Thursday, March 28, 2024

Francis Scott Key: The Poet Behind the Star-Spangled Banner

The history of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge

BALTIMORE: Governor Takes Charge Of Singapore Cash Disaster

The Governor of Baltimore was at the first responders site of an expensive Singapore newer mega cargo ship, now stuck in Baltimore in Washington D.C.

This closed the port a Baltimore and now ship traffic has been diverted to other ports, like Boston, New York and Halifax.

Then the Governor of Baltimore is on the ground in disconnected neighborhoods because of the accident, on opening day of MLB.

Now this disconnected bridge is a big deal to the slums in Baltimore giving them an insight into the city like it was in the same neighborhood's in Baltimore during slave times.

Hopefully, the MLB people will be down with hot packs for mittens and snacks from the game as they wait for Singapore to arrive and pick up the ship in a new huge PR campaign with the Governor going on in the poor parts of Baltimore at the accident site.


Sunday, March 24, 2024

MLB NEWS: Mexico City, Mexico Diablos Heading To NL To Replace Houston(?)

The 2024 MLB Season starts next week.

Exhibition games in Mexico City today mean this...

Toronto, Ontario Canada, Blue Jays - AL East

New York, New York Yankees - AL East

Houston, Texas - Astros - AL Central 

Mexico City (Acapulco backed team) Diablos - Mexico - NL Central (Replace Houston)

That is what they are saying at the Mexico, City Mexico - New York, New York MLB Spring Training Exhibition today.


RE: Bootleg Blogger Pages Off Can Lick It

Like I said about Metallica...

With their archive you can direct hotlink to the catalog or DOWNLOAD the songs and pictures to make your own page.

On they have "Blogger List Archives" of tons of album downloads used to make Blogs with ad redirects.

I mean, fuck man...loading thousands of songs onto blogs off storage for small click through revenue too much work I mean it takes a whole company to load that on the internet.

They store their archives on album Blogger list archives..

Come near my page with you lame click through business and you'll be over...going on about my web traffic streaming pages about something.

My pages are streaming pages only and clearly labeled when public domain now fuck off.

You pages are lame click through archives for DIRECT DOWNLOADS off zippy file pages so fuck off I don't have your discussion.


SLAYER – HEADBANGER’S BALL – 1995 – 03 – 04

Beavis and Butthead watch Slayer

Slayer - Bloodline


Metallica: I Disappear (Official Music Video)

Metallica - Fuel (Official Music Video)

RE: Metallica 1990's / 2000's Album Singles

Now I go back in my memory archive and see this....

After Digital started "Napster Days" that were just a rip of of FTP File Sharing on IRC, Napster becoming a Spotify business.

Metallica lost big on St. Anger then came back on Death Magnetic.

I'm saying them guys at that point MUST have went broke pressing CD Singles and Box Sets on the last days before Digital.


Luckily for them all the album covers for the full set of Metallica Singles and samples are loaded on with 30 second samples.

I had copies of them all, most of them with all the art and that.

Now they are available on

So Metallica has a dozens of singles and box sets to distribute through for shopping carts and carries templates for them ALL on CD Covers and 30 second samples.

I only use full songs.

Those will probably take off in the future as Digital progresses and Metallica can now recover their money from over pressing cd singles and box sets on the last days of compact disc.


New Wave Of British Heavy Metal '79 (Metallica)

RE: Record Company, Public Domain Rebranding, Metallica & Dying Fetus

Now that many songs are public domain companies are planning to rebrand bands and next versions.
I got all this garbage a few years back, it turns out that on Metallica songs from "Blitzkrieg & Diamond Head" might actually have been James Hetfield auditions before Metallica.

Catalog errors on old albums in archive records show that bands like Iron Maiden might have did the same LP as several different bands and version on demos and early releases, hence several versions of Iron Maiden records with different singers actually the same albums.

They changed the keys and singers etc., then they all went out and got cancelled on the Montreal, Canada Polygram label Banzai Records.

So they just made Metallica, Neat Records "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal" may have INCLUDED James Hetfield appearing on Blitzkrieg releases and Diamond Head releases VERSIONS uncredited on demos, practice or early material.

My research shows this was CHANGED to Los Angeles and branded METALLICA which was signed AFTER James Hetfield was CANCELLED on Blitzkrieg and Diamond making them HIS actual songs that were rebranded British releases and then cancelled in 1983 to promote Metallica, Slayer and Exodus and the songs may have been changed to cover songs, James Hetfield uncredited on the originals from old audition tapes...making him really those bands in reality, without Metallica.

