Monday, December 30, 2019

National Socialist Party: Neo Nazi Black Metal Event

National Socialist Black Metal
National Socialist Black Metal or NSBM is having a neo-Nazi Rally this weekend according to in Kyiv, Ukraine and is known as the neo-Nazi networking event of the year

The event is being called a "militant black metal festival" which they say has become a networking hub for the neo-Nazi party in the Capital of the Ukraine.

Bands at the festival have lyrical themes including swastikas, the holocaust, anti Jewish semitism and racial slurs against the Jewish people.

The Militant Black Metal Festival is a hub they are saying for the transnational white supremacy movement and organized by the Azov Movement which played a major role in the Ukraine Revolution and war against Russian Separatists. 

Past extremist networks at the festival also included neo-Nazi groups from the United States, Germany and Italy called the Atomwaffen Division, The Third Path Party and Neo-facisist group Casapound.

Thorsten Hindrich's a musicologist from the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz says that the group plans to build a "pan European community of far right extremists" and has said that it is clear that they have built a network including almost the complete European neo-Nazi scene.

He also says that Kyiv has become a safe space for far right neo-Nazi extremists and that the group was also founded by Russian neo-Nazi's who have relocated to the Ukraine to run the Militant Black Metal Festival and back National Socialist Black Metal for the united European Neo-Nazi Party.


Could the uprising in neo-Nazi activity be coming from the gang rape and murders like in the Rehateah Parsons murder and these other cases?

9 Teens Suspected Of Gang Raping Teenage Girl:

India Police Kill Four Gang Rape Suspects:

Gang Rapes And Murders Case Prompt Wave Of Anger:

Black and India gang rapes have been on the rise and these attacks on our citizens could be coming from illegal immigrants coming from places in the southern hemisphere and India who are coming to Canada illegally.

White extremist sentiment may be on the rise because of these non white gang rape attacks like with Rehateah Parsons and other similar stories.


Friday, December 27, 2019

Cole Harbour High School

Cole Harbour High School
I went to Cole Habour High School today to look around, I also took a walk in the local area.

Cole Harbour is one of the worst, poorest, small, condensed neighborhoods I have ever seen in my life. The whole area was duplex's and tiny houses and it stank so bad from the smell coming out of the houses I almost threw up.

The idea of Rehataeh Parsons being raped in that area makes me sick to my stomach. I realize that some people down there are better of than other like Sidney Crosby who if he played Ice Hockey would be rich in the area to the rest of the neighborhood.

Rehataeh Parsons they said was led to a party by a new friend in one of the biggest dumps I have even seen, then she was gang raped by blacks and filmed or something while drunk underage, that should be automatic statutory rape even if they were all under age because she was unable to consent in surroundings that were unfamiliar.

Also, if she spent the night there where were the fucking parents? Then who bought them liqour?

All those people are responsible for her death.

Where are the fucking video tapes from the High School?

The school has cameras on the roof of the school yard and at the public library behind the school where the ice hockey rink is and swimming pool. There should be video of her being bullied all over the place down there and you could see her attackers grouping on her in the footage.

The elementary school in the area is one of the worst schools I have even seen in my life. Both schools need to be closed and amalgamated with Dartmouth and the kids bused into the City to go to Dartmouth High School or Prince Andrew High School in my neighbourhood.

Most of the area around the schools needs to be plowed it is in such terrible condition.

The area around the Dartmouth High School at the Metro Transit Bridge Terminal where the houses are is 100 times better condition and safer than Cole Harbour which is one of the worst places I've ever seen.


Here Is The Evidence For The Convictions In The Rehtaeh Parsons Case

Police Face Charges In Rehtaeh Parsons Case For Court/Evidence Tampering
I was just posting my notes for this on Twitter you can read my short notes on that page, Rehtaeh Parsons family needs to sue the Police in the investigation to get this matter resolved according to public testimony. 

What they need to do is sue the Police Station aka Nova Scotia Government for millions of dollars and then personally hold each police officer the case accountable and sue them at home for filing false Police reports in the case in separate cases so that they will each have to get individual lawyers.

The police officers will not have the money to defend the Civil Court Lawsuits in individual cases and will bankrupt them "weakening their hold" on illegally blocking cases from getting to the courts, when they are bankrupt they will not be able to defend her attackers at the Police station for the bums in downtown Halifax.

