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Canada: You Can Watch The Fake Government Group Right Now Trying To Pass Illegal Laws

Are Sobeys Needs Convenience Stores Running Unregulated?
Get on the edge of your seat everyone because you are going to need it. I have been writing about these "disconnected" government branches and their implications in the public like the illegal Sunday Shopping Law and the 16th Amendment Law in the United States, well they just did it again.

That's right they just did it again, and now you can watch them on the news. This post falls under my "Tales of Treason in Atlantic Canada story" but it as Quebec and United States content.

This is long because there is a lot to it and it is old and is also happening right now. So when everyone started "exposing" the non-reporting government branches they started using them in the public to pass fake regulations right in front of everyone. 

After the Sunday Shopping Law was exposed as done by an un-reporting branch in Halifax this happened:

The City of Halifax then installed what people are calling a "racist" and "illegal" bus pass potentially in retaliation and started making  people photo id for their buss pass and then cancelled bus pass sharing.

Potentially to get back at City Residents with NO public legislation.

Then...I am hearing the Bus Service went bankrupt in 1 Day.

Apparently, if you say that to people in Halifax they will bankrupt the bus service in one day by all not using the bus. I don't know how true that is but I saw the bus in my neighborhood and it looked like they barely had enough gas money to make it up the hill.

Then I guess people are saying they are planning to boycott the regular bus pass for non-welfare citizens and planning to not buy bus passes starting for August and going forward, then other people are saying they are just not using cash or buying bus tickets.

Then they are saying the City is so out of control with illegal unregulated legislation that they may register regular paper bus tickets and bus transfers and cancel bus ticket sharing as well as bus pass sharing.

Now, apparently everyone in Halifax is boycotting the bus service but it doesn't kick in until August Bus Passes are out. Then people are saying they are just going to hang out in their own neighborhoods and not bother using the bus. 

That I am hearing bankrupted the bus service in one day and they are running out of gas money. There is still full bus service though and of course some people have to take the bus for work and appointments. 

So instead of everyone riding the bus all over the city they are planning I heard to just hang out in their own neighborhoods and use the stores near their houses and apartments during the City outage.

Easy for me because I live next to a huge shopping center.

Then, everyone stopped shopping at Sobeys I heard. 

Anyway, I was shopping at Sobeys because I didn't give a shit but I had to stop shopping there because it got too crazy out and their shelves are low and they look vacant so I bailed and just go to Atlantic Superstore now.

I realize people are protesting Sobeys because of the Sunday Shopping Law fiasco but it got so ridiculous out I had to get out of there because of the fake legislation stuff and no one goes there. Basically, those people are all caught in the public so bad at those companies I had to get out of there because the public boycott is getting so bad and the flack they are getting plus their stock is low.

Then, I heard people wont use their gas stations either.

Then after the bus pass photo thing and the Sobeys and Halifax Transit boycott - I can't tell if that's true but the bus looks vacant.

Quebec came out and did the Sunday Shopping Law thing.

That's right - RIGHT NOW!

So the "disconnected government branch" one came out in Montreal passed a fake law to the public's face. -  AGAINST WELFARE AND CHECK RECIPIENTS. 

I am only assuming that Montreal did this in retaliation for Halifax throwing them out of the Courts and Government from the public view. 

After they were exposed in Nova Scotia the City of Halifax did the bus pass against check reciepients.

Then a group in Montreal tried to cancel check recipients dental benefits in Quebec, I am assuming in retaliation for what is happening in Nova Scotia.

The disconnected or non-reporting Government branch just came out today in Quebec "posing" as the Quebec Dental Association.

Then the Dental Association in Montreal acted as the Government and tried to cancel welfare and disability check recipients dental coverage in Quebec.

They are saying they NO LONGER take Government Payments for the welfare office in Quebec starting in 30 Days.

That means, they tried to cancel welfare dental benefits in Quebec by refusing to take government payments.

That means they illegally acted as the government, making them a non reporting branch.


They said the Dental Association was a "private group" of dentists. 

No, the Dental Association is overseen by the Federal Government like the FDA. 

They are NOT allowed saying that.

Then the Dental Association in Quebec said they were separate from the Federal Government, then they acted as the Government in the public and tried to cancel check recipients dental benefits by refusing to take the government funding as payments at all dentists office in Quebec.

Then they cut like 620,000 government dental plans for welfare and disability recipients in Quebec.

They are doing that by refusing to accept government payments.

That is the disconnected arm of the government and they are doing that with NO oversight right now.

No - the Federal Government oversees the Dental Association, they report to the government. 

They can't say they are "separate" from the government and then try and cancel dental benefits for check recipients as a private group.

Then they said they were a private group of dentists in Quebec and they are cancelling check benefits for welfare and disability dental plan payments.


The Dental Association is overseen by the Government and they own it, plus they issue the money to pay for the check recipient dental plans.

