Sunday, October 28, 2018

Halifax Getting CFL Franchise

Halifax Getting CFL Expansion Team
That's right everyone Halifax, Nova Scotia is getting a CFL that's the Canadian Football League team franchise. 

This is pretty exciting news for Halifax in 2018, not only is Halifax the host of the CHL Memorial Cup Championship this year it was just announced that we are getting a 24,000 seat CFL Football Stadium  and CFL Team.

I'm already in fan mode to get ready to buy merchandise for this new football team no matter what it's called. 

The Football Stadium is going to be built on the Dartmouth side of the Harbour under the MacKay Bridge, that's the newer main Halifax bridge at the old "Shannon Park" housing site which used to be apartment buildings used by the Canadian Military for the department of defence housing or something for military staff stationed in Halifax.  

If you're from the area that whole place was abandoned and it was just empty run down apartment buildings that were owned by the military, I'm sure they were probably in their doing exercises or drills or something for training when it was abandoned or at least that's what it looked like.

Forget all that, now the site will be home to a brand new football stadium. 

What is great about this is all that is broadcast on live television, so you can go down to the arena in Halifax and see televised football games by 2021 they are saying.

Now what is the name of this new Halifax CFL team?

I don't know but hopefully it will be something good, an old name they were saying ten years ago that never happened was the Atlantic Schooners.  

Can we please stop naming teams after beer in Nova Scotia? We already have the "Mooseheads" which is the CHL hockey team and also a beer, Schooner is a beer can we please get something more original. 

Not all the teams in Atlantic Canada have to be named after beer. 

They need to go big with a name so they can sell tons of merchandise. I have come up with a list of suggestions for the Halifax CFL Team, but it's just initial and I'm still thinking about it. 

They should use something historical or something for a team name to make it big for example The Halifax Black Socks. 

The Halifax Black Socks would be a great name and get tons of attention, or they say something like well the NFL has the New England Patriots and they wear blue named after the American Revolutionaries Nova Scotia is kind of like their enemies sometimes, then Nova Scotia in response to them could call the team the Halifax Red Coats. 

I think the Halifax Red Coats would be a good name. Like it would be named after the actual "red coats" that fought the Americans in the American Revolution, that's where the New England  Patriots got their name and blue color.

So Halifax representing the historical enemy of the Patriots or "blue coats" could call their team in Nova Scotia the Halifax Red Coats, as in we're the enemy of the blue coated New England Patriots.

I'm not sure if their is a Red Coats team name already and I 'm not looking it up because I want to use it anyway. 

Right away my first two picks for team names are Halifax Black Socks or the Halifax Red Coats both great CFL Football Team names and with historical value. 

Here is a list of other names I like:

The Halifax North Americans 
The Halifax Giants
The Halifax Scots
The Halifax Pigskins

Anyway those are just a few suggestions, we need something big with some Historical context for a good team name like "The Scots" or the "North Americans". 

Personally, my favorite is the Halifax Red Coats, that will allow us to compete with the New England Patriots or Blue Coats.

Then they would have the New England Patriots and the Atlantic Red Coats. That would be a good marketing campaign. 

However, I would rather it be called the Halifax Red Coats.

Hopefully they will come up with a good team name though, something that can compete for merchandise with some historical value, like something that will catch on. 


Friday, October 26, 2018

Fall Art Review 2018

Artistic Impressions
Until you get an understanding of the art community and how to appreciate the art gallery for paintings and sculpture you may find it hard to understand what the artist is trying to present to you and get you to "grasp". 

The artist at the art gallery with their painting or sculpture may be looking at you for your approval of their artistic works and then you stand there and "don't get it". This may discourage the artist because he or she may think you don't like the work but in fact you didn't know what they were talking about.

You could just say that "you don't understand" what they mean when they explain their art to you. Tell them not to take that as a review because you don't know what it is, sparing their probably sensitive feelings.  

You know many artists probably have sensitive feelings anyway because of how they try and express them through artistic works, those sensitive feelings can be the driver of many great paintings or sculptures. 

If you want to understand Art & Sculpture Review the number one thing you need have is education.

Artistic education is the number one thing you need to know to understand artistic reviews and properly enjoy the art gallery. The education could be university or art programs but also has to include an active education of the current artistic community, you would need to know what topics artists are reading about and understand things prevalent in the current art community. 

For example, an artist may tell you that you need to take some classes in certain topics to understand their art or they may tell you to read certain books and follow certain magazines, just like the things they read that later become their inspiration for art.

Following those topics you may see later the same imagery show up in the art gallery, however that is a big category so don't expect everything you read about to end up as a piece of art. You probably won't see everything an artist draws from for inspiration. 

The main point to that is when you see a painting or sculpture their is no "automatic understanding" of the piece of art. People who can "see" what the art means have a background and education in art and can see the meaning because of their education and knowledge of the art community and they have a "history" of topics that they know in advance then they know what the artist is trying to represent based on their own experience in the art community.

So understanding art and sculpture is not something that happens over night, you need to spend a long time looking at art like at the art gallery and then reading about art. 

A great place to start would be a large city art gallery, the "tour guide" at the art gallery would know lots about the paintings and sculptures and can explain to you what the artist is trying to convey to you as a "viewer of art" and then can help you understand the painting or sculpture.

