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Treason: Huge Summer Update As Traitors Totally Exposed In Canada

Croatia Caught For Treason on the Ground in Halifax
This is a large update so I didn't have space to add all the public documentation yet to show everyone. In the meantime you can go look it up and I will give you the overview.

In summary to start, and I will keep this "easy" as intro material that will be elaborated on later. In Nova Scotia the illegally passed Sunday Shopping Law has now been totally exposed.

Also exposed is the reason why the Courts and the Nova Scotia Federal Government have never responded on this issue. 

Essentially, the Official Government Statement on the illegal overturning of the referendum from Halifax or Ottawa is not possible. What has happened is the ruling from the Nova Scotia courts has "fallen through the cracks"  and there is no one at the government handling the issue.

This issue of the illegal Sunday Shopping Court Ruling has fallen into a non-reporting branch of the Canadian and Nova Scotia Government, which I will explain.

Sections of the United States and Canada Federal and Provincial and State Governments have been determined to be not reporting back to the public resulting in Washington D.C. and Ottawa not responding to public issues regarding illegal business practices and illegal court rulings.

There are "Non-Reporting Branches of the United States and Canada Governments".  Which I will explain.

The illegal Sunday Shopping Court ruling has fallen into a Non-Responding Branch of the Canadian Government.

What that means is the Courts had made an illegal law and the public is complaining, Ottawa has made no response because the branch of the Government that handles the issue in Ottawa has been disconnected.

The Nova Scotia Court Decision was made at a "disconnected branch" of the Canadian Government and is not reporting to Ottawa or the Nova Scotia Legislature.

What that means is that The Nova Scotia Legislature or Federal Government in Ottawa doesn't have the "Government Arm" attached from the Court in Halifax to Ottawa at the Federal Government and can not respond because it has fallen into a "dead spot" with no Federal or Public Reporting.

Basically the Halifax Courts made the decision to overturn the referendum and it was under a disconnected Government Branch with no Federal or Provincial oversight.

The Courts were under a section of the Government that was not reporting to the Legislature in Halifax or the Federal Government in Ottawa and they changed the law with no oversight or public accountability, meaning that The Halifax and Ottawa Legislatures didn't know where the decision came from and coudn't check because their reporting function had been disconnected.

So these law changes are coming from "Non Reporting Government Branches" and are acting independently with no Provincial, Federal or Public Oversight.

Plus, they are not being held accountable by the Province or Ottawa or the public. The Non-Reporting Government Branches in the United States and Canada based on public complaints are believed to be as high as 14% of the United States and Canada Governments.

That means that 14% of the United States and Canada Governments have fallen into non-reporting to Washington D.C and Ottawa status and are acting "autonomously" on the ground with no public or government oversight. 

Pay attention now because they have been totally exposed and so has how the Government Branches have been disconnected from Federal and State / Provincial reporting.

The Sunday Shopping Law was put in place by a Non-Reporting Government Branch.

Basically on the ground the specific government Court functions were disconnected from Federal and Provincial Oversight and they passed the law "on their own" on behalf of Food Corporations without contacting the Halifax or Ottawa Legislatures.

Making the rulings not valid.

Ottawa and Halifax basically "lost their filing cabinets" on several government functions and don't know that the Court is passing laws autonomously on the ground in Halifax and can't respond because they lost the connection to their Government Functions  and don't know they are doing that.

Since the Government has lost these "reporting arms" the responsibility of putting the Government Reporting back has fallen to Nova Scotia Citizens.

That's because a non reporting government branch illegally passed the law and never reported it to the Federal Government, which never took a stance on the issue because they are disconnected.

Now no one is answering the Public Complaints and the Public is now responsible on their own to put back in place the Non Reporting Government Branches.

The public in Nova Scotia has to take it upon themselves now to restore the government arm to report to Ottawa because the Federal Government is no longer representing the Citizens on the issue because they have "lost" the Government Branch that passed the law.

However, the disconnected government branch has been caught and exposed in the public, so citizens in Nova Scotia have to put the branch back.

Also revealed is how the Government Reporting Functions were disconnected....the answer, Treason.

