Sunday, October 7, 2018

Actor Jim Carrey Racist Remarks During Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

Jim Carrey Racist Thanksgiving Remarks
Jim Carrey says during Thanksgiving in Canada, where he is from, on a day where we should all be thankful for what we already have and appreciate it says that Donald Trump is a traitor but provides no specific example as he chimes in on United States Politics.

Jim Carrey an attempted political cartoonist offers satire of no specific political medium, and claims that the founding fathers didn't have Donald Trump in mind to be President because he is a Traitor.

Carrey also claims that Donald Trump is a Confederate and that he expects potentially all the confederate statues go back up, meaning Donald Trump must be some kind of racist.

Since we are on the topic of Confederate Statues and Leaders from the mid 1800's I would like to point out that the Confederates although they were the enemy in the United States Civil War that they in fact tried to form their own Country and take over the United States and run it today etc.

Although I am not a Confederate, United States History buffs can and should be able to view Confederate leaders from the Civil War as Historical Characters in museums as statues and appreciate them for being great military leaders at the time although they were our enemies, if done so in the proper context of today...for example, you shouldn't say slavery was a good idea but you can still appreciate their leaders historical value in the text book.

Jim Carrey also stated that the United States needs to revisit presidential powers so the President can be restricted in his authority, claiming Donald Trump is a traitor and a confederate but offers no example of how he broke off from the United States and seized the Southern States with Military Generals and began a war with the North as they did in the 1860's.

Carrey is also complaining that Conservatives may overturn Roe vs. Wade and restrict abortions in the United States, where Jim Carrey is in favor apparently of 60 Million abortions. 

He also claimed that if Roe vs Wade is overturned that "coat hanger sales will go up" because women will be forced to kill their unborn babies with coat hangers if abortion becomes restricted.

Thankfully today and what Jim Carrey must not know is that most coat hangers are made of plastic now so that will no doubt reduce the illegal abortion rate he is claiming is happening because they can not be used to kill an unborn baby because they are made of plastic and not metal wire...or at least reduce the risk. 

Donald Trump responded with this photo which clearly shows everything is great in the United States:



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