Other acts like Dying Fetus on public domain have been rebranded "Covenance" on the albums "Stop At Nothing" , public domain, "War Of Attrition" where only the singer from Dying Fetus appeared on those two albums.

Now the companies are saying:

Covenance - Stop At Nothing
Covenance - War Of Attrition

Instead of Dying Fetus on those two albums and crediting James Hetfield as being on "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal" releases where his vocal tracks may have appeared on the original records then later changed to be NOT Metallica.

Meaning before Metallica James Hetfield was in Blitzkrieg, Diamond Head and others on New Wave Of British Heavy Metal albums later making them commercial heavy metal songs on Metallica.

Just rumors with facts to them.


Dying Fetus - Stop At Nothing - Public Domain - MY LINK:

Dr. Dre - The Chronic - Public Domain - DEATH ROW RECORDS - MY LINK:

Friday, March 22, 2024

Bolt Thrower - Cenotaph [Official Video]

Ice Cube - Pushin' Weight (UNCENSORED) (HQ)

N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton - MY LINK:

The Donnas - Do You Wanna Hit It - Live

Diary Update, March 22, 2024

While loading my server pages recently I noticed a quiver in the force on the internet, not only Star Wars on public domain now.

Here is my point to the fluxulation in the force...

Years ago people I knew left music, later they keep saying as third parties about "I'm still doing all this stuff working out etc, when other people quit and don't."

It turns out that almost decades later the guy who said that has an older wife and as she approached old age SHE didn't care if she let herself go and not workout etc, anymore...the younger guy to keep her COPIED her and did the same thing and his teeth fell out.

Now she's in an old folks home and everyone else is still not 50, and the guy has no teeth and looks like a geriatric telling people his age to be like him when they kept their teeth and workouts.


No thanks.

Blockbuster Video staff the girls used to hang out in my apartment bedroom while on their lunch break with my girl friend is true.

I had a United States television signal and they used to take turns watching it with me in my bedroom during the work day because I was on the same block, character above never knew that or was invited...came down after the  divorce at the home asking why no one let their teeth go with him.

Blockbuster closed and I moved away to play music, this page etc., Blockbuster closed....that same party is now at my bedroom in Halifax with new girls.

Death Row Records second office name is now owned by me, on public domain and promotes Compton for FREE on NWA and Ice Cube titles etc., from their old second office in Halifax.

I mean to the guy and those people above, do you really think that Suge is gonna back you or support my public domain Compton NWA links page on Urban Sound Exchange?

What are you looking for a fight with NWA, Suge and them or what?

I mean, I have have money and am from those areas...the first thing I did was start promoting them for free.



Wednesday, March 20, 2024

RE: Bad Movie Plots Like "Indecent Proposal" Etc., More Plot Holes

Like this on the movie Indecent Proposal.

Any man who turned down a million dollars for a date with his wife fake anyway.

Like with this poor people discussion of love over money, people who have no money say those plots.

Any man I ever met would have threw her out and been on an airplane to the resort that day, leaving the wife broke and homeless from both men after he throws her out.

Now today on more analysis I think this...

Maybe the guy who had the money KNEW he was going to do that so he was just messing with him as a  joke. 


Monday, March 18, 2024

RE: MLB Yankees, Spring Training '24, Carlos Rodon Ties / Beats Ron Guidry With Garret Cole

In MLB Yankees Spring Training, watch out for those burn marks on those new no tan lines bikini's...the ballpark says those are too keep you warm in the cool and sun at the park with all the new seat material or something...I mean winter vs. summer clothes not the same purpose...bikini's keep you hot and cool in both types of Summer conditions at ball parks, now two Yankees pitchers have beat " '78 Champ Ron Guidry."

I'll just say '78 because that's what I promote...they sucked in the '70's and won in '78 the year Action Park opened in New Jersey...places, my family used to visit when I was a small gifted child in the South Bronx...from here in Nova Scotia.

My point...

Carlos Rodon wins a no hitter in 5 and 2/3 inning in Spring Training to beat or tie Ron Guidry.

Garret Cole also just beat Ron Guidry LAST season and won the Cy Young he and Aaron Judge may be both late starting this year after all those team and league records in the last three years.


