Saturday, June 24, 2017

The United States is now part of Canada

The United States of America has been defeated.

Everyone living in the United States are now officially in Canada since Washington D.C. has been recently liberated by Canadian forces. The Cold War Cunts running Washington D.C. have been officially removed from power and the United States now belongs to Canada.

Replacing the Cold War Relics in Washington D.C is President Donald Trump who will continue to run the United States for the Wall Street Stock Market on behalf of myself and Canada.

Canada will be running the former Territory of the United States of America as a Brutal Totalitarian Dictatorship from Canada and will report to my desk personally here in Halifax.

President Donald Trump, CEO of the United States will be working for me at my desk personally on behalf of Wall Street, New York City, which now reports to Canada of behalf of our Brutal Totalitarian Dictatorship recently incorporated in the United States from here in Halifax.

In my recent quest for World Domination I have recently received the Military Rank of Emperor of the United States of America.

The United States of America is officially now a Brutal Totalitarian Dictatorship from Canada run by Donald Trump of behalf of myself where I have achieved the Rank of Emperor of America from my desk here in Halifax.

The Constitution of the United States of America is no longer valid and has been removed.

The people of the United States region will now report to Canada's Constitution going forward and the rules will essentially be the same.

The main difference between the old America and the new American Dictatorship from Canada is that you are now under Canada law and any opposition to the New Dictatorship from Canada will probably be sent to Concentration Camps and Death Camps.

All other regular United States Citizens will be unaffected and will report to President Donald Trump on behalf of the Canadian Dictatorship in the United States.

The United States of America was recently sold to Canada for $1 dollar (CAD) and the money was provided by myself here in Halifax to make the purchase. The money was taken from my Coffee money from my super massive death metal record label which has not yet opened.


At some point my picture will probably replace Ben Franklin on the USA $100 Bill as I am the new Emperor of America working for Canada and boss of President Donald Trump at Washington D.C.

You can tell by the look on Ben Franklin's face that he will soon be replaced by a picture of Jason Mackenzie on the $100 Bill.

President Donald Trump CEO of America, working for the New Canadian Dictatorship in the United States and reporting to Jason MacKenzie, Emperor of America in Halifax.

All previous USA Patriotism is no longer required and regular citizens can return to normal behavior.  Uncle Sam and the Red White and Blue have been dissolved and are no longer required. 

Anyone questioning the Power of the Canadian Dictatorship in the United States will probably be sent to concentration Camps by NATO.

USA Patrioism is no longer required and all United States Citizens have been freed from the shackles of uncle sam and the scam of the Red, White and Blue.

United States citizens can finally be relieved that they are no longer required to support American Patriotism and drop the embarrassing terrible top hats and embarrassing red, white and blue stripes on everything and return to regular behavior as "Old Glory" America has been officially terminated in the United States after the Defeat of the Cold Wars Dust Mites living in their Dust Pan in Washington D.C. recently by Canadian Forces.

As we still await the Keys to the Nuclear Arsenal here in Canada, once returned to myself I will commence with the intimidate Nuclear Bombing of all Enemies of NATO who oppose our Global Dominance and enslave our enemies with NATO Forces.

Although, I am still here in Halifax waiting for the Nuclear Keys to arrive I am sure it will not be long as Soldiers on Horseback armed with Cannons have been dispached to Washington D.C. to retrive my property.


NO LONGER IN PLACE, You are now under Canada Law.

Washington D.C. pictured below is now officially defeated and under Canadian Dictatorial Law, Citizens have been freed and will remain as normal, opposition groups will be arrested and sent to Concentration camps by NATO Forces.


You can tell by all the Anti Donald Trump sentiment in the news that this is true. They are the old staff of the stale dust mites in Washington D.C. from the Cold War who have been recently defeated by Canada and are under Canadian Dictatorial Law now, led by Donald Trump and myself EMPEROR OF AMERICA.

They will probably be all eradicated by the time the Nuclear Keys arrive here on Horseback any day now from Washington D.C. the biggest Cunt Prick Job to ever exist and has been incinerated by myself personally.

The United States of America - Sold to Canada for $1 (CAD), and paid for by Jason MacKenize, Death Metal Super God and Emperor of America, from the spare change from his Coffee money from his Super Massive Death Metal Record Label that has yet to open.



Huge Radio Station in Halifax at new Gay bar? WHat?

Here is a rumor that I recently heard. 

