Sunday, July 22, 2018

Entertainment: Dirty Magazine and Dirty Video Content

Lesbians Are Wearing Baseball Hats On The Internet
Recently, I heard that President Donald Trump had an affair with Adult Porn Actress Stormy Daniels. When I went on the internet to read about the girl that the President had an affair with years ago I came across her most recent video. 

On the video page I found other internet links to some kind of Adult Entertainment Network and to my surprise not only did they have stuff about the President on their pages they also had stuff about all kinds of topics I am interested in including Heavy Metal and Sports Content.

I was pretty surprised to see Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer on these webpages because they are some of my favorite bands so I decided to look at the rest of their pages to see what else was on there that I liked.

I came across one page and it was girls dressed up in baseball hats and stuff and then they started kissing each other. 

At first I was surprised to see this on the internet. Being a baseball fan anyway I watched the video, then in video one girl was dressed up in a baseball uniform and then she put the base ballbat up the other girls butt.

Then all these videos had similar stuff in them, like girls working out and stuff and then they all took their clothes off together. In one scene a girl was wearing a pink baby doll lingerie outfit and then she was kneeling behind another girl who was super blonde with with a dark brown suntan wearing a baseball hat and the girl with the baby doll on put the baseball bat in her vagina.

After this, I saw all kinds of girls working out together like the gym and stuff and doing exercises and then they were all lesbians together and wearing baseball hats and stuff. Then some of them were wearing lingerie and stuff and then they were all taking their clothes off in these these different scenes and stuff together.

Then they were playing Metallica - Am I Evil?

I kept watching because the girls in the videos kept doing stuff that I was into. Only, they all kept taking their clothes off together when they were doing it. So they were like posing like in lingerie ads at the mall and then they took ALL their clothes off, in a group together. All while wearing baseball hats. 

However, every time they had a thing I liked like baseball stuff, the other girls kept putting these objects up their butts and vaginas like baseball bats and stuff, even the ball.


Then I kept seeing Heavy Metal content on their pages.

I thought what? Are all these girls listening to Metallica and putting baseball bats in their butts together? 

I went to these pages because I heard about this from Donald Trump the President of The United States of America, then when I went to look up his old girl friend all the other girls on the page were doing all kind of other stuff similar to what I like including politics, baseball and heavy metal music.

I Thought It Was Baseball Then They Were All In Their Underwear
The thing is though every time these girls started doing something that I liked they ended up all taking their clothes off together, and then they kept putting stuff up their butts. I kept watching videos on some kind of Entertainment Network on the internet, then every time I searched for something I like they had it listed on their network. 

Only, when you watch it all the girls take off their clothes together while they do it. Now, I am used to regular heavy metal and sports content, but on their pages they had way more content then I was used to. Only naked girls were doing it. 

So I found all kinds of other stuff to watch that I liked on their page to watch with my regular interests. Not only were they using baseball equipment and other sports stuff they also had all this lingerie and music stuff and stuff  about politics.

Then were listening to Metallica and taking their clothes off together.

So I watched a ton of these videos for free and then I had to pay to see the rest of it. I ended up looking  at tons of these Entertainment Networks and they said on the page that they would show me some more content of stuff I like like baseball, music and politics if I gave them like $1.

Then they were showing girls dressed up like they worked in business and politics like in an office or something and then they took off all their office clothes and they were all wearing all different kinds of lingerie in the office naked and then they started kissing each other and putting objects up their butts.

So the girls like a politician at the office and then she got all the other girls in the office to all get naked in their lingerie together and it was just a group of girls. Then they put everything in the office up their butts like office supplies and stuff. 

Girls on the Internet Are Working Out Together Naked
Then this group of girls started listening to Megadeth.

I said to myself that this group of girls were into all kinds of stuff that I liked and they listened to Megadeth. 

So in one video they were wearing baseball uniforms and baseball hats and stuff and they were putting the baseball bat in their butts and vaginas together, then they started listening to Megadeth and then they put on pink baby dolls and then they put baseballs in their vaginas.  