Friday, March 15, 2024

Cannibal Corpse - "The Bleeding" Live 1994 (with Chris Barnes) [Full Per...

Six Feet Under - Blood of the Zombie (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Cannibal Corpse - Devoured by Vermin (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Kerry King - Idle Hands (Official Audio)

Slayer - Killing Fields (Live Intrusion, 1995) Multi Camera

MLB: News, Probably Lawsuits Brewing In MLB Over Commentary And Awards System

Right on the air on the New York Yankees YES App,

Over and over and over....

Anthony Volpe Gold Gloves NOT Rookie of the Year like six million times.

God man, you get sick of that mouth on there.

I got it Maaaaaaan.

New York Yankees Gold Award NOT Considered In Rookie of the Year Award.


I guess with all that hard work to the first Yankees Rookie Gold Gloves Shortstop meant that didn't count for the award then.

Good luck to the other guy then.



ABORTED - Vault of Horrors (Full Album Stream)

ABORTED - Condemned To Rot (feat. Francesco Paoli) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Voivod - Ravenous Medicine - Public Domain - MY LINK:

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

VR.5 01 - Lori Singer - Kids From Fame - 1995 Television Series (Aired With X-Files)

Headbanger's Ball 1995 03 04 Slayer

RE: Television Networks, Old Tapes On

For webpages...

Like for PBS and ABC / NBC and them people.

When you're making pages in the internet, on they got "tv rips" of content NOT AVAILABLE right open under the band's name on old VCR tapes off digital.


Where's the rest of the rips at?


Take old broadcast tapes and then rip in 24 hour versions by date from archives from tv stations and post on as public domain and then let fans rip them for youtube and redistribute on archive page as separate videos to share on pages of long television video rips.


INTERNET: Hash Tag Groups On File Sharing With New Domain Extentions

New internet services on Open Source Formats, like content, now allow us to connect open source content with file programs on hash tags across new url extensions.
On file sharing chat rooms and IRC programs (#dalnet, #undernet).

You can use the hash tags with new url extensions to combine things like chat rooms bots, file sharing lists etc.

Like this:

#cryptopsy (public domain example), #jason, #dalnet, #undernet

Where hash tag name points to "internet location" across various programs.

Then combine this with and your url for your own web page.

Like this:


Then you can use .info files to define your list and url locations in your file sharing hashtags.

Like this.

To describe you band or album links and file locations.

On file sharing and IRC - FServe.

In your file search folder:

#irc, #dalnet, #undernet


Then when someone downloads your file, they can see you internet locations, chat room locations, file list and file sharing program locations for your hash tags and chat room.


Six Feet Under - Know-Nothing Ingrate (Lyric Video)

Becky Lynch interrupts Rhea Ripley: WrestleMania XL Kickoff

Dominick Mysterio vs. Frazer - NXT North American Title Match: NXT Halloween Havoc

FULL MATCH - Hulk Hogan vs. The Giant – WCW Title Match: WCW Halloween H...

FULL MATCH - Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio – Title vs. Mask Match: WCW...

The LWO vs. OTM – Triple Threat Tag Match Qualifier: WWE NXT highlights,...

Rey Mysterio returns to help Carlito against Santos Escobar: SmackDown h...

Eddie Guerrero forms the Latino World Order: Nitro, October

The LWO is coming for tag team gold: WWE NXT exclusive, March 12, 2024

Josh Briggs confronts Brooks Jensen | NXT 03/05/24

Oba Femi vs. Brooks Jensen Title Match | WWE NXT 3/12/24

RE: WWE New Fake "Scott Hall" Character LWO Brooks Jensen

I think it looks big that WWE on NXT character development event for RAW that they are using a specter like angle to break in a new "Scott Hall / Razor Ramon" character "Brooks Jensen" using LWO signs etc. from newly dropped "Rey Mysterio" to "Escobar Wrestling Camp?" or something.
Rey Mysterio comes back defeated with that new LWO character angle, official from WCW / NWO line using Rey Mysterio.

Note, Dominick Mysterio also big on NXT development on NXT (WCW) Halloween Havoc return on WWE NXT Pay Per View.

Not that NWO Scott Hall / Rey Mysterio ever left.

Now WWE has a BRAND NEW angle on that with this.

New second and third fake Ultimate Warrior, Razor Ramon etc. character development on WWE NXT.

