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Does Weight Watchers Food Cause Heart Attacks?
Sorry to scare everyone with that extreme headline, that was just to get your attention for my new health and diet section of my blog.

However though, this is super important diet information which could become a health scare or crisis if proven accurate. 

This is about DIET PROGRAMS like Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers, this falls under my "first glance opinion" and "talking out of my ass" section on this blog. 

This could be real but has to be determined. Public research has shown that foods like Weight Watchers could cause heart attacks and why.

The truth though is that the reason why no one knows is because Weight Watchers may have a secret patent for their food manufacturing and weight loss program which has been passed by the FDA.

However, the FDA may not be aware of the public concern over the potential heath crisis being caused by diet foods like Weight Watchers.

Meaning that you may not know what you are eating from  companies like Weight Watchers because their food production for diet food may be a patent protected by the FDA.

So, they tell you what is in it but not how it's made. This secret production patent for the manufacturing of weight loss foods may be causing heart attacks in the public.

Through food production research the public has come up with an explanation of how this diet food could be causing heart attacks. It would be up to the FDA to check because their food is probably a patent. 

The FDA may rule that this is a National Health Scare and pull their approval for their diet food if information about their patent leads them to the same conclusion.  

The same as Nurtisystem.

First you have to understand diets and diet programs, they are patents for businesses. So Nurtisystem and Weight Watchers may have non-public disclosures to protect their business patents. In their case, weight loss food they manufactured with a secret patent, with approval of the FDA who may be unaware of the public's health concern.

Many people already believe that this secret Nutrisystem  and Weight Watchers food patenting system approved by the FDA is illegal anyway just for having non public discourse's of their manufacturing process to produce weight loss inducing food.

The FDA will have to babysit you at home and say its passed unaware of what is actually in the food.

That is to protect their patent.

Many people also believe that weight loss inducing food should be illegal anyway.

Personally, I think all this weight loss food is barbaric from the 1980's with Nutisystem and Weight Watchers and is probably a number one category from the Phil Donahue Show and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

In the 1980's shows like Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey promoted a health craze with weight loss programs and miracle "weight loss inducing food" which was passed by the FDA then but today it could be not legal under review.

Essentially weight loss inducing food is food with low nutritional value and low fat and when you eat it you lose weight. Then, it's probably filled with trillions of harsh chemicals from the 1980's that they promoted on Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey.

Those harsh chemicals are probably used in their secret food manufacturing process to remove fats and calories by stripping the food of that content with harsh chemicals.

But how? Well that process is probably a secret patent.

However, we can determine what it could be by evaluating regular food production and then determining what you would put into that to turn it into weight loss food.

The answer...harsh chemicals developed in the 1980's that strip natural foods of fats and calories to produce food by a patented process that makes you lose weight when you eat it.

To understand how terrible this weight loss food is you need to know two topics, food production and dietary program development.

First, I tried diet food like weight watchers before and I hate it. To me it tastes like you are chewing Paxil. I thought well, if that's Paxil then that's probably in their as a psychological treatment drug to change your brains chemical process to lose weight.

I was later told that the taste may be food suppressants. Whether food suppressants and Paxil are the same thing or not is  to be determined.

So is the taste in the weight loss food like a paxil drug to make you lose weight? Then the call it a weight loss appetite suppressant.

I don't know if any of that is true but that's what the food taste like to me.

So the patented production of weight loss inducing food may involve harsh chemicals that strip the food of fats and calories leaving it empty, then they would replace that with other chemicals like an appetite suppressant similar to a Paxil that blocks your body from craving foods so you don't eat.

Then eating the weight loss inducing food is no calorie or fat intake, then you starve while not being hungry. Thus, losing weight.

Dietary Program Development:

Essentially a diet program is like a patented way to lose weight.

Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers are separate patents , then you would have the South Beach Diet and the Atkins diet.

These are all different ways you can lose weight, or methods.

So, those are like four different methods to lose weight and their methods may be patents.

So you try the Nurtisystem method to see if that works for you, that is their patented weight loss method.

Then you try the Weight Watchers method and use their patented formula to see if it works for you.

The different weight loss methods are their patents, then they invented their own patented food products made with harsh chemicals and worked that into their weight loss method then you do their diet to see if you lose weight.

Nutrisystem food is probably stripped down to being colored and flavored bread and water mixed with appetite suppressants.

That makes this food "empty"  and would contain for fat or calories so you are eating nothing.

You will be better off on a bread and water diet and save tons of money, plus it is way more healthy.

Remember, eating natural bread and water is automatically better for you than anything of equal nutritional value that involves ingesting harsh dietary chemicals.

Even if the FDA approved the food, you are always better off not eating harsh chemicals.

So if bread and water have the same nutritional value and Nurtisystem with harsh chemicals even if approved by the FDA your better option is always the food with no harsh chemicals.

Always take bread and water over harsh chemicals for the same nutritional value. That way when you just eat bread and water to lose weight it is natural with no harsh chemicals. That is duh, obliviously more healthy than Nurtisystem.

The big one coming up today is Weight Watchers food.

First, I will explain regular food production where there are no tricks or harsh chemicals in it.

There are two categories FAT and LEAN.

