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Trademark Infringement: Is Irving Oil Circle K Using The Nestle Kit Kat Trademark?

Is Circle K using the Kit Kat Bar Logo?
Is Irving Oil's Circle K Gas Station committing Trade Mark Infringement against the Nestle Bit Kat bar?

Does Circle K mean Kit Kat? Then the K on the Circle K logo is the K from the Kit Kat Bar with the chocolate bar package circle around it?

People say yes, you be the judge.

Is The K from this package on a gas station logo?


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Canada: You Can Watch The Fake Government Group Right Now Trying To Pass Illegal Laws

Are Sobeys Needs Convenience Stores Running Unregulated?
Get on the edge of your seat everyone because you are going to need it. I have been writing about these "disconnected" government branches and their implications in the public like the illegal Sunday Shopping Law and the 16th Amendment Law in the United States, well they just did it again.

That's right they just did it again, and now you can watch them on the news. This post falls under my "Tales of Treason in Atlantic Canada story" but it as Quebec and United States content.

This is long because there is a lot to it and it is old and is also happening right now. So when everyone started "exposing" the non-reporting government branches they started using them in the public to pass fake regulations right in front of everyone. 

After the Sunday Shopping Law was exposed as done by an un-reporting branch in Halifax this happened:

The City of Halifax then installed what people are calling a "racist" and "illegal" bus pass potentially in retaliation and started making  people photo id for their buss pass and then cancelled bus pass sharing.

Potentially to get back at City Residents with NO public legislation.

Then...I am hearing the Bus Service went bankrupt in 1 Day.

Apparently, if you say that to people in Halifax they will bankrupt the bus service in one day by all not using the bus. I don't know how true that is but I saw the bus in my neighborhood and it looked like they barely had enough gas money to make it up the hill.

Then I guess people are saying they are planning to boycott the regular bus pass for non-welfare citizens and planning to not buy bus passes starting for August and going forward, then other people are saying they are just not using cash or buying bus tickets.

Then they are saying the City is so out of control with illegal unregulated legislation that they may register regular paper bus tickets and bus transfers and cancel bus ticket sharing as well as bus pass sharing.

Now, apparently everyone in Halifax is boycotting the bus service but it doesn't kick in until August Bus Passes are out. Then people are saying they are just going to hang out in their own neighborhoods and not bother using the bus. 

That I am hearing bankrupted the bus service in one day and they are running out of gas money. There is still full bus service though and of course some people have to take the bus for work and appointments. 

So instead of everyone riding the bus all over the city they are planning I heard to just hang out in their own neighborhoods and use the stores near their houses and apartments during the City outage.

Easy for me because I live next to a huge shopping center.

Then, everyone stopped shopping at Sobeys I heard. 

Anyway, I was shopping at Sobeys because I didn't give a shit but I had to stop shopping there because it got too crazy out and their shelves are low and they look vacant so I bailed and just go to Atlantic Superstore now.

I realize people are protesting Sobeys because of the Sunday Shopping Law fiasco but it got so ridiculous out I had to get out of there because of the fake legislation stuff and no one goes there. Basically, those people are all caught in the public so bad at those companies I had to get out of there because the public boycott is getting so bad and the flack they are getting plus their stock is low.

Then, I heard people wont use their gas stations either.

Then after the bus pass photo thing and the Sobeys and Halifax Transit boycott - I can't tell if that's true but the bus looks vacant.

Quebec came out and did the Sunday Shopping Law thing.

That's right - RIGHT NOW!

So the "disconnected government branch" one came out in Montreal passed a fake law to the public's face. -  AGAINST WELFARE AND CHECK RECIPIENTS. 

I am only assuming that Montreal did this in retaliation for Halifax throwing them out of the Courts and Government from the public view. 

After they were exposed in Nova Scotia the City of Halifax did the bus pass against check reciepients.

Then a group in Montreal tried to cancel check recipients dental benefits in Quebec, I am assuming in retaliation for what is happening in Nova Scotia.

The disconnected or non-reporting Government branch just came out today in Quebec "posing" as the Quebec Dental Association.

Then the Dental Association in Montreal acted as the Government and tried to cancel welfare and disability check recipients dental coverage in Quebec.

They are saying they NO LONGER take Government Payments for the welfare office in Quebec starting in 30 Days.

That means, they tried to cancel welfare dental benefits in Quebec by refusing to take government payments.

That means they illegally acted as the government, making them a non reporting branch.


They said the Dental Association was a "private group" of dentists. 

No, the Dental Association is overseen by the Federal Government like the FDA. 

They are NOT allowed saying that.

Then the Dental Association in Quebec said they were separate from the Federal Government, then they acted as the Government in the public and tried to cancel check recipients dental benefits by refusing to take the government funding as payments at all dentists office in Quebec.

Then they cut like 620,000 government dental plans for welfare and disability recipients in Quebec.

They are doing that by refusing to accept government payments.

That is the disconnected arm of the government and they are doing that with NO oversight right now.

No - the Federal Government oversees the Dental Association, they report to the government. 

They can't say they are "separate" from the government and then try and cancel dental benefits for check recipients as a private group.

Then they said they were a private group of dentists in Quebec and they are cancelling check benefits for welfare and disability dental plan payments.


The Dental Association is overseen by the Government and they own it, plus they issue the money to pay for the check recipient dental plans.

The other people are going to be arrested, they are NOT a real group run by Canada's Government.


That is the same thing that Sobeys did on the Sunday Shopping Referendum - that is a disconnected non reporting branch of the government doing that. 


Back to Sobeys Canada and the Sunday Shopping illegal referendum overturning.

People are saying that the target by Sobeys Canada in Nova Scotia where they are from was to "run out of business" small independent Convenience Stores and Gas Stations in the rural and County areas and take all their business.

They were going to do this by cancelling the Sunday Shopping ban to steal all their customers.

So Nova Scotia voted "no Sunday shopping" because people work out in the County Areas and need the Sunday Business in rural areas.

Sobeys, SUED the Government and they illegally changed the referendum results.

Then Sobeys opened their stores on Sunday to drive the Convenience Stores out of business in the Rural and County Areas.


They made a deal with Irving Oil and they opened 24 Hour gas stations with convenience stores in them everywhere to put small gas stations and convenience stores out of business.

Then people are saying that Cirle K is a half Sobeys half Irving and run unregulated on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Then they are saying that Needs Stores with or without Gas Stations and Circle K are both the same store.

A "Needs" store is like a 7/11 Store, some of them sell gas.

People are saying that Needs and Circle K are the same store, and the food is Sobeys and the gas is Irving in both.

Then they are saying Circle K is half run by Sobeys and is an illegal merger of a Stock Market and Private Business - I don't know if that is true.

Then they are saying that it went in illegally with the Sunday Shopping Law with no Federal Oversight.

So that business deal they are doing is NOT APPROVED by the Federal Government and it is an illegal business practice to put small stores out of business.

Then they are getting away with it because it is NOT reporting to the Government and put in place by a disconnected government branch.

Now listen to this...

They made an unregulated business deal to run Needs and Circle K as gas stations and convenience stores , then they illegally overturned the referendum to run Sobeys on Sunday.

