Saturday, February 17, 2018

Trench Coat Mafia: PHD Music Distributes PRC Music

Girls Shocked,Local Bands Get Mall Distribution
No Way PHD Music, the people who put out the Venom - Box Set and then when you opened it is was vinyl copies burnt on to a cd in the real package, just signed the scam PRC Music from Quebec for a distribution deal to the put cds in the music store at the mall.

Then they picked up all bands in Atlantic Canada except mine because I'm not on it, through PRC Music.

That's because it's a scam.

Now all the bands from Atlantic Canada are going in the cd bin at the mall on PRC Music and PHD Distribution right next to the Venom bootleg vinyl rip, and Slayer's Paris Hilton Album.

Did PHD music say they were putting all the bands in the record store around here next to the Venom bootleg as a joke or something?

...because that's where its going.

QUICK! Hurry every one in metal in Atlantic Canada, a big record label is signing bands to put your records out at the mall! 

Only it has to go right next to the Venom Bootleg and the Slayer Paris Hilton album. 

And by the way Jason MacKenzie and Collapse aren't on it because they all suck.

So hurry everyone give your records away so you can be in the CD bin at the mall and get bootleged with the Venom and Slayer Cd's they just put out.


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