Saturday, June 24, 2017

The United States is now part of Canada

The United States of America has been defeated.

Everyone living in the United States are now officially in Canada since Washington D.C. has been recently liberated by Canadian forces. The Cold War Cunts running Washington D.C. have been officially removed from power and the United States now belongs to Canada.

Replacing the Cold War Relics in Washington D.C is President Donald Trump who will continue to run the United States for the Wall Street Stock Market on behalf of myself and Canada.

Canada will be running the former Territory of the United States of America as a Brutal Totalitarian Dictatorship from Canada and will report to my desk personally here in Halifax.

President Donald Trump, CEO of the United States will be working for me at my desk personally on behalf of Wall Street, New York City, which now reports to Canada of behalf of our Brutal Totalitarian Dictatorship recently incorporated in the United States from here in Halifax.

In my recent quest for World Domination I have recently received the Military Rank of Emperor of the United States of America.

The United States of America is officially now a Brutal Totalitarian Dictatorship from Canada run by Donald Trump of behalf of myself where I have achieved the Rank of Emperor of America from my desk here in Halifax.

The Constitution of the United States of America is no longer valid and has been removed.

The people of the United States region will now report to Canada's Constitution going forward and the rules will essentially be the same.

The main difference between the old America and the new American Dictatorship from Canada is that you are now under Canada law and any opposition to the New Dictatorship from Canada will probably be sent to Concentration Camps and Death Camps.

All other regular United States Citizens will be unaffected and will report to President Donald Trump on behalf of the Canadian Dictatorship in the United States.

The United States of America was recently sold to Canada for $1 dollar (CAD) and the money was provided by myself here in Halifax to make the purchase. The money was taken from my Coffee money from my super massive death metal record label which has not yet opened.


At some point my picture will probably replace Ben Franklin on the USA $100 Bill as I am the new Emperor of America working for Canada and boss of President Donald Trump at Washington D.C.

You can tell by the look on Ben Franklin's face that he will soon be replaced by a picture of Jason Mackenzie on the $100 Bill.

President Donald Trump CEO of America, working for the New Canadian Dictatorship in the United States and reporting to Jason MacKenzie, Emperor of America in Halifax.

All previous USA Patriotism is no longer required and regular citizens can return to normal behavior.  Uncle Sam and the Red White and Blue have been dissolved and are no longer required. 

Anyone questioning the Power of the Canadian Dictatorship in the United States will probably be sent to concentration Camps by NATO.

USA Patrioism is no longer required and all United States Citizens have been freed from the shackles of uncle sam and the scam of the Red, White and Blue.

United States citizens can finally be relieved that they are no longer required to support American Patriotism and drop the embarrassing terrible top hats and embarrassing red, white and blue stripes on everything and return to regular behavior as "Old Glory" America has been officially terminated in the United States after the Defeat of the Cold Wars Dust Mites living in their Dust Pan in Washington D.C. recently by Canadian Forces.

As we still await the Keys to the Nuclear Arsenal here in Canada, once returned to myself I will commence with the intimidate Nuclear Bombing of all Enemies of NATO who oppose our Global Dominance and enslave our enemies with NATO Forces.

Although, I am still here in Halifax waiting for the Nuclear Keys to arrive I am sure it will not be long as Soldiers on Horseback armed with Cannons have been dispached to Washington D.C. to retrive my property.


NO LONGER IN PLACE, You are now under Canada Law.

Washington D.C. pictured below is now officially defeated and under Canadian Dictatorial Law, Citizens have been freed and will remain as normal, opposition groups will be arrested and sent to Concentration camps by NATO Forces.


You can tell by all the Anti Donald Trump sentiment in the news that this is true. They are the old staff of the stale dust mites in Washington D.C. from the Cold War who have been recently defeated by Canada and are under Canadian Dictatorial Law now, led by Donald Trump and myself EMPEROR OF AMERICA.

They will probably be all eradicated by the time the Nuclear Keys arrive here on Horseback any day now from Washington D.C. the biggest Cunt Prick Job to ever exist and has been incinerated by myself personally.

The United States of America - Sold to Canada for $1 (CAD), and paid for by Jason MacKenize, Death Metal Super God and Emperor of America, from the spare change from his Coffee money from his Super Massive Death Metal Record Label that has yet to open.



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