This is one of the key pieces of evidence in the case, the Police said that a text message between her and the people involved in the attack after the incident meant consent to the sexual assault.

This is an admission of guilt from the Police. 

The Police are not allowed to rule on the street that the text after the fact meant consent to the sexual assault before the message was sent, that is for the Judge to decide.

What they mean is that the Police blocked the Courts from hearing the case by not pressing charges, making a "personal ruling" on the evidence at the Police Station that a text message meant they could not press charges because it was consent.

That evidence was meant to go to the Judge for the Courts to make the ruling, meaning the Police illegally blocked the case from the Halifax courts to protect her rapists and flamers from downtown Halifax.

The text message was supposed to be submitted as evidence in the Courts Preliminary Hearing on the rape charges and nude photos they spread at the school.

At the Preliminary Hearing the Courts and Judge would decide if the text message meant anything to the case, and determine if it was evidence in the trial.

Not only that the text message and all the evidence is appealable to the Supreme Court of Canada on probably every level including Civil Court.

What they mean is the Police blocked the Rehtaeh Parsons case from reaching a Preliminary Hearing in the Courts in Halifax and the Judges and Courts did not get to review the evidence thus also illegally blocking the entire appeals courts in all of Canada by making a street ruling that the text meant consent to the rape.

The people in the documentary are the exact same people I have been complaing about for eleven years and bumming change in downtown Halifax and on Gottengen Street and flaming people on the internet including myself in my court case against Sobeys staff and their accomplices who attacked me in 2008 and I beat them in court.

What they are doing is they flamed Rehtaeh Parsons, her name means Heather spelt backwards, after the assault and flaming in order to create an incident between her and her attackers, the same thing that happened to me, then they all lied to the Police.

The Police said that the future incident between Rehtaeh Parsons and her attackers, an incident that they created, was consent to the past assault.

What they mean is the Police ruled without the courts that a "text message" ruled out a gang rape by black men on a white fifteen year old girl that was video taped while she was drunk underage.

Then they used this text message they faked by creating an incident through flaming to make her talk to throw all that out at the Police station.

This is why I am suing them so brutally in my case.

They keep saying that a paper clip meaning a text message can beat a gang rape by black men on a white woman in Canada and block all court appeals because they made a street ruling at the police station.

They mean that the bums downtown begging for change and one police officer can get together and flame the victim of the attack to create an incident with their attacker, which was a future text message, meaning nothing and is not even a paper clip to the courts to rule out the assault.

This is why they piss me off so bad, they try to cancel your case at the courts by creating an incident with the attacker like a text message.

Then they try and use that to block the courts from hearing the evidence and are blocking the entire Supreme Court of Appeals in all of Canada with a text message.

Obviously, this is not possible and the text message has NO WEIGHT in the courts compared to a public flaming and gang rape on a fifteen year old girl.

In Canada, you can NOT RULE OUT a gang rape case with a text message no matter what is in the content because it is so small that it holds no weight in the courts and is barely real anyway because it takes place on the internet and not real as a defense against their victim in the actual courts.

In the case this only shows that the Police are personally involved and are blocking the Courts from hearing the evidence at the original Preliminary Hearing in Halifax which has never happened yet because the police threw the evidence out with false rulings that never went to the Judge.

Again, all parties doing that with the Police and flamers who are also lying to police and creating false incidents to lie to the courts when the victim responds are going to get life in prison and her family will get millions of dollars in settlements when the case is resolved by Canada's Courts.


Thursday, December 26, 2019

Connections In The Rehtaeh Parsons Case & The Case Against My Attackers

Rehtaeh Parsons
I remember when the Reheaeh Parsons came out in the news of her suicide, to be fair like a lot of people I didn't really get what was going on and it was just another news story and I was occupied at the time after just moving to Halifax when she died in April 2013 and I caught up with the case a couple years later after I started getting settled in Halifax.

I have just started comparing the public time line with the death of Rehtaeh Parsons with the time line in my case because of the similar events in the Cyber Bullying I recieved from people in Halifax in 2008 from the "Maritime Metal Message Board" based in the North End of Halifax. 

