Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Donald Trump: The Best President Ever

Donald Trump: The Best President Ever
Simply put, Donald Trump is the best President ever. Not only is he my candidate he is everyone's candidate.

Finally, we can have a President that everyone in America and the world can enjoy. Donald Trump is America's  television president and the first real life celebrity that everyone knows to become president.

This is something that everyone can enjoy. That is because everyone knows Donald Trump  not like other candidates that no one ever heard of. Regular people at home can enjoy President Trump just like they watched him for years on reality television.

Now you can watch Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America at home just like on reality television, without worrying about the nations issues.

President Trump is the only celebrity to become President, now millions can watch him just like on reality television. Don't be concerned with political issues, just leave that for someone else to deal with. 

That's not an issue for Donald Trump fans, we just want to see him be the President like on a reality show as a celebrity so we can enjoy the President finally like a show or something. Trump fans don't need be concerned with political issues, that's for someone else to deal with, we just want to have fun and see him at the White House.

That's why President Donald Trump is the best ever, just like on a reality show where you don't need to worry about the issue's only in real life, that's the best part about President Trump - everyone can enjoy him even if they know nothing about politics because he is a reality television star.

Leave politics to someone else, we just wanna watch Donald Trump be the President, plus he looks great in the White House.

I read on some magazine rack or somewhere that Oprah Winfrey was planning to run for president....no thanks! We already have one television celebrity president and it's Donald Trump. The White House is not going to be some place on a reality show where celebrities keep running for president, President Trump is probably a one time deal. Besides, aren't you sick of some woman telling you how to clean your kitchen all the time? I know I am. Vote Trump!

Finally in a fictional interview President Trump stated that he would like to apologize for the Patriots not winning the Superbowl this year, he said hopefully next time a more Patriotic team  than the "The Eagles" will win the Superbowl. 

President Trump then fictionally stated that he tried to change the name of the "Eagles" to the "Bald Eagles" so it would sound more Patriotic but they said "no".

He went on to say in the fictional interview that he might be judging a Philly Cheese Steak contest in Philadelphia on reality television but he can't right now because he is too busy being the President of America. 

Eagles Win Superbowl, Dismaying America's Patriots


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