Go to downtown Halifax and get your band on the BBC!
 Apparently, since the Reflections Gay Bar building has been  demolished, at least I think that's  what it was. They are building a new super big Gay Bar up in the new Nova Building trade center thing to replace the Reflections building.

In the top of the Nova Center in down town Halifax in one of the "towers" they are supposed to be building a new huge Radio station that will play heavy metal bands and will be played on heavy metal shows on the BBC in England and on Satellite Radio like XM or whatever it is.

So all you have to do is go down to the new Nova Center for a chance to get your heavy metal band played in studio on the BBC in England.

Here is what to do....all you have is to go down to the new Nova Center and ask them where the new Gay bar is up in the building because you want to ask them to get your heavy metal band played on the BBC live in the new Radio Station at the top of the new Nova Center.

All you posers following me around in Halifax copying me because I am a Death Metal God looking to get your "metal" bands played on the BBC in England should all go down there because you are all gay and should fit right in.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Heavy Metal Scam Alert or what!

As expected the Heavy Metal posers are at it again up in Montreal running their latest but not new scam. 

Here's the deal They are fucking posers and the biggest losers on the Planet heavy metal and beyond.


Reading what's posted in public on the internet for scams and shit looks like pure jack material for gossips on forums and messages boards and of course blogs.

Hee Haw Blee Haw Everyone.

Let's quote the latest Scam...."Here's an idea, let's start a record label and run it for a few years and then close it and take a fucking heavy metal cruise to see Anthrax in front of all the internet because we're so tough no one would ever dare even say anything about it....snort snort Hee Haw Blee Haw."

Fucking Yeah Right.

Wow no way man, that sounds just like what happened to Collapse 11 years ago and why I took my fucking record back. That's because if your label is a fucking scam you're not getting my fucking record or being around me or my band ever for the rest of history. FUCK YOU CUNT. 

I can definitely say that none of you scammers from Montreal will ever be around my part of metal cunts, which is NOT SMALL.

This is like the second time this has has happened that I know about.

So it's like this is it up their in Montreal, Atlantic Canada and probably Ontario in fucking metal from you fucking scams is it?

Yeah well, you're never coming to my location for the rest of the history of Heavy Metal.

In fact, I'm going to fucking break down what that means to you fucking cunts who are local in the heavy metal scene here or up in Quebec and Ontario.

So here's the big rip off up in Montreal and now it's down here in Atlantic Canada and probably Ontario.

Now they just sign you and run their business for a few years and then they say they are broke and then liquidate their inventory and take a fucking cruise and say they can't pay the fucking bands for their records.

Now it looks like their up there starting a fucking magazine or something.

So they close the metal label after a few years and say they are broke....then they take a fucking cruise on more than one occasion that I know about, then they open a new scam the next day and say it's a different business.

Yeah Right.

Here's how you know they are fucking scams they are broke and can't pay the bands, then they sell it off and take a fucking cruise to see Anthrax or something, then they have a new business the next day.

Yeah, bullshit...if you're broke and can't afford the label why don't you get the fuck out of the metal scene and stop saying people don't know you're doing it.

If you got no money for the old label and their bands then where did the money come from for the new business? Fucking liars.

Then just a quick cruise between scams and no one can ever say anything.


Here's the deal....their all up their doing that saying that no one has the guts to say anything to them because they are so fucking tough so they probably take a fucking cruise with the old money from the closed label and don't pay the bands or something.

At least that's what it looks like in PUBLIC ON THE INTERNET so fuck you!

How about this for a fucking addition....they are all up their mocking me in public in front of Heavy Metal shit that I'M IN BIGGER THAN THEM and saying I don't have the fucking guts to do anything about it or say anything.

Guess what posers Hee Haw Blee Haw YOU ARE FUCKING NOT CORRECT.

If you fucking cunts at those scams up in Quebec open your fucking mouth about me at Heavy Metal shit and say I don't have the guts to say anything about you and then you start mocking me on the fucking internet in public in front of metal....then you are wrong dick smack.

You people are fucking nothing in Heavy Metal and I am Huge in it. You can fucking go fuck yourself at your cruise why Anthrax watches from the fucking pool.

So it's like this in metal up in Quebec now is it??????????

All you fucks following me around copying me and making fun of me at shows up in Montreal are all fucking gay.

What are you fucking gay stalkers or what?

