Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hometown Spotlight: Pictou County Pizza - My Hometown of New Glasgow, NS

Here is a documentary about my home town. It's about their Pizza there, it's a "regional flavor" , whatever that is.

Locally, Pictou County Pizza apparently, is famous to the area. Keeping in mind it's only in a town of ten thousand people. Anyway, it's super popular there and yes if you are wondering it's good food. 

However, it's not something you'd see on the Food Network or read about in a magazine or go visit when you see an NHL Game in Chicago or somewhere like that.

For me a small town like that is stupid anyway and I like big city food like stuff on the Food Network. That's because when you move to the big city and are working on getting books published everything in your hometown is stupid now because I'm right fancy now and have all kinds of stuff that's way better than your small hometown stuff.

What is good though is Pizza Pizza is opening in Halifax I think because they got the signs up, I like stuff like that from big cities that everyone eats. Pizza Pizza will be a guaranteed great place to eat in the area.

New Glasgow is a small town and anyway I'm better than all that now because I have all this awesome stuff now and live in a big city and I'm getting my books published.

No one from my hometown has ever done anything like that so I'm better than all them anyway.

That's right Pictou County, It was a big Death Metal band and now it's book publishing which is way bigger. That's because I'm better than my hometown now because I have all that.

Anyway, you're not going to find Pictou County Pizza at the MLB World Series to eat where I'll be hanging out at now that I'm better than Pictou County and moved away. That's because it's only in Northern Nova Scotia.

New Glasgow, however is a busy area because it's the Ferry Terminal area on the way to Prince Edward Island if you don't take the Confederation Bridge Land Link.

Well if the food there is that famous then why can't I get it in Halifax? Everyone only eats city food around here or something.

If I want pizza I'm not going to New Glasgow because I'm better than my hometown now, I'm going to go somewhere around here like Pizza Pizza.

So if it's that great they should be bringing it to my neighborhood in Halifax if they want me to eat it. Everyone follows me around copying me anyway from New Glasgow, so when's that opening.

I heard once that they tried to have it here from the Trailer Park Boys when they had a restaurant in Halifax but I guess that never lasted because I went downtown and I can't find it.

So I looked up this "famous pizza" they are talking about at some place called Acropole, I don't know what an acropole is but when I looked it up it had had something to do with "Acropolis" which I think is from Greece so apparenty is a Greek Pizza, I think.

Their claim to fame with this so called famous pizza is the "brown sauce". When I first looked at it I thought that it's probably brown because it's got rotten meat in it or it's made from rancid meat.

I think it's some kind of "meat sauce" so it's super dark, I thought it was rancid from being made with bad meat but it wasn't.

I think it's just from putting too much meat in the sauce or something. Everyone up there must be addicted to meat sauce or something.

Personally I love the Pizza in Halifax and think it's great, that Pizza in Pictou County is different than City Pizza. 

Now they put way more toppings on Pizza there and it's made of some kind of meat sauce or something. There's not as much toppings on Pizza in the City and it has a City Flavor to it which is great and I love it. 

Anyway, it I had to review it I would say that it's good, I would eat it. In fact I used to eat it all the time when I lived there. However, I live in the big city now and have books being published and I'm better than that small town now and don't go there just to eat pizza because I'm better than the whole area anyway.

It is good but it's not city pizza like at Pizza Pizza when that opens. At Pizza Pizza you can eat in a big city which is way better than eating in a small town.

The point is, if the pizza there is that good then why can't I buy it in Halifax. 

If you want me to eat that Pictou County Pizza these days, you're going have to bring it here and give it to me because I only live in places that are convenient now. 

Since I'm better than my hometown now if you want me to eat that then you're going to have to bring it here, because I'm better than New Glasgow now.


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