Then they opened Needs and Circle K next to all the small Convenience Stores and gas stations to put them all out of business and steal their customers. one stepped in from the Federal or Provincial Government to Legislate for the Independent Convenience Store and Gas Station owners.

That's because they passed the Sunday Shopping Law with no oversight illegally...that means the legislation on behalf of the small business owners was bypassed and they had no government representation in Halifax or Ottawa when Sobeys put their stores out.

Meaning...the public voted no Sunday Shopping.

Sobeys sued and overturned the referendum, and the Nova Scotia legislature was bypassed.

By bypassing the Nova Scotia Legislature local business owners in Nova Scotia were stripped of their Government Representation on the shopping law which made them OPEN to attack from illegal business practices.

Sobeys and Irving then opened tons of small convenience stores and gas stations next to all the local businesses in Nova Scotia when they had no Government Protection and drove them out of business.

So the illegal Sunday Shopping Law left small business owners in Nova Scotia with no government protection from Illegal Corporate Business Practices.

Then Sobeys and Irving using Illegal Corporate Business Practices and running unregulated by the Federal Government opened stores next to them all and drove them out of business with NO GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT.


Sobeys then opened all their Grocery Stores 24 Hours a Day to drive all other small stores out of business.

So after they did that they opened their larger Stores on Sunday to get the small Convenience Store Money and ran them 24 Hours a day most of the week to run them out of business and UNREGULATED after the illegal overturning of the referendum.  

Now I can't shop at any Sobeys business for the rest of my life because the boycott is so bad back to them and they are making me sick.


That was all done unregulated with no government oversight or protection for small business owners and they were attacked by huge Corporations running unregulated and had no government representation - TREASON.

That is Treason in Canada IF they are Convicted, plus Corporate Fraud and Stock Market Fraud.

Now listen to this....

In retaliation from the public people are saying there is a boycott of Sobeys Corporation, Irving Oil and Halifax Transit.

On top of this the public is planning to enact new legislature that will CANCEL Corporate Tax Breaks and force them to pay the full 30% Tax on their companies to the federal Government.

Then they plan on forcing Corporations to cover FULL health benefits for dental etc. for all staff as law.

The new legislature the public is taking about will take the 30% in Tax Breaks from Corporations and then give it back to welfare and disability recipients and old age pension recipients as $200 a month check increases for people who can't work in Nova Scotia.

Then they are making all Corporations offer full health benefits to staff.

Basically, they are planning to make large Corporations pay FULL taxes with no tax deductions and then use the money to increase check payments in Nova Scotia at $200 a month per person.

Finally, people outside are saying that the large Corporations used the money they saved from getting tax breaks to open "extra stores" that they put next to small businesses in Nova Scotia to steal their customers and drive them out of business.

Then they ran them unregulated and small business owners had no protection from the Federal or Provincial Government which is against the Canadian Constitution and they all went bankrupt because the Canada and Nova Scotia Government failed them.

More to come on this later as it develops but it is super sicking to read about it.


Canada: Here Comes The Fake Government

Here it is people, the fake government is caught right in the middle of it right to the face of the public. Also, there is a lot happening right now so I will post it all on this page.

Quebec Dentists Refusing Government Payments:

This stuff is already happening in Halifax.

What they are saying is from their fake government group is that Dentists don't have to accept government insurance as a payment and won't take welfare, disability or old age pension funds as payments from the government and it is the law.

Plus they put in a fake payment system.

When  you into "some" dentist offices now they won't take your money if you are on a government check of any kind.

They are saying Dentists in Quebec are so rich they don't want the hundreds of millions of dollars a year from government payments for check recipients.

They are also doing this in Halifax at some locations. They are saying that they want "working employed patients only" in Quebec and are only accepting cash and employer health insurance.

So that means that Dentists are saying that they don't need money.

Then they are refusing to accept payments from the welfare and disability office and old age pension as payments. Then when you go in to their offices they tell you to leave.

No, that is all the same money.

Dentists are saying your welfare or disability money is not accepted at their office.

That is not real.

The "welfare or disability  office" issues them the payment on your behalf. That's not up to dentist officies.

When you need dental work in Canada and you are on a check you go to the dentist and then the "Community Services" aka welfare office issues them the payment from their office.

There is no other steps in that. They HAVE to take the money, it is the law.

That is the FAKE government talking, right now it's at the Quebec Dentist Offices. Everything they say is ridiculous and it's fake.

Then in Nova Scotia they put in this "green plan" or something for dental payments and then they wanted check recipients to pay 20% of their dental bills. That's not real either.

That's because if you can't afford the 20% the welfare office has to cover it because dental work is mandatory.

So they started this medical plan for check recipients for the dental office then they wanted you pay 20% of your dental bills. That means if you need root canals that will cost you $2000 when you are on welfare.

So if you are on welfare and need extensive root canals 20% of that is $2000. If you can't afford that the welfare office has to pay it because you are in pain, or they have to do the work for free at the Hospital.

Then the dentist offices in Halifax started saying that they only cover "front teeth only" for root canals and that back teen aren't mandatory. Then they want you to pull them out.

No, this is a scam in Halifax and it's in Quebec.

What they mean in Halifax is repairing back teeth is cosmetic work and the welfare doesn't cover that. Then, they tried to say that root canals aren't covered on back teeth for check recipients because people can't see them.

No one in the world would ever believe that.

Your back molars are your most important teeth, the dentist office can't say that if you need a root canal on your back teeth and are on a check they won't cover it.  The disability office has to cover it.

Let's say you had a back tooth that looks 100% perfect but you have a tooth ache and are on a check.

You go to the dentist and they say you need a root canal, then they go that's going to cost you $700 and your check benefits won't pay it.

Then they try and tell you that you have to pay it out of your pocket, or if you give them $20 they will pull it out for you.

When they said this is front of me in Halifax I started laughing out loud at them and told them to go fuck themselves they are so pathetic.

That's because they are supposed to be "Doctors" at the dentist office and they are "refusing" to save the tooth.

So the perfectly good tooth was just a root canal, then they try and get you to pull it out right here in Halifax. No, they have to do everything they can to save your teeth and the welfare office has to cover it.

Then if you argue with them and they want $200 out of your welfare check for the 20%.

THEN if you can't pay that the welfare office has to pay it because no one on welfare or disability can  afford the 20%.

So if you have a perfect molar and just need a root canal and are on a check you don't have the 20% so they have to pay it at the welfare office.

If not, you have to go to the Hospital and get it done because you are in pain.

Then the Hospital has to do it for free because you are in pain. That is why they need to switch ALL the Dental work to the Hospital because they have to cover it anyway.

Then, after all that they have a Free Dentist in  a different location that covers everything.

No, that is just the regular dentist that the welfare office has always covered. So you go to the regular free dentist the welfare pays it.

If the welfare office says that they don't cover root canals on welfare they are lying.

That's because dental work is all the same if it's not cosmetic. Pain is pain, they have to cover it.

Then if the welfare or disability won't cover your root canals, then the Hospital has to.

Those other people are going to get arrested.

The welfare office has to cover every procedure or they are going to get arrested.

Then if they refuse to cover your root canals, you have to get the work done anyway. Then you will get a huge bill or the Hospital has to do it.

If the welfare doesn't cover the root canals get it done anyway, then when you get the huge bill from the dentist office send it back to the welfare office because they HAVE to pay it.