The reason you might not know (also not everyone gets all this) what the artist is trying to convey to you is because you may not have the same education in art as the other people at the art gallery. The guide at the art gallery may be able to tell you what books and materials you need to read and understand to "get" what the artist is trying to convey.

Don't feel bad if you don't know what the paintings or sculptures mean, you may be missing information about the material so you can't understand the painting. 

The art gallery or the artist themselves may be able to tell you what books, materials and education you need to understand to "get" their artistic works, the actual artist or the gallery may be able to write down a topic list for reading for you to help you get the artistic works.

Then go are read all the material and then go back to the art galley and then discuss what you have read with the art gallery and then try and see if you are getting what is in the picture or painting, that is a good way to get started in artistic review but it is  time consuming and you need to read a lot. 

Then you can begin discussing you personal "takes" on the art after you start getting a background in artistic education. The art gallery or artist can then talk you through what they are trying to represent and can show you where the topics are that are supposed to be represented in the paintings or sculptures but it is up to you to read and understand them on your own. 

For this example I did a quick search for "Abstract Art" on Google and this page came up with abstract art prints for about $100 to $800 that I saw and picked two examples.

The first example is this $800 painting called Cityscape and is 30 inches by 24 inches and is available from .

This is a great example to understanding abstract art, when you look at the painting it's called "Cityscape".

So you should "see" that in the painting.

To understand that you have to know what city scape is, so if you don't know what a city scape is you can't understand the painting. 

When you look at the picture it looks like a city skyline reflecting in the water at the water front.

So the top of the painting resembles the buildings on the waterfront and the bottom represents the refection of the buildings in the water. The colors in the painting may represent many different topics like things taking place on the city waterfront, then you say "well if that's the city waterfront, then what does the blue represent?" then when you go to the art gallery and meet the artist you would say "To me it looks like the top of the painting represents the buildings on the city water front and the bottom represents their reflection in the water." Then you would say "if that's supposed to be the city waterfront then what would the blue and yellow represent in the painting because I'm not getting it" then the artist or gallery may be able to explain this to you, in fact the gallery may not even know and tell you that you'll have to ask the artist. 


This painting is called "Greencicles" and is available at for $300 and is 24 inches by 18 inches.

So when I saw the name greencicles I took this as icicles an in frozen ice or frozen water droplets. 

When you see the painting and the name, you need to know what something else is like ice to understand art. You need to learn what they are talking about. 

I am assuming form this painting that the "greencicles" are like frozen icicles only it's not winter so their is grass there instead. The "greencicles" would be icicles shaped like frozen water only they are the colors of grass and other "summer" topics. 

So it is supposed to look like frozen ice, but it has summer colors in it so you get the colors or grass in the painting instead. In fact the blue may represent water that isn't frozen, along with grass in a summer scene, and in fact this could represent a reflection in the water during summer.

Then the artist mixed all the summer colors together and made them look like icicles in the summer in a green and blue setting with other summer colors like yellow, hence "Greencicles" meaning potentially the colors of summer in winter icicle format. 

To me the artist may have been sitting around in the summer thinking about the winter and made a winter scene out of summer colors in abstract art format. 

Of course, I don't know if any of that's true or not but that's what it represents to me and is the whole point to art anyway. It's what you get out of it, but I'm sure that would go along with what the artist is trying to represent if you ask them about it. 

In recent years I have been more drawn to artistic sculpture then paintings at the art gallery and I am really enjoying large art sculptures like city projects and also smaller art sculptures inside at the art gallery. 

Why do you ask? Well, after viewing a lot of paintings what I noticed about abstract sculpture is that they are like paintings. 

For example, the artist made a sculpture instead of the painting. Discussing this with the art galley curator and tour guide on a recent trip they both agreed. 

The sculpture could be a model for a painting, so instead of picking a topic and doing a painting of it, they made a model for the painting and just made a sculpture out of it. 

So the artist could have made a model and used that as a source to make a painting of the same name, but instead made a three dimensional model of the art instead. 

Lately, I've been really into the sculpture end of that for example instead of getting a painting of a table with a coffee cup and a pencil on it, I've been enjoying the actual sculpture where someone glued a coffee cup and a pencil to a table and put it in the art gallery, I'm finding that super fun right now and I'm getting more out of the sculpture than the painting, although it could have been the same expression as a painting or a sculpture. 

Red Cube pictured above from 1968 is a large outdoor sculpture located at 140 Broadway in New York City. 

Lately that's what I've really been enjoying is these kinds of sculptures, it must be the mood I'm in lately. These large pieces of art are like paintings and Red Cube could have been a painting but instead it s a large piece of abstract art outside in New York City.

In fact, I think that Red Cube is much better represented outside as a large sculpture that it would have been as an indoor painting. 

I'm not sure what the artist of this sculpture is actually trying to represent but some of the time they leave it up to you to interpret and see what it means to you, then you are supposed to go back and tell them. 

To me Red Cube is a great sculpture, and works great outside in the New York City landscape. My artistic impression of the sculpture is that it looks like an individual dice (or die) they call it dropped from a large office building in New York City, like a gamble in business, and it stuck in the ground on it's corner in the concrete. 

Mysteriously the dice (or die if it's just one dice by itself) only has the number one dot on it, then when you look at it the one dot is a hole and you can see through it at the office buildings behind it. 

My only conclusion is that when you look through the hole in the sculpture where the number one dot would be and you see the building behind it, that's where the dice must have come from that is embedded in the ground. 

