Thursday, July 26, 2018

Canada: Here Comes The Fake Government

Here it is people, the fake government is caught right in the middle of it right to the face of the public. Also, there is a lot happening right now so I will post it all on this page.

Quebec Dentists Refusing Government Payments:

This stuff is already happening in Halifax.

What they are saying is from their fake government group is that Dentists don't have to accept government insurance as a payment and won't take welfare, disability or old age pension funds as payments from the government and it is the law.

Plus they put in a fake payment system.

When  you into "some" dentist offices now they won't take your money if you are on a government check of any kind.

They are saying Dentists in Quebec are so rich they don't want the hundreds of millions of dollars a year from government payments for check recipients.

They are also doing this in Halifax at some locations. They are saying that they want "working employed patients only" in Quebec and are only accepting cash and employer health insurance.

So that means that Dentists are saying that they don't need money.

Then they are refusing to accept payments from the welfare and disability office and old age pension as payments. Then when you go in to their offices they tell you to leave.

No, that is all the same money.

Dentists are saying your welfare or disability money is not accepted at their office.

That is not real.

The "welfare or disability  office" issues them the payment on your behalf. That's not up to dentist officies.

When you need dental work in Canada and you are on a check you go to the dentist and then the "Community Services" aka welfare office issues them the payment from their office.

There is no other steps in that. They HAVE to take the money, it is the law.

That is the FAKE government talking, right now it's at the Quebec Dentist Offices. Everything they say is ridiculous and it's fake.

Then in Nova Scotia they put in this "green plan" or something for dental payments and then they wanted check recipients to pay 20% of their dental bills. That's not real either.

That's because if you can't afford the 20% the welfare office has to cover it because dental work is mandatory.

So they started this medical plan for check recipients for the dental office then they wanted you pay 20% of your dental bills. That means if you need root canals that will cost you $2000 when you are on welfare.

So if you are on welfare and need extensive root canals 20% of that is $2000. If you can't afford that the welfare office has to pay it because you are in pain, or they have to do the work for free at the Hospital.

Then the dentist offices in Halifax started saying that they only cover "front teeth only" for root canals and that back teen aren't mandatory. Then they want you to pull them out.

No, this is a scam in Halifax and it's in Quebec.

What they mean in Halifax is repairing back teeth is cosmetic work and the welfare doesn't cover that. Then, they tried to say that root canals aren't covered on back teeth for check recipients because people can't see them.

No one in the world would ever believe that.

Your back molars are your most important teeth, the dentist office can't say that if you need a root canal on your back teeth and are on a check they won't cover it.  The disability office has to cover it.

Let's say you had a back tooth that looks 100% perfect but you have a tooth ache and are on a check.

You go to the dentist and they say you need a root canal, then they go that's going to cost you $700 and your check benefits won't pay it.

Then they try and tell you that you have to pay it out of your pocket, or if you give them $20 they will pull it out for you.

When they said this is front of me in Halifax I started laughing out loud at them and told them to go fuck themselves they are so pathetic.

That's because they are supposed to be "Doctors" at the dentist office and they are "refusing" to save the tooth.

So the perfectly good tooth was just a root canal, then they try and get you to pull it out right here in Halifax. No, they have to do everything they can to save your teeth and the welfare office has to cover it.

Then if you argue with them and they want $200 out of your welfare check for the 20%.

THEN if you can't pay that the welfare office has to pay it because no one on welfare or disability can  afford the 20%.

So if you have a perfect molar and just need a root canal and are on a check you don't have the 20% so they have to pay it at the welfare office.

If not, you have to go to the Hospital and get it done because you are in pain.

Then the Hospital has to do it for free because you are in pain. That is why they need to switch ALL the Dental work to the Hospital because they have to cover it anyway.

Then, after all that they have a Free Dentist in  a different location that covers everything.

No, that is just the regular dentist that the welfare office has always covered. So you go to the regular free dentist the welfare pays it.

If the welfare office says that they don't cover root canals on welfare they are lying.

That's because dental work is all the same if it's not cosmetic. Pain is pain, they have to cover it.

Then if the welfare or disability won't cover your root canals, then the Hospital has to.

Those other people are going to get arrested.

The welfare office has to cover every procedure or they are going to get arrested.

Then if they refuse to cover your root canals, you have to get the work done anyway. Then you will get a huge bill or the Hospital has to do it.

