Monday, July 9, 2018

News: Scientists Claim To Have Discovered New Wasp Species

New Aggressive Alpha Queen Wasp
Scientists are claiming today that they have discovered a new species of wasp in the Amazon Rain forest with a massive stinger.

Right away I ran to my Bee Book to look up the species and check if it was on the Bee Chart. 

Based on what I found in my Bee Book my first glance opinion its that it appears to actually be a Queen Wasp. 

Specifically, this is probably the Highly Aggressive Alpha Queen Wasp and looks leaner with a longer stinger.

The regular Wasp Queen is much fatter with a shorter but similar stinger.

This Alpha Wasp is probably the Queen and may not have yet made it's own colony thus keeping it's thin appearance.

Weather or not this highly aggressive female bee will assume the role of queen and lose it's lean appearance is undetermined.

You can tell that this is a highly aggressive alpha because of it's longer than normal stinger which is similar to the regular queens stinger.

This new highly aggressive female alpha wasp is probably extremely terrible and attacks everything while running the wasp hive, like a sort of terrible alpha queen soldier bee for aggressive wasp colonization in the Amazon.

My first glance opinion is that the bee is probably a result of the recent heat wave. The recent heat wave of 2018 is probably creating highly aggressive wasps and that is their alpha queen, meaning the extreme heat is driving wasp colonization and resulting in new highly aggressive female alpha wasps.

Traditional Queen Wasp
As a side note, the recent record heat wave temperatures may be creating a super colony of highly alpha wasps that are thriving in the record heat wave temperatures, just keep that in mind when you are out this summer that the heat may be creating highly aggressive alpha bees, wasps and hornets so just be careful not to get stung.

My opinion on this new Highly Aggressive Female Wasp is based on other wasp pictures in my Bee Book as well as other research of Alpha's in other species.

For example, this would be similar to the "Brown Pigeon" or Alpha Pigeon which is different than the regular Grey Pigeon.

The Highly Aggressive Alpha Queen Wasp is probably similar to the Brown Alpha Pigeon, which is probably also female. 

The Brown Alpha Pigeon like the new Alpha Wasp may also be the Queen of the Grey Pigeons in the Bird Community.

Brown Alpha Pigeon
 When you see these "alternate" birds and animals like wasps what you are probably seeing is the Alpha Animals which you can determine by their alternate colors, size and in the case of the Highly Aggressive Female Alpha Queen Wasp it's large stinger and leaner faster looking appearance. 

Based on my own research that I did myself I would determine that the scientists are wrong and don't understand Alphas in nature like bees and other animals and are just talking out of their ass.

Again this also makes the news story wrong. 

My final conclusion is that the scientists are wrong and don't understand how alpha animals work in nature and the news is also wrong. 

Therefore, the new bee has been determined by me that it is called the Highly Aggressive Female Alpha Wasp, and the source of the wasp is record heat temperatures and it is used as an aggressive queen in nature during extreme heat waves for fast aggressive wasp colonization, this one apparently is in the Amazon.


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