No one has the money for root canals on a check, the welfare office has to pay it. If they don't run the bill up at the dentist office and take it back to them and show them and then they have to pay it because it's all out of your hands.

If the dentist office tries to collect money for YOU, tell them the welfare office has the bill and to call them because it's not your responsibility, if they start harassing you like they do in Halifax tell them to fuck themselves and to call your welfare worker because it's not your problem.

Now, they are saying they don't want any government check money at all. HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars a year.

Now they don't want government payments form the welfare office AT ALL.

They are saying in Quebec that they don't want 620,000 payments for dental care from the goverment insurance fund.

One root canal is like $700, now they saying they saying they don't want money for like 620,000 root canals times $700 each in Quebec because they don't want the money.

No, they are FUCKING LYING.

All those dentist people are going to get arrested. That's what they are doing here in Halifax.

Their story is so ridiculous and pathetic you can't even stomach it.

Here is the lie...they are saying in the article that this will leave 620,000 people in Quebec with no free dental care and they will no longer have a dentist.

NO, the welfare has to pay for the dental work for the patients.

The other people are all fired and going to get arrested.

If the dentist office refuses to take the government insurance like they are doing here in Halifax for 620,000 people that has nothing to do with the people needing dental work because the welfare has to cover it.

The government already has the money set aside for you to pay for your dental care, they have to pay it.

Why would you pay that out of your pocket on welfare when the government already has the money for you?

The dentist can't say he doesn't want their money because he'll get arrested.

Let's say you need root canals and the bill is $6000, then they ask for 20% if you get a check.

If you are on a check of any kind then you don't even have the 20%.

So they go, "well we can pull your teeth out for $100, and that is covered".


They sound like they are incoherent and babbling at the dentist office.

Why would the fucking dentist refuse the $6000 dollar government payment?

Then they only wanted $100 for teeth extractions?

That must be some rich fucking dentist office that they didn't want a $6000 dollar government payment from a  disability patient.

Then they go "no thanks, I don't need the $6000 I just want the $100 for pulling your teeth out."

Are you people fucking crazy or what?

Why would the fucking dentist not want $6000 because it came from your government fund?

Now they don't want ANY money.

Good, fuck ya then.

Anyway, that doesn't change dental coverage for check recipients because the government already has the money set aside.

The point is, the welfare office can issue you the money directly if they had to and then you can just pay the dentist cash.

No those "other" people in that outside group are lying and going to get arrested.

Plus they don't even make any sense, yeah a dentist doesn't want money anymore and all their stuff cost $700 each....yeah I get it you're all closed or something and went out of business.


This is where I drew the line and told them they were about to get sued here in Halifax and they dropped it.

They are saying nothing is covered except "emergency dental work only".

Emergency dental work is anything that is NON COSMETIC.

In Canada, all MOUTH pain is an emergency and is covered.

Plus, they have to save the tooth FIRST, they can't just pull it out if you have no money that is illegal.

Pulling a tooth out unnecessarily is illegal. 

All root canals are covered etc. because all mouth pain is an emergency.

Non emergency means cosmetic.

In Canada,  If you have mouth pain go to the dentist - they have to give you the EXACT medical treatment ie. root canal and ARE NOT allowed to just pull your tooth out if you have no money.

IF the dentist office refused to do the root canal then GO TO THE HOSPITAL and tell them your have severe pain in you mouth and the dentist refuses to do the correct procedure.

I GUARANTEE that someone will do the correct procedure and you won't have to pay any money. 

ANY MOUTH PAIN is the dental emergency coverage, non emergency is cosmetic.

If you have mouth pain if they say root canal, GET THE ROOT CANAL right away.

Then let the welfare office figure out the bill later.

If the Dentist and Welfare Office will NOT pay or treat your root canal then GO TO THE HOSPITAL to get the pain treated which is covered for free.

All these procedures are covered in Canada when your are on a check and I guarantee that they will do the work for free, if they don't file a law suit against all of them and sue them for medical malpractice for refusing to treat your mouth pain in Canada.

All this other stuff  about no dentists for welfare recipients is FAKE, the people saying that is from the "outside group" from the public and is probably the fake non reporting government or something.

Trust me, that is a scam and they are all going to get arrested for that dental money scam and not covering free Canadian health benefits.


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

History: The United States Income Tax Amendment and Great Depression

The Failed 63rd United Congress of 1913
I was researching the history of "disconnected" or "non reporting" branches of the Canada and United States Governments and I was planning to research the Stock Market issues and then I had mentioned earlier about the United States un-ratified Amendments Constitutional Amendments and to my surprise the issue in the United States with their Amendment Ratification issue is the predecessor issue to the stock market issues we are having today with the Sunday Shopping Laws in Nova Scotia.

Basically, I was surprised the importance of the un-ratified United States Amendment and is a larger issue to everyone which I will explain and I am surprised more people aren't talking about this.

The supposed "un-ratified amendment" in the United States is the "Income Tax Amendment" , also known as the 16th Constitutional Amendment or "Federal Reserve Act.

The Federal Reserve Act is the 16th Amendment:

After reading the Federal Reserve Act and examining other related public government documents in the United States this is my thoughts / conclusions.

This un-ratified amendment, meaning it never officially passed, is probably the largest public criticism  of the United States of America. 

This law is why you have to pay income tax.

I am not doubting today that the income tax is legal and that you have to pay it but my opinion is that the amendment that put the law in place in 1913 over one hundred years ago  was "not properly" passed though the United States Senate and the process to amend the constitution was not handled properly leaving massive errors in the United States tax system.

Examining the history the 16th Amendment you can clearly see that it did not pass properly and was probably "rushed" through The United States Congress with no oversight by a disconnected branch of the United States Government, leading do disastrous consequences later in the United States including the Great Depression in the 1930's.

This was passed by the 63rd United States Congress in 1913. 

The 63rd United States Congress under President Woodrow Wilson is a failed congressional group and probably one of the worst in United States History.

The Income Tax Amendment is probably the most rushed inaccurate law ever passed in the United States Congress by the Democratic Party (Liberal) who didn't have everything covered and rammed it through Congress with improper oversight.

Just that fact that you can't get a clear definition of the passing of the 16th Amendment from Washington D.C. alone shows you that it is not properly ratified with no other evidence.

All materials on the passing of the amendment have "not been reported on" from Washington D.C. making the Government Branch Disconnected. Meaning,  the 63rd United States Congress has failed to report to the public on the passing of the 16th Amendment therefore they are a disconnected branch of  the United States Government.

Today, 105 years later this leaves us with large holes in the tax and credit system that need to be resolved.

I am not saying that the income tax laws are illegal today, I am saying they were passed with little oversight and have incomplete records that Washington D.C. today has not reported on or taken accountability for which need to be corrected.

The story in the United States that the income tax is illegal and was never passed comes from a book from 1985 claiming the amendment was never ratified, meaning 3/4 of States have to pass the Amendment for it to become law.

In 1985, the controversy was that "not enough states" passed the law before Woodrow Wilson rammed it through Congress with no oversight.

Other stories are that it did pass according to the laws at the time and other stories are saying that it was ratified or "passed" by the other states as late as 1992 years after the fact.