Now something I just noticed, I am now allowed to sue my flamers under the Cyber Bullying Laws that were passed in 2013 after her death, I was flamed one year earlier again in 2012 after I was in LA Weekly and I now may be able to sue the people who flamed me under the Rehtaeh Parson Cyber Bullying Law however it was passed after my case.

Not only that Rehtaeh Parsons was a student and I used to play in my band Collapse at the all ages club in Halifax on the Commons where the assault on me took place, so she may have been in the North End at the Commons with her friends and met the same people, I don't know though and I have a separate case. 

People in my case we going around saying "dead" all the time as a slogan or catch phrase and then later people drew pictures of stuff they were saying and sent them to her or something, I saw that in the movie they made about her.

I was attacked in 2008 and they looted my possessions while they held me in the jail illegally. I thought maybe in the Rehtaeh Parsons case "No Where To Hide" with me that also included the Police Station and they could be referencing that the group knew police officers who were also hazing her and maybe not taking the bullying complaints like in my case because it was their group that assaulted her.

They also could have been doing that because they wanted her to start buying them stuff and giving them money and their possessions like in my case then when she didn't they gang raped her and all lied and no one would take the report for revenge on her for going to downtown Halifax like to an all ages club or something (I am just speculating) and when she didn't they attacked her, like from the North End and Gottiengen Street.

Not only that she was from Cole Harbour and it is commonly known that in the North End of Halifax members in bands there are also from the Cole Harbour High School and flamed me after I was assaulted at Sobeys Head Office.

In both cases there was an assault and then a flaming to cover it up. 

In my case I ended up getting arrested defending myself and was later released and found not guilty.

Like the band members in the North End who were putting up posters all over downtown Halifax were also from Cole Harbour and would have known her at the all ages club and skate park if she was down there, those are the same people that flamed and attacked me in 2008.

All those people are wimps to me but not to a teenage girl when being attacked by a group of people from the North End of Halifax and Gottingen Street, like they are street people and hobos and stuff who are also from Cole Harbour some of them.

Rehtaeh Parson was gang raped in November 2011 when she was 15 and they took her pictures and spread them around Halifax and then flamed her to make her not tell anyone, and then police may not have taken her complaints, in my case they even gave me fake court orders that were thrown out. 

Then in about January 2012 I was in LA Weekly and then they began flaming and attacking me again and flaming LA Weekly coming to my house and telling me "my old friends didn't like me anymore" (the ones facing charges in my lawsuit against Sobeys Office) and that they "wanted me to give my song to the other band" trying to order me around while flaming me.

With Rehtaeh Parsons they called her a slut, spread her picture around and tried to discredit her story with the community by flaming and spreading lies about her, the same thing that happened to me in 2008 in New Glasgow and Halifax on the Maritime Metal Message Board.

They attacked me, stole my possessions and then flamed me....after that I was arrested for going after them to get rid of them and was later found not guilty.

The people said they were "watching everything you did" and calling it something else to them to flame and make fun you, like they were "humping your feelings and hobbies" then saying it was all something else to make fun of you and then trying to scare you with Halloween masks and stuff to ruin your nerves so you would be afraid to tell on them. 

I wasn't and won my case then had them banned permanently from my life. 

For example they might have been making fun of her clothes and hair or something like they did to me saying her pants and jacket were something else to flame her calling her cloths stupid and that she looked like she didn't wash for wear brand name cloths just to make fun of her and ruin her nerves, that is what they did to me.

They said I was homeless, poor and didn't look after myself for wearing brand name clothes, going to the beach and getting my teeth cleaned...just saying it was something else to piss me off to start a fight, then when I said something to them in an argument they all lied to the Police about what it was and tried to say no one would help me because they "owned the town".

Then it turned out to be fake court order from the Police.

After I was flamed afrom the LA Weekly article I was involved in a second altercation in Summer 2012 and the other people lied to the police and my apartment was illegally raided, after that I moved to Halifax.

The time period of when I was flamed and attacked the second time in 2012 when just after the rape of Retaeah Parsons in 2011 and when I was in an altercation with people in summer 2012 I think at the same time they were flaming Rehtaeh Parsons in Halifax in the same neighouhoods that the people flaming me and assaulting me lived in.

The North End of Halifax and the skate park and all ages club on the Commons from the "heavy metal" bands there and some of their members are from Cole Harbour. Then they just go around flaming people, stealing their stuff, putting up posters and playing concerts in the North End.