Those are my artistic impressions of that sculpture and I think it works great as a large outdoor sculpture in the back ground of the business driven New York City. 

Knowing all that and how to learn to view art and sculpture you can see how fun it is to go to the art gallery and enjoy paintings and sculpture.


Monday, October 22, 2018

CANADA: What You Need To Know About Legal Marijauna

Marijuana Individual Gram Bottles 
When you read the news don't get all out of shape about the issues around legal marijuana or cannabis. I'm sure all that will work itself out later with the issues they are having. 

One of the big deals is the packaging, people are concerned about the "excessive" packaging on the cannabis products. They just opened and that is just the first package, like a long time ago when everything came in bigger boxes. 

If you haven't been following that, they are just making it available as securely and easily as possible to get the legal cannabis products which means a safe but bulky package. Over time the size of the packages will decrease. 

The issue for me is that the overpackaging of the marijuana creates a lot of garbage, each gram comes in it's own "pill bottle" and with a seal on the top and in a cardboard box with a "cannabis" sticker on it like tobacco.

I'm sure what they are saying is that today, this is a "safe" package to get started with that will keep the marijuana fresh etc. and safe in the box, then in the box it is safe for sale and shipping through the mail etc. 


Customers Concerned About "Excessive" Cannabis Packaging

The point to that is you're going to end up with a lot of garbage if you smoke a lot of weed when you're throwing out all those boxes and pill bottles. 

Hopefully, they'll start a recycling program for those marijuana bottles because it seems like a lot of garbage to just throw out. Over time the safe package will reduce in size when they figure out new safer ways for storage and transport. 

For now, just throw all those boxes and pill bottles in the garbage and then let the government deal with it, don't even care. Just through out all those pill bottles and boxes and then let the government worry about cleaning it up. For god sakes, don't throw it all on the ground. 

The last thing we need is the ground covered in marijuana boxes and pill bottles, just throw it in the regular garbage and don't worry about it until they adjust the packaging sizes, that's just to get started anyway so they can get the marijuana out. 

For now, you'll have one garbage bag and ten garbage bags of marijuana gram boxes and pill bottles, don't care about that just throw it out and let the government worry about it until they have a recycling program, they might have one anyway but I didn't check. 

MEEK: NSLC Nags Ruin The Spirit of Cannabis Freedom Day

Here's a good article if you can understand it form the opening day on Oct 17 at the Clyde Street Cannabis Store in Halifax. This is where I was at in the line and they were talking to people on the way out of the store, the guy in the picture was just a head of me in line and must have ran to the front to be their first customer, great for him he was the first outside customer at the Clyde Street location in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

I think they mean in the article that when you are getting baked legally now the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission is nagging on you about being responsible with marijuana on their packaging. 

When I was down their they gave me all these flyers and stuff and I even got a coupon for a free coffee from a local restaurant for being at the front of the line, then they were also handing out flyers and stuff to celebrate "Legalization Day" in downtown Halifax which was pretty alright. 

In the flyers and stuff it tells you how to consume marijuana safely and how long the effects last, like if you eat a marijuana product you could be high for 24 to 48 hours for some people over the six to eight hour high of smoking it. 

To get around that I guess you could eat marijuana products and then at the same time also keep smoking it to maintain a more consistent buzz. 

Stock Market Watch:

These are my picks for the top marijuana producers in Canada on the Toronto Stock Exchange, not specifically the highest valued stock prices. 

Right away my top pick for the best Cannabis Company is AUROA CANNABIS, which is I think the number two Cannabis Company on the Stock Market, they are saying that Auroa's financial investments will probably be more valuable that the actual Marijuana.     

Meaning that the investments from the money they make from selling marijuana will be more valuable outside of the cannabis industry. Like real estate ventures or something off their Cannabis Products will make more money than the actual weed sales. 

Auroa Investments May Be More Valuable Than It's Pot:

The next two best Cannabis Companies are Aphria and Organigram. 

The top company financially is Canopy Growth as is backed by rapper Snoop Dogg, although it is not my favorite company maybe number four. 

Surprisingly absent on Cannabis Legalization Day was rapper Snoop Dogg who I didn't see out on the news smoking his weed when they legalized it in Canada last week. You would think he would be out on the news smoking weed for legalization day here in Canada since he backs the Company. 

I'm not sure if that didn't happen or not but I didn't see it, I also only followed the news on the internet and didn't see any stories about that which I was looking for. 

Maybe I'm seeing a different spectrum here but you would think that celebrities would have wanted to be out promoting themselves smoking marijuana on television and stuff in Canada on Legalization Day however I didn't notice any of that on the news on the internet or on MSN. 

Locally, musician Ashley Macissac from Cape Breton was out on the news buying marijuana which I thought was great for the area. 

Other than that I didn't really notice any celebrity coverage on the internet which I thought was a huge surprise. 

Where were Cheech and Chong and all them weed people at from Movies and Television on Canada Legalization Day, well I didn't notice anything. 

I'm telling ya people, those celebrities that didn't take part in Legalization Day probably made a career mistake. I didn't see what was on television but there's usually more coverage of that on the internet anyway. 

This is my whole point on that, when it came to Legalization Day in Canada all the big names that are associated with marijuana didn't show up to get their picture taken buying weed on Legalization Day in Canada. 

At least it wasn't on the news on the internet. 