Adding the state ratification's later in 1992 doesn't change the fact it was passed incorrectly. This story is ridiculous and not correct. Passing the ratification later in 1992 doesn't make the law correct in 1913, a larger explanation and actual policy correction is needed.

There point here is this, the 16th Amendment was NOT properly put into law and was not completed in all US States when amended to the Constitution and was rushed through under Woodrow Wilson's Congress, making it a disconnected branch of the United States Government that didn't report and did not use all required procedures to pass the amendment leaving holes in tax laws today 105 years later. 

My official ruling on the 16th Amendment is this. 

Although not properly ratified the 16th Amendment was still passed by the United States Congress making it law in the United States of America.

However, this has left inaccuracies in the Amendment that need to be corrected today.

The 16th Amendment of the United States Constitution in 1913 created was is known today as The Federal Income Tax, IRS, Equifax Credit Reporting System, Social Security Number, Identification Cards and the Federal Money Printing Press for a National United States Currency - the currency of today or US Dollar.

As you can see this is the Credit, tax and Banking System of today that was created by the 16th Amendment which is full of errors because of the incorrect Amendment Process by a non-reporting Government Branch under Woodrow Wilson and the 63rd United States Congress.


In 1846 the United States of America was just entering it's post American Civil War Period and was just reunited under Abraham Lincoln by the North after the defeat of the Confederates.

After the end of the American Civil War up to the early 1900's there was an unstable banking system in the United States of America. At the time each bank was responsible for it's own currency and run independent of each other.

What this meant in America was that if you had your money in a bank and it went bankrupt you could lose all of your money. This is where the classic "run on the bank" comes from when the citizens were scared the bank would run out of money and then all swarm the bank to pull their money out leaving the bank broke and bankrupt.

That was a part of life in post civil war America and in the early 1900's Washington D.C was looking to resolve this problem.

Several large financial crisis's in the United States led to a need for a new banking system and uniform currency in the United States, today that is the Federal Reserve Note or United States Dollar.

Washington D.C. planned on switching from the old system in the United States to a new "central" system, the Federal Reserve System.

The Federal Reserve is the main bank in the United States that prints it's money for all of the United States, in Canada that would be the Bank of Canada.

J.P. Morgan Bank:

Before 1913 the largest bank in the United States was run by J.P. Morgan, he was a Billionaire.

What was happening was in the United States when smaller banks were running out of money, J.P. Morgan's Bank would lend the smaller banks money to stay open by giving them credit and charging them an interest rate.

That is the origin of today's Federal Banking and Credit System and Equifax.

That system was designed by J.P. Morgan.

J.P. Morgan was a private bank that loaned other private banks money when they were in a financial crisis and charged them an interest rate.

Today, that is handled by the Federal Reserve and run by Washington D.C. and it prints all of the United States Currency from a central location. 

In essence, Washington D.C.'s new Central Banking System would be modeled after J.P. Morgans Private Bank and run Federally by Washington D.C.

As a note, when you read about these topics on the internet they are not clear on these topics. To clear this up J.P. Morgan did NOT run America's Currency Supply before 1913.

J.P. Morgan was the largest PRIVATE bank and loaned OTHER private banks money. J.P. Morgan did not handle the currency for the Government he was just the smaller banks largest business partner and bailed them out. 

What they actual mean is J.P. Morgan was the largest bank in America at the year 1900, and they lent smaller banks money to operate privately and was not a Government Function from Washington D.C.

Washington D.C was switching to a currency system that MODELED J.P Morgan's large bank that he ran as a private citizen.

J.P Morgan was the largest proponent pushing for the 16th Amendment.

If that was Nova Scotia today then J.P. Morgan would be Sobeys Corporation and the 16th Amendment would be the Sunday Shopping Laws. 

Leading up to 1913 J.P Morgan Bank was pushing for the 16th Amendment that would create a new banking and credit system in America, the one we have today, and he as a banker along with other private bankers would be responsible for handling banking for Washington D.C. after the new Currency System went in.

Washington D.C. was putting in a new currency and banking system and they were assigning people work in the public to help establish the new currency. J.P. Morgan was only one of many people that would now be printing money for the United States Government in the early days of the system.

Basically, after the 16th Amendment went in J.P. Morgan would be helping Washington D.C print it's currency along with other banks AND they were putting in his Credit System - Equifax.

J.P. Morgan would be working with Washington D.C. to install the same type of credit system from his large bank into the new one being formed by the United States Government, plus he would be helping them print their currency.

I am simplifying the story here, later on Washington D.C did this alone with no private help which is what we have today. That was only in the early days.

That is where today's system came from.

This is also important, the 16th Amendment was also installing the Federal Income tax.

So the 16th Amendment  was the new banking and credit system and the Federal Income Tax.

J.P. Morgan was one of the richest people in the United States and wanted his name on this and access to the Federal Money Printing work pushed on Washington D.C  until they rammed the Amendment through Congress - Incorrectly.

This is also very important - the United States Government needed the Income Tax Money for the War Effort for World War 1.

The United States in 1913 during the passing of the 16th Amendment was very unstable and about to be in the First World War against Germany and the Central Powers in Austria.

The United States needed this tax money for Military Funding to back the War against Germany in starting in 1914. 

The passing of the 16th Amendment was done in the background of just before that start of World War 1 and rammed through by pressure from J.P. Morgan who wanted his cut of the new banking system.

This unstable background led to the passing of the 16th Amendment with no proper oversight in the United States and done with incomplete checks and balances.

In fact, the Amendment itself was passed in the United States Congress over the Christmas Holidays in 1913 and most Senators were on vacation when Congress was empty. I would say the people who were there at the time and signed it into law during the Christmas Holidays including President Woodrow Wilson and a small amount of Congressmen were acting as the disconnected branch of the United States Government, under pressure from J.P. Morgan.

If you want to find out who the members of the disconnected government branch were look up the Congressmen who were in Congress during the Christmas Holidays in 1913 with Woodrow Wilson, that list is the people who made the un-ratified Amendment law in the United States without oversight and proper book keeping.

The result of the massive oversight in United States History was disastrous, my conclusion is that it caused the period known as "The Roaring Twenty's" in the 1920's and subsequent period known as "The Great Depression" in the 1930's.

First, the actual controversy of the 16th Amendment comes from the United States Constitution itself. The United States Constitution states that American Citizens are "not allowed" to be directly taxed by the Government on their wages.

The 16th Amendment would remove that law from the United States Constitution and add a personal income tax on citizens wages, against the original United States Constitution that is the Controversy and what Americans were voting on at the time.

The vote on the 16th Amendment would place an income tax on wages and apparently failed to pass the vote and was put in anyway.

The original rule in the United Stated Constitution of "no taxes on personal wages" is because in the Thirteen Colonies from England this was a taxed system on citizens.

England was taxing American Citizens in the Thirteen Colonies on their wages for payments to England, after the American Revolution they removed this tax.

The 16th Amendment put this tax back on United States Citizens for a tax to Washington D.C. 

That is the Controversy and vote at the time.

The results of the improper passing by the disconnected branch of the Amendment was disastrous. The United States Government in Washington D.C. installed an early banking system that was full of errors and no oversight.

After World War 1 the collateral effects started from the unfinished passing of the Constitutional Amendment. 

