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History Revealed: Rosa Parks and Edwards Rail Car Company

Richard Nixon: Senate President 84th US Congress
This is a super awesome story that I am super excited about discovering in the History Books. 

This is about the illegal overturning of the Nova Scotia Shopping Referendum, Sobeys Inc. founder Frank Sobey, Viola Desmond and Rosa Parks. 

Note: All characters are not proven to be guilty, which would have to be assigned and examined via the International Tribunal but these are the loose based facts, also a lot of this material is old which limited research information. 

This is also about the disconnected branches of the Canada and United States Governments, including the un-finished United States Amendment in 1913. 

This story is a theory only, with loosely connected facts and a bombshell at minimum. 

This is the theory, Frank Sobey committed Treason in Canada shortly after Sobeys Incorporation in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia after World War 2 disconnecting a branch of the Canadian Government...somehow, then they staged the Viola Desmond incident in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia  who later died in New York around the time of the Malcolm X assassination. 

Rosa Parks carried out the second incident on the City Bus in Montgomery, Alabama. 

No Pulitzer Prize please I don't accept awards and would have too many already.

Now stop. 

Here are the new connections, there are two events Rosa Parks / Viola Desmond "1950's" and then the illegal overturning of the Sunday Shopping Referendum in Nova Scotia "2006".

Now what would these connections be? 

First, I am not declaring or assigning guilt but this is who was there when it happened. 

Stephen Harper was Canada's Prime Minister in 2006, then his "vice president" would be Peter MacKay the "Defence Minister" from my home town of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

So, Peter McKay would be kind of like Al Gore in the United States. 

Let's say Peter McKay is the equal to the United States Vice President, his seat is from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

The riding is called "Central Nova". 

Central Nova is also home to Sobeys Inc.

So people are saying that Sobeys Inc. illegally owned the Central Nova Riding in New Glasgow and that it could have been disconnected by Frank Sobey shortly after World War 2 when they incorporated. 

The disconnected branch of the Canadian Government would be in Sobeys and my hometown of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia where Sobeys stole the riding in their hometown and is one of the top ridings in Atlantic Canada.

Central Nova also used to include parts of Halifax, Nova Scotia and it was in Halifax where the referendum was illegally overturned.

So Sobeys potentially bought the Central Nova riding after World War 2. Then in 2006 the "Vice President" Peter MacKay from New Glasgow blocked the Government in Ottawa to allow Sobeys to overturn the referendum.

So it's like Sobeys owned Peter MacKay's Senate Seat in Canada and used him to block the government while they overturned the referendum back in Nova Scotia. 

The Senate Seat was from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia and was Peter MacKay's the "vice president" and that is also Sobeys's hometown where they stole the riding and the Central Nova Senate Seat.

So it's like Peter MacKay's Senate Seat blocked the Canadian Government, then Sobeys overturned the referendum illegally both from New Glasgow.

Then Halifax made it law, part of the old Central Nova riding not that this would matter because they can do it anyway.  

Then Stephen Harper illegal changed the Prostitution laws before they left office with the same trick ruining the prostitution laws making it legal. 

Not only that, someone there may be blocking the Toronto Stock Exchange from regulating Sobeys in Toronto.

The same in New York City and the New York Stock Exchange which may be blocked from the Senate in Washington D.C.

When I made the Connection that Sobeys may have bought the powerful Central Nova riding I knew right away that this was the Senate Seat of the "vice president" from Central Nova in Ottawa. 

Then the "Vice President" Peter MacKay would have blocked the Federal Government while back in his home riding Central Nova (New Glasgow) Sobeys illegally overturned the referendum in Halifax to allow them to make money illegally on Sundays.

Of course, they will all say they are innocent and didn't know what was happening.

When I saw this pattern emerging I quickly went to look up the Rosa Parks incident to see if their was a connection from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia and Montgomery, Alabama in 1955. 

To NOT my surprise their is. 

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia is a famous coal mining town and home to the Sampson Locomotive which is the oldest Locomotive in Canada and my Great Grand Uncle was one of the Train Conductors who drove the train in New Glasgow I am proud to say.

Today, the Samson Locomotive sits at the Nova Scotia Museum of Industry near New Glasgow, and Sobey's Head Office is at the Sampson's train's old mine site the Albion Mine in Pictou County. 

