Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Politics: Here Comes The Retraction Of The Succussful North Korea Summit On The News

President Putin and President Trump
I woke up today and after brewing a fresh pot of Lavazza Coffee www.lavazza.com founded in 1895 which I just started drinking, and yes it is delicious. 

Lavazza Coffee is something new that I tired while recently expanding my coffee horizons during my trips scouring the City Shopping Areas for discounted products, so I have added Lavazza to my coffee routine and would also recommend this coffee to anyone.

I pulled out my laptop to check the latest news headlines on the internet and to my surprise not only did I have a new coffee to enjoy my favorite subject was in the news headlines. Introduction To Political Science from first year University.

I did great in Intro To Political Science in University, so I was pleased to see this in the news today. How "authors" like Brian Klass from the Washington Post can claim to experts on Democracy and Authoritarianism when their written work is first year university material is undetermined.

Also, it's from the Washington Post, making it useless anyway. 

The book, a supposed "call to arms" against Donald Trump citing that this is a threat to democracy and referencing "polarizing" political movements that are anti Washington Post and Democratic Party is a one class subject in first year Political Science under Left Wing versus Right Wing Political Parties.

Or Totalitarian versus Democratic.

They are saying that Donald Trump is "approaching totalitarian" and that it is a threat to democracy because why?

Well in summary its because they are saying that the Donald Trump platform is destroying America by abolishing their political party.

Right away they are pulling the old "trash the president and say he's a communist for going to Russia for the NATO summit to meet Putin."

Then they are saying that the Donald Trump platform is anti democracy during the upcoming Russia NATO Summit, a former Communist Country.

Then on cue they whip out the Marxist Leninist books and say Donald Trump is anti democracy because the current political party in power under Donald Trump is ending their political movment.

Now they are throwing Russian Communist remarks and books at the President to try and say like in Communist Russia, Lenin removed opposing political parties under communism.

This rookie 32 year old author from the Washington Post "Brian Klaas" appears to me more like a Marxist wannabe attempting to stir the ground up like in Russia to save their destroyed political party.

The Attack On Democracy they are claiming is actually just an attack on their political movement backed at the Washington Post and CNN, they are saying that it's Anti-Democratic to choose a political party that destroyed theirs.

What they are saying is that Americans should stop and not continue in the current political direction because it ruins their party.

Anti-Putin and Trump Book by The Washington Post
In fact, those from the Washington Post are Anti-Democratic by trying to get Americans to stop the democratic process and halt current politics to save their party.

Then they are asking people to "join them" just for the sake of having their political party in America. 

This is a pathetic begging attempt by the Washington Post and CNN to save their political movement in a Marxist ground effort to ruin powerful parties like Donald Trump and his powerful political backers and political think tank groups.

Donald Trump is not Totalitarian, as claimed in the book it's Capitalism. 

Capitalism under Democratic Rules is the foundation of America.

The Washington Post under rookie political commentator Brian Klass is leading the news into some kind of  absurd right wing with a left finger political pig trough.

Wrong again Washington Post, Donald Trumps platform is Democratic and specifically Capitalist which  if you're never heard of this in Washington D.C. means it makes money.

Your platform at the Washington Post asking Americans to stop and save your party is pathetic and not democratic.

Asking Americans to stop a Capitalist Political Movement to save a ruined party at a news paper is un-American and anti-Democracy.

The book The Despot's Apprentice: Donald Trump's Attack on Democracy refers only to their political party as the victim.

The attack in the book is not to America but they are saying that removing their failed political party is not fair to them only because they have failed.

They are saying that it is anti democratic to run a political party in Washington D.C. that ends their failed party, they say that is totalitarian but it is an outright lie from The Washington Post. 

Now they are running some Marxist Overthrow Attempt against Donald Trump on Washington D.C. from The Washington Post and CNN to sabotage the Capitalist Political Movement of Donald Trump and put their failed party back in power - illegal.

Everyone knows that is illegal. 

Donald Trump is not referenced as the despot or "Single Ruling Authority" but referenced as  his "apprentice".

Well if Donald Trump is the apprentice then I am the despot and will write your political movement, group and news papers out of the Political Spectrum with Unchallengeable Literary Authority.

Then you will be nothing in America and we will be it's permanent voice.

Quote of a quote on their page:

""‘Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.’ — President Ronald Reagan ""

They are quoting Ronald Reagan on their book page to save their political party.

Well according to Reagan freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction, well if that is true then the generation that destroys freedom will be this one.

The freedom that will be destroyed in America is yours at the Washington Post and CNN and your voice will be silenced.

Then your political party and Marxist movements in Washington D.C. and Atlanta will be banned from America and the freedom you have enjoyed to spread you anti-capitalist Marxist Propaganda in Washington D.C. that is the freedom you will lose in America under our Capitalist Political Movement.

Everyone else will still be under regular Democratic Rule and your voices will be silenced forever and political parties banned from the United Nations.

Finally, in the news they are beginning to take back as predicted the successful Donald Trump North Korea Summit by hinting that Donald Trump failed by backing out of the summit for one minute and then rescheduling.

Then they call the European Union "powerless" and say Donald Trump is attacking NATO and that he is anti NATO.

None of that is true and is Marxist Propaganda from the Washington Post.

They are trying to downplay the power of NATO and The European Union by saying Donald Trump is a "threat to it's existence" which is not even possible, then they are saying that their party has to be put back in power and that Donald Trumps platform should be pulled from America to save theirs at the Washington Post for the Democrats.

Donald Trump's Capitalist Platform only strengthens NATO and the European Union by creating more money to build weapons and military regiments for our war against the Middle East and our Detractors in the United States and Canada like the Washington Post and CNN.

The criticism and debacle they reference in the news article is the insults to Canada's Prime Minister from Donald Trump and the current Trade Tariff Arguments with the United States which is why we need to create a lower non United States Global Trade Agreement Union with The European Union, Asia and Australia / New Zealand. 

That's so we can generate our own money separate and not depend on The United States only for International Trade Agreements by setting up our own separate Global Trade Agreements in a new Non-United States Global Trade Zone.

Donald Trump's Platform is not Authoritarian it is Capitalistic, the Political Platform he runs will only Abolish Political Groups in America like the Marxist Groups at the Washington Post and CNN which will be illegal and banned in all United Nations Countries and lower Anti-NATO territories in the Southern Hemisphere.

Trade will continue with all NATO backing Countries Globally who join the new Non-United States Global Trade Agreements like China, Vietnam, India etc. and will also include Australia and New Zealand in a new Global Trade Zone outside of America's influence.


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