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Halifax: New Unwelcome from Citizens Bus Pass System & Political Update

Halifax's Classic "Always on Time" Number 10 Bus Route
This is breaking news locally for the Halifax area and if you are are a wanna be Politicist (I'm not sure if that's a word yet or not - Political Publist "Politicist") grab your pencil wimps because this is a local platform update, also this applies to anywhere except those other pricks not in the regular citizenry like the rest of us aka everyone.

Let's get right to the facts the new Halifax Bus Pass System is probably not legal and only applies in Halifax. I am told but I have no examples yet, aside from a supposed racist bus pass, that the Halifax Transit Authority and the City of Halifax are breaking nearly 100 Laws with their new bus pass system.

Here is the point, if you are on Income Assistance "aka welfare" and report to Community Services aka "welfare office" or are on Disability that is also administered at the Community Services "aka welfare office". 

Just a quick comment on Disability Checks, disability is NOT welfare. You should not be treated as a "welfare recipient" for being on a disability check and I know some people do get that treatment from the welfare office. That is illegal.

Also, if you don't want to work and just take a welfare check then that is your right in Canada. The Canadian Government through the welfare office is not allowed scrutinizing for not wanting to work. In Canada, you don't have to work. 

If you don't want to work then you can just collect a welfare check, you don't have to feel bad about that or be ashamed to be on it, that is your right in Canada. The Canadian Government is NOT ALLOWED to criticize you for not wanting to work.

The welfare money is NOT Government money, that is PUBLIC money and belongs to the Citizens of Canada. As a Citizen, if you don't want to work then you can just get free money from the welfare office but it is low. 

However, this may be a better option for some Citizens than working in fast food or service jobs like McDonalds or Janitors etc. or fast food because low pay jobs don't cover Health Insurance.

If you collect Welfare you have your Glasses, Prescriptions and Dental Bills Covered. However, you will have no credit for credit cards, etc and can't get loans.

So if you work at McDonalds then you can get a loan or a credit card but you have NO MEDICAL COVERAGE in these low pay jobs.

If you decide NOT to work in Canada you get a lower monthly income and have all your Dental, Eyeglasses and Prescription's covered plus rent and a small personal allowance for food and etc.

For many people this is a better option to have all medial fees covered than work at McDonalds or somewhere so they can get credit for a loan or car.

Plus, if you are on welfare you are always guaranteed to have your rent covered and never have to worry about not having rent money.

Many people choose this option over working because having all your medical expenses covered is a better option and worth more money at home than working for a low wage to have a car or credit card.

The Canadian Government is NOT ALLOWED to demean you for being on welfare through the welfare office by saying you are a drag on society and forcing crazy policies on you from their Government. No - They are the drain on Society from the public and it is our government funding to install OUR programs from the public not theirs that they run PRIVATE in the government. 

The welfare money belongs to the public not the Canadian Government and the public wanted that welfare system. The Canadian Government is not allowed to ridicule you at the welfare office when you go in to get your money because the public has already decided that you are allowed to do that and anyone can because it is the public's money and political system. 

They are only staff and that is NOT their government it is ours and they are all going to get fired, like the public school board and teachers pulling these same kinds of stunts and not wanted to work while collecting the public's money.

Those people are a "separate group" from us in the public and they are using the public funding to run a separate system for their group from the government that does not apply to the public with our money. They are all going to be fired.  

If the Government does not put in the public platform then they will be fired because we own the government as citizens and it is our money from the public.

In Halifax people deciding to be on welfare because they don't want to work or can't get a job and other people rely on the Public Transit System. The welfare gives them money for transportation to get around in the City because it is too large to walk.

Separate Groups outside the public's platform are now attacking the Halifax Public Transportation Money like the Business Group that attacked the Sunday Shopping Laws, when they lost they illegally overturned the referendum to get the Sunday Shopping Money at their Businesses. 

The Sunday Shopping Ban was put in place by the Citizens and held up during ALL previous referendums. That was a PUBLIC law and it is the PUBLIC'S Government.

The Separate Group from the citizens kept attacking the Sunday Shopping Ban put in place by the public. 

They are a Business Group operating in Nova Scotia, they were the only group asking for the referendum and the public kept saying "NO". Now, they can only ask for a referendum periodically like every ten years or something because they can't vote on that every ten minutes.

Every time the separate business group got their chance they kept attacking the law. 


The public said NO, they can't keep asking. That separate group kept annoying the public every ten minutes for years wanting the law changed and they were the only group asking, then they won't listen to the citizens when they said no.

When they lost the last referendum they had the Courts and the Nova Scotia Government overturn the vote to give them their way in their separate group outside the public. Then the Provincial Government went AGAINST the public vote and gave the law to the separate group against our public group anyway - THEY ARE FIRED. They are going to get arrested.

