Wednesday, July 18, 2018

NEWS: EU Fines Google $5 Billion Dollars in Anti-trust Case

Google Android Shopping Cart Fined $5 Billion Dollars
As predicted on this page Google is in deep crap, the European Union has fined Google $5 Billion US and is their second large fine in one year pushing their files upwards to $10 Billion Dollars.

The fine actually went to Google's Parent Company, Alphabet Inc. 

The European Union is saying that they are planning to fine Alphabet Inc. 5% of their daily sales over the Google Android Phone System.

The Anti-Trust Case apparently is over Google's Shopping Cart System and Non-Competitive practices. 

What I'm getting from this is that they are saying that Google Android is breaking the law by being the only major shopping cart service in the EU on Smartphones and they have sort of a "monopoly" , the phone uses free Linux as an Operating System and they are saying that Google is selling this to phone makers and it is the only main platform for smartphone shopping carts.

For example, no smartphone makers are taking on any other shopping cart software other than Android and it is not fair business practices.

Alphabet Inc, the Google Parent Company apparently has $100 Billion Dollars in savings and are going to be fined 5% of their daily revenue on the Android Platform.

What is looks like is Alphabet Inc. plans to absorb the fines since they have so much money to keep operating.

Google is the World's Largest Advertising Network and runs advertisements on all Android Smartphones and Youtube using  a free Linux based operating system.

The European Union is fining them over their "shopping cart" software and services which are apparently illegal there or against EU policy.

What they mean is Alphabet Inc. makes a large daily revenue separate from their $100 Billion Dollar Savings in the bank.

The daily revenue is probably used to pay expenses etc. and staff wages. Now the EU is fining them out of their pocket and planning to take 5% of their daily revenue.  

First, I would say since Google has so much money the fines aren't large enough to stop them from breaking the law.

Then I would say they are going to be bankrupt.

They have $100 Billion dollars and got fined $10 Billion in the last year, that give them what $90 Billion left. 

These fines will leave them bankrupt.

Then they are taking 5% of their daily revenue from the EU out of their operating expenses.

You can see Alphabet Inc, aka Google going bankrupt now on the news.

We will be back later with more Tales of Treason in Atlantic Canada and other interesting news and stories!


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