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Treason: Tales Of Treason In Atlantic Canada

President Kitarovic: "The Whore of Croatia"
This is a long topic on the Traitors being exposed in Canada, probably about twenty posts. In these posts I will share with everyone how they how been exposed, who and where they are and what businesses did it.

Take this slow because it's a lot to absorb, including how they severed the  Government Branches and what companies are being named in Atlantic Canada including Pete's Frootique, Sobeys, and now Irving has entered the picture as a Sobeys business partner and people are hinting at Michelin.

These Companies in Atlantic Canada are caught working with a fake Country, Croatia that is totally exposed run from business who stole their government, who are allowing them to pass fake laws in Canada for their Companies to operate illegally with stolen Government branches here in Canada that do not report to the Federal Government or the People.

Remember, these people are totally caught it will probably take me twenty posts to show all the details.

The short term is this, Traitors in Canada have disconnected Government Branches that no longer report to Ottawa or the Nova Scotia Legislature. They are passing fake laws autonomously with no oversight - That is a fact.

They are going to be on trial for treason in the public. I will tell you how that is happening and how you can participate.

Pete's Frootique, Sobeys and now Irving and leading to Michelin in Atlantic Canada are the Corporate Businesses operating in the Disconnected Government Branch.

At minimum, Pete's Frootique, Sobeys, Irving, and Michelin are already suspects for working there and will have to testify at the treason trial. They will have to prove that they did not commit treason with the disconnected government branches because it benefited their Companies.

From a Federal Prosecutor Perspective The Disconnected Government Branch is Convicted, the Companies in Atlantic Canada will have to prove they did not collaborate. That already puts Sobeys etc. on the defense at a treason trial.

That can be done from the Federal or Provincial Government or brought forward from the public as citizens to prosecute these war criminals from Croatia as a political party or private group. 

After that, suing Sobeys form the public like my lawsuit and other public lawsuits, during the investigation from Prosecutors for Treason will put pressure on them to out their Croatian connections.

Jumping ahead this would be the larger picture.

Once the Croatian Government and Business people are connected in Court to businesses and non reporting Government Branches in Nova Scotia this means people like myself can then sue in Croatia the businesses that are connected so Sobeys and Irving etc. once outed at the hearings.

After this people from Atlantic Canada can sue the Croatian Government Run Businesses in Croatia and in the Balkans and their fake Governments for all their money for their infractions against Canada.

Then, if my lawsuit against Sobeys is connected to Croatia through the non-reporting Government Branches I will be able to sue all the Croatian Government run businesses and all their collaborators through out the Balkans.

This is done through The World Court.

After the Conviction of the Disconnected Government Branches we will then know who was here in Halifax from Croatia working with Sobeys.

Either way, if Sobeys are Convicted or not once the connection is established to Croatia since my lawsuit against Sobeys is connected to a disconnected government branch once that is tied to Croatia I will be able to sue Croatian Businesses in the Balkans for their attack on Nova Scotia laws which led to my lawsuit against Sobeys.

Bringing the Lawsuit in Nova Scotia to the World Court will allow us to sue Croatian Government Run Businesses. 

Then the evidence from the Canada trial will be used in the World Court to bring Croatia up on War Crimes Charges from Canada.

Croatia will then be put on trial for War Crimes for their attack on Canadian laws. Sobeys if connected will have to testify at The Hague at the Croatia War Crimes trial.

So the long shot of this is the Treason Trial in Atlantic Canada against the disconnected Government Branches will be used as evidence to sue Croatian Government Run Business from Halifax through the World Court.

We will them take all that evidence to the World Court to charge Croatia with War Crimes, Corporate Executives from Atlantic Canada like Sobeys will have to answer to the World Court for their connections to the Croatian War Criminals and they will be on trial on television in Europe.

I think the World Court in Europe will hold Sobeys accountable anyway and make them testify in a War Crimes Trial no matter what the outcome of the Treason Trial in Canada of the disconnected Government Branches. 

Canada will then seize through private lawsuits like myself  and others as well as Government Lawsuits all the money from the Croatia Government and Businesses that are convicted for changing the laws in Canada, then we will take all their money in Halifax for our reparations here locally for private citizens that were affected as well as Government Operations to Halifax.

Then Canada will sanction the Balkans and then go in on the ground and plow their governments with our Military.


Croatia's Corporate Dictator Whore Naked in a Thong Bikini
Croatia President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic known as The Whore of Croatia has been the President of Croatia a fake country since 2015 and is the former United States Ambassador from Croatia.

I believe she used she used her position as US Ambassador in Washington D.C  from 2008-2011 to connect Croatia to Disconnected non-reporting branches in the United States and Canada, they same model she runs in Croatia.

Then she used used these connections to change laws in Canada similar to the Sunday Shopping Laws and is working with Corporate Executives in Atlantic Canada like she does in Croatia.

From 2011- 2014 she served as the Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy at NATO.

She ran for Croatian President in 2014 an won and became president in 2015.

They are saying her net worth is $100 Million Dollars, making her a Corporate Executive and she owns Businesses run from her President's Office in Croatia.

That means she is a business and they own the President's office, then they came here and backed the disconnected government branches with Companies like Sobeys in Atlantic Canada and illegally overthrew our laws like she did in Croatia.

The Croatian Whore President Poses With Donald Trump While Facing War Crimes Charges in Atlantic Canada
She is a War Criminal in Atlantic Canada and she is to be charged for War Crimes in Canada and Treason in Canada from Halifax.

Then she will be sued along with all other Croatian Business people who changed our laws here in Nova Scotia with stolen disconnected government branches.

I guarantee that Kolinda Kitarovic Croatia's President will be held on War Crime's Charges from Halifax at the World Court in Europe.

Kolinda Kitarovic is known as The Whore of  Croatia and the Whore of the Balkans.

In Croatia (watch video)  they are parading her around showing off naked in a g-string bikini while in a mansion and BMW's , all money from businesses.

VIDEO: Croatia Dictator Parades around in a Corporate Lifestyle while owning the Government and dressing like a whore in a g-string bikini as Fake President.

Then they are presenting their President as a whore in a bikini and talking about her double d breasts and saying people think she is a model.

Then their businesses illegally stole the government, and that money she has owns the Croatian Presidents office because her Government owns the businesses and that is her money and they dress her up as  a whore which I have never seen before and she is the Dictator of Croatia.

So they have the Dictator of Croatia dressed up as a whore in a g-string bikini while she parades around showing off all her Corporate Money that owns including the Government on videos on the internet.

Then she came to Canada and pulled the same trick and used her whore money as dictator to buy pieces of disconnected Government Branches and change our Sunday Shopping Laws for Sobeys Corporation like she did in the Balkans.  

Of course, the Sunday Shopping Law was changed in Nova Scotia before she was Dictator however she was in the group at the time and one of the guilty parties, then she assumed the role of Dictator later in 2015.

Now the Whore of the Balkans Kolinda Kitarovic will be held on War Crime's charges at the World Court when we are finished and we will sue them all in the Balkans and Croatia from Halifax and take all their money, then we will invade the Balkans and own their Countries and bring them a new democracy from Canada by force through World Court Approval in Europe.

I guarantee when we are finished with them in Atlantic Canada all Illegal Corporations and their Traitor Executives as well as Government Staff running disconnected branches will face a Treason Trial in Canada then we will then bring them before the World Court and hold them on trial for War Crimes in Atlantic Canada for their collaboration with their Corporate Whore President in the Balkans Croatia President Kolinda Kitarovic.



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