Monday, October 22, 2018

CANADA: What You Need To Know About Legal Marijauna

Marijuana Individual Gram Bottles 
When you read the news don't get all out of shape about the issues around legal marijuana or cannabis. I'm sure all that will work itself out later with the issues they are having. 

One of the big deals is the packaging, people are concerned about the "excessive" packaging on the cannabis products. They just opened and that is just the first package, like a long time ago when everything came in bigger boxes. 

If you haven't been following that, they are just making it available as securely and easily as possible to get the legal cannabis products which means a safe but bulky package. Over time the size of the packages will decrease. 

The issue for me is that the overpackaging of the marijuana creates a lot of garbage, each gram comes in it's own "pill bottle" and with a seal on the top and in a cardboard box with a "cannabis" sticker on it like tobacco.

I'm sure what they are saying is that today, this is a "safe" package to get started with that will keep the marijuana fresh etc. and safe in the box, then in the box it is safe for sale and shipping through the mail etc. 


Customers Concerned About "Excessive" Cannabis Packaging

The point to that is you're going to end up with a lot of garbage if you smoke a lot of weed when you're throwing out all those boxes and pill bottles. 

Hopefully, they'll start a recycling program for those marijuana bottles because it seems like a lot of garbage to just throw out. Over time the safe package will reduce in size when they figure out new safer ways for storage and transport. 

For now, just throw all those boxes and pill bottles in the garbage and then let the government deal with it, don't even care. Just through out all those pill bottles and boxes and then let the government worry about cleaning it up. For god sakes, don't throw it all on the ground. 

The last thing we need is the ground covered in marijuana boxes and pill bottles, just throw it in the regular garbage and don't worry about it until they adjust the packaging sizes, that's just to get started anyway so they can get the marijuana out. 

For now, you'll have one garbage bag and ten garbage bags of marijuana gram boxes and pill bottles, don't care about that just throw it out and let the government worry about it until they have a recycling program, they might have one anyway but I didn't check. 

MEEK: NSLC Nags Ruin The Spirit of Cannabis Freedom Day

Here's a good article if you can understand it form the opening day on Oct 17 at the Clyde Street Cannabis Store in Halifax. This is where I was at in the line and they were talking to people on the way out of the store, the guy in the picture was just a head of me in line and must have ran to the front to be their first customer, great for him he was the first outside customer at the Clyde Street location in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

I think they mean in the article that when you are getting baked legally now the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission is nagging on you about being responsible with marijuana on their packaging. 

When I was down their they gave me all these flyers and stuff and I even got a coupon for a free coffee from a local restaurant for being at the front of the line, then they were also handing out flyers and stuff to celebrate "Legalization Day" in downtown Halifax which was pretty alright. 

In the flyers and stuff it tells you how to consume marijuana safely and how long the effects last, like if you eat a marijuana product you could be high for 24 to 48 hours for some people over the six to eight hour high of smoking it. 

To get around that I guess you could eat marijuana products and then at the same time also keep smoking it to maintain a more consistent buzz. 

Stock Market Watch:

These are my picks for the top marijuana producers in Canada on the Toronto Stock Exchange, not specifically the highest valued stock prices. 

Right away my top pick for the best Cannabis Company is AUROA CANNABIS, which is I think the number two Cannabis Company on the Stock Market, they are saying that Auroa's financial investments will probably be more valuable that the actual Marijuana.     

Meaning that the investments from the money they make from selling marijuana will be more valuable outside of the cannabis industry. Like real estate ventures or something off their Cannabis Products will make more money than the actual weed sales. 

Auroa Investments May Be More Valuable Than It's Pot:

The next two best Cannabis Companies are Aphria and Organigram. 

The top company financially is Canopy Growth as is backed by rapper Snoop Dogg, although it is not my favorite company maybe number four. 

Surprisingly absent on Cannabis Legalization Day was rapper Snoop Dogg who I didn't see out on the news smoking his weed when they legalized it in Canada last week. You would think he would be out on the news smoking weed for legalization day here in Canada since he backs the Company. 

I'm not sure if that didn't happen or not but I didn't see it, I also only followed the news on the internet and didn't see any stories about that which I was looking for. 