If the welfare doesn't cover the root canals get it done anyway, then when you get the huge bill from the dentist office send it back to the welfare office because they HAVE to pay it.

No one has the money for root canals on a check, the welfare office has to pay it. If they don't run the bill up at the dentist office and take it back to them and show them and then they have to pay it because it's all out of your hands.

If the dentist office tries to collect money for YOU, tell them the welfare office has the bill and to call them because it's not your responsibility, if they start harassing you like they do in Halifax tell them to fuck themselves and to call your welfare worker because it's not your problem.

Now, they are saying they don't want any government check money at all. HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars a year.

Now they don't want government payments form the welfare office AT ALL.

They are saying in Quebec that they don't want 620,000 payments for dental care from the goverment insurance fund.

One root canal is like $700, now they saying they saying they don't want money for like 620,000 root canals times $700 each in Quebec because they don't want the money.

No, they are FUCKING LYING.

All those dentist people are going to get arrested. That's what they are doing here in Halifax.

Their story is so ridiculous and pathetic you can't even stomach it.

Here is the lie...they are saying in the article that this will leave 620,000 people in Quebec with no free dental care and they will no longer have a dentist.

NO, the welfare has to pay for the dental work for the patients.

The other people are all fired and going to get arrested.

If the dentist office refuses to take the government insurance like they are doing here in Halifax for 620,000 people that has nothing to do with the people needing dental work because the welfare has to cover it.

The government already has the money set aside for you to pay for your dental care, they have to pay it.

Why would you pay that out of your pocket on welfare when the government already has the money for you?

The dentist can't say he doesn't want their money because he'll get arrested.

Let's say you need root canals and the bill is $6000, then they ask for 20% if you get a check.

If you are on a check of any kind then you don't even have the 20%.

So they go, "well we can pull your teeth out for $100, and that is covered".


They sound like they are incoherent and babbling at the dentist office.

Why would the fucking dentist refuse the $6000 dollar government payment?

Then they only wanted $100 for teeth extractions?

That must be some rich fucking dentist office that they didn't want a $6000 dollar government payment from a  disability patient.

Then they go "no thanks, I don't need the $6000 I just want the $100 for pulling your teeth out."

Are you people fucking crazy or what?

Why would the fucking dentist not want $6000 because it came from your government fund?

Now they don't want ANY money.

Good, fuck ya then.

Anyway, that doesn't change dental coverage for check recipients because the government already has the money set aside.

The point is, the welfare office can issue you the money directly if they had to and then you can just pay the dentist cash.

No those "other" people in that outside group are lying and going to get arrested.

Plus they don't even make any sense, yeah a dentist doesn't want money anymore and all their stuff cost $700 each....yeah I get it you're all closed or something and went out of business.


This is where I drew the line and told them they were about to get sued here in Halifax and they dropped it.

They are saying nothing is covered except "emergency dental work only".

Emergency dental work is anything that is NON COSMETIC.

In Canada, all MOUTH pain is an emergency and is covered.

Plus, they have to save the tooth FIRST, they can't just pull it out if you have no money that is illegal.

Pulling a tooth out unnecessarily is illegal. 

All root canals are covered etc. because all mouth pain is an emergency.

Non emergency means cosmetic.

In Canada,  If you have mouth pain go to the dentist - they have to give you the EXACT medical treatment ie. root canal and ARE NOT allowed to just pull your tooth out if you have no money.

IF the dentist office refused to do the root canal then GO TO THE HOSPITAL and tell them your have severe pain in you mouth and the dentist refuses to do the correct procedure.

I GUARANTEE that someone will do the correct procedure and you won't have to pay any money. 

ANY MOUTH PAIN is the dental emergency coverage, non emergency is cosmetic.

If you have mouth pain if they say root canal, GET THE ROOT CANAL right away.

Then let the welfare office figure out the bill later.

If the Dentist and Welfare Office will NOT pay or treat your root canal then GO TO THE HOSPITAL to get the pain treated which is covered for free.

All these procedures are covered in Canada when your are on a check and I guarantee that they will do the work for free, if they don't file a law suit against all of them and sue them for medical malpractice for refusing to treat your mouth pain in Canada.

All this other stuff  about no dentists for welfare recipients is FAKE, the people saying that is from the "outside group" from the public and is probably the fake non reporting government or something.

Trust me, that is a scam and they are all going to get arrested for that dental money scam and not covering free Canadian health benefits.


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