it and it sounds like they are plagiarizing ABBA or something and making heavy metal songs out of it or something but it could be anything I don't know people are just saying that outside, either way I listened to it and it all sucks and has this droning sound on it all through their records. 

I heard that they are doing that because Heavy Metal has been going since the 1980's and they never had a hit song.

Then people are saying they are plagiarizing ABBA and the people are trying to write a hit heavy metal song because metal has been around for almost forty years and they never had a hit song. 

That's just what people are speculating but I don't know, judge for yourself.

Exodus- Angel of Death:  Is this Plagiarized ABBA with a Slayer song title? Is this metal labels attempt at finally writing a hit song and making it in music? You be the judge.

Slayer: Angel of Death


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Bootleg CD's at the mall in the cd bin and on internet major retail stores! Whatever!

Lp Rip Bootleg Boxset on BMG at the Mall
 So you go on the internet or to the mall and you see this rare cd box set that you have to buy and on the label it says "First Time on CD!" 

Then you buy this 6CD Box set and take it home and put it on expecting it to be what it says on the cover...old albums for the first time on CD.

Then you listen to it and it's an LP Rip!

Fucking Whatever!

Yeah the first time the albums are available on CD and then CD is just an old Vinyl Lp transferred on to a compact disc. 

Whatever, people will want their money back from that at the mall or on Amazon or where ever.

You order that off the internet from a major retail outlet expecting it to be the real versions of the albums and it's just a bootleg transferred onto CD and they are carrying it  at major retail outlets.

Then it says BMG Rights Management on it and it's just an old record transferred onto CD from some "label" in the UK.

What is going on with bootlegs anyway on the internet!

I don't know but it looks like they are allowing you to buy and sell audio bootlegs or "unauthorized versions" they are calling them openly on the internet if you are just a fan.

So if you are just a fan now you're allowed to buy and sell bootlegs on the internet. 

Yeah, but it's illegal to make them and you can get millions of dollars in fines probably.

Lp's pressed on CD from the Heavy Metal Scam
 Now these rare heavy metal albums have been pressed and the package looks like a real album and it says BMG on it along with the heavy metal distributor Plastic Head Distribution (PHD) right on the package and it's on some label called Dissonance Records or something.

Then it's out as a mainstream release like on BMG and it says it on the package.

Then you get it home and listen to it and it's shitty old vinyl rips transferred on to Compact Disc, they even Tagged the bootleg album with their label name on the CD Matrix Identifier right on the disc.  

Like they went out and put old vinyl albums on CD and then they had custom discs manufactured with their label name on the CD Matrix like a bootlegger tag or some internet handle or something.

Then they released it as a major release on the major music distribution networks with their name on it, they even printed their own merchandise and you can buy shirts and shit with their handle on it.

The point is it says on the advertisement that it is the "Original Album Remastered" like from the original DAT tapes and they never printed those versions on CD.

Then you get it and it's an lp rip on the disc and it says BMG on it with their names beside it.

This is the point, you think you are getting the sound from the old cassette tape that they never made on CD yet and then when you get it it's Vinyl Rips pressed on disc.

Then only one of the albums was even out on CD in the box set and it's a Japanese CD from you think you are buying the reissue of a CD that only came out in Japan in 1987 and then when you get it and listen to it it's just a rip of the vinyl and their's no real audio content on the cd box set.

Yeah, they reissued this rare heavy metal album that was only released in Japan on CD in 1987, but the reissue just has the rip off the vinyl on it licensed from BMG it says.

That's a bootleg prick job.

Yeah you go to the mall to the record store and buy this album that is on CD from BMG for the first time since 1987 then when you listen to it it's just a rip of the old vinyl lp off some record player and burnt on to the disc, then they tagged it with their name on the cd matrix and printed shirts with their label name on them.

Yeah anyway, everyone is better than that shitty album. 

This is the point here the real version of those songs were only ever pressed as far as I know on Disc 4  on the MMV boxset.

Official Album Version on Disc 4
So on the MMV boxset Disc 4 is a Compilation of the "Assault" series they are calling it and are official studio versions like from the dat tape or whatever.

So the bootleg boxset that just came out is sold at the same place as this  real boxset and you think it's the same albums.

Then you think you are getting the rest of the songs from Disc 4 on the MMV boxset from BMG on a new 6CD boxset and then when you open it's just a shitty vinyl lp rip burnt onto cd and it's a bootleg and says BMG on it.

The package on the 6CD set looks ok but their's no real music on it just old lp rips.

Then on Disc 1 - Venom - Canadian Assault, originally pressed on Banzai Records in Canada in 1985, is supposed to be a reissue of the one on Banzai Records on Cassette but it's just an Lp rip pressed on CD.