Brooks Jensen stepping into the Razor Ramon / Scott Hall role for LWO Rey Mysterio signs and t-shirts


Top 10 Monday Night Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Mar. 11, 2024

WWE: New Fake "Razor Ramon, LWO Rey Mysterio Launch "Brooks Jensen"": WWE NXT highlights, March 12, 2024

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Kirk Hammett - "Exodus - Demo - 1982"

Kirk Hammett - High Plains Drifter (Official Video)

Death Angel With Kirk Hammett of Metallica - Trapped Under Ice - Fear Fe...

EXODUS Piranha with KIRK HAMMETT at Fear Fest Evil at Regency SF CA 2/7...


Exodus - Piranha (Live - Studio 54 - 1985)

The Satanic Night Stalker That Terrorised LA | Our Life

Slayer - At Dawn They Sleep lyrics

Napalm Death - Live Corruption - Video - MY LINK:

Napalm Death (ENG) - Live at QMU, Glasgow 7th March 2024 FULL SHOW HD

Pig Destroyer (US) - Live at QMU, Glasgow 7th March 2024 FULL SHOW HD

RE: Last Blog Post

Like that...

The band name Hellacaust / Halifax ...interchangable, you can't copyright that anyway...any band could use that, plus you get the next name.

Then I can get some of my money back in ad traffic off public domain off an old bad record deal because the had a Hellacaust cd released on it.

So you get a demo version for your link to share...then over at the Food Court at the Mic Mac Mall the record store has Hellacaust posters up...a public domain name...then if I was them I'd just print and sell my own cds.


Hellacaust / Execrate - Album Stream - MY LINK:

Macabre - Night Stalker - MY LINK:

Diary Update, March 2024

I made it through those odd calendar changes I blogged about earlier.
This year was a leap year....remember Leap Year NOT a holiday Feb 29.

Not only that I was also mentioning several recent price increases in web site fees...I knew companies went broke on that a few years ago, then when I saved money http:/// was available and I bought that "CD Adpage" to promote web traffic for public domain Thrash Metal CD's with the money I saved.

Now because of public domain all these new undernet services like or at Dal, Dalnet on IRC, are all busy with chat rooms etc., with new formats out and music remix file sharing on chat rooms bots.

Like this.

You tag YOUR VERSION of your public domain re-mix cds with "chat room bots" on Underdernet, this, then share in files hash tags #dalnet, #undernet for the chatroom locations.

That's so YOUR FANS you know from your band concerts can find YOUR chat room on public domain chat room cd tags like #cryptopsy.

So you re-mix Cryptopsy for example, call it some other name for your fans to release on #dalnet, #undernet.

Then your bot holds the chat room on YOUR TAG for the cd like has tag #cryptopsy.

I can keep going...#cryptopsy, #jason that to show fans I'm #jason,#cryptopsy on public domain of #dalnet and #undernet tags.

Like if you hang out on irc or something, you can my version under #crytopsy hash tag and has tag #jason as a sub section.

Then in the chat room on your server like me, promoting concerts in big cities like Halifax, New York, Montreal and Toronto your can chat about concerts coming up on your irc tags or file sharing networks.

Like this..."hey what's up...I live in Halifax...want to meet at Shubie Park and have Sex...apartment on Main, have booth at big concert?"

Or like this..."I'll be in New York City next week on the tour, anyone wanna have sex in Central Park?"



Kerry King - Idle Hands (Official Audio)



Slayer - Disciple : MY LINK:

RE: Public Domain Audio Releases...

Like that, Motorhead...

On public domain I post a public domain song like that Motorhead one...some guy just put that up and the tag is supposed to be "Electric Avenue"...see what I mean?

Now if my company could read they could just start printing them and selling them with on seven views off the guys page.


Moțrhead Р(We Are) The Road Crew (Live)

Sunday, March 10, 2024

NEWS: Rumor, Signal Theft Could Be Data Hack, Plays Ads Backwards To Home Users, **Updated**

I was told by rumor that on subscriptions, all other stream pages CHARGE USERS to REMOVE ads. charges users to ADD AD'S that load as an app the same ones on FREE YOUTUBE pages.

No, you pay to REMOVE the ads.

Now people say that may be a data hack.

Apparently, in rumor a gang in Halifax was caught "blocking checkouts" in stores in a theft ring and arrested.

The hack they claim in the rumor could be used to "attempt to block tones on black box recovery from air plane crashes".

The rumor is the hack plays "third party youtube ads" on streaming ad software that BLOCK official NBC tones on the MLB television signal on laptops and devices.