So I gave them like $10 and then they let me look at a whole bunch of websites on the internet for like three days. Then they were working out at the gym together in spandex outfits and then they took out strap on penises and used them together in the gym with each other in a group and in spandex, then they started listening to Slayer and bouncing naked together on workout balls.

Then they started weightlifting.

A Bunch of Girls Are Working Out Together On The Internet And Getting Naked
After they worked out for a few minutes they took their clothes off while listening to heavy metal and then they went to the office together and then they got all those girls naked in the office and they were putting baseball bats in their butts together right the office, and some were wearing lingerie and other ones were wearing business outfits, then they had baseball hats on and were putting huge objects in their butts and listening to Slayer.

I said these girls are listening to Slayer at the office, then they took out baby doll lingerie outfits and all got naked in the office except for some of them who stayed in their business clothes and they made the other girls at work like in politics put baseball bats in their butts while they listened to Metallica. 

After this there was too much stuff to watch on their pages in three days for the subjects I liked listed on their search engine.  However, I said that I needed to find out what else was on there that I liked like business stuff, politics, sports and music. For that they wanted $99...each for one year.

So these girls on there let me see their page then they wanted almost $100 each to see the rest for a year. They said on their page they had way more content than that so I had to narrow it down and pick something small if I wanted to watch some more.

Then I had to watch all these clips and previews before my three days ran out for my $10. On those pages a whole bunch of girls were naked in a group and then they started tying  each other up like in a dungeon, and whipping each other and listening to Black Metal.

All These Girls are Wearing Baseball Hats and Lingerie
I said to myself holy shit, all those girls from the office like in politics just all went down into a dungeon and started whipping each other naked and listening to Black Metal.  

I said to myself "Is there Death Metal on this page or what?" . I starting thinking that I may have found a Death Metal website, but the girls on the page were wearing lingerie and business suits for the office then they put on Black Metal and went into the basement where they had a dungeon and started whipping each other.

Then I started chatting to a girl on their page and she told me on the chat room that I shouldn't give my furniture away to people if I didn't need it anymore because people would be getting it and masturbating on it and thinking about me.

I told her thanks I wouldn't do that anymore and that that was good advice. Then she told me if I gave some money she would play Death Metal and take her clothes off.

I told her that $100 each was expensive but I wanted to see what Heavy Metal, Politics and Sports Content they had.

There Are Girls On The Internet Bouncing On Balls and Stuff
Then she told me that if I wanted that I just give her $20 for 1 month but it was just one page. I told her that this not enough content  because they had too much sports, business and heavy metal. She told me if I gave her $40 she would let see two pages that had all kinds of the stuff I liked on it for 1 month and she would send me the links.

So I said yes and I gave her $40.

I ended up getting on two full Entertainment Networks that all had tons of content and it was in Super High Definition and looked super great on my new computer and television, plus they had the fastest website I had ever seen. 

When I went to the pages there was some Death Metal but mostly Heavy Metal and some Black Metal. Then they had all kinds of videos posted with girls in groups and they were throwing up together naked and listening to Metallica.

I said holy shit, all those girls on there were all at the office like in politics and then they were getting naked in groups and putting on lingerie and wearing baseball hats and putting stuff in their butts at the office.

Then they started listening to Black Metal and whipping each other in a dungeon naked, and then they put on Death Metal and started throwing up in a group and kissing each other. Then they all went into the bathroom together in a group and then they started urinating and defecating on each other and in each other's mouths and eating it and then they all started making out together.

Then the other page has all videos of girls with huge boobs in bikini's at the beach.

I said, these girls are into all kinds of stuff that I know about, then they keep taking their clothes off like in the office and whipping each other in a dungeon in baseball hats, and then all throw up and stuff on each other and eating it, then they all got dressed up bikini's and went to the pool to get a suntan together.

I said these girls are into all this stuff that I like but they keep taking their clothes off. 

Then they keep to listening to Heavy Metal Music.

Anyway, I don't what to make of all yet but I'm going to keep looking at the page to see what is on there and I will post later when I have a chance to view it all.


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