Basically which I will explain in detail later in the post, Traitors in Canada have disconnected the reporting of several government branches in Nova Scotia and used this to pass the illegal Sunday Shopping Law with no federal, provincial or public oversight.

So when you complain there is no one in Ottawa or Halifax to take your call because accountability on the issues have been disconnected from Federal reporting.

This leaves the issue in "dead area" with no one in the Government taking accountability on the issue, leaving it to the Citizens of Nova Scotia to resolve on our own meaning we have to assume the responsibility ourselves in the public of handling this "dead non reporting Federal Issue" and put the government reporting back since no one is there to handle our complaints.

The Citizens of Nova Scotia will have to get together and make a ruling in the public against the non reporting government arm and force Ottawa to take accountability for the issue and start reporting back to the Citizens for their public complaints.

In the United States they are having similar issues including Illegally Passed Non-ratified Constitutional Amendments that passed in the same manner as Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping.

The non-ratified Constitutional Amendments in the United States essentially are non-reporting arms of the United States Government.

Meaning, Washington D.C. doesn't know they are there. 

When you complain to Washington D.C. no one in the Government knows who handles these issues because their reporting to the Capital has been disconnected.

When you ask Washington D.C they just look at each other and don't knows who handles the issue and then it doesn't go anywhere.

That's because the issue is in a "lost filing cabinet" that has been disconnected from reporting back to Washington D.C.

They are disconnected Government Arms this was done by Traitors in the United States and Canada.

The result is illegally passed laws and passed un-ratified Constitutional Amendments.

However the public can see the un-ratified amendments and illegal laws but Washington D.C and Ottawa can't because their reporting has been disconnected, meaning they have lost Court and Senate Functions on the ground at the public level.

Now the public has to correct these non-reporting Government Functions and reconnect them to Washington D.C and Ottawa since the Federal Governments have "lost" these sections of the United States and Canada governments.

The public has to step in now and hold the non reporting government functions accountable in the public and then reconnect them to Provincial, State and Federal Governments.

Basically, the Un-ratified United States Amendments that passed into law were done in a Non-Reporting Section of the United States Government and Washington D.C. never knew where the ruling came from because their files were disconnected from oversight.

Caught in the public, the Federal Government did not have the issue there at their desks and couldn't act on it because it was not in their files.

Now the Public has to make a public resolution on the un-ratified amendments  and bring them back to Washington D.C. through the Senate and Legislatures to reconnect the Government arms with new regulations.

Theses are "holes in the American Government" where traitors are running non-reporting government branches and passing illegal laws and constitutional amendments invisible from Washington D.C. who doesn't know they are there because their files have been disconnected.

The same in Nova Scotia with the illegal Sunday Shopping Law.

The Provincial Government and Federal Government in Ottawa doesn't know they are there passing laws because they lost their files and don't report.

Now their entire non reporting branches and how they became disconnected have been totally exposed.

No one is taking your calls and complaints in Ottawa and Washington D.C. because you are complaining about a  disconnected government branch and they don't know it is there and can't do anything, now it falls to the public to resolve and force our decision on the issue onto the Federal Government from the public.

The people running these disconnected branches is THE CROATIA GOVERNMENT an illegal dictatorship in the Balkans.

Croatia is the Country running these disconnected government arms and are in a war with Canada they have installed a system in these holes that is "Illegally Disconnected Branches of the Government mixed with Corporate Businesses".

That is the same Government in power in the Balkans and run from Croatia. They are a dictatorship.

The Croatia Dictatorship came into Canada through Politics and Business and then mixed disconnected branches of the government with Croatian Businesses and then they used a disconnected branch of the Nova Scotia Government to pass the Sunday Shopping Law for Sobeys in a Lawsuit.

This mixed Sobeys Corporation with an illegally passed law from a disconnected branch of the Nova Scotia Government and they overturned the law without reporting to the Nova Scotia Legislature or Federal Government in Ottawa.

Enemy traitors and war criminals from Croatia and the Balkans will not be tolerated in Nova Scotia or Canada.

