Sunday, October 14, 2018

Romance Is Not Just For Poor People

Romance Scams
This is a good topic that just came up and is a romance scam. In fact, several years ago people in my home town were saying this about me to my face which I responded drop dead. 

Now this has just come up here in Halifax and I heard about this years ago and people said this stuff to me. 

This is the scam they said to me that I "wasn't romantic" then they has this plan for me to follow to be romantic and had to do what they said. 

My response to this is that romance is not just for poor people. 

In their scam, they go around saying that people aren't romantic because they "don't do things" that other people do because they are not romantic, then they offer an alternative. Like they introduce you to a new girl or guy or something and get you to leave your wife or husband. 

Then they try and steal your money when you leave. 

What they are saying is that people who are better off than others aren't romantic so you should be with someone more like yourself and choose romance over money and then the person they introduce you to tries to get money from you from your ex spouse. 

They say that poor people are more romantic because they are out doing regular things and "dreaming" about their futures and working hard together on trying to meet a common goal like make a life together or open a business or something.

In essence, "fantasizing" together. 

So they say that romance is poor people fantasizing together about their lives and wanting to be more well off and the romance part is about them talking about that together and then fantasizing about making a life together when they have no money, then they offer them "romantic ideas" to do while fantasizing together about having a better life.

Then they said that I "wasn't romantic" because I was studying all the time and making a career and work hard and I am super busy and didn't do the things they said were romantic because I had more money than them.

What they meant was I wasn't romantic because I had more money than them and I was working and studying all the time and didn't participate in their romantic ideas for poor people.

When I heard that again this week in Halifax I decided to try some of the things they recommended like take a boat ride on the harbour or have a picnic in the public park.

My conclusion is that romance is not just for poor people and people who are more well off than others can also take boat rides in the harbour and have picnics in the park even if they are busy studying and work hard all the time. 

Also, if you have a lot of money and own your own ranch or a large wooded area it doesn't mean you can't go to the public park and have a picnic which is what they said.

They said that rich people aren't romantic because they have their own ranch and don't go to the public park and that is not romantic, so you shouldn't be with them because they don't like stuff like you when you have less money so you should be with someone like you, then they try and steal your money when you meet your new love match they offer. 

The point there is you can still go to the public park with your wife if you own a ranch and take a public ride on the harbour if you own your own boat and work all the time. Fuck you New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

Love, Jason...romantic to all, giver to none.


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