This is what is comes down to, the big weed oriented media was a bust on Legalization Day last week and didn't show up for the news, or at least they didn't show it yet.

What I'm saying is it's cool to go out and be the first person to buy weed on Legalization Day and then show everyone you smoking it on television if you are famous, it's not cool to hide in the house and not come out and support cannabis day if you are a big celebrity. 

All in all celebrities missed the boat on the internet on Legalization Day at least I didn't see any show up on the internet which is what I was watching for. 

Marijuana Legalization in Canada went in with a celebrity fizzle and I'm not one to fo shizzle my own nizzle but I was their for Cannabis Legalization Day at the front of the line buying weed and I'm in a band and stuff and have a webpage. 

No celebrities on legalization day, I couldn't even believe it. You would think they would all want to be down there on television buying weed on it's first day, it's not cool now to stay home and not support marijuana. 

This is what it comes down to people, the Hollywood Marijuana trendies never showed up for Canada Legalization Day, dulling their limelight in stoner folklore. 

That's right people, stoner folklore from Hollywood never showed up on the news on the internet smoking weed, making them look like a parody of real life in Hollywood and not real stoners and pot smokers. 

Not only that the supposed British Columbia Marijuana reputation was also no where to be found on Legalization Day with probably the lowest sales in Canada. 

That was my largest surprise, the "loudest mouths" in marijuana talk Hollywood Celebrities and British Columbia had zero turnout and the lowest sales on Legalization Day ruining their stoner folklore. 

Hollywood stoner celebrity stuff and the places to be for weed like British Columbia had no interaction on Legalization Day ruining their folklore which was apparently just a "mock up" for entertainment value with no real pot users coming out. 

I was assuming that Much Music would just have girls on it all day dancing around and smoking weed all day now like at some disco or something on there now, but when I put on the channel it wasn't on yet. 

Alberta had the highest marijuana sales on Legalization Day with $730,000. 

Nova Scotia had the second highest sales with $660,000 on opening day. 

Prince Edward Island the smallest province in Canada sold almost four times the amount of marijuana than British Columbia on opening day at $152,000. 

British Columbia had the lowest sales at $41,000. 

This just shows that their is no marijuana market in British Columbia and that was all just over hype, also celebrity appearances were non existent and was just over hyped Hollywood entertainment and no one showed up in real life that I saw to get their name and picture on the marijuana news from Hollywood.

This also shows that the real Marijuana Legalization Movement is led by regular people that you don't hear about who are supporting this legalization, Hollywood and British Columbia were not involved. 

Just keep that in mind in the future when they try selling us stoner movies from Hollywood and "BC Weed" crap that none of them showed up and supported marijuana on Legalization Day, ruining their "Cheech and Chong" like folklore by offering no real public support on Marijuana Legalization Day. 

It's just hard to get into stoner movies now when it real life they were all just actors and didn't show up to support marijuana legalization on the news on the internet, if they did it was so small that it wasn't on Google or MSN.    


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Weed Is Legal

NSLC Cannabis Store
They just legalized weed yesterday in Canada and I have to say it is pretty exciting, I got up early yesterday to go down to the NSLC Cannabis store on Clyde Street in Halifax to get in line for the grand opening of weed. 

I got their kind of early expecting their to be lines but their wasn't any, there were just a few people down there so I got in line and I was in the first group to buy at the Weed Store on Clyde Street, although people ran right up to the counter while I was looking around at their displays, so I was one of the first customers at the Clyde Street Store to go in and look around. 

Then their was a small group of people there including myself out front and the news was their from Global, CBC and Newspapers doing interviews with customers about 9am. Later their was a huge line that went around the block.  

They were filming that for the news and people around me did interviews for radio and television about legalization day but I didn't want to participate in the that because I was just their to go to the store and be one of the first customers. Anyway, other people did the television interviews in the lineup outside at Clyde Street but I was trying to hide in the background a little bit, but they showed everyone going in and stuff.

I'm not sure what was actually on television but people around me at the front of the line on Clyde Street got their pictures on the CBC Website. I'm not really into that, other people like being the person they interview for the news, I just wanted to see the weed and stuff in there. 

This is the CBC article and I was in the background hiding from the camera, other people form the front of the line got on the website though.

If you read the page the singer Ashley MacIsaac did an interview in Cape Breton and he shows the boxes of weed products to the news on the video.

Clyde Street, Halifax is the only all weed store in Nova Scotia that's where I was at, it's like their main location. Over all it was pretty alright waiting in line with the news and stuff there. 

Here is the scoop and right to the facts:

Weed is legal in Canada now, so you don't have to worry about anything now when you're getting it. 

First though here is an article is claiming that Nova Scotia is breaking Federal Law by glamourizing weed with their store slogans "relax, unwind, center, enhance".

First the article is wrong about the weed, but you have to give them a chance to adjust to what's going on because weed just became legal and it's super crazy and it's a large law that just changed so you can expect an adjustment period until people get what's going on. 

The words RELAX, UNWIND, CENTER, ENHANCE are signs not an advertisement that glorifies weed. 

When you go to buy weed on Clyde Street at the main location you need to know that. Those signs are at all weed locations I believe. 

Those are the "brands" of Marijuana, you need to know that because they have so many strains they are all categorized like 200 or something but they are not fully stocked yet with only like 50 strains. 

