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Treason: Tales of Treason In Atlantic Canada - The Irving Oil Connection

Irving Mainway -The Pre-Sunday Shopping Outlet
When I worked at Sobeys Canada's Head Office on SAP Design over ten years ago this was during the Croatian Dictatorship's Overthrow of our Sunday Shopping Law.

From my recollections this is the time line and the connections to Irving Oil, a known tax evader who as I remember kept their money in the past offshore in the Cayman Islands or something. A well know fact.

Thinking of how Sobeys suddenly started cracking down on their employees and canceling things like job promotions and tuition funding as well as cancelling SAP Design Projects this staff crackdown all coincided with the illegal changing of the Sunday Shopping Law.

Including Project Managers taking an $85 Thousand Dollar a year pay cut and Analysts not receiving credit for Project Hours plus double and triple job sharing of one University Graduate Salaried Position.

After Sobeys illegal lawsuit changed the law they began stripping staff benefits and promises at the office, no doubt I believe they that thought they owned a non-reporting piece of the government and were using that to illegally crack down on staff benefits and enforcing their crazy unfounded office policies through a non reporting branch of the Canadian Government.

Sobeys, guilty of treason or not participated in the new illegal office rules that are against Nova Scotia Labor Laws and backed and enforced by a non reporting branch of the Canadian Government at the Supreme Courts in Halifax.

When these illegal activities against staff as I wrote about in a previous post reached my desk I promptly "made a huge scene" in front of the other staff and  threw a hissy fit and quit my job in front of all the other office staff and told them all to go fuck themselves in front of everyone and then stormed out in my usual fashion.

I'm sure that between my means of departure from their Company at the time and written work I have done today has more than gotten the point across to them that they did not get away with their illegal actions against me at their office.

One of the main topics on their business actions is the "breaking down" of their business in a smaller business.

What that means is they are taking their large Corporation and breaking it down into smaller entities on paper to get around Canadian Laws and then when a non reporting branch of the government passes a law to allow them to operate they reassemble their Company.

In their case, to get around the No Sunday Shopping Laws.

In Croatia, who have illegally mixed business and government together in the same manner, what they would be doing in Canada is from Croatia one of their "Large Businesses" would be broken down into smaller ones.

Then they would take the smaller ones and "smuggle" them through Canadian Laws from their illegal dictatorship in small pieces into Canada using non reporting branches of the Canadian Government.

Once all the smaller pieces were inside Canada a non reporting branch of the Canadian Government would pass a law to reassemble their business.

Then, a Croatia Government run Business would be set up in Canada. It's a Corporation that owns a non reporting branch of the Government.

In Canada, Sobeys models that same structure. They are a Corporation that broke their company down into smaller pieces to get around a law, then a non reporting branch of the Nova Scotia Government passed a law that allowed them to operate and they reassembled it.

Now, that might be treason anyway but I don't know.

The Question is does Sobeys Corporation own the non reporting branch of the Government or not?

 Well, that is up to Federal Proseutors to determine and if they do that is Treason.

In the meantime the non reporting branch of the Nova Scotia Government did commit treason when they passed the law, but what was their benefit in choosing to pass a law for Sobeys? In short someone financially gained from the illegal law, so someone at the non reporting branch of the government would have gotten money from Sobeys.

Who is what is to be determined.

That could be Sobeys Executives or the non reporting branch of the government are maybe shareholders or own a stake in their Company or both. Maybe it's all the above and Sobeys Corporation owns all of that illegally like their counterparts in the illegal dictatorship in Croatia. 

The money earned for the non reporting branch of the government and Sobeys was from Sunday Shoppers. It's a pretty easy formula, the illegal non reporting branch of the government would get a cut of the Sunday Shopping Money in their pocket as a kick back for passing the law. 

Then Sobeys would have had to pay them for that from the Corporate level. That means someone at Sobeys is guilty of paying them to change the law illegally, treason.

That's because if there was no money changing hands to change the law then their would have been no benefit to even bother illegally passing it. The non reporting branch would never had changed the law illegally for no financial gain as a free gift to Sobeys.

Plus, during the Sunday Shopping Ban which was just because it was for religious reasons for Church Sunday, Nova Scotia businesses were the only group pushing for the referendum because they wanted an extra day's sales per week. Obviously, that must be a lot of money for one days sales from customers in Nova Scotia.

The businesses pushed for the referendum and lost the vote, after this they illegally overturned the referendum with a non reporting branch of the Canadian Government to get all the money illegally from Sunday Shoppers in Nova Scotia.

Then who do you think was working in Canada during the Sunday Shopping ban? That's right...Kolinda Kitarovic "the whore of Croatia" who was the Croatian Ambassador at the Croatian Embassy in Canada in 1998 who later became Dictator of Croatia.