FAT Food is regular food like at McDonalds etc. or cheap meat and vegetables. This food is not necessarily bad for you it's just loaded with fat. You have to regulate your own intake.

The manufacturing process is the animals are fed cheap feed and are high in fat, the vegtables manufactured quickly and are basically made of water.

This is a quick cheap manufacturing process that gives a quick turn around on  food production. The food is super fatty and the vegetables are watered down and have less nutritional value.

This is not bad for you it is just high in fat and low in calories.

Basically, they spend no time in babysitting the food production and it's "no frills" and made as fast and cheap as possible, that means no preparation time so you end up with the "bottom runs" of food with misshapen vegetables with low nutritional value and high water content, the meat is super fatty from the cheap feed and the animals are grown as big and fast as possible.

The result is high fat meats and low calorie vegetables that are basically water. So the food is good at McDonald's duh, but it has high fat content and low vegetable nutritional value because of the speed and cheap manufacturing time.

LEAN Food takes more time in preparation making it more expensive. Then vegetables may be given a high nutritional natural feed, what ever that is, and expensive fertilizers and they are babied and look perfect every time. They have a high nutritional value.

The meat is fed a low fat diet which is high in nutritional value. That means the animal has less fat on it and more nutrients. When you eat it you are gaining high nutritional value.

That would be lean meats like chicken and hamburger etc. and expensive vegetables. This food has a high nutritional value and low fats.

If you want to be on a diet you need lean food with a high nutritional value.

Empty foods like Nutrisystem have no nutritional value and contain harsh chemicals from the manufacturing process.

To be on a great diet always avoid harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals will never replace lean foods with a high nutritional value.

If you are on a diet you need the nutritional content from lean foods MORE to lose weight.

When you are on a diet and burning body fat your body needs a large amount of NUTRIENTS to help you lose weight.

Losing weight without taking nutrients is not healthy, your body needs these nutrients for energy to burn fat and help you lose weight.

Always eat lean foods and exercise if you want to lose weight, plus drink tons of water. Always avoid foods made with harsh dietary chemicals.

That food contains no nutrients, you body needs those nutrients as fuel to help you burn fat and lost weight. Then avoid all fatty foods, overall as much as possible.

The problem today people are saying is Weight Watchers Food.

This is a potential health scare.

The chemical process used to manufacture Weight Watchers patented food may be Cholesterol and eating Weight Watchers may cause heart attacks from a high cholesterol content.

Although the nutritional value of Weight Watchers may say low cholesterol this in fact may be CONCENTRATED CHOLESTEROL from the harsh chemical manufacturing process.

Public researchers believe that Weight Watchers has "replaced the fat" in the food with Cholesterol.

Weight Watchers may be using a "fat replacement system" in their food. That means the fat has been replaced with a different chemical.

People believe that cholesterol is used to replace the fat in weight watchers food.

The harsh chemical manufacturing process may strip the fat from the food and replace it with cholestereol.

So instead if "fat food" you have "cholesterol food". What used to be fat in their food is now cholesterol or concentrated cholesterol used as a fat replacement.

So when you eat their food you lose weight by eating cholesterol instead of fat.

When you look at Weight Watchers food you are seeing high cholesterol, instead of high fat.

So the fat may have been switched with cholesterol to make you lose weight. You lose weight by ingesting cholesterol.

Then it is also filled with harsh chemicals from the manufacturing process.

Then the Weight Watchers diet also includes Cholesterol Reduction. You are expected to eat high cholesterol foods to lose weight (instead of fat) then they want you take additional steps like exercise and additional dieting to lower cholesterol.

To be healthy on Weight Watchers you are expected to do a cholesterol diet program with it to lower your concentrated cholesterol intake from the food and exercise.

Item three on the list at the Weight Watchers link says to have five fruits and vegetables a day. THAT IS TOO HIGH, to reduce cholesterol.

If you eat Weight Watchers and then supplement it with five fruits and vegetable a day to lower cholesterol from the Weight Watchers food, if that's what they are saying, cancels out the Weight Watchers diet.

I guarantee that if you eat five fruits and vegetables a day you won't need Weight Watchers because you'll be stuffed permanently.

I don't know if they are saying that's with Weight Watchers or without it to lower cholesterol.

If you are offered a diet that you have to supplement with five fruits and vegetables then it is a scam, that's because the diet food has no nutritional value and you need to make up for that by eating excess fruits and vegetables.

Trust me all you need is the fruits and vegetables, then toss the weight loss food and harsh chemicals.

You would be better off on just the fruit and vegetable diet of five per day and nothing else, or plain bread and water.

This "concentrated cholesterol"  in Weight Watchers food may be up to 15% of an over dosage of cholesterol intake.

Meaning if you have heart problems and eat Weight Watchers you may have a heart attack from the small 15% cholesterol intake.

A healthy person may not be affected by this extra cholesterol but for someone with a heart problem this over dosage of 15% concentrated cholesterol may be to high and could lead to heart attacks.

So having heart problems and eating Weight Watchers may cause heart attacks from the concentrated cholesterol in their diet food.

People believe that Weight Watchers may be sued and close and these diet food products may be banned from the market.


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