Rehtaeh Parson attempted suicide on April 4, 2013 and died on April 7, 2013 less than a year after the second incident with me in August 2012 after I was again flamed and attacked in January 2012 for being in LA Weekly only two months after she was gang raped.

You can pretty much guarantee that if you track down these people saying all that flaming people, robbing and assaulting them that there will be some of the people in common in both cases because we were all from the same area in Halifax.


Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas 2019


The Events Leading Up To The Attack

I have had a long time to prepare my case so far in my defense against my attackers in 2008, one of the reasons this is taking so long is I don't have all their names and testimony yet so it's not a simple matter of filing a report plus it went on for a long time. 

In 2007 when I was sick and in the Hospital my doctors were working with me to sort things out, by the time I was feeling better entering January 2008 I was working with them to change my living and work arrangements, probably the last time I was with the people who attacked me was the Ozzy Osbourne concert on the first night in January 2008 in Halifax.

I was attacked at the start of June a few months later. 

Before that I had made the decision that as I was moving on with my life and quitting the party scene to pursue my degrees and education after I finished my certification hours. Since I was going to be making a lot of money I had decided that I would be changing jobs and moving to a new neighborhood and buying a nice house worth like $700 Thousand Dollars and then starting a Heavy Metal Record Label with my money. 

At counseling these were the issues we were working out, I decided I would follow the doctors advice and stop hanging around with people who were on drugs from the slums and heavy metal scene and I was leaving the "party crowd" because I wasn't able to do that and pursue the rest of my education, on my doctors advice I began dropping friends that I had known.

They said these "negative minded" people from the slums were affecting my mood when I was studying and I needed to stop drinking and doing drugs because I was sick at the time. They said they were "bringing me down" and negatively affecting my work - all documented in my medical records.

I began telling a few people this was happening and that I wasn't going to be talking to these people anymore and I made a list of people I was crossing off as friends when I was moving and coming into that money, like since then I have been wrapped up in this court case which is worth more than I would have made at work.

As this was happening I had told people these acquaintances I knew from my past from the poorer neighborhoods. Leading up to the attack I had several incidents at work, they tried to say my work was wrong in front the of whole staff and started trying to humiliate me at the office writing huge red x's on work diagrams saying that it was wrong without understanding the material.

I flipped out and told them off telling them that it was correct, then they gave me a fake work performance review which I refused to sign at their office, then they weren't even qualified to grade my performance. 

What they meant was that I wasn't "inventing" enough work for them from scratch and they wanted me to install my projects and severs out of my own pocket for nothing at their office. Then they assaulted me and tried to make me give it to them.  

When I quit they flamed my doctors office pretending to be my support system saying I was having a "health scare" because I wouldn't do what they wanted.

This was one of the larger issues that pissed me off in the case, they tried to say that I was sick and having a heath scare because I wouldn't do the work for nothing then they flamed my doctor. I think they were trying to get the doctor to tell me to give them my work, however it was the doctors advice that I leave the situation months earlier and I was only following their advice in my treatment program at the hospital.

Issues like that are the key points that I have spent time "hammering out" in the case.

I already beat them in court about the main issues but the issues I am blogging about never made it into court yet and are for my lawsuit. 

Like this...people tell me that issuing a fake order and arresting someone for entering their home to hold them in a jail cell while other people looted their house is life in prison. 

I am told that incident alone is life in prison. 

The problem is I don't have a full list of people involved and all their statements yet to get the whole story. Like my stuff went in so many different directions I couldn't track it down and no one would return it to me at my new apartment which they also illegally raided four years later.

In 2011 I found out that some of my items had been sold on ebay including rare autographed Misfits albums from their "American Psycho" tour. The people selling the items were from the New Glasgow and North End Halifax "music scene" so I know who they are now. 

Like all the main people involved in the case were people from the North End of Halifax in the Heavy Metal scene like the bands playing downtown putting up posters and playing concerts in the North End around 2008, everyone of them flamed me with the people who assaulted me and stole my possessions at the time, along with my ex band members and estranged and now disowned relatives I had who were living in the slums with them, people who are not allowed to talk to me for the rest of my life.

