Wednesday, March 13, 2024

INTERNET: Hash Tag Groups On File Sharing With New Domain Extentions

New internet services on Open Source Formats, like content, now allow us to connect open source content with file programs on hash tags across new url extensions.
On file sharing chat rooms and IRC programs (#dalnet, #undernet).

You can use the hash tags with new url extensions to combine things like chat rooms bots, file sharing lists etc.

Like this:

#cryptopsy (public domain example), #jason, #dalnet, #undernet

Where hash tag name points to "internet location" across various programs.

Then combine this with and your url for your own web page.

Like this:


Then you can use .info files to define your list and url locations in your file sharing hashtags.

Like this.

To describe you band or album links and file locations.

On file sharing and IRC - FServe.

In your file search folder:

#irc, #dalnet, #undernet


Then when someone downloads your file, they can see you internet locations, chat room locations, file list and file sharing program locations for your hash tags and chat room.


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