For example, "Relax" means when you smoke it you will relax, then "Enhance" means when you get baked and listen to music it will "enhance" the music. So that is the classification of the strain, so if you want to just chill out you get "Relax", then if you want yo listen to music you get "Enhance" and you'll trip out or something when you play music. 

So those signs are the types of "buzz" you get, then underneath each category there's like 50 strains to choose from or products. 

So it's not glamorizing it's just the category, and the Nova Scotia Liquor Stores that sell weed are setup like Herbal Medicine shops, so it's feels like you're in a Herbal shop buying herbs or something and it's right relaxed.

Personally, I thought they did a great job setting up the store it's got the vibe of a herbal medicine store, then the strains are in four buzz categories "Relax, Unwind, Center, Enhance" that you pick from depending on the buzz that you want to get. 

Really thought this is like a joke it's so regular down there. Don't even worry about anything because it's legal plus it makes buying weed super safe and anonymous. 

Like this, you don't have to go down to a shitty area to buy weed now because you can just go to the Liquor Store, then it's super anonymous.

Meaning, no one will follow you around from some crack house when you're down there buying and banging on your door looking for weed at 2am. Plus, it's anonymous so no one knows you have it. 

People won't know that you have weed in your apartment and their will be no one following you home from the slums bumming weed from you all the time, that's one of the most annoying parts. Now you can just get it anonymously and no one will be following you around bumming making it way safer to smoke weed.

Plus the weed is super clean, they have it clean like cigarettes so expect to get used to harsh cleaning chemicals when you first smoke it, this may cause a headache or mild nausea. You just have to get used to it just like smoking because it's a government product. It's fine right away though but you may need to get used to the effects of it because it is strong like alcohol and smokes. 

Meaning the first time you smoke a cigarette you might through up, that's the same idea. You just need to get used to the clean weed. Then it's like fucking nothing, you can just sit there all day now smoking weed and no one can say anything.

Here's "the heavy" their calling it. Now you can say at the grand opening on Clyde Street the government was down there treating people like criminals for doing weed when it's legal with cops and news reporters there and stuff. 

I'm just assuming the government was down there because it was a liquor commission grand opening and they had security. 

Here is the point to that they had one Police Officer outside and there was no guy down there with a loaded machine gun or anything standing on the sidewalk or anything and they could have did that. 

That's the actual government down their people, I though their would guys outside standing there with machine guns but it was just one Police Officer. The government is allowed to put a guy their with a machine gun on the side walk for security, you can't say nothing about that. 

The point to that is you just always have to do what he says, because if you don't he might shoot you. The rule there is always listen to a guy with machine gun, because they could have done that because it's the actual government setting up marijuana. 

They didn't have that though, just one Police Officer watching the intersection and one security guard outside, I didn't see much of a ruckus outside but their were a few hecklers going by saying stuff, I think that's what the police were watching for, stuff like that and crazy people. 

No one was their with a machine gun or anything, and as much as you hate to see that stuff outside, it still looks pretty cool when your down there, just always listen to those guys if they tell you to do something. 

As far as people saying they were being treated like criminals with the police their and news reports and stuff this is why, the news was down their asking people if they were still buying weed from an illegal dealer right in front of the cops. 

I couldn't even believe they were asking people that in the line, they were going around asking people in the line if they were still doing illegal marijuana looking for a story, that's what they mean.

Don't tell the news anything like that holy fuck, then they wanted to know if their drug dealer was mad because they were buying legal weed. 

Holy fuck, heavy or what. The news was going around asking people if their drug dealer was mad at them for buying legal weed and asking them if they were still buying from a dealer. 

Fuck the dealer, why you buy from him when you can get it at the store with no hassle. The price at the store is worth it just to take the hassle out of buying weed. 

What are these people being whipped by their drug dealers or what, that's what the news was down their asking. 

Anyway, that was just the government probably down their staring at everyone with police and reporters and stuff, if you think the government it treating you like a criminal by asking you all that shit with news just tell them to get out of your face if you're not doing anything and they'll leave you alone. 

That's the government people on legalization day, I'm surprised they didn't have a guy there with a machine gun, anyway it got pretty relaxed fast down there after it going and I only seen a couple hecklers.  

Here's what you need to know, Premium Weed does not mean higher THC content or stronger weed.

What I noticed was premium weed was less strong than cheaper weed, meaning they are "creating a premium buzz" meaning that it's lower strength with a fancier buzz.

Then the regular price around $9.30 a gram is the strongest with the most THC. 

However, premium make also come in higher strengths. 

The weed goes up to approaching $15 a gram for premium but that doesn't necessarily mean stronger, it means quality not strength or for people who want a lighter buzz. 

So premium from what I get from it is for a better buzz that not as strong. 

I started with "relax" and  bought four grams of "AUROA MK-ULTRA" at about $39 Canadian. 

That's about street value and it's the strongest at about 20+ % THC or whatever for $9 a gram, and it's super good and strong and it does create the "relax" effect as stated on the sign. 

However the weed did have a few stems in it reducing it's value slighty and  I thought the gram looked a little light but it may have been packed tight and looked smaller.

Auroa MK-Ultra would be about a good street value weed for under $10 and it's the strongest one and it's pretty good. 

You're allowed to buy 30 grams at a time, but that will cost you $300. That's like an ounce, so they are only selling it one gram at a time for about $10 a gram, not bulk.

That's about $280 for an ounce which is a $100 street value markup. 