The other people are going to be arrested, they are NOT a real group run by Canada's Government.


That is the same thing that Sobeys did on the Sunday Shopping Referendum - that is a disconnected non reporting branch of the government doing that. 


Back to Sobeys Canada and the Sunday Shopping illegal referendum overturning.

People are saying that the target by Sobeys Canada in Nova Scotia where they are from was to "run out of business" small independent Convenience Stores and Gas Stations in the rural and County areas and take all their business.

They were going to do this by cancelling the Sunday Shopping ban to steal all their customers.

So Nova Scotia voted "no Sunday shopping" because people work out in the County Areas and need the Sunday Business in rural areas.

Sobeys, SUED the Government and they illegally changed the referendum results.

Then Sobeys opened their stores on Sunday to drive the Convenience Stores out of business in the Rural and County Areas.


They made a deal with Irving Oil and they opened 24 Hour gas stations with convenience stores in them everywhere to put small gas stations and convenience stores out of business.

Then people are saying that Cirle K is a half Sobeys half Irving and run unregulated on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Then they are saying that Needs Stores with or without Gas Stations and Circle K are both the same store.

A "Needs" store is like a 7/11 Store, some of them sell gas.

People are saying that Needs and Circle K are the same store, and the food is Sobeys and the gas is Irving in both.

Then they are saying Circle K is half run by Sobeys and is an illegal merger of a Stock Market and Private Business - I don't know if that is true.

Then they are saying that it went in illegally with the Sunday Shopping Law with no Federal Oversight.

So that business deal they are doing is NOT APPROVED by the Federal Government and it is an illegal business practice to put small stores out of business.

Then they are getting away with it because it is NOT reporting to the Government and put in place by a disconnected government branch.

Now listen to this...

They made an unregulated business deal to run Needs and Circle K as gas stations and convenience stores , then they illegally overturned the referendum to run Sobeys on Sunday.

Then they opened Needs and Circle K next to all the small Convenience Stores and gas stations to put them all out of business and steal their customers. one stepped in from the Federal or Provincial Government to Legislate for the Independent Convenience Store and Gas Station owners.

That's because they passed the Sunday Shopping Law with no oversight illegally...that means the legislation on behalf of the small business owners was bypassed and they had no government representation in Halifax or Ottawa when Sobeys put their stores out.

Meaning...the public voted no Sunday Shopping.

Sobeys sued and overturned the referendum, and the Nova Scotia legislature was bypassed.

By bypassing the Nova Scotia Legislature local business owners in Nova Scotia were stripped of their Government Representation on the shopping law which made them OPEN to attack from illegal business practices.

Sobeys and Irving then opened tons of small convenience stores and gas stations next to all the local businesses in Nova Scotia when they had no Government Protection and drove them out of business.

So the illegal Sunday Shopping Law left small business owners in Nova Scotia with no government protection from Illegal Corporate Business Practices.

Then Sobeys and Irving using Illegal Corporate Business Practices and running unregulated by the Federal Government opened stores next to them all and drove them out of business with NO GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT.


Sobeys then opened all their Grocery Stores 24 Hours a Day to drive all other small stores out of business.

So after they did that they opened their larger Stores on Sunday to get the small Convenience Store Money and ran them 24 Hours a day most of the week to run them out of business and UNREGULATED after the illegal overturning of the referendum.  

Now I can't shop at any Sobeys business for the rest of my life because the boycott is so bad back to them and they are making me sick.


That was all done unregulated with no government oversight or protection for small business owners and they were attacked by huge Corporations running unregulated and had no government representation - TREASON.

That is Treason in Canada IF they are Convicted, plus Corporate Fraud and Stock Market Fraud.

Now listen to this....

In retaliation from the public people are saying there is a boycott of Sobeys Corporation, Irving Oil and Halifax Transit.

On top of this the public is planning to enact new legislature that will CANCEL Corporate Tax Breaks and force them to pay the full 30% Tax on their companies to the federal Government.

Then they plan on forcing Corporations to cover FULL health benefits for dental etc. for all staff as law.

The new legislature the public is taking about will take the 30% in Tax Breaks from Corporations and then give it back to welfare and disability recipients and old age pension recipients as $200 a month check increases for people who can't work in Nova Scotia.

Then they are making all Corporations offer full health benefits to staff.

Basically, they are planning to make large Corporations pay FULL taxes with no tax deductions and then use the money to increase check payments in Nova Scotia at $200 a month per person.

Finally, people outside are saying that the large Corporations used the money they saved from getting tax breaks to open "extra stores" that they put next to small businesses in Nova Scotia to steal their customers and drive them out of business.

Then they ran them unregulated and small business owners had no protection from the Federal or Provincial Government which is against the Canadian Constitution and they all went bankrupt because the Canada and Nova Scotia Government failed them.

More to come on this later as it develops but it is super sicking to read about it.


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