The Balkans and Croatia responsible for Treason in Nova Scotia and disconnecting Government Reporting and Public Accountability should be publicly executed in Halifax for Treason from Croatia.

Of course, Corporations working in this System like Sobeys Canada will have to be convicted of Treason for working with Croatia in a Non Reporting Government Arm first, before found Guilty.

Any Companies found guilty of Treason in Nova Scotia for working with Croatia should be executed Publicly in Halifax because they are Genocide Groups from the Balkans like Slobodan Milosevic.

Canada currently at War with Croatia and the Balkans should take every step necessary in the public to stop these war criminals from operating in Nova Scotia and Canada and close these non-reporting government functions where they are operatioing. 

Then they should be executed in Halifax for Treason. 

Including any corporate executives participating in the illegal Business and Government model used in Croatia.

That is probably how they took power in Croatia and in the Balkans, by disconnecting government arms and then mixing Businesses and Government together.

In Canada and the United States the Non-Reporting Government functions are passing illegal laws with Businesses including Sobeys on the Sunday Shopping Issue - THAT IS CROATIA.

When you see an illegal law passed like the Sunday Shopping Law and the a Business in it like Sobeys  that is not reporting to the Government or Public, that is Croatia.

That means they are in Croatia. That is the same model they run in all of Croatia.

The illegal non-reporting government arms are run by Croatia with Corporations in Canada and the United States who are committing Treason to operate.

In Nova Scotia this attack on Sunday Shopping  using the Croatia business model of illegally mixing Business with Disconnected non-reporting Government Arms was started by Pete Luckette of Pete's Frootique in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Peter Luckett is an British Immigrant to Canada and it is my opinion that Pete's Frootique is from Croatia because of their business practices.

They are NOT Canadian.

Peter Luckett knowing that Farmer's Markets were allowed to operate on Sundays in Nova Scotia during the Shopping Ban made a Store that took all the Farmer's Markets inside to one location.

This is what I don't shop there.

They took the Farmer's Markets in doors and operated a Grocery Store on Sunday saying it was a Farmers Market to get around the Sunday Shopping Ban.

This is done in the public where government reporting functions have been disconnected to Ottawa. That is a Croatia Model, they are our ENEMY.

The Nova Scotia government allowed this, probably in a Non-Reporting Government Arm.

VIDEO: Peter Luckett - The Origins of the Croatia Attack on Sunday Shopping Laws. He says he is from England but I think he is from Croatia:

Sobeys in turn complained that they were operating on Sunday, then they "broke their Corporation down" into a small businesses in their office 1 DAY A WEEK on Sundays to open and sell food to compete with Pete's Frootique

The Nova Scotia government allowed this.

Now stop. That is the point where they are in Croatia. 

That is the Croatian Government Business Model from an illegal Dictatorship operating here in Nova Scotia.

Corporations are not allowed to break their company into smaller business one day a week to stay open and avoid the law and then go back to normal the next day.

That is being run in a non reporting government function and is treason in Canada.

That is coming form the Balkans and specifically Croaita.

This is their model - They take a large business and then "break it down in smaller ones" to get around laws in Canada.

So if there is a law, they break their company down into smaller organizations to get around the law and stay open.


At the Government a disconnected non reporting Government branch allows them to continue.

Then they "sneak their company in" in small pieces, then once inside Canada they have the disconnected non-reporting government branch pass an illegal law to allow them to operate and then they reassemble their business in Canada under the new illegal law. 

This was done by Petes Frootique and Sobeys and members of the Nova Scotia Courts who allowed them to operate and then passed the illegal Sunday Shopping Law allowing them to operate and then they rebuilt their Croatian business in Canada illegally under the new fake laws.

Then Sobeys operated as a broken up business on day a week.

Then the public voted "no" on the Sunday Shopping Refferendum.

Then Sobeys "sued" the Provincial Government to overturn the referendum.

Now stop.

This is where the disconnected non reporting branch of the government failed to report to the public and federal and provincial government and got caught.


The Nova Scotia Courts are not allowed to take the case. It was done by a non reporting branch and is open Treason in Halifax.