They said the price will come down later when they get fully stocked but for now no bulk sales on ounces, plus no hash or hash oil. They did have cannabis pills and stuff though which I have never tried yet, and I don't know what it is. I don't know if that's hash oil or not, but it was some kind of pill or something. 

So their cleaning up right now on sales and making a +$100 on every ounce over street value, that's supposed to be until they get going and their were also no "large packages" to buy like for an ounce at a time when I was there.

If you want 30 grams it'll cost you $100 over street value at a full $10 a gram for high THC but it's legal so it is worth it. 

Anyway that all comes packaged in boxes in medicine bottles like herbs or something so it's a little bulky so if you find that price high just get a few grams at a time at $10 each or so until the price comes down and they get more strains of weed, still though a full $10 a gram legally is better than saving $100 on the street and safer. So it is worth it. 

Finally, you just a bunch of grams of  Auroa MK-ULTRA at $9 a gram and that's super strong to relax.

Then you get a bunch of premium of the different categories and smoke them all the same time, so you get a gram of "premium enhance", "premium center" etc. like that.

Then they have like 200 weed strains coming out. 

So you get a lower THC premium weed like "enhance" and then you smoke that to the get premium lighter buzz going at like $15 a gram. 

That's a lighter but more fancy buzz. 

Then after you smoke that you smoke a whole bunch of Auroa MK Ultra at $9 a gram to get the stronger buzz and "relax". 

So you look at all the categories and then you smoke the premium to get the expensive buzz, then you smoke a whole bunch of cheap MK-Ultra to get a super good buzz going so you can get both effects. 

So you go get grams of all the different varieties and them mix them all together to make different buzzes. 

For example, you smoke a bunch of Mk-Ultra to get super wasted then to start smoking premium of different strengths and strains and mix them together to get different buzzes and stuff,.

So mixing all that in different orders when you smoke it will create different "stones" they call it. So 200 strains is a lot to choose from so it would take a while to try them all but it's not out yet. 

The stand out to me was the premium seemed to have lower THC, then it has a more expensive buzz, then just smoke a bunch of cheap MK-Ultra at the higher THC level to create different "effects" , this is basically harmless people and looks super good down there. 

Just remember, things are strict in Canada right now because of the law change, plus Halifax issued a smoking ban and you're not allowed smoking anything on sidewalks now, that's the trade off for legal weed. 

So no smoking anything outside during the law change in Halifax, then the City made "smoking areas" in it like back in High School so if you're downtown smoking you have to go to an outside smoking area to smoke cigarettes and stay off the side walk. 

I'm sure that will calm down later, so for now no smoking on the Halifax sidewalks and you have to smoke at the outside smoking areas, anyway the smoking area's great if you want somewhere to go socialize when you're having a smoke in the City.

Then the trade off is legal weed, and it's super strict right now but there's no one out with machine guns or anything so it's looking pretty good out. 

Just don't be bothering officials or anyone about the strict rules in Halifax right now and just go socialize in the smoking areas because of the cigarette ban.

That's just strict right now because they just made weed legal, just stay out of their way and go buy your weed and go home and smoke it as much as you want now, then if the government starts bothering you downtown asking you questions just tell them to stay out of your face and that you're not doing anything. 

Then just go home or go hangout somewhere and smoke your weed, I'm sure all that stuff will calm down later after the Government has all the new rules in place and stuff and it will calm down when they get used to all that. 

My advice is to just stay out of their way and then go home and smoke your weed and not worry about it and I'm sure it will calm down later.

As a side note Uruguay in South America and Canada are the first two Countries to legalize weed. Hopefully, we will be able to establish new trade ties with Uruguay to trade weed products or something and this will create a new "trade zone" between Canada and Uruguay to make some kind of new economic deal off the new weed regulations to help both countries economically etc.

Good times.


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Romance Is Not Just For Poor People

Romance Scams
This is a good topic that just came up and is a romance scam. In fact, several years ago people in my home town were saying this about me to my face which I responded drop dead. 

Now this has just come up here in Halifax and I heard about this years ago and people said this stuff to me. 

This is the scam they said to me that I "wasn't romantic" then they has this plan for me to follow to be romantic and had to do what they said. 

My response to this is that romance is not just for poor people. 

In their scam, they go around saying that people aren't romantic because they "don't do things" that other people do because they are not romantic, then they offer an alternative. Like they introduce you to a new girl or guy or something and get you to leave your wife or husband. 

Then they try and steal your money when you leave. 

What they are saying is that people who are better off than others aren't romantic so you should be with someone more like yourself and choose romance over money and then the person they introduce you to tries to get money from you from your ex spouse. 

They say that poor people are more romantic because they are out doing regular things and "dreaming" about their futures and working hard together on trying to meet a common goal like make a life together or open a business or something.

In essence, "fantasizing" together. 

So they say that romance is poor people fantasizing together about their lives and wanting to be more well off and the romance part is about them talking about that together and then fantasizing about making a life together when they have no money, then they offer them "romantic ideas" to do while fantasizing together about having a better life.

Then they said that I "wasn't romantic" because I was studying all the time and making a career and work hard and I am super busy and didn't do the things they said were romantic because I had more money than them.

What they meant was I wasn't romantic because I had more money than them and I was working and studying all the time and didn't participate in their romantic ideas for poor people.

When I heard that again this week in Halifax I decided to try some of the things they recommended like take a boat ride on the harbour or have a picnic in the public park.

