Thursday, February 1, 2018

Bootleg CD's at the mall in the cd bin and on internet major retail stores! Whatever!

Lp Rip Bootleg Boxset on BMG at the Mall
 So you go on the internet or to the mall and you see this rare cd box set that you have to buy and on the label it says "First Time on CD!" 

Then you buy this 6CD Box set and take it home and put it on expecting it to be what it says on the cover...old albums for the first time on CD.

Then you listen to it and it's an LP Rip!

Fucking Whatever!

Yeah the first time the albums are available on CD and then CD is just an old Vinyl Lp transferred on to a compact disc. 

Whatever, people will want their money back from that at the mall or on Amazon or where ever.

You order that off the internet from a major retail outlet expecting it to be the real versions of the albums and it's just a bootleg transferred onto CD and they are carrying it  at major retail outlets.

Then it says BMG Rights Management on it and it's just an old record transferred onto CD from some "label" in the UK.

What is going on with bootlegs anyway on the internet!

I don't know but it looks like they are allowing you to buy and sell audio bootlegs or "unauthorized versions" they are calling them openly on the internet if you are just a fan.

So if you are just a fan now you're allowed to buy and sell bootlegs on the internet. 

Yeah, but it's illegal to make them and you can get millions of dollars in fines probably.

Lp's pressed on CD from the Heavy Metal Scam
 Now these rare heavy metal albums have been pressed and the package looks like a real album and it says BMG on it along with the heavy metal distributor Plastic Head Distribution (PHD) right on the package and it's on some label called Dissonance Records or something.

Then it's out as a mainstream release like on BMG and it says it on the package.

Then you get it home and listen to it and it's shitty old vinyl rips transferred on to Compact Disc, they even Tagged the bootleg album with their label name on the CD Matrix Identifier right on the disc.  

Like they went out and put old vinyl albums on CD and then they had custom discs manufactured with their label name on the CD Matrix like a bootlegger tag or some internet handle or something.

Then they released it as a major release on the major music distribution networks with their name on it, they even printed their own merchandise and you can buy shirts and shit with their handle on it.

The point is it says on the advertisement that it is the "Original Album Remastered" like from the original DAT tapes and they never printed those versions on CD.

Then you get it and it's an lp rip on the disc and it says BMG on it with their names beside it.

This is the point, you think you are getting the sound from the old cassette tape that they never made on CD yet and then when you get it it's Vinyl Rips pressed on disc.

Then only one of the albums was even out on CD in the box set and it's a Japanese CD from you think you are buying the reissue of a CD that only came out in Japan in 1987 and then when you get it and listen to it it's just a rip of the vinyl and their's no real audio content on the cd box set.

Yeah, they reissued this rare heavy metal album that was only released in Japan on CD in 1987, but the reissue just has the rip off the vinyl on it licensed from BMG it says.

That's a bootleg prick job.

Yeah you go to the mall to the record store and buy this album that is on CD from BMG for the first time since 1987 then when you listen to it it's just a rip of the old vinyl lp off some record player and burnt on to the disc, then they tagged it with their name on the cd matrix and printed shirts with their label name on them.

Yeah anyway, everyone is better than that shitty album. 

This is the point here the real version of those songs were only ever pressed as far as I know on Disc 4  on the MMV boxset.

Official Album Version on Disc 4
So on the MMV boxset Disc 4 is a Compilation of the "Assault" series they are calling it and are official studio versions like from the dat tape or whatever.

So the bootleg boxset that just came out is sold at the same place as this  real boxset and you think it's the same albums.

Then you think you are getting the rest of the songs from Disc 4 on the MMV boxset from BMG on a new 6CD boxset and then when you open it's just a shitty vinyl lp rip burnt onto cd and it's a bootleg and says BMG on it.

The package on the 6CD set looks ok but their's no real music on it just old lp rips.

Then on Disc 1 - Venom - Canadian Assault, originally pressed on Banzai Records in Canada in 1985, is supposed to be a reissue of the one on Banzai Records on Cassette but it's just an Lp rip pressed on CD.

Then on top of the they put side two on the lp on side one and side one is on side two. So the fist album the tracks from the original lp/cassette are on the wrong sides.

So the one that was released on Banzai Records in 1985 was never pressed on Compact Disc...then it's supposed to be in the boxset from BMG and then it's an "Lp Rip" and side two and one are switched just to tell you it's a bootleg.