The timeline:

1998 - Kolinda Kitaroivic Croatia Dictator works in Canada 

2004 - Sunday Shopping Refferendum

--- Then Sobeys begins breaking down their Company to get around Sunday Shopping Ban---

2006 - Nova Scotia illegally lifts ban after Sobeys Lawsuit

After this Sobeys received a similar deal that Croatia Businesses have - Corporations mixed with non reporting branchs of the federal government.

Then in 2008 all my projects were scrapped at the office and my tuition money cut.

Then they told me to "do the work out of my own pocket" like they do in Croatia with the same structure so I said to them "fuck you Croatian Slave Herder" and quit, then promptly humiliated their Company through out the Death Metal music community for their office actions against me.

I'm saying that Sobeys thought were in Croatia now when they did that, now they will find out they are not and then Croatia will be dismantled at the World Court in Europe.

The main thing on this post in why they break down their companies into smaller pieces - it's to illegally get around a Countries Law or to illegally penetrate a Country with a Croatian business.

Just before I left Sobeys added to the time line:

-2008 - Irving Oil begins breaking down their Company after the Sunday Shopping Ban Lifted.

Irving Oil did this at Sobeys.

Irving is a Private Company and Sobeys is on the Stock Market.

Cirle K - Irving Oils Post Sunday Shopping / Sobeys Mixed Store
Irving, then took all their "Mainway" Gas Stations and then converted them from Corporate to "private franchises" called "Circle K".

Sobeys became their Food Suppilier at their Gas Station convenience stores.

I don't know what the structure is today but that's what it was ten years ago.

Sobeys, took all of the Irving Gas Station Convenience stores and loaded them into their Stock Market SAP System as "being serviced by Sobeys".

What I thought they were doing was breaking down Irving Oil Convenience Stores into smaller businesses from a Private Corporation and loading them into a Public Corporation's SAP System on the Stock Market.

In their Company the Irvings were set up like small Sobeys stores. So I don't know for sure but it looked like they loaded a piece of a separate private company  into their computer system like a "merger".

That would mean that Sobeys a Stock Market Company is holding a piece of Irving a private Company illegally in their bushiness called Circle K. 

Sobeys is saying they are "independent convenience store franchises" that they sell products to, but everyone knows Irving Oil owns them.

Now I don't know yet.

That would make Sobeys on the Stock Market at the Toronto Stock Exchange illegally mixed with Irving Oil and holding a piece of their Private Company on the public stock market.

That would make Sobeys and Irving Oil a "mixed company" of Public and Private running illegally on the Toronto Stock Exchange, that means they both are going to be closed if true.

So when you look on the Toronto Stock Exchange and see "Empire Corporation" that is Sobeys and they may be holding a piece of a Private Company illegally in their business.

What that means is I believe that Irving Oil placed a section of its Private Company in Sobeys a Public Company and is running illegally on the stock market and that they are mixed.

So why would Irving Oil break a piece of their Company down and put it in Sobeys? What laws would they be trying to get around. Sobeys did that with Sunday Shopping, then Irving did it next and put a piece of their Company in Sobeys on the stock market.

I believe they are doing this to get around tax laws but I don't know the specific target they are after.

Also, I believe the target is the Toronto Stock Exchange itself, and that they are breaking Companies down from Croatia into smaller pieces to avoid stock market regulations and taxations.

Finally, I also believe that Sobeys is not being regulated at the Toronto Stock Exchange because the Stock Exchange Regulation has also been disconnected from reporting to the government.

I am saying that a non reporting branch of the federal government is running stock market regulations and has been disconnected from Ottawa.

That is why Sobeys is not being regulated on the Stock Market.

My conclusion is that the Toronto Stock Exchange Regulations have been stolen by a non reporting branch of the Canadian Government and they are using that to not report to Ottawa stock market infractions to get away with illegal stock market activities and avoid taxation etc.

So the first non reporting government branch is caught with Sobeys on the Illegal Sunday Shopping Laws , then Irving Oil broke a piece of their Company down and put it in Sobeys (all the office staff at Sobeys know this and it is public knowledge).

Then the Second non reporting government branch is caught in Toronto at the Toronto Stock Exchange and NOT enforcing stock market regulations on Sobeys Corporation.

This is because everyone in Canada knows the Sunday Shopping Lawsuit was from an Illegal Lawsuit by Sobeys Corporation but the Toronto Stock Exchange refuses to step in and regulate the issue and are ignoring the issue, obviously they are being paid to do this.

Much more to come including how they detached the government arms potentially and more details of the illegal non reporting branch of the Canadian Government running the stock market regulations in Toronto.


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