My conclusion is that romance is not just for poor people and people who are more well off than others can also take boat rides in the harbour and have picnics in the park even if they are busy studying and work hard all the time. 

Also, if you have a lot of money and own your own ranch or a large wooded area it doesn't mean you can't go to the public park and have a picnic which is what they said.

They said that rich people aren't romantic because they have their own ranch and don't go to the public park and that is not romantic, so you shouldn't be with them because they don't like stuff like you when you have less money so you should be with someone like you, then they try and steal your money when you meet your new love match they offer. 

The point there is you can still go to the public park with your wife if you own a ranch and take a public ride on the harbour if you own your own boat and work all the time. Fuck you New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

Love, Jason...romantic to all, giver to none.


Thursday, October 11, 2018

History Revealed: Rosa Parks and Edwards Rail Car Company

Richard Nixon: Senate President 84th US Congress
This is a super awesome story that I am super excited about discovering in the History Books. 

This is about the illegal overturning of the Nova Scotia Shopping Referendum, Sobeys Inc. founder Frank Sobey, Viola Desmond and Rosa Parks. 

Note: All characters are not proven to be guilty, which would have to be assigned and examined via the International Tribunal but these are the loose based facts, also a lot of this material is old which limited research information. 

This is also about the disconnected branches of the Canada and United States Governments, including the un-finished United States Amendment in 1913. 

This story is a theory only, with loosely connected facts and a bombshell at minimum. 

This is the theory, Frank Sobey committed Treason in Canada shortly after Sobeys Incorporation in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia after World War 2 disconnecting a branch of the Canadian Government...somehow, then they staged the Viola Desmond incident in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia  who later died in New York around the time of the Malcolm X assassination. 

Rosa Parks carried out the second incident on the City Bus in Montgomery, Alabama. 

No Pulitzer Prize please I don't accept awards and would have too many already.

Now stop. 

Here are the new connections, there are two events Rosa Parks / Viola Desmond "1950's" and then the illegal overturning of the Sunday Shopping Referendum in Nova Scotia "2006".

Now what would these connections be? 

First, I am not declaring or assigning guilt but this is who was there when it happened. 

Stephen Harper was Canada's Prime Minister in 2006, then his "vice president" would be Peter MacKay the "Defence Minister" from my home town of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

So, Peter McKay would be kind of like Al Gore in the United States. 

Let's say Peter McKay is the equal to the United States Vice President, his seat is from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

The riding is called "Central Nova". 

Central Nova is also home to Sobeys Inc.

So people are saying that Sobeys Inc. illegally owned the Central Nova Riding in New Glasgow and that it could have been disconnected by Frank Sobey shortly after World War 2 when they incorporated. 

The disconnected branch of the Canadian Government would be in Sobeys and my hometown of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia where Sobeys stole the riding in their hometown and is one of the top ridings in Atlantic Canada.

Central Nova also used to include parts of Halifax, Nova Scotia and it was in Halifax where the referendum was illegally overturned.

So Sobeys potentially bought the Central Nova riding after World War 2. Then in 2006 the "Vice President" Peter MacKay from New Glasgow blocked the Government in Ottawa to allow Sobeys to overturn the referendum.

So it's like Sobeys owned Peter MacKay's Senate Seat in Canada and used him to block the government while they overturned the referendum back in Nova Scotia. 

The Senate Seat was from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia and was Peter MacKay's the "vice president" and that is also Sobeys's hometown where they stole the riding and the Central Nova Senate Seat.

So it's like Peter MacKay's Senate Seat blocked the Canadian Government, then Sobeys overturned the referendum illegally both from New Glasgow.

Then Halifax made it law, part of the old Central Nova riding not that this would matter because they can do it anyway.  

Then Stephen Harper illegal changed the Prostitution laws before they left office with the same trick ruining the prostitution laws making it legal. 

Not only that, someone there may be blocking the Toronto Stock Exchange from regulating Sobeys in Toronto.

The same in New York City and the New York Stock Exchange which may be blocked from the Senate in Washington D.C.

When I made the Connection that Sobeys may have bought the powerful Central Nova riding I knew right away that this was the Senate Seat of the "vice president" from Central Nova in Ottawa. 

Then the "Vice President" Peter MacKay would have blocked the Federal Government while back in his home riding Central Nova (New Glasgow) Sobeys illegally overturned the referendum in Halifax to allow them to make money illegally on Sundays.

Of course, they will all say they are innocent and didn't know what was happening.

When I saw this pattern emerging I quickly went to look up the Rosa Parks incident to see if their was a connection from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia and Montgomery, Alabama in 1955. 

To NOT my surprise their is. 

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia is a famous coal mining town and home to the Sampson Locomotive which is the oldest Locomotive in Canada and my Great Grand Uncle was one of the Train Conductors who drove the train in New Glasgow I am proud to say.

Today, the Samson Locomotive sits at the Nova Scotia Museum of Industry near New Glasgow, and Sobey's Head Office is at the Sampson's train's old mine site the Albion Mine in Pictou County. 

What the connection there is that New Glasgow is a famous coal mining town from the early 1900's and was also home to a large rail car plant near the town in Trenton, Nova Scotia which would have been a large production in 1955. 

Then connection is Montgomery, Alabama is home to the Edwards Rail Car Company and they are both rail car towns and in fact the Edwards Rail Car Company also made street cars which also ran in New Glasgow in the early 1900's.