The Nova Scotia Courts and the Nova Scotia Government are not allowed going against the public platform because it is our property and they are STAFF ONLY.

They are caught doing that because since the Sunday Shopping Law was illegally put in  NO ONE has ever asked for a referendum on Sunday Sunday Shopping since meaning they are caught.

Since they got the law changed, they shut their mouth on the issue and no one else has ever brought it up because they were the ONLY GROUP saying it. When they got their way illegally they ALL STOPPED SAYING IT. So they are caught.  

They are NOT ALLOWED to use our public money and then rule against us at the Courts and Government when that is our public property and they are using our money and that is also their wages.

The Courts and Government Wages are Public Money, just like the Welfare Money.

The public pays for the welfare money and then we can use it any way we want, if you don't want to work then you can just collect welfare and get all medical benefits.

The public also pays for the Nova Scotia Courts and Nova Scotia Government Wages and we own their property....then they WENT AGAINST  the public platform and gave our decisions to a private business group and used our wages and buildings owned  by the public to do it in.

That is NOT their property, wages or is the public's. 


They will probably be arrested.

Then they started attacking the Nova Scotia School Board Regulations.

Then another Outside Group or "separate group" started attacking the Public School Board Regulations.

That Separate Group (outside the public) is at the Nova Scotia School Board.

That group took the public's money and refused to work as teachers for a full work week. Then they decided seperate from what the public ORDERED them to do with our money cut their weekly work hours back because the public teachers in Nova Scotia didn't want to work, THEN they KEPT FULL WAGES.

That Separate group are lazy and "doesn't want to work" that is run at the Nova Scotia School Board. 

It's like they cut their hours back to thirty hours a week and are collecting a full weeks pay and STEALING ten hours money a week from the Public's Funding after we ORDERED them to desist on the issue.

Then to make up the difference they made them but their own pencils and pens like the students and then gave them (I don't know the actual number ) Ten hours of free wages per week to each teacher.

Then they all QUIT helping out with the public's Christmas Concerts that we paid them to operate for the Public Christmas Season and Christmas Holidays.

Then the Public Teachers in the Separate Group took our money and then REFUSED to run our public Holiday Christmas Concerts and stole the extra ten hours a week's pay and then ABANDONED the Holiday Christmas Concerts AFTER we already paid them and ORDERED them on their jobs to operate.

That's because the Christmas Concerts are from the public group of citizens and they are a "SEPARATE" outside group from the public AND they took our public money to run the Christmas Concerts and then they refused to work at it and stayed home and kept the money.

Whoever did run the Christmas Concerts if they were teachers that was just out of their pay check and they went around saying they were "volunteering" to do the concert when it was actually done out of their salary on hours because the public DID NOT APPROVE of their decision with public funding. 

They said they were volunteering because the other teachers just kept the money and stayed home from the Christmas Concerts, that WE paid them to work at.

THEY DON'T WANT TO WORK, then everything they pass at the Government is so they can get paid and not do a full work week.

Now they are asking for MORE PUBLIC MONEY at the Halifax Transit Authority from Halifax's Citizens on top of this while they cut work hours at the School Board. Now they want EVEN LESS work hours for their salary and extra public funding at the Halifax Transit Authority. 

Then they did that through the Nova Scotia School Board which is the second Outside Group from the Public after the Separate Sunday Shopping Business Group AGAINST the public's decision of what we wanted done with OUR money. 

All those teachers and school board people are going to be fired for not wanting to work and the Teachers are probably going to lose their Teaching Permits for not complying to the public's wishes and stealing money off reduced work hours from public funding. 

Nova Scotia teachers will probably be fined and ordered to pay back 1/4 of their yearly salary back to the public fund for not working their paid hours and then keeping all their salary.

Now the next group is the latest issue with these "Outside Groups" from the public is the Halifax Transit Authority.

The City of Halifax and the Halifax Transit Authority has started implementing a new bus pass system similar to the Nova Scotia Teacher's Union, and follows a similar model - Less Work for More Public Money.


The public said we wanted the SAME bus system with MORE functions added. 

Instead the Halifax Transit Authority started asking for more money and then started cutting the current bus transit system - as info, Halifax has no Subway because we are not quite large enough.

The City of Halifax already has a current modern transit system and now they have started "cutting" the transit system and installing an out of date crappy bus system.

There are a couple of large points here the new bus pass system and actual transit system itself.

On some the actual buses they have cut money and installed old plastic seats and taken out some of the current modern seating and also increased bus fare rates.