The Nova Scotia courts took the case and ruled in favor of Sobeys, that is Croatia in the Balkans on the ground there in action here in Canada.

Where they failed to report to the Federal Government in Ottawa is the Referendum results are a FEDERAL MATTER.

Referendum issues after a public vote would have to be sent to Ottawa to resolve, Nova Scotia can't make a ruling on that alone.

The federal government was supposed to take the case if there was a vote issue.

The Provincial Government was supposed to pass the issues raised by Sobeys on the referendum to Ottawa because vote overturning is to large of an issue to be handled at the Provincial level and is a Federal Matter.

It would be up to the Federal Government to determine what to do about a vote issue because Canada Voting Rights are Federal Matters.

This vote issue was never passed to the Federal Government and the Nova Scotia Courts "failed to report" and are a disconnected Government Branch.


Sobeys sued because business lost the election, that is a dead issue.

A non reporting Government Branch overturned the vote and changed the referendum result. That is illegal.

Then they failed to report to Ottawa for oversight. Vote result changing are federal matters in cases of tampering, that is a Federal Matter.

None of that took place it was just a regular refferendum.

The disconnected Government Branch passed it on their own with no federal reporting.

If the Canadian Federal Government has no future comment on the Sunday Shopping Laws , Sobeys or any of these public complaints then Ottawa has STOPPED REPORTING to Halifax.

What that means is if nobody in Ottawa in the Federal Government takes up the public case against Sobeys and the non-reporting government functions in Halifax then they are DISCONNECTED and NOT REPORTING.

That means they are not the government and Ottawa has been disconnected by not taking the case and telling the public and clarifying and resolving the issue.

If the Federal and Provincial Governments do not make a public statement about Sobeys and the Non-reporting Government functions that means we have been disconnected from Federal and Partial Provincial Oversight.

At that point, in Nova Scotia in Halifax the Citizens will have to "step in"  and act as the Federal Government Oversight and make a ruling to put our Federal Laws Back in Place in Halifax.

If Ottawa doesn't take the case, Nova Scotia will have to do it publicly themselves and start making their own Federal Rulings if Ottawa has abandoned us.

The Nova Scotia Public will have to step in on their own and make a Federal Ruling in Halifax to close the non reporting branches and hold the traitors accountable.

This is done by making rulings form the public and bringing them to the Nova Scotia Courts and Legislatures with political candidates or as private citizens and "forcing" the Courts manually from the public locally to put the Federal Laws back from the Provincial Government.

Any groups trying to stop the reporting being reconnected to the Federal Level are committing Treason.

Questioning the new regulations from the public is open public backing of Traitors from Croatia in Nova Scotia and illegal in Canada.

Trying to save the disconnected arms of the Government is illegal in Canada.

After the Public in Nova Scotia passes the new Federal Legislation Against Sobeys to reconnect the Disconnected Government Branches and over turn their illegal lawsuit if convicted in Halifax with the Non Reporting Government Branches , these company executives if convicted of Treason with Croatia should be executed in Halifax.

Once the Nova Scotia public has passed their own Federal Regulations in Halifax separate from Ottawa and removed the non reporting government branches we need to hold on trial Corporate Executives like Sobeys and Pete's Frootique, which Sobeys also later bought, and determine thier status.

If Convicted we will then re-instate the Death Penalty for Treason in Atlantic Canada and then execute all Corporate Executives in Nova Scotia guilty of Treason in Halifax.

Then we need to petition NATO to invade Croatia and the Balkans on the Ground and overthrow their Dictatorship in Croatia.

This needs to be done manually by an on the ground invasion by NATO into the Balkans so we can kill all the people in the Balkans who brought their Mixed Government of Business and Disconnected Government Arms and  overthrew sections of the Nova Scotia and Canadian Governments.

Then we will remove all their Geocide Groups and Fake Countries in the Balkans and show them their Fake Croatia Mixed Business and Goverment System will NOT win in Nova Scotia or Canada.

Much more to follow later as this is a large topic and way more details to come as they have been publicly caught.


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