Rumors at the Mall Food Court said this could be used in an airplane crash as a hack to OVER DUB accident noises on airplanes by "pasting over NBC sports sounds with NON-NBC tones that play super loud noises from outside hack pages on the subscription".

That is the rumor, in a plane crash the pasted over tones coming from subscriptions on the black box recovery noises could be used to cover explosion or gun fire.

The noise from explosions or gunfire on the plane could have been masked by fake tones coming from a hack page logged into pasting over the "NBC Sports Official Sound Signal."

Scary, that is a rumor I heard at the Mall.

Then apparently the other rumor is then some group got in a machine gunfight with the Army over selling store bootlegs that were affiliated.

Not a real report, just a street rumor.

Now people want to know if that was on the Black Boxes recovered from the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks in New York City.


Updated, now think of Youtube videos on subscription pages where you pay to take the ads off.

On those pages FREE non paid videos have ad streaming software...that is where the hack is.

The cheap commercials on Youtube have ads like "has this ever happened to you...?" then when the guy turns on his computer the guy saying that was playing a video of him in the shower naked.

Like for black mail...


They said, the next segment after that "Has this ever happened to you?"

The REAL next event was the FBI Video of them pulling the hacked black box out of the water after the plane crash.

Meaning the switched video, hide the plane crash noises switched with a video of a man in the shower noises, mirroring the water of the plane crash...protentionally, like some kind of video threat.

That's what people said about the rumor.


Saturday, March 9, 2024

RE: MLB Yankees Starting Line Up 2024

Aaron Judge - AL Home Run Record, #1 MLB Hitter

Juan Soto - #2 MLB Hitter

Giancarlo Stanton - MLB Home Run Leader

Anthony Volpe - New York Yankees Gold Gloves Rookie Short Stop - Beat Derek Jeter in rookie season.

Looks good!


Thursday, March 7, 2024

RE: MLB Yankees, YES Network App + Blue Jays

On MLB Spring Training New York Yankees games are on YES App.

That's the web page version, my fantasies Aaron Boone and them are on that working on the game while we watch at home on the same app, plus different television commentary with Spring Training with new players etc., from AAA and that.

That's not Yes Network, that's on YES App.

Now, to get Yankees games in Canada you have to buy the following.

MLB.TV for American Games...

So you need that for New York Yankees on YES App + Toronto Blue Jays App in Canada to see New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays games.


Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Juan Soto and Anthony Rizzo are MASHING during Spring Training!!

He’s ON FIRE! Juan Soto blasts his third home run of Spring Training!

RE: New York Yankees "Commerative Material" '22 - '24

The New York Yankees 2024 Season was a huge success in Florida with new stars like Juan Soto to hit with Aaron Judge.

Notes to the Franklin  Mint:

AL Home Run Champions

Cy Young Award

Perfect Game Juan Soto.

New upcoming stars include new New York Yankees Short Stop BEAT DEREK JETER in first season by winning Gold Gloves as New York Yankees Rookie Short Stop and new upcoming stars with him like future New York Yankees star Spencer Jones.

#1 MLB Hitter - Aaron Judge

#2 MLB Hitter - Juan Soto.

Notes to the team:

Focus on Home Games with Juan where when he wins it counts directly against AL East Juan, brings #2 MLB Hitting to New York ALREADY Tampa Bay Rays KNOW they lost games in the AL East for the 2024 Season just because of Juan.

Now Tampa Bay has to focus on getting some of their wins in other divisions, because of new New York Yankees AL East Hitting Power.


Slayer - World Painted Blood

Sunday, March 3, 2024

RE: No Dungeons & Dragons Update

This part sucks.

The Playtest for the new Players Handbook and Dungeon Masters Guide went on too long, Version 5 and all that content is on Open Source along with all the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons books on with the rest of the Hasbro and TSR old material .

The new version 6 says it's compatible with 5 but looks like a completely new game.

Why waste money and time now when version 5 just wrapped up and is free on open source, obviously people will be playing this free game instead now anyway.


Anthrax - Only (Official Video)

The Donnas - I Don't Want To Know (If You Don't Want Me) [Official Video]

Diamond Head - It's Electric (Remastered 2021) [Official Audio]

Tankard - Hard Rock Dinosaur

Cannibal Corpse - I cum blood - Hellfest 2019

Top 10 Friday Night SmackDown moments: WWE Top 10, March 1, 2024