In 1920, the Federal Reserve bank under Guidance from J.P. Morgan created a large increase in cash reserves and began over printing money and lowering interest rates. Basically J.P. Morgan had Washington D.C. increase the Money Supply by over 61%, then they cut interest rates.

What that meant is that the new banking system in the United States created more money, then they lowered interest rates and then LOANED out massive amounts of money at a low interest rate.

I'm surprised that this is not a more researched and documented topic.

The result was J.P. Morgan and all the other Banks in the new system had more money to lend out to citizens, at a lower interest rate.

So more loans were available to the regular public now and they got a lower interest rate.

This was the first credit system in the United States and is probably the Equifax System.

What happened was all the banks loaned out everyone money in the United States, causing the period known as the Roaring Twenties.

During the 1920's or Roaring Twenties that money came from America's first credit system.

From what I understand everyone one in the United States in the 1920's went out and got tons of loans at a low interest rate under the first credit system. This created a massive amount of wealth in the United States.

Then, no one paid the banks back.

So, everyone failed to pay their debts to the bank and in 1929 the stock market crashed causing the great depression.

The improper passing the the 16th Amendment led to a terrible mistake by Washington D.C. Under the guidance of J.P. Morgan they increased the cash supply and lowered interest rates and then lent all the money out to the public.

The no one paid them back, leading to a stock market crash in 1929 and everyone went bankrupt.

That is probably because it was the first attempt at the credit system and no one paid their debts back. Washington D.C. let the 16th Amendment people make the new credit system then they created a large spike in money followed by a stock market crash.

I'm assuming that this was because it was run unregulated with no oversight from a disconnected government branch under advice from J.P. Morgan, a terrible disaster.

This is why we need to fix these laws.

Today, a new effect is happening. Now this system is failing again over 100 years later except Equifax Companies are NOT issuing  credit like Sears. Now they are going bankrupt. 

So now, the companies that issued credit have cut their lending and no one is shopping there and they are on the stock market and going bankrupt in the opposite effect.

That system is the Federal Income Tax, Federal Currency, Credit Reporting System, ID Card and Social Security Number.

You can tell it has failed.

Judging from the trend in the future there will probably be a Federal Income Tax but no Credit Reporting or ID System

They will probably keep the Income Tax for now and Security Number but the rest is going obsolete.

The Equifax Central Credit System / ID System is old and out of date and those Companies are going bankrupt and after it is gone there will be almost no use for the ID Card anyway except a drivers license which will be switched to security number check and Forced ID Cards will be illegal.

In the future credit will be business to business and the Social Security Number will only be for Tax Reporting and Government Safety, and the public is already throwing out the ID Card anyway.


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Entertainment: Dirty Magazine and Dirty Video Content

Lesbians Are Wearing Baseball Hats On The Internet
Recently, I heard that President Donald Trump had an affair with Adult Porn Actress Stormy Daniels. When I went on the internet to read about the girl that the President had an affair with years ago I came across her most recent video. 

On the video page I found other internet links to some kind of Adult Entertainment Network and to my surprise not only did they have stuff about the President on their pages they also had stuff about all kinds of topics I am interested in including Heavy Metal and Sports Content.

I was pretty surprised to see Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer on these webpages because they are some of my favorite bands so I decided to look at the rest of their pages to see what else was on there that I liked.

I came across one page and it was girls dressed up in baseball hats and stuff and then they started kissing each other. 

At first I was surprised to see this on the internet. Being a baseball fan anyway I watched the video, then in video one girl was dressed up in a baseball uniform and then she put the base ballbat up the other girls butt.

Then all these videos had similar stuff in them, like girls working out and stuff and then they all took their clothes off together. In one scene a girl was wearing a pink baby doll lingerie outfit and then she was kneeling behind another girl who was super blonde with with a dark brown suntan wearing a baseball hat and the girl with the baby doll on put the baseball bat in her vagina.

After this, I saw all kinds of girls working out together like the gym and stuff and doing exercises and then they were all lesbians together and wearing baseball hats and stuff. Then some of them were wearing lingerie and stuff and then they were all taking their clothes off in these these different scenes and stuff together.

Then they were playing Metallica - Am I Evil?

I kept watching because the girls in the videos kept doing stuff that I was into. Only, they all kept taking their clothes off together when they were doing it. So they were like posing like in lingerie ads at the mall and then they took ALL their clothes off, in a group together. All while wearing baseball hats. 

However, every time they had a thing I liked like baseball stuff, the other girls kept putting these objects up their butts and vaginas like baseball bats and stuff, even the ball.


Then I kept seeing Heavy Metal content on their pages.

I thought what? Are all these girls listening to Metallica and putting baseball bats in their butts together? 

I went to these pages because I heard about this from Donald Trump the President of The United States of America, then when I went to look up his old girl friend all the other girls on the page were doing all kind of other stuff similar to what I like including politics, baseball and heavy metal music.

I Thought It Was Baseball Then They Were All In Their Underwear
The thing is though every time these girls started doing something that I liked they ended up all taking their clothes off together, and then they kept putting stuff up their butts. I kept watching videos on some kind of Entertainment Network on the internet, then every time I searched for something I like they had it listed on their network. 

Only, when you watch it all the girls take off their clothes together while they do it. Now, I am used to regular heavy metal and sports content, but on their pages they had way more content then I was used to. Only naked girls were doing it. 

So I found all kinds of other stuff to watch that I liked on their page to watch with my regular interests. Not only were they using baseball equipment and other sports stuff they also had all this lingerie and music stuff and stuff  about politics.

Then were listening to Metallica and taking their clothes off together.

So I watched a ton of these videos for free and then I had to pay to see the rest of it. I ended up looking  at tons of these Entertainment Networks and they said on the page that they would show me some more content of stuff I like like baseball, music and politics if I gave them like $1.

Then they were showing girls dressed up like they worked in business and politics like in an office or something and then they took off all their office clothes and they were all wearing all different kinds of lingerie in the office naked and then they started kissing each other and putting objects up their butts.

So the girls like a politician at the office and then she got all the other girls in the office to all get naked in their lingerie together and it was just a group of girls. Then they put everything in the office up their butts like office supplies and stuff. 

Girls on the Internet Are Working Out Together Naked
Then this group of girls started listening to Megadeth.

I said to myself that this group of girls were into all kinds of stuff that I liked and they listened to Megadeth. 

So in one video they were wearing baseball uniforms and baseball hats and stuff and they were putting the baseball bat in their butts and vaginas together, then they started listening to Megadeth and then they put on pink baby dolls and then they put baseballs in their vaginas.  

So I gave them like $10 and then they let me look at a whole bunch of websites on the internet for like three days. Then they were working out at the gym together in spandex outfits and then they took out strap on penises and used them together in the gym with each other in a group and in spandex, then they started listening to Slayer and bouncing naked together on workout balls.

Then they started weightlifting.

A Bunch of Girls Are Working Out Together On The Internet And Getting Naked
After they worked out for a few minutes they took their clothes off while listening to heavy metal and then they went to the office together and then they got all those girls naked in the office and they were putting baseball bats in their butts together right the office, and some were wearing lingerie and other ones were wearing business outfits, then they had baseball hats on and were putting huge objects in their butts and listening to Slayer.