Maybe I'm seeing a different spectrum here but you would think that celebrities would have wanted to be out promoting themselves smoking marijuana on television and stuff in Canada on Legalization Day however I didn't notice any of that on the news on the internet or on MSN. 

Locally, musician Ashley Macissac from Cape Breton was out on the news buying marijuana which I thought was great for the area. 

Other than that I didn't really notice any celebrity coverage on the internet which I thought was a huge surprise. 

Where were Cheech and Chong and all them weed people at from Movies and Television on Canada Legalization Day, well I didn't notice anything. 

I'm telling ya people, those celebrities that didn't take part in Legalization Day probably made a career mistake. I didn't see what was on television but there's usually more coverage of that on the internet anyway. 

This is my whole point on that, when it came to Legalization Day in Canada all the big names that are associated with marijuana didn't show up to get their picture taken buying weed on Legalization Day in Canada. 

At least it wasn't on the news on the internet. 

This is what is comes down to, the big weed oriented media was a bust on Legalization Day last week and didn't show up for the news, or at least they didn't show it yet.

What I'm saying is it's cool to go out and be the first person to buy weed on Legalization Day and then show everyone you smoking it on television if you are famous, it's not cool to hide in the house and not come out and support cannabis day if you are a big celebrity. 

All in all celebrities missed the boat on the internet on Legalization Day at least I didn't see any show up on the internet which is what I was watching for. 

Marijuana Legalization in Canada went in with a celebrity fizzle and I'm not one to fo shizzle my own nizzle but I was their for Cannabis Legalization Day at the front of the line buying weed and I'm in a band and stuff and have a webpage. 

No celebrities on legalization day, I couldn't even believe it. You would think they would all want to be down there on television buying weed on it's first day, it's not cool now to stay home and not support marijuana. 

This is what it comes down to people, the Hollywood Marijuana trendies never showed up for Canada Legalization Day, dulling their limelight in stoner folklore. 

That's right people, stoner folklore from Hollywood never showed up on the news on the internet smoking weed, making them look like a parody of real life in Hollywood and not real stoners and pot smokers. 

Not only that the supposed British Columbia Marijuana reputation was also no where to be found on Legalization Day with probably the lowest sales in Canada. 

That was my largest surprise, the "loudest mouths" in marijuana talk Hollywood Celebrities and British Columbia had zero turnout and the lowest sales on Legalization Day ruining their stoner folklore. 

Hollywood stoner celebrity stuff and the places to be for weed like British Columbia had no interaction on Legalization Day ruining their folklore which was apparently just a "mock up" for entertainment value with no real pot users coming out. 

I was assuming that Much Music would just have girls on it all day dancing around and smoking weed all day now like at some disco or something on there now, but when I put on the channel it wasn't on yet. 

Alberta had the highest marijuana sales on Legalization Day with $730,000. 

Nova Scotia had the second highest sales with $660,000 on opening day. 

Prince Edward Island the smallest province in Canada sold almost four times the amount of marijuana than British Columbia on opening day at $152,000. 

British Columbia had the lowest sales at $41,000. 

This just shows that their is no marijuana market in British Columbia and that was all just over hype, also celebrity appearances were non existent and was just over hyped Hollywood entertainment and no one showed up in real life that I saw to get their name and picture on the marijuana news from Hollywood.

This also shows that the real Marijuana Legalization Movement is led by regular people that you don't hear about who are supporting this legalization, Hollywood and British Columbia were not involved. 

Just keep that in mind in the future when they try selling us stoner movies from Hollywood and "BC Weed" crap that none of them showed up and supported marijuana on Legalization Day, ruining their "Cheech and Chong" like folklore by offering no real public support on Marijuana Legalization Day. 

It's just hard to get into stoner movies now when it real life they were all just actors and didn't show up to support marijuana legalization on the news on the internet, if they did it was so small that it wasn't on Google or MSN.    



  1. One of the large deals is that the packaging, people are concerned about the cannabis packaging on the cannabis products. they only opened which is simply the primary package, sort of a while ago when everything came in bigger boxes.

  2. One of the big deals is the packaging, people are concerned about the excessive packaging on the Cannabis packaging products.