Sunday, October 28, 2018

Halifax Getting CFL Franchise

Halifax Getting CFL Expansion Team
That's right everyone Halifax, Nova Scotia is getting a CFL that's the Canadian Football League team franchise. 

This is pretty exciting news for Halifax in 2018, not only is Halifax the host of the CHL Memorial Cup Championship this year it was just announced that we are getting a 24,000 seat CFL Football Stadium  and CFL Team.

I'm already in fan mode to get ready to buy merchandise for this new football team no matter what it's called. 

The Football Stadium is going to be built on the Dartmouth side of the Harbour under the MacKay Bridge, that's the newer main Halifax bridge at the old "Shannon Park" housing site which used to be apartment buildings used by the Canadian Military for the department of defence housing or something for military staff stationed in Halifax.  

If you're from the area that whole place was abandoned and it was just empty run down apartment buildings that were owned by the military, I'm sure they were probably in their doing exercises or drills or something for training when it was abandoned or at least that's what it looked like.

Forget all that, now the site will be home to a brand new football stadium. 

What is great about this is all that is broadcast on live television, so you can go down to the arena in Halifax and see televised football games by 2021 they are saying.

Now what is the name of this new Halifax CFL team?

I don't know but hopefully it will be something good, an old name they were saying ten years ago that never happened was the Atlantic Schooners.  

Can we please stop naming teams after beer in Nova Scotia? We already have the "Mooseheads" which is the CHL hockey team and also a beer, Schooner is a beer can we please get something more original. 

Not all the teams in Atlantic Canada have to be named after beer. 

They need to go big with a name so they can sell tons of merchandise. I have come up with a list of suggestions for the Halifax CFL Team, but it's just initial and I'm still thinking about it. 

They should use something historical or something for a team name to make it big for example The Halifax Black Socks. 

The Halifax Black Socks would be a great name and get tons of attention, or they say something like well the NFL has the New England Patriots and they wear blue named after the American Revolutionaries Nova Scotia is kind of like their enemies sometimes, then Nova Scotia in response to them could call the team the Halifax Red Coats. 

I think the Halifax Red Coats would be a good name. Like it would be named after the actual "red coats" that fought the Americans in the American Revolution, that's where the New England  Patriots got their name and blue color.

So Halifax representing the historical enemy of the Patriots or "blue coats" could call their team in Nova Scotia the Halifax Red Coats, as in we're the enemy of the blue coated New England Patriots.

I'm not sure if their is a Red Coats team name already and I 'm not looking it up because I want to use it anyway. 

Right away my first two picks for team names are Halifax Black Socks or the Halifax Red Coats both great CFL Football Team names and with historical value. 

Here is a list of other names I like:

The Halifax North Americans 
The Halifax Giants
The Halifax Scots
The Halifax Pigskins

Anyway those are just a few suggestions, we need something big with some Historical context for a good team name like "The Scots" or the "North Americans". 

Personally, my favorite is the Halifax Red Coats, that will allow us to compete with the New England Patriots or Blue Coats.

Then they would have the New England Patriots and the Atlantic Red Coats. That would be a good marketing campaign. 

However, I would rather it be called the Halifax Red Coats.

Hopefully they will come up with a good team name though, something that can compete for merchandise with some historical value, like something that will catch on. 


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