Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Heavy(?) Metal Music: Is that Paris Hilton's Picture on the new Slayer? Plus, it's only February and the Trench Coat Mafia are back out already in Halifax.

Well we must be getting unusually warm weather in Halifax lately or maybe it's just warm here now. That's because the Trench Coat Mafia from the North End are already out annoying people looking for money and it's still over a month until spring.

Then what did I tell you, every time the City of Halifax builds a new structure or something all those bums come down from the North End and all start hanging off it.

Where are they at now? 

Duh, they are all hanging around the new Canal up by Portland Street on the Dartmouth side of the area.

That's because if there's an artistic expression taking place in Halifax  the Trench Coat Mafia has to be down there hanging off it and ruining the area annoying people.

So obviously their all going to be down at the new Canal by lake Banook just off Portland Street in Dartmouth. Duh.

Apparently, artistic expression also includes Historical Recreations because that's where their hanging out at. So just to let you know the Trench Coat Mafia are not just hanging out artistic events and taking people's posters down they are also hanging around Historical Recreations in the Halifax Area, like the new Canal near downtown on the Dartmouth side of Metro Halifax.

So the Canal just opened but they are still working on it, it's not huge it's just for walking beside and it connects to the Canal at the walking area for the Dartmouth Harbor Boardwalk area. They have these signs up for walking areas around Halifax Harbor and there's a Canal in there to walk at on the Boardwalk Area.

In the new area the Canal has been extended from Lake Banook and is being connected to the downtown area. Here is my point, the Canal just opened and now theirs all these people from the slums and North End down there yelling at people and taking off in their cars.

At least twice when I was down there since it opened like last month at least two people in their car yelled at me looking for a fist fight and when I told them to suck it they took off crying and shit their pants because they are pathetic cowards annoying people at the new canal area. ALREADY, and it just started getting warm here.

The point is they are pieces of shit anyway and can fucking suck it. Now they are down at the new Canal looking for a fistfight and yelling at people from their cars and then taking off.

They are probably looking for some music area to hang out at or something where someone can feed them while they do heroin or something.

That's what I heard, it's that they are all high on Heroin and out bothering people for money and food when they are visiting the new Canal.

That's probably because they know somehow that people who visit Historical Recreations like the new Canal have money. So when they get high on Heroin they all run down there looking for pork chops or something because they know people will have money who visit there.

Then they start yelling at you when you are at the Canal and then take off. Personally, I think they are trying to scare people out of the new Canal area unless they start giving them money when they are bumming people and are high on Heroin.

Everyone knows they are on Heroin, apparently the Trench Coat Mafia in Halifax is a huge Heroin Group of Retards. They are all doing Heroin and dressing up in leather outfits and then then going down to the new Canal Area off Portland Street and bumming for money or something. Then when you tell those junkies to fuck off people come out in their cars and start yelling at you looking for a fistfight because you wouldn't give their friends money for Heroin. Then when you go to bitch slap them they all take off crying like the pieces of shit they are anyway.

They are a bunch of pricks anyway. I wouldn't give them any change because they are all high on Heroin and start annoying you at the new Canal.

So as an FYI, there are a bunch of Heroin addicts or the Trench Coat Mafia or something like that all hanging around the new Canal area annoying people for money and yelling at you looking for fight and it just opened and the weather is warm right now in between the snow storms.

Come off it, the Canal Area at lake Banook is the probably the safest place in Halifax. That's where they are at, hanging around a rowing lake at a canal where they have a playground and a public park bumming for money and yelling at people high on Heroin and taking off.

All those pricks are going to get arrested and they are going to ban them from the downtown areas.

You watch then they will all be out selling art they made in the park by the Canal saying they are artists from the slums in Halifax. Then they will start bumming you for money for Heroin and when you don't give it to them they follow you around in their cars yelling at you and harassing you.

ALREADY, and the Canal just opened an it's warm today.

The Canal is a problem with those people already and it's probably the most family friendly part of the area. Every time the City makes something they all run down their bumming money from the people visiting it all hanging off it, now apparently everyone says they are all high on heroin.

All those pricks are fucking bastards. I wouldn't give any of those people money because then they think you're going keep doing it. Then they start following you around.

The if you give them spare change they probably fall in love with you and start trying to follow you around all the time and think they are going to be living at your house and bossing around your food and frying pans. That's because you were too nice to them by giving them change when they are bumming or just looking at them. 

I am told that this is the negative effects of being a Heroin Addict that we were all warned about. 

What I am finding out it that that is the behavior of people who are on Heroin, I am told.