So they increased bus fare rates and then they cut bus funding on the actual bus and installed super old cheap plastic seats they are uncomfortable and back seats are leaning on an angle and you can't sit in them because you are tilted on an angle and forces you to lean against the window, plus they are cramped and it feels like you are sitting on a piece of bare metal.

Then, they put on a computer to announce on a loudspeaker where every stop is that sounds super cheap and like it's going to break on most of the city buses and I heard it just annoys people. Every time, the bus approaches a stop it is announced on a loud speaker every 30 seconds, I am told people find that super annoying.

Anyway, there are some super old buses running in Halifax that look like relics from the 1980's. Those buses are way better and more comfortable than the new ones with the plastic seats which look they are are worth two cents. I have also heard that the new buses "stink" and the small makes people nauseous and gives them headaches because the seats smell like strong chemicals.

Now I know everyone in Halifax is freaking out about the new bus pass system and getting hysterical because it affects everyone who uses the bus not just people on welfare. 

They have only started with the welfare bus passes but they are also going to install the same thing on the regular buss pass. Just like the stuff they are doing with the school board.

I will try and explain what is going to have to happen after the new bus system goes in because regular people who work won't be able to afford the bus anymore.

What the Halifax Transit Authority is doing is they are NO LONGER allowing the Citizens to share bus passes.

What that means is if you buy one Pass for your house and your whole family uses it in say a house of five people you will NOT BE ALLOWED to share the bus pass.

Then the Halifax Transit Authority wants you to BUY FIVE per month, one for each person.

They are $78 each for a bus pass, now Halifax Transit wants you to pay that five times so they want $400 for bus passes for a house of five.

So if your family buys a "house hold" pass and all your family shares this they have cancelled this and the price is now $400 per month, or $78 per person.

They have already stated doing this and installing this for welfare and disability transportation. 

So if you are on disability like a mom or something and have a bus pass you will NO LONGER be allowed sharing your pass with your family.

That's because they are putting a photo id on the bus pass so you can't share it.

So let's say you are a mom on disability or something and your boyfriends kid borrows your bus pass. The City of Halifax and The Halifax Transit Authority has ordered the public against what we want at home that you are no longer allowed to share the bus pass and that you have to spend a second $78 for their pass.

That is the new bus pass photo id system, if they put that on the welfare and disability bus pass then it will be going on the regular one.

I think that they are planning to make a "recharge card" and then issue one card and then make you put your funds on it at $78 a month to keep it active with a photo id so you can't share your bus pass.

Then, most families in Halifax only buy one bus pass.

So your mom buys the bus pass and then 5 - 7 people in the house share it. 

Everyone does this because the bus it too expensive and the only way for families to afford the bus it to share one pass.

Now the City of Halifax and the Transit Authority are cancelling bus pass sharing, the new price for your house will be $400 - $700 per month if you want to ride the bus.

For people on disability who also share your bus pass in that manner you are no longer allowed  doing that and the Halifax Transit people want you to pay the extra $200 - $300 a month now for the other people who were using your pass.

This system has been BANNED by the public and they are doing it anyway AGAINST public permission on our public property and with our public money.

Just the like School Board, and now they want more Halifax household money for Halifax Transit, and we pay all their wages.

NO - They are all fired from the public and the public wants the same system that we already put in years ago stayed the same.

The public pays their wages, no one in Halifax is going to accept this bus pass system from a separate non-public platform outside group like the school board group and the Sunday shopping outside groups.

I am not sure how the public id bus pass will be resolved, but the public says it all will be cancelled and want it to stay the same as it is now, and increased not restricted.

Note: If it goes in for this fall TAKE THE ID BUS PASS until this is resolved because you will need it to ride the bus, the other people that share your pass will have to make ALTERNATE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS due to Halifax Transit cancelling Bus Pass Sharing.


In order for the bus pass system to work the welfare office will have to add at least $50 to your check per month to cover the extra travel expenses like taxi's and gas money for car pools which has been cancelled by The City of Halifax.

So if you get the welfare bus pass and had your gas and travel money cut then they will have to give you another $50 to make up the difference.

So if they make you take the new bus pass they have to make up the difference in your house hold income by putting an extra $50 on your check plus issuing the bus pass.

If they don't it will fail.

This is because the City of Halifax has ORDERED Halifax citizens AGAINST PUBLIC APPROVAL to no longer use your travel money for any means outside Halifax Transit.

What this means is that the City of Halifax has already ordered Halifax Citizens to USE HALIFAX TRANSIT ONLY for you disability and welfare transportation money and have CUT all funding for other travel means outside Halifax Transit.

Currently, people are receiving "Travel and Transportation" money on their checks in Halifax - The City of Halifax has CUT THIS FUNDING and it is now HALIFAX TRANSIT ONLY.