Then in the advertisement they use Venom-Canadian Assault as their advertisement because it went Gold in Canada in 1980's or something then they ruined the track order on the box set and pressed the lp sound onto the disc on PHD Distribution.

Yeah, that's the same companies as the music blogs on the internet from some scam. They are not small by they way. Those blogs release Heavy Metal Books and are available at major book retailers like Chapters and they all always have them in the store.

So those music blogs have books out at the Chapters bookstore and the labels they promote like PHD Distribution and Dissonance Records are putting out outright bootlegs right at the mall with their name on them saying they have permission from BMG Music Management to release them and now they are out all over then internet.

Then when you buy them they are Vinyl Rips on CD from BMG Music, with no original source dat tape on the reissue....yeah right!

What I'm saying here is those heavy metal music labels, magazines and businesses are a total scam so watch out.

Now when you buy an album at the mall that says it's a rare remastered album on cd for the first time it might be a Vinyl lp rip from some bootlegger.

I thought it was the rest of the songs from Disc 4 on the MMV Boxset official compilation but it was just Vinyl Rips of the old albums from the 1980's burnt onto a cd. Boooooo!

This is what I'm saying people, those heavy metal music labels are selling bootlegs outright at the mall and saying it's from BMG, then they are vinyl rips. Then they have books out at the book store and blogs on the internet and then everyone is saying the music they are releasing is plagiarized from other artists. No specific example of who just listen for yourself.

Then if you're not involved in their group they won't sign your band or carry your records in their stores.

Then when you look at their music everyone says it's all plagiarized now (no specific example, go listen for yourself), then the music blogs only cover those companies and just cover for it saying it belongs to their artists and they never say anything that's a controversy on there about the  topic of plagiarized music in heavy metal.

Then they have these books out at the mall in mainstream bookstores and only cover their bands and not anyone else. Now "Dissonance Records" and "PHD Distribution" have joined up to reissue albums that are owned by BMG Management now at the mall with their names on it.

Then it's in all their stores on the internet from that group of people and at the mall and it says BMG on it for the first time available on CD  then it's just a bootleg vinyl rip on the album.

That is a scam people don't go there, the place is full of crooks and bootleggers and they'll harass you to death if you say anything and no metal magazines will ever cover it.

Whatever! Suck it scam....everyone it better than that bootleg release and you suck even more than you did last year.

Just read the captions...first time on CD and then it's just shitty vinyl rips out all over the internet.

No it's not it's vinyl rips!

Quote From PHD's Webpage:

First time on CD! This 6 CD boxset contains all the Venom “Assault” series, Canadian, American, French, Japanese, German and Scandinavian Assault, 42 tracks of pure Venom holocaust!

Between 1985 and 1987 a series of "Assault" EPs were released. These collected studio material along with previously unreleased live tracks. The Assault-series were conceived as a strictly-limited souvenir of each of their overseas jaunts. Venom officially agreed on the Canadian, American and the Japanese Assault. The others were released without the permission from the band. The most successful release were the Banzai release Canadian Assault which reached gold status in Canada, at 50,000 copies. Now all officially collected and remastered for this amazing collection!
This is a serious “must have” for all of Venom’s Legions worldwide!

****Just to correct what they are saying: "Venom officially agreed on the Canadian, American and the Japanese Assault. The others were released without the permission from the band."

Yeah, but they came out on like Sony or something... I think what they mean officially is that the band only agreed to the first few, then the RECORD LABEL like Sony or something put them out anyway without asking the band because they own the songs or something****

No it's not it's lp rips pressed on to a Cdr.

Yeah like PHD Distribution didn't know that was an lp record rip when they put it in wide distribution at the mall and major outlets.

They must not have listened to it first before they released it, yeah right. Oh, and they are all out seperate on colored splatter vinyl for like $30 each on the same label and are probably just copied from the vinyl rip onto a new lp.

You Suck. For the rest of history of the world everyone will know that you said you were reissuing Venom-Assault series on CD for real on PHD Distribution from BMG then when everyone bought it it was a bootleg vinyl rip out in stores everywhere.

You people are probably all going to close soon, everyone can see that who is into metal.

PHD Distribution Sells Lp Rips and says they are BMG reissues! Whatever.


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