Saturday, June 24, 2017

Huge Radio Station in Halifax at new Gay bar? WHat?

Here is a rumor that I recently heard. 

Go to downtown Halifax and get your band on the BBC!
 Apparently, since the Reflections Gay Bar building has been  demolished, at least I think that's  what it was. They are building a new super big Gay Bar up in the new Nova Building trade center thing to replace the Reflections building.

In the top of the Nova Center in down town Halifax in one of the "towers" they are supposed to be building a new huge Radio station that will play heavy metal bands and will be played on heavy metal shows on the BBC in England and on Satellite Radio like XM or whatever it is.

So all you have to do is go down to the new Nova Center for a chance to get your heavy metal band played in studio on the BBC in England.

Here is what to do....all you have is to go down to the new Nova Center and ask them where the new Gay bar is up in the building because you want to ask them to get your heavy metal band played on the BBC live in the new Radio Station at the top of the new Nova Center.

All you posers following me around in Halifax copying me because I am a Death Metal God looking to get your "metal" bands played on the BBC in England should all go down there because you are all gay and should fit right in.


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