The disability and welfare travel money has be changed to HALIFAX TRANSIT MONEY ONLY by the City.

Obviously, this is NOT A LEGAL PRACTICE by the City of Halifax and they will be fired by the Public later at some point.


The public platform in Halifax is that if they issue the welfare bus pass then you need to get an extra $50 a month for extra travel expenses, plus it has to be "anonymous and sharable". 

That way you still get the sharable bus pass and an extra $50 a money gas money for car pools and taxi's etc. or whatever service you choose to use.

The working public is saying they are going to scrap the program and City Staff will be fired and ordered to pay back their wages to the pubic fund for non-compliance to what has been ordered by the public.

The Public is saying that all the Government staff in Halifax will be fired if they do not install these check benefits, that is part of the Public Platform.

For everyone at home that uses and shares a regular bus pass for your family I am told that the government staff who are putting this policy in from a non public group will be fired also, the "working citizens" bus pass hasn't been announced yet as far as I know but the "welfare pass" has.

If that goes in it will cost you at home an extra $300 - $700 per month for the same service you use today, plus they have cut modern buses and started installing old out of date plastic seats.

The public has already made it's decision that they want the bus service kept the same which was installed years ago and keep the same funding plus get check increases.

The public has already decided in the regular group of citizens (thats everyone in Nova Scotia) with no outside group like the Sunday Shopping Business Group, Nova Scotia School Board and Halifax Transit that welfare and check increases will be increased over all on a flat rate of $200 per person in Nova Scotia.

The $200 per month check increase for welfare and disability recipients has already been approved by the public in Nova Scotia.

That is added to your personal amount and is part of your basic rate  and NO CUTS to you extra funding including special diet's and special needs.

What that means is all your special allowances like special diet's etc will stay the same with NO CUTS and then your basic allowance is going to be increased $200 per month per person in Nova Scotia.

I am told that this is the ACTUAL public platform that is going in to the Nova Scotia Government, then non-compliant Government Staff will be fired and ordered to pay back their salaries for non-compliance to public approvals.

Finally, and I have heard talk of this is that the ACTUAL Halifax Transit Public Program that is supposed to go in is the SAME modern buses that we have anyway and an increase in additional Express Roads in The Metro Halifax Area.

Halifax Number 52 Bus Route Switching to the new Halifax Express Way
The new Express Roads in Halifax or "Express Ways" are supposed to be being built for the expansion of The Halifax Bus Service Routes.

What this means is that The Halifax Express Ways are supposed to be constructed for Express Bus Routes within Metro Halifax.

The new routes are "additional bus routes" inside Halifax  on new roads specifically for buses, and open to the public, inside Metro Halifax with NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS OR STOP SIGNS.

The Express Bus Routes will be faster routes to get across Halifax with LESS STOPS.

To get the idea they are planning to install a "tiny version" of the Trans Canada Highway inside Halifax as non stop Express Ways. 

Meaning, you can travel at 80-100 km per hour inside your car across Halifax non stop on the new Halifax Expressways. That means if you get on the Halifax Expressway you can travel to the other side of Halifax in ten or fifteen minutes at 100 km per hour non stop across the city.

So if you are shopping in Halifax at Dartmouth Crossing, you can get on the Halifax Express Way and travel across the City non stop to Bayer's Lake  Shopping Area in ten or fifteen minutes inside the downtown city area.

The current bus route from Dartmouth to Bayer's Lake takes at least an hour on the bus inside the Metro City Area. The new Express Bus Routes on the new Halifax Express Way which is INSIDE the Halifax Downtown Area will reduce this time to ten or fifteen minutes.

The Halifax Express way bus routes are ADDITIONAL routes with less stops. Meaning you have to take the regular bus route to an Express Way Bus Terminal, and then the Express Way Bus Route will take you to the Bayer's Lake Shopping Area in less than fifteen minutes from almost anywhere in the City at like 80-100 km per hour with only one or two stops SECONDARY to the regular bus routes with stops on almost every street corner.

The public has decided with their own public platform that we are building the new Halifax Express Way and new bus routes are going to be built in Halifax and that the welfare and disability check flat rate is going to be increased by $200 a month per person in Nova Scotia.

The public is saying that non compliant government staff  to the Public's Program will be fired for misuse of Public Funding and that they will be ordered to pay the money back from their wages then all non reporting Government Offices will be arrested from a Public Investigation.

I am told that the Halifax Express Way will be well under Construction with the next Seven Years or the Nova Scotia Government staff will be fired for misuse of Public Funding if they try and change the Public City Express Way Project, like with the previously installed public transit program.


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