I said these girls are listening to Slayer at the office, then they took out baby doll lingerie outfits and all got naked in the office except for some of them who stayed in their business clothes and they made the other girls at work like in politics put baseball bats in their butts while they listened to Metallica. 

After this there was too much stuff to watch on their pages in three days for the subjects I liked listed on their search engine.  However, I said that I needed to find out what else was on there that I liked like business stuff, politics, sports and music. For that they wanted $99...each for one year.

So these girls on there let me see their page then they wanted almost $100 each to see the rest for a year. They said on their page they had way more content than that so I had to narrow it down and pick something small if I wanted to watch some more.

Then I had to watch all these clips and previews before my three days ran out for my $10. On those pages a whole bunch of girls were naked in a group and then they started tying  each other up like in a dungeon, and whipping each other and listening to Black Metal.

All These Girls are Wearing Baseball Hats and Lingerie
I said to myself holy shit, all those girls from the office like in politics just all went down into a dungeon and started whipping each other naked and listening to Black Metal.  

I said to myself "Is there Death Metal on this page or what?" . I starting thinking that I may have found a Death Metal website, but the girls on the page were wearing lingerie and business suits for the office then they put on Black Metal and went into the basement where they had a dungeon and started whipping each other.

Then I started chatting to a girl on their page and she told me on the chat room that I shouldn't give my furniture away to people if I didn't need it anymore because people would be getting it and masturbating on it and thinking about me.

I told her thanks I wouldn't do that anymore and that that was good advice. Then she told me if I gave some money she would play Death Metal and take her clothes off.

I told her that $100 each was expensive but I wanted to see what Heavy Metal, Politics and Sports Content they had.

There Are Girls On The Internet Bouncing On Balls and Stuff
Then she told me that if I wanted that I just give her $20 for 1 month but it was just one page. I told her that this not enough content  because they had too much sports, business and heavy metal. She told me if I gave her $40 she would let see two pages that had all kinds of the stuff I liked on it for 1 month and she would send me the links.

So I said yes and I gave her $40.

I ended up getting on two full Entertainment Networks that all had tons of content and it was in Super High Definition and looked super great on my new computer and television, plus they had the fastest website I had ever seen. 

When I went to the pages there was some Death Metal but mostly Heavy Metal and some Black Metal. Then they had all kinds of videos posted with girls in groups and they were throwing up together naked and listening to Metallica.

I said holy shit, all those girls on there were all at the office like in politics and then they were getting naked in groups and putting on lingerie and wearing baseball hats and putting stuff in their butts at the office.

Then they started listening to Black Metal and whipping each other in a dungeon naked, and then they put on Death Metal and started throwing up in a group and kissing each other. Then they all went into the bathroom together in a group and then they started urinating and defecating on each other and in each other's mouths and eating it and then they all started making out together.

Then the other page has all videos of girls with huge boobs in bikini's at the beach.

I said, these girls are into all kinds of stuff that I know about, then they keep taking their clothes off like in the office and whipping each other in a dungeon in baseball hats, and then all throw up and stuff on each other and eating it, then they all got dressed up bikini's and went to the pool to get a suntan together.

I said these girls are into all this stuff that I like but they keep taking their clothes off. 

Then they keep to listening to Heavy Metal Music.

Anyway, I don't what to make of all yet but I'm going to keep looking at the page to see what is on there and I will post later when I have a chance to view it all.


Saturday, July 21, 2018

Halifax: New Unwelcome from Citizens Bus Pass System & Political Update

Halifax's Classic "Always on Time" Number 10 Bus Route
This is breaking news locally for the Halifax area and if you are are a wanna be Politicist (I'm not sure if that's a word yet or not - Political Publist "Politicist") grab your pencil wimps because this is a local platform update, also this applies to anywhere except those other pricks not in the regular citizenry like the rest of us aka everyone.

Let's get right to the facts the new Halifax Bus Pass System is probably not legal and only applies in Halifax. I am told but I have no examples yet, aside from a supposed racist bus pass, that the Halifax Transit Authority and the City of Halifax are breaking nearly 100 Laws with their new bus pass system.

Here is the point, if you are on Income Assistance "aka welfare" and report to Community Services aka "welfare office" or are on Disability that is also administered at the Community Services "aka welfare office". 

Just a quick comment on Disability Checks, disability is NOT welfare. You should not be treated as a "welfare recipient" for being on a disability check and I know some people do get that treatment from the welfare office. That is illegal.

Also, if you don't want to work and just take a welfare check then that is your right in Canada. The Canadian Government through the welfare office is not allowed scrutinizing for not wanting to work. In Canada, you don't have to work. 

If you don't want to work then you can just collect a welfare check, you don't have to feel bad about that or be ashamed to be on it, that is your right in Canada. The Canadian Government is NOT ALLOWED to criticize you for not wanting to work.

The welfare money is NOT Government money, that is PUBLIC money and belongs to the Citizens of Canada. As a Citizen, if you don't want to work then you can just get free money from the welfare office but it is low. 

However, this may be a better option for some Citizens than working in fast food or service jobs like McDonalds or Janitors etc. or fast food because low pay jobs don't cover Health Insurance.

If you collect Welfare you have your Glasses, Prescriptions and Dental Bills Covered. However, you will have no credit for credit cards, etc and can't get loans.

So if you work at McDonalds then you can get a loan or a credit card but you have NO MEDICAL COVERAGE in these low pay jobs.

If you decide NOT to work in Canada you get a lower monthly income and have all your Dental, Eyeglasses and Prescription's covered plus rent and a small personal allowance for food and etc.

For many people this is a better option to have all medial fees covered than work at McDonalds or somewhere so they can get credit for a loan or car.

Plus, if you are on welfare you are always guaranteed to have your rent covered and never have to worry about not having rent money.

Many people choose this option over working because having all your medical expenses covered is a better option and worth more money at home than working for a low wage to have a car or credit card.

The Canadian Government is NOT ALLOWED to demean you for being on welfare through the welfare office by saying you are a drag on society and forcing crazy policies on you from their Government. No - They are the drain on Society from the public and it is our government funding to install OUR programs from the public not theirs that they run PRIVATE in the government. 

The welfare money belongs to the public not the Canadian Government and the public wanted that welfare system. The Canadian Government is not allowed to ridicule you at the welfare office when you go in to get your money because the public has already decided that you are allowed to do that and anyone can because it is the public's money and political system. 

They are only staff and that is NOT their government it is ours and they are all going to get fired, like the public school board and teachers pulling these same kinds of stunts and not wanted to work while collecting the public's money.

Those people are a "separate group" from us in the public and they are using the public funding to run a separate system for their group from the government that does not apply to the public with our money. They are all going to be fired.  

If the Government does not put in the public platform then they will be fired because we own the government as citizens and it is our money from the public.

In Halifax people deciding to be on welfare because they don't want to work or can't get a job and other people rely on the Public Transit System. The welfare gives them money for transportation to get around in the City because it is too large to walk.

Separate Groups outside the public's platform are now attacking the Halifax Public Transportation Money like the Business Group that attacked the Sunday Shopping Laws, when they lost they illegally overturned the referendum to get the Sunday Shopping Money at their Businesses. 

The Sunday Shopping Ban was put in place by the Citizens and held up during ALL previous referendums. That was a PUBLIC law and it is the PUBLIC'S Government.