What the connection there is that New Glasgow is a famous coal mining town from the early 1900's and was also home to a large rail car plant near the town in Trenton, Nova Scotia which would have been a large production in 1955. 

Then connection is Montgomery, Alabama is home to the Edwards Rail Car Company and they are both rail car towns and in fact the Edwards Rail Car Company also made street cars which also ran in New Glasgow in the early 1900's.

The connection is both New Glasgow, Nova Scotia (Viola Desmond) and Montgomery, Alabama (Rosa Parks) are both home to Rail Car Plants during the coal mining days and Montgomery manufactured Street Cars and New Glasgow had them installed on town roads at the same time.   

Then if Sobeys owed the Senate Seat in New Glasgow for Ottawa, then did the Edwards Rail Car Plant also own a Senate Seat in 1955 in Washington D.C to block the United States Government in Montgomery Alabama? 

The answer....yes, and it may surprise you. 

When I grabbed my United States Congress Senators list to look up the 84th Congress of the United States which was obviously active in 1955 during the Rosa Parks incident this is what I discovered.

The shocking discovery is this, the 84th United States Congress was formed in 1955 the same year as the Rosa Parks incident and the Senate President at the time was disgraced United States President Richard Nixon himself.

Who else took office on January 3rd, 1955 you may be asking? 

The 84th United States Congress
Well it is none other that J. Lister Hill (Joseph Hill) who was the Washington D.C. Senator from Montgomery, Alabama and took office in 1955 the same year as the Rosa Parks incident in his home town of Montgomery Alabama. 

Not only that Montgomery Alabama is home to the Edwards Rail Car Plant and J. Lister Hill get ready for this was the Chair of the Senate Labor Committee as in rail car labor in his hometown of Montgomery Alabama. 

That is the probably one of the biggest revelations to ever happen in a text book. J. Lister Hill was the Chair of the Labour Committee and elected to the Senate in Washington D.C. in 1955 the same year as Rosa Parks and in his hometown. 

Not only that the whole incident is Rail Car's, Public Transit and Coal Mining all under the branch of the United States Labour Department and all took place and run from Montgomery Alabama by J. Lister Hill in his Senate Seat in Washington D.C. all from his home town. 

Then what? They sold Rail Cars and Street Cars to New Glasgow, Nova Scotia where Sobeys owed the Central Nova Riding at the time. 

To be correct, the Central Nova Riding's name was changed to Central Nova after these incidents.

Now listen to this bombshell...

J. Lister Hill is a lawyer and served as the President of the Montgomery Alabama Board of Education and was get ready...a United States War Veteran and served in World War One from 1917 - 1919 and could have took part in overthrowing sections of the United States Government when he was in the United States Army in 1917.

J. Lister Hill served in the United States Military only four years after they rammed thought the "Equifax Amendment"  illegally in 1913.

Then J. Lister Hill was enlisted in the United States during World War One where he could have participated in detaching branches of the United States Government under the illegal amendment group from 1913. 

J. Lister Hill: United States Army Veteran
Later in Office, he was Chair of the Senate Labor Committee in Washington D.C. during the Rosa Parks incident in his hometown with the Edwards Railcar Company along with their protentional business partners in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia at the Rail Car Plant and could have also helped Sobeys to Incorporate and disconnect sections of the Canadian Government.

Then using their disconnected Senate Access in 1913, J. Lister Hill later helped overthrow sections of the United States Government as a United States Soldier in World War one and steal the Montgomery, Alabama Senate Seat.

Then later he may have helped to disconnect a section of the Canadian Government with Sobeys and help incorporate them and steal the Central Nova Riding in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia Sobeys home town like they did with his riding seat in Montgomery, Alabama. 

Then they staged the Viola Desmond and Rosa Parks incidents, Malcolm X was assassinated and Viola Desmond possibly executed for treason in New York City. 

When I checked the Canadian Senate Seat in 1955 the only name that jumped out was Harold Connelly the Senator from Halifax North and Nova Scotia's 15th Premier the same setup as the Sunday Shopping fiasco, so it looks like the same stunt and groups as Rosa Parks both the US and Canadian Senates at the same time in 1955.

Then they are also blocking the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges illegally from regulations, in both Senates across the United States and Canada border from both ends.

Much more to follow but that is the connections and is a theory only and blame has yet to be assigned.


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