Sunday, March 24, 2024

RE: Bootleg Blogger Pages Off Can Lick It

Like I said about Metallica...

With their archive you can direct hotlink to the catalog or DOWNLOAD the songs and pictures to make your own page.

On they have "Blogger List Archives" of tons of album downloads used to make Blogs with ad redirects.

I mean, fuck man...loading thousands of songs onto blogs off storage for small click through revenue too much work I mean it takes a whole company to load that on the internet.

They store their archives on album Blogger list archives..

Come near my page with you lame click through business and you'll be over...going on about my web traffic streaming pages about something.

My pages are streaming pages only and clearly labeled when public domain now fuck off.

You pages are lame click through archives for DIRECT DOWNLOADS off zippy file pages so fuck off I don't have your discussion.


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