Everything I do they follow me around because I am huge in Heavy Metal and copy all the stuff I am into and then now your up their in Montreal copying me in front of heavy metal and making fun of me at the same time...all while you say I won't say anything because I am "scared" of you and won't tell people you are doing it.

Then they go out watch me and find all the stuff  that I am having issues with in music and shit and go support the other side of my arguments in public and then wear their band merchandise at shows, while they copy me at the same time and make fun of me at the same time in public on the internet in front of metal, then you say I am to "scared" of you to say anything about it. 

Then you go out and start labels and sign bands and quit after a few years and then liquidate and take a fucking vacation with the money in front of the bands I am being told and then tell them you have no money.

Then you open a new business the next day and think everyone is too "scared" of you to say anything.

You are fucking wrong Quebec Metal Scams.

The reason I don't say anything about you cunts is because I am fucking huge and you bands and business are too small to talk about on the internet coming from someone HUGE IN METAL LIKE ME.

That's because you're too fucking small to get my advertisement on the fucking internet. Why would I be scared to say something about a bunch of rip off posers like at you fuckers up in Quebec?



All you scams were already told to get the fuck out of my face and stop copying my songs and albums or you will all need lawyers in the future.

If you have my songs and riffs on your albums I will get a Lawyer to take your album and your Record Label and I will own it at my Apartment.

Then I will take it off the market and never release it to the public.

My first Collapse album was bootlegged  from these fucking scams in Montreal is where it started. That album is MY PROPERTY.

In the future I will get a Lawyer to PULL ALL COPIES OFF THE INTERNET and then then I will go collect my royalties from your bank accounts through the Civil Court System from people bootlegging my first record.

You are all fucking poor and fucking bums. 

I am going to tell you how it is in metal between me and you fucking scams in Quebec.

My career is in Technology and I am a Computer Software Designer and Professional Certified Project Manager.

Right now I am not working and I am setting up a REAL RECORD LABEL that is an ACTUAL BUSINESS that will be a real business in the future. 

If I was working in Technology right now I could afford to run Nuclear Blast Records out of the spare change in my pocket because they are so small to someone like me.

If I was working at Technology instead of doing books and music I could afford to run a McDonalds's Restaurant out of the trunk of my Maserati. 


I would have so much money I could run the biggest death metal label like Nuclear Blast out of my fucking spare change for real, not fake like you gay fucks following me around.



All you fucking scams....


You have no fucking sound production, you have no mastering your mixes are terrible, you can't write songs all your fucking bands suck, all your fucking labels suck and you have fucking nothing.

I have everything to rung a huge label with professional everything in it and have real songs and everything and you fucks don't have anything I do.


I'm going to take with Lawyers every label and band's albums with my material on them and I will own it and then you can go hee haw blee haw fuck you.

Keep thinking that you're big and tough and that you're scaring me because you're so poor and small that I won't saying anything and keep taking the other side off my arguments that you find out about in public and then copying everything I do at the same time because I'm so awesome and then making fun of me at metal shows and shit while you run scams at fake labels and sell them off to take vacations every two minutes and then start mocking me and making fun of me at shows in metal in front of everyone while I'm setting up a REAL BUSINESS that you will never be around for the rest of the history of metal and I will get a fucking lawyer and take all your bands, albums and labels when I sue you in court and then I will own them.



Does it sound like I'm fucking "scared" of you cunt? 

I'm going to get lawyers to take everything you fucking have at those fucking scams in the future then I will own your fucking albums.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Father's Day

Recently, I was talking to a few people like some girls specifically and they were telling me about the crazy shit people say to you when you are out by yourself. I was saying it must be a common theme these days and a lot of people are fucking idiots anyway and told them to not even worry about it. 

So the girl had lost her kids several years ago because she couldn't look after them and she was just talking about what was going on. She said the other people that had them came down to her and told her to fucking shut her mouth about her feelings about the kids later when she was by herself. They said she was pissing them off by talking about it. What they meant was that since she lost her kids she shouldn't have any feelings about it and she should just fuck off and give it up. The girl was just saying to her friends and shit about stuff that was going on and how she felt about it. She said the neighbors heard about what she was saying and everyone got pissed off because the real mother across town or something was saying she had feelings about it and stuff. 

She said the other people came down and told her to shut her mouth and she should just forget it and shut up because she was pissing them off talking about her kids across town. I told her that they are just fucking retards anyway and don't even care about it.