So if you know of someone who behaves like that I am told that you can almost guarantee that they are a Heroin Addict or high on Heroin. 

What I am told is that Heroin is the reason for their behavior, so if someone acts like that around you it is because they are on Heroin and that is what it does to you.

Anyway, now they are hanging around Historical Recreations apparently like the new Canal bothering tourists for money already.

Historical Info: The new Canal is a Historical Recreation of the original Canal that ran from Shubie Park to the Halifax Harbor.

If you go to Shubie Park in Dartmouth they have the original Canal from the 1800's still preserved there for visitors.

Now the City has dug up the Original Canal (I think) and has reconstructed it from the 1800's.

Then Canal runs from Shubie Park in Lake Bannook and then it has been dug up and reconstructed and is being connected back to Halifax Harbor, they even reconstructed the Old Pump House or something and there is a walking trail there.

So the Canal Area is a Historical Reconstruction of the Original Canal from the 1800's that ran from Shubie Park down to the Halifax Harbor. A great Historical Recreation for the area, probably guaranteed to generate a lot of tourism.

Now, part of the Canal just opened like last month and the place is full of people harassing you when you walk through the new Canal area looking for a fight and bumming money.

I don't know for sure that's what it is I am just being told that it's the Trench Coat Mafia people and Heroin addicts and that they are doing that because they know people visiting the new Canal have money so they are down there bumming money for Heroin and Harassing people as soon as it opened and it's just starting to get warm here now outside.


That's how bad it here in the slums with these bums. They are so poor,desperate and high on heroin that they are apparently harassing people for money bumming at the new Canal Area at a Historical Recreation.


I saw that down at the new Canal twice since it opened last month, right in public.

Those Heroin addicts bumming all the time should get out the area so regular people can visit the new Canal without getting harassed to death for their money when there are out being a tourist.

Every time it starts to get warm they run outside and start doing that. (Apparently that is from Heroin.)

Why don't you people all get a job or something like regular people and start acting normal like everyone else.

When are you all going to grow up and get a life and start getting a job or something and then live in a regular family. 

No you're all down at the new Canal bumming for money high on Heroin.

Why don't you grow up and get a job and go back in the house like everyone else and stop being an immature loser bumming for Heroin money or something at a Historical Canal.


Is that Paris Hilton on the new Slayer in the Center of the Picture? Who is that to her right Lady Gaga?

Is that Paris Hilton in the Canter? Is that Lady Gaga to her right?
Now when you go to the mall the Venom cd says "First time on CD" and then it's Lp rips in a real package and next to it is the new Slayer and it has Paris Hilton's picture on it maybe.

 The point is you go to the mall and it says "Rolling Stones rare concert first time on CD" then it was supposed to be from the master tapes and then when you bought it and took it home was a vinyl lp bootleg copy copied from lp record to CD off some scratchy old bootleg vinyl lp they got off the internet and sold it in a real package at the mall on some scam.

Then at the same time the new guy in Slayer is from the band Exodus and on their newest album is the song "Angel of Death" which is one of Slayer's biggest songs and their guitar player is in slayer now.

I think they are just doing that because they are closing and have no customers and they are just making fun of everyone by putting that crap at the mall before they all close.

So you think you are getting an Exodus cover of a Slayer song because the guy is in Slayer now....then when you put it on it's a different song and it wasn't a Slayer cover

The newest "Slayer" Album
It's and original song by Exodus with the name "Angel of Death" and it's not a Slayer cover song when the guy in the band is in Slayer now and Exodus.

Lame. That's just to get you to buy the record because there is a Slayer title on the Exodus record and then it's a different song.

Then the song sounds like a joke song or something with clean singing on it but it also sounds like they tried to write a mainstream song to see if would be big or something with the same name as a Slayer song on it "Angel of Death."

Then people say that's all plagiarized or something, all I know it that it sounds terrible. So I listened to it and it sounds like they are plagiarizing ABBA or something and making heavy metal songs out of it or something but it could be anything I don't know people are just saying that outside, either way I listened to it and it all sucks and has this droning sound on it all through their records. 

I heard that they are doing that because Heavy Metal has been going since the 1980's and they never had a hit song.

Then people are saying they are plagiarizing ABBA and the people are trying to write a hit heavy metal song because metal has been around for almost forty years and they never had a hit song. 

That's just what people are speculating but I don't know, judge for yourself.

Exodus- Angel of Death:  Is this Plagiarized ABBA with a Slayer song title? Is this metal labels attempt at finally writing a hit song and making it in music? You be the judge.

Slayer: Angel of Death


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