The connection is both New Glasgow, Nova Scotia (Viola Desmond) and Montgomery, Alabama (Rosa Parks) are both home to Rail Car Plants during the coal mining days and Montgomery manufactured Street Cars and New Glasgow had them installed on town roads at the same time.   

Then if Sobeys owed the Senate Seat in New Glasgow for Ottawa, then did the Edwards Rail Car Plant also own a Senate Seat in 1955 in Washington D.C to block the United States Government in Montgomery Alabama? 

The answer....yes, and it may surprise you. 

When I grabbed my United States Congress Senators list to look up the 84th Congress of the United States which was obviously active in 1955 during the Rosa Parks incident this is what I discovered.

The shocking discovery is this, the 84th United States Congress was formed in 1955 the same year as the Rosa Parks incident and the Senate President at the time was disgraced United States President Richard Nixon himself.

Who else took office on January 3rd, 1955 you may be asking? 

The 84th United States Congress
Well it is none other that J. Lister Hill (Joseph Hill) who was the Washington D.C. Senator from Montgomery, Alabama and took office in 1955 the same year as the Rosa Parks incident in his home town of Montgomery Alabama. 

Not only that Montgomery Alabama is home to the Edwards Rail Car Plant and J. Lister Hill get ready for this was the Chair of the Senate Labor Committee as in rail car labor in his hometown of Montgomery Alabama. 

That is the probably one of the biggest revelations to ever happen in a text book. J. Lister Hill was the Chair of the Labour Committee and elected to the Senate in Washington D.C. in 1955 the same year as Rosa Parks and in his hometown. 

Not only that the whole incident is Rail Car's, Public Transit and Coal Mining all under the branch of the United States Labour Department and all took place and run from Montgomery Alabama by J. Lister Hill in his Senate Seat in Washington D.C. all from his home town. 

Then what? They sold Rail Cars and Street Cars to New Glasgow, Nova Scotia where Sobeys owed the Central Nova Riding at the time. 

To be correct, the Central Nova Riding's name was changed to Central Nova after these incidents.

Now listen to this bombshell...

J. Lister Hill is a lawyer and served as the President of the Montgomery Alabama Board of Education and was get ready...a United States War Veteran and served in World War One from 1917 - 1919 and could have took part in overthrowing sections of the United States Government when he was in the United States Army in 1917.

J. Lister Hill served in the United States Military only four years after they rammed thought the "Equifax Amendment"  illegally in 1913.

Then J. Lister Hill was enlisted in the United States during World War One where he could have participated in detaching branches of the United States Government under the illegal amendment group from 1913. 

J. Lister Hill: United States Army Veteran
Later in Office, he was Chair of the Senate Labor Committee in Washington D.C. during the Rosa Parks incident in his hometown with the Edwards Railcar Company along with their protentional business partners in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia at the Rail Car Plant and could have also helped Sobeys to Incorporate and disconnect sections of the Canadian Government.

Then using their disconnected Senate Access in 1913, J. Lister Hill later helped overthrow sections of the United States Government as a United States Soldier in World War one and steal the Montgomery, Alabama Senate Seat.

Then later he may have helped to disconnect a section of the Canadian Government with Sobeys and help incorporate them and steal the Central Nova Riding in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia Sobeys home town like they did with his riding seat in Montgomery, Alabama. 

Then they staged the Viola Desmond and Rosa Parks incidents, Malcolm X was assassinated and Viola Desmond possibly executed for treason in New York City. 

When I checked the Canadian Senate Seat in 1955 the only name that jumped out was Harold Connelly the Senator from Halifax North and Nova Scotia's 15th Premier the same setup as the Sunday Shopping fiasco, so it looks like the same stunt and groups as Rosa Parks both the US and Canadian Senates at the same time in 1955.

Then they are also blocking the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges illegally from regulations, in both Senates across the United States and Canada border from both ends.

Much more to follow but that is the connections and is a theory only and blame has yet to be assigned.


Monday, October 8, 2018

Here It Comes Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!

The President of Croatia?
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Everyone, no holiday update this year but I pretty much had the same dinner as last year, delicious. 

Here is the big news released today...Google+ is closing because of a security breach and their "Facebook like network" where you log in all over the place and the google+ page is shutting down apparently. I'm assuming you'll need separate logins now for all those pages.

Here is the other news, is Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic the next Stormy Daniels?

Well apparently AFP Fact Check is reporting that the bikini pics of the Croatian President are fakes or something and that is really someone else or something like they were private and stolen from her hacked phone.

Also, the Times of Israel is reporting that Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic was in Canada posing with the Croatia Nazi Flag, in an article from 2016.

Apparently, Kitarovic did not release Bikini Pics and also poses with the Croatian Flag from World War 2 when they were Nazi allies while visiting Canada.

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic
If you missed that Croatia had a pro-Nazi regime in World War 2 they are saying and she poses with that flag while visiting Canada, and the bikini pictures are fakes and probably stolen from her phone.

Next they will say that the businesses she owns are in fact NOT running the government. 

Like the region or not you have to appreciate how they cover up and correct these stories. 

You be the judge if the pics are fakes or not below, I'm sure their will be lots of new fake pictures of her in Bikini's in the near future to debate, probably making her the next Stormy Daniels only instead of having an affair with the President she is the actual President.

If any new bikini pics show up of Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic I will be sure to post them right away.

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic