Sunday, March 24, 2024

RE: Metallica 1990's / 2000's Album Singles

Now I go back in my memory archive and see this....

After Digital started "Napster Days" that were just a rip of of FTP File Sharing on IRC, Napster becoming a Spotify business.

Metallica lost big on St. Anger then came back on Death Magnetic.

I'm saying them guys at that point MUST have went broke pressing CD Singles and Box Sets on the last days before Digital.


Luckily for them all the album covers for the full set of Metallica Singles and samples are loaded on with 30 second samples.

I had copies of them all, most of them with all the art and that.

Now they are available on

So Metallica has a dozens of singles and box sets to distribute through for shopping carts and carries templates for them ALL on CD Covers and 30 second samples.

I only use full songs.

Those will probably take off in the future as Digital progresses and Metallica can now recover their money from over pressing cd singles and box sets on the last days of compact disc.


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