Then on top of the they put side two on the lp on side one and side one is on side two. So the fist album the tracks from the original lp/cassette are on the wrong sides.

So the one that was released on Banzai Records in 1985 was never pressed on Compact Disc...then it's supposed to be in the boxset from BMG and then it's an "Lp Rip" and side two and one are switched just to tell you it's a bootleg.

Then in the advertisement they use Venom-Canadian Assault as their advertisement because it went Gold in Canada in 1980's or something then they ruined the track order on the box set and pressed the lp sound onto the disc on PHD Distribution.

Yeah, that's the same companies as the music blogs on the internet from some scam. They are not small by they way. Those blogs release Heavy Metal Books and are available at major book retailers like Chapters and they all always have them in the store.

So those music blogs have books out at the Chapters bookstore and the labels they promote like PHD Distribution and Dissonance Records are putting out outright bootlegs right at the mall with their name on them saying they have permission from BMG Music Management to release them and now they are out all over then internet.

Then when you buy them they are Vinyl Rips on CD from BMG Music, with no original source dat tape on the reissue....yeah right!

What I'm saying here is those heavy metal music labels, magazines and businesses are a total scam so watch out.

Now when you buy an album at the mall that says it's a rare remastered album on cd for the first time it might be a Vinyl lp rip from some bootlegger.

I thought it was the rest of the songs from Disc 4 on the MMV Boxset official compilation but it was just Vinyl Rips of the old albums from the 1980's burnt onto a cd. Boooooo!

This is what I'm saying people, those heavy metal music labels are selling bootlegs outright at the mall and saying it's from BMG, then they are vinyl rips. Then they have books out at the book store and blogs on the internet and then everyone is saying the music they are releasing is plagiarized from other artists. No specific example of who just listen for yourself.

Then if you're not involved in their group they won't sign your band or carry your records in their stores.

Then when you look at their music everyone says it's all plagiarized now (no specific example, go listen for yourself), then the music blogs only cover those companies and just cover for it saying it belongs to their artists and they never say anything that's a controversy on there about the  topic of plagiarized music in heavy metal.

Then they have these books out at the mall in mainstream bookstores and only cover their bands and not anyone else. Now "Dissonance Records" and "PHD Distribution" have joined up to reissue albums that are owned by BMG Management now at the mall with their names on it.

Then it's in all their stores on the internet from that group of people and at the mall and it says BMG on it for the first time available on CD  then it's just a bootleg vinyl rip on the album.

That is a scam people don't go there, the place is full of crooks and bootleggers and they'll harass you to death if you say anything and no metal magazines will ever cover it.

Whatever! Suck it scam....everyone it better than that bootleg release and you suck even more than you did last year.

Just read the captions...first time on CD and then it's just shitty vinyl rips out all over the internet.

No it's not it's vinyl rips!

Quote From PHD's Webpage:

First time on CD! This 6 CD boxset contains all the Venom “Assault” series, Canadian, American, French, Japanese, German and Scandinavian Assault, 42 tracks of pure Venom holocaust!

Between 1985 and 1987 a series of "Assault" EPs were released. These collected studio material along with previously unreleased live tracks. The Assault-series were conceived as a strictly-limited souvenir of each of their overseas jaunts. Venom officially agreed on the Canadian, American and the Japanese Assault. The others were released without the permission from the band. The most successful release were the Banzai release Canadian Assault which reached gold status in Canada, at 50,000 copies. Now all officially collected and remastered for this amazing collection!
This is a serious “must have” for all of Venom’s Legions worldwide!

****Just to correct what they are saying: "Venom officially agreed on the Canadian, American and the Japanese Assault. The others were released without the permission from the band."

Yeah, but they came out on like Sony or something... I think what they mean officially is that the band only agreed to the first few, then the RECORD LABEL like Sony or something put them out anyway without asking the band because they own the songs or something****

No it's not it's lp rips pressed on to a Cdr.

Yeah like PHD Distribution didn't know that was an lp record rip when they put it in wide distribution at the mall and major outlets.

They must not have listened to it first before they released it, yeah right. Oh, and they are all out seperate on colored splatter vinyl for like $30 each on the same label and are probably just copied from the vinyl rip onto a new lp.

You Suck. For the rest of history of the world everyone will know that you said you were reissuing Venom-Assault series on CD for real on PHD Distribution from BMG then when everyone bought it it was a bootleg vinyl rip out in stores everywhere.

You people are probably all going to close soon, everyone can see that who is into metal.

PHD Distribution Sells Lp Rips and says they are BMG reissues! Whatever.