Anyway, the girl is super nice and she is right popular or something and just lives across town and has a bunch of friends and shit and they were all going on about a bunch of shit outside all gossiping or doing some girl shit or something. She said that her kids across town were into all these sports and shit and doing all this stuff now. So people were telling her all the shit that her kids were into now and she was looking it up to see what they were into. She said like hockey and shit and was seeing what their favorite teams were and stuff. She said they were into like art shit and stuff now that they are a bit older.

So she went and looked it all up at her house to see what they were watching. Like she heard about their favorite sports and art stuff and she went out and bought it all so she could do it by herself at her house. So she ran out and bought all this sports stuff and art stuff and she set it up and was doing it all to see what they liked about it.

Then she went around telling everyone what her kids were into because someone told her and she went out and bought it all and was showing it to all her friends.  So her and all her friends were out in the back yard all talking about what her kids were into and she said she was into all that now across town and she was showing them what her kids were into and that were all looking at it at her house.

She said that the father and his new wife found out about it because everyone there knows her and all the girls gossip all the time. She said the other family came down out of no where and told her to shut her fucking mouth and stop going on about what her kids were into and give it up because they are not hers any more. They were saying she shouldn't have feelings about it now and to shut up because she was pissing off the other family. Anyway, I told her not to even care about it. 

She said she didn't because they need to fuck off out of her life, holy fuck they got the kids what else do they want from her. She said she didn't have to shut her mouth too, they were just a bunch of idiots and she was just seeing what the kids were into.

I told her that they are not even allowed down there, don't even care about it.

Then we were all talking about the other shit that was going on, I said that I have kids but they live far away then I don't have these issues, like with Father's Day and shit. I told them don't even care about that stuff. I said right, your kids are having father's day with some other guy , the one that totally lost them and they have two new parents, what ever you do at your house is none of their business. 

So we were talking and saying about all the kids that just visit their father for visitation when we don't have any. We were saying that that they probably see the real father on father's day. That's probably some of the time they get with them. 

We were all wondering what all the husbands are doing on Father's Day when the kids were out with their real father for visit. 

So we got to the point that when all the kids were busy with their real father on Father's Day like the ones who still live with both parents that the wives were probably all free for the day. We agreed that Father's Day would be a great day to go out picking up women because all the kids were out being busy with their father. We all decided that Father's Day would be the perfect day for picking up cheating wives because no one can get caught cheating using that for a cover.

Then we were saying that the other girl was having a bunch of issues and that some stranger came up to her and said they see her at the beach all the time and was pissing her off. I told her that it was probably a stalker. She said she was only at the beach like twenty times in one summer over three months. She said the other person was following her around and every time she barely went out of the house. So she only went out to the beach like twenty times in one summer over like three months and some one came over to her and said they see her out at the beach all the time. 

She said she didn't. She said she only went like twenty times and someone started saying to her she was there every day.

I told her they were a stalker and were trying to embarrass her to make her self conscious so she wouldn't go to the beach because it made them jealous.

So we were all saying that her going to the beach was making some stalker jealous about her out in a bikini getting a sun tan and stuff, then they went to her and said that they see her all the time there at the beach.

We said they were trying to embarrass her by saying she was there too much. Everyone knew that they were lying though because she only went twenty times in three months.

The stalker said they saw her there all the time admitting they were following her. She said she only went twenty times and every time the stalker person seen her. We told her the stalker was trying to embarrass her by making her self conscious about going to the beach, this was making them jealous, then they thought she would quit going.

I said to her that this is because she was popular and it was making the stalker jealous. Then the stalker tried to get her to quit tanning so she wouldn't go back to the beach because the stalker was getting too jealous.

Anyway the stalker was lying to her face by saying she was there all the time because she wasn't. The person just walked up to her and admitted that they were following her to the beach and then tried to embarrass her because it made them jealous. Then the person thought she would quit tanning because she would be self conscious to go back. I told her this was just some fucker and not even to worry about it.

Then we were all talking about Father's Day again and all the girls there said they were all jealous because men get to have fathers day anyway and they don't. 

Then they all decided that they were going to start celebrating Father's Day for themselves now because it made them jealous and they wanted it. They said they wanted to have Father's Day for them and the men were pissing them off about it.

So now they are all going out to celebrate Father's Day and having it for themselves from now on. So I guess Father's Day is for bunch of girls now because they are all going out to get Father's Day cakes for themselves and are eating it at home alone to celebrate Father's Day by themselves because they wanted it. Now it's their day from now on.