The Separate Group from the citizens kept attacking the Sunday Shopping Ban put in place by the public. 

They are a Business Group operating in Nova Scotia, they were the only group asking for the referendum and the public kept saying "NO". Now, they can only ask for a referendum periodically like every ten years or something because they can't vote on that every ten minutes.

Every time the separate business group got their chance they kept attacking the law. 


The public said NO, they can't keep asking. That separate group kept annoying the public every ten minutes for years wanting the law changed and they were the only group asking, then they won't listen to the citizens when they said no.

When they lost the last referendum they had the Courts and the Nova Scotia Government overturn the vote to give them their way in their separate group outside the public. Then the Provincial Government went AGAINST the public vote and gave the law to the separate group against our public group anyway - THEY ARE FIRED. They are going to get arrested.

The Nova Scotia Courts and the Nova Scotia Government are not allowed going against the public platform because it is our property and they are STAFF ONLY.

They are caught doing that because since the Sunday Shopping Law was illegally put in  NO ONE has ever asked for a referendum on Sunday Sunday Shopping since meaning they are caught.

Since they got the law changed, they shut their mouth on the issue and no one else has ever brought it up because they were the ONLY GROUP saying it. When they got their way illegally they ALL STOPPED SAYING IT. So they are caught.  

They are NOT ALLOWED to use our public money and then rule against us at the Courts and Government when that is our public property and they are using our money and that is also their wages.

The Courts and Government Wages are Public Money, just like the Welfare Money.

The public pays for the welfare money and then we can use it any way we want, if you don't want to work then you can just collect welfare and get all medical benefits.

The public also pays for the Nova Scotia Courts and Nova Scotia Government Wages and we own their property....then they WENT AGAINST  the public platform and gave our decisions to a private business group and used our wages and buildings owned  by the public to do it in.

That is NOT their property, wages or is the public's. 


They will probably be arrested.

Then they started attacking the Nova Scotia School Board Regulations.

Then another Outside Group or "separate group" started attacking the Public School Board Regulations.

That Separate Group (outside the public) is at the Nova Scotia School Board.

That group took the public's money and refused to work as teachers for a full work week. Then they decided seperate from what the public ORDERED them to do with our money cut their weekly work hours back because the public teachers in Nova Scotia didn't want to work, THEN they KEPT FULL WAGES.

That Separate group are lazy and "doesn't want to work" that is run at the Nova Scotia School Board. 

It's like they cut their hours back to thirty hours a week and are collecting a full weeks pay and STEALING ten hours money a week from the Public's Funding after we ORDERED them to desist on the issue.

Then to make up the difference they made them but their own pencils and pens like the students and then gave them (I don't know the actual number ) Ten hours of free wages per week to each teacher.

Then they all QUIT helping out with the public's Christmas Concerts that we paid them to operate for the Public Christmas Season and Christmas Holidays.

Then the Public Teachers in the Separate Group took our money and then REFUSED to run our public Holiday Christmas Concerts and stole the extra ten hours a week's pay and then ABANDONED the Holiday Christmas Concerts AFTER we already paid them and ORDERED them on their jobs to operate.

That's because the Christmas Concerts are from the public group of citizens and they are a "SEPARATE" outside group from the public AND they took our public money to run the Christmas Concerts and then they refused to work at it and stayed home and kept the money.

Whoever did run the Christmas Concerts if they were teachers that was just out of their pay check and they went around saying they were "volunteering" to do the concert when it was actually done out of their salary on hours because the public DID NOT APPROVE of their decision with public funding. 

They said they were volunteering because the other teachers just kept the money and stayed home from the Christmas Concerts, that WE paid them to work at.

THEY DON'T WANT TO WORK, then everything they pass at the Government is so they can get paid and not do a full work week.

Now they are asking for MORE PUBLIC MONEY at the Halifax Transit Authority from Halifax's Citizens on top of this while they cut work hours at the School Board. Now they want EVEN LESS work hours for their salary and extra public funding at the Halifax Transit Authority. 

Then they did that through the Nova Scotia School Board which is the second Outside Group from the Public after the Separate Sunday Shopping Business Group AGAINST the public's decision of what we wanted done with OUR money. 

All those teachers and school board people are going to be fired for not wanting to work and the Teachers are probably going to lose their Teaching Permits for not complying to the public's wishes and stealing money off reduced work hours from public funding. 

Nova Scotia teachers will probably be fined and ordered to pay back 1/4 of their yearly salary back to the public fund for not working their paid hours and then keeping all their salary.

Now the next group is the latest issue with these "Outside Groups" from the public is the Halifax Transit Authority.

The City of Halifax and the Halifax Transit Authority has started implementing a new bus pass system similar to the Nova Scotia Teacher's Union, and follows a similar model - Less Work for More Public Money.


The public said we wanted the SAME bus system with MORE functions added. 

Instead the Halifax Transit Authority started asking for more money and then started cutting the current bus transit system - as info, Halifax has no Subway because we are not quite large enough.

The City of Halifax already has a current modern transit system and now they have started "cutting" the transit system and installing an out of date crappy bus system.

There are a couple of large points here the new bus pass system and actual transit system itself.

On some the actual buses they have cut money and installed old plastic seats and taken out some of the current modern seating and also increased bus fare rates.

So they increased bus fare rates and then they cut bus funding on the actual bus and installed super old cheap plastic seats they are uncomfortable and back seats are leaning on an angle and you can't sit in them because you are tilted on an angle and forces you to lean against the window, plus they are cramped and it feels like you are sitting on a piece of bare metal.

Then, they put on a computer to announce on a loudspeaker where every stop is that sounds super cheap and like it's going to break on most of the city buses and I heard it just annoys people. Every time, the bus approaches a stop it is announced on a loud speaker every 30 seconds, I am told people find that super annoying.

Anyway, there are some super old buses running in Halifax that look like relics from the 1980's. Those buses are way better and more comfortable than the new ones with the plastic seats which look they are are worth two cents. I have also heard that the new buses "stink" and the small makes people nauseous and gives them headaches because the seats smell like strong chemicals.

Now I know everyone in Halifax is freaking out about the new bus pass system and getting hysterical because it affects everyone who uses the bus not just people on welfare. 

They have only started with the welfare bus passes but they are also going to install the same thing on the regular buss pass. Just like the stuff they are doing with the school board.

I will try and explain what is going to have to happen after the new bus system goes in because regular people who work won't be able to afford the bus anymore.

What the Halifax Transit Authority is doing is they are NO LONGER allowing the Citizens to share bus passes.

What that means is if you buy one Pass for your house and your whole family uses it in say a house of five people you will NOT BE ALLOWED to share the bus pass.

Then the Halifax Transit Authority wants you to BUY FIVE per month, one for each person.

They are $78 each for a bus pass, now Halifax Transit wants you to pay that five times so they want $400 for bus passes for a house of five.

So if your family buys a "house hold" pass and all your family shares this they have cancelled this and the price is now $400 per month, or $78 per person.

They have already stated doing this and installing this for welfare and disability transportation. 

So if you are on disability like a mom or something and have a bus pass you will NO LONGER be allowed sharing your pass with your family.

That's because they are putting a photo id on the bus pass so you can't share it.

So let's say you are a mom on disability or something and your boyfriends kid borrows your bus pass. The City of Halifax and The Halifax Transit Authority has ordered the public against what we want at home that you are no longer allowed to share the bus pass and that you have to spend a second $78 for their pass.

That is the new bus pass photo id system, if they put that on the welfare and disability bus pass then it will be going on the regular one.

I think that they are planning to make a "recharge card" and then issue one card and then make you put your funds on it at $78 a month to keep it active with a photo id so you can't share your bus pass.

Then, most families in Halifax only buy one bus pass.

So your mom buys the bus pass and then 5 - 7 people in the house share it. 

Everyone does this because the bus it too expensive and the only way for families to afford the bus it to share one pass.

Now the City of Halifax and the Transit Authority are cancelling bus pass sharing, the new price for your house will be $400 - $700 per month if you want to ride the bus.

For people on disability who also share your bus pass in that manner you are no longer allowed  doing that and the Halifax Transit people want you to pay the extra $200 - $300 a month now for the other people who were using your pass.

This system has been BANNED by the public and they are doing it anyway AGAINST public permission on our public property and with our public money.

Just the like School Board, and now they want more Halifax household money for Halifax Transit, and we pay all their wages.

NO - They are all fired from the public and the public wants the same system that we already put in years ago stayed the same.

The public pays their wages, no one in Halifax is going to accept this bus pass system from a separate non-public platform outside group like the school board group and the Sunday shopping outside groups.

I am not sure how the public id bus pass will be resolved, but the public says it all will be cancelled and want it to stay the same as it is now, and increased not restricted.

Note: If it goes in for this fall TAKE THE ID BUS PASS until this is resolved because you will need it to ride the bus, the other people that share your pass will have to make ALTERNATE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS due to Halifax Transit cancelling Bus Pass Sharing.


In order for the bus pass system to work the welfare office will have to add at least $50 to your check per month to cover the extra travel expenses like taxi's and gas money for car pools which has been cancelled by The City of Halifax.

So if you get the welfare bus pass and had your gas and travel money cut then they will have to give you another $50 to make up the difference.

So if they make you take the new bus pass they have to make up the difference in your house hold income by putting an extra $50 on your check plus issuing the bus pass.

If they don't it will fail.

This is because the City of Halifax has ORDERED Halifax citizens AGAINST PUBLIC APPROVAL to no longer use your travel money for any means outside Halifax Transit.

What this means is that the City of Halifax has already ordered Halifax Citizens to USE HALIFAX TRANSIT ONLY for you disability and welfare transportation money and have CUT all funding for other travel means outside Halifax Transit.

Currently, people are receiving "Travel and Transportation" money on their checks in Halifax - The City of Halifax has CUT THIS FUNDING and it is now HALIFAX TRANSIT ONLY.

The disability and welfare travel money has be changed to HALIFAX TRANSIT MONEY ONLY by the City.

Obviously, this is NOT A LEGAL PRACTICE by the City of Halifax and they will be fired by the Public later at some point.


The public platform in Halifax is that if they issue the welfare bus pass then you need to get an extra $50 a month for extra travel expenses, plus it has to be "anonymous and sharable". 

That way you still get the sharable bus pass and an extra $50 a money gas money for car pools and taxi's etc. or whatever service you choose to use.

The working public is saying they are going to scrap the program and City Staff will be fired and ordered to pay back their wages to the pubic fund for non-compliance to what has been ordered by the public.

The Public is saying that all the Government staff in Halifax will be fired if they do not install these check benefits, that is part of the Public Platform.

For everyone at home that uses and shares a regular bus pass for your family I am told that the government staff who are putting this policy in from a non public group will be fired also, the "working citizens" bus pass hasn't been announced yet as far as I know but the "welfare pass" has.

If that goes in it will cost you at home an extra $300 - $700 per month for the same service you use today, plus they have cut modern buses and started installing old out of date plastic seats.

The public has already made it's decision that they want the bus service kept the same which was installed years ago and keep the same funding plus get check increases.

The public has already decided in the regular group of citizens (thats everyone in Nova Scotia) with no outside group like the Sunday Shopping Business Group, Nova Scotia School Board and Halifax Transit that welfare and check increases will be increased over all on a flat rate of $200 per person in Nova Scotia.

The $200 per month check increase for welfare and disability recipients has already been approved by the public in Nova Scotia.

That is added to your personal amount and is part of your basic rate  and NO CUTS to you extra funding including special diet's and special needs.

What that means is all your special allowances like special diet's etc will stay the same with NO CUTS and then your basic allowance is going to be increased $200 per month per person in Nova Scotia.

I am told that this is the ACTUAL public platform that is going in to the Nova Scotia Government, then non-compliant Government Staff will be fired and ordered to pay back their salaries for non-compliance to public approvals.

Finally, and I have heard talk of this is that the ACTUAL Halifax Transit Public Program that is supposed to go in is the SAME modern buses that we have anyway and an increase in additional Express Roads in The Metro Halifax Area.

Halifax Number 52 Bus Route Switching to the new Halifax Express Way
The new Express Roads in Halifax or "Express Ways" are supposed to be being built for the expansion of The Halifax Bus Service Routes.

What this means is that The Halifax Express Ways are supposed to be constructed for Express Bus Routes within Metro Halifax.

The new routes are "additional bus routes" inside Halifax  on new roads specifically for buses, and open to the public, inside Metro Halifax with NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS OR STOP SIGNS.

The Express Bus Routes will be faster routes to get across Halifax with LESS STOPS.

To get the idea they are planning to install a "tiny version" of the Trans Canada Highway inside Halifax as non stop Express Ways. 

Meaning, you can travel at 80-100 km per hour inside your car across Halifax non stop on the new Halifax Expressways. That means if you get on the Halifax Expressway you can travel to the other side of Halifax in ten or fifteen minutes at 100 km per hour non stop across the city.

So if you are shopping in Halifax at Dartmouth Crossing, you can get on the Halifax Express Way and travel across the City non stop to Bayer's Lake  Shopping Area in ten or fifteen minutes inside the downtown city area.

The current bus route from Dartmouth to Bayer's Lake takes at least an hour on the bus inside the Metro City Area. The new Express Bus Routes on the new Halifax Express Way which is INSIDE the Halifax Downtown Area will reduce this time to ten or fifteen minutes.

The Halifax Express way bus routes are ADDITIONAL routes with less stops. Meaning you have to take the regular bus route to an Express Way Bus Terminal, and then the Express Way Bus Route will take you to the Bayer's Lake Shopping Area in less than fifteen minutes from almost anywhere in the City at like 80-100 km per hour with only one or two stops SECONDARY to the regular bus routes with stops on almost every street corner.

The public has decided with their own public platform that we are building the new Halifax Express Way and new bus routes are going to be built in Halifax and that the welfare and disability check flat rate is going to be increased by $200 a month per person in Nova Scotia.

The public is saying that non compliant government staff  to the Public's Program will be fired for misuse of Public Funding and that they will be ordered to pay the money back from their wages then all non reporting Government Offices will be arrested from a Public Investigation.

I am told that the Halifax Express Way will be well under Construction with the next Seven Years or the Nova Scotia Government staff will be fired for misuse of Public Funding if they try and change the Public City Express Way Project, like with the previously installed public transit program.