My point to that is when I told people I was leaving and cutting people off those relatives were friends with them in the slums and the office staff at Sobeys, then they all got together behind my back to steal my work and money from me for Sobeys and ruin my band stuff because they knew I said I was leaving.

Then they tried to stop me and take it because they weren't entitled to my future money, then they wanted me to stay in the slums and bleed me for work and money and not let me buy a nice house with my earnings.

I am told that is life in prison when they are convicted, the civil court lawsuit against Sobeys and their past court statements later will identify the rest of their group of people and all the stuff they did, then they will be brought to justice by Canada's Courts when they are all identified.


Monday, December 23, 2019

More Details From My Lawsuit

I think now is a great time to bring forward some more of the details that happened with me when I was assaulted at Sobeys Head Office in 2008 because of all the public outcry for victim support and against violence in Canada.

This is extremely long and all public events and documented in court, the reason I never said anything yet was because I was preparing the lawsuit and just got to it now.

 I was in court against these parties three times and won all cases.

This first case was because of the staff at Sobeys head office, I was wrongfully arrested and cleared having been a victim of false imprisonment at the New Glasgow Police Station by my landlord (a police officer) based on false charges from people in the community.

All orders were thrown out and I was cleared, while I was being held in the jail my house was looted and my possessions were stolen because I quit my job at Sobeys.

This was also the day the demo version of  "Collapse - Mechanisms Of Oppression" came out in 2008 when I had just finished my project management certification hours. The ex members on the demo are also named as witness' in the lawsuit with the attack at Sobeys and they tried to assault me and make me quit music and steal my work and possessions because I was going to be making $150 Thousand Dollars a year soon and starting a record label.

I redid the album and it was plagarized.

In 2012 I was confronted by the same group of people in New Glasgow flaming me on the internet over the article and telling me that my "old friends" didn't like me anymore and ordered me to give my song to the other band...a case that I have won.

A few months later I was involved in another incident with people from Sobeys and the music community and my apartment was raided by the Police in New Glasgow with a search warrant claiming I had weapons and was a threat to hurt someone, form the same people at the Police Station.

The people from Sobeys lied to the Police to press charges against me and I was found NOT GUILTY after my home was raided for the SECOND TIME from the New Glasgow Police and staff from Sobeys Head Office.

This year in 2019 I was served a FAKE SUMMONS from Access Nova Scotia on Baker Drive at a Sobeys Plaza by a collection agency dressed up as fake sheriffs in Halifax for a false rental eviction again for the THIRD TIME they tried to break into my apartment.

I took them to a lawyer and they instantly dropped the case and paid off my debts.

Now all parties from the three cases I am pursuing as witness' against Sobeys in my lawsuit including Five Star Bailiff from Access Nova Scotia from the Provincial Government.

The most recent time they could not say anything because there was no incident, they just showed up at my home unannounced. A short time later in Halifax this Christmas I noticed they started swarming around me from the first case again from the "music scene" in the North End of Halifax and I am concerned they will break into my home for the third time in eleven years using faking summons', fake court and fake police documents.

This time I have already stopped them at the courts and there were no altercations.

Now I am bringing my case and lawsuit to the public, I am suing all parties in the case for repeatedly coming to my door with false police and court documents.

In all instances I won the cases in court. After my lawsuit I am handing the testimony in for criminal prosecution for the guilty parties and asking they receive life in prison when their group is convicted.

I will post more blurbs and details form my case as they come up.


Saturday, December 21, 2019

Here Is One Of The Bombshells In My Case Against Sobeys

Frank Sobey had oil investments he wrote in his Biography, that probably means they owned part of Irving Oil in Atlantic Canada, then they illegally merged in my opinion on the Stock Market at Circle K Gas Station, illegally mixing their business investments on the TSX.

That's right everyone...It's like I'm going to win Irving Oil in my lawsuit or at least Sobeys investments. That's money they all held in the Cayman Islands.

So we can all start planning what we're going to do with the oil money then in the Nova Scotia Government as it starts to get transferred to me in my lawsuit, like we can start setting up the bank account list and stuff and testing what the numbers are gonna look like in my bank accounts when I get the money, like the Court Judges might want to see all that stuff before I get there.

Sorry to let you all know this at Christmas, but I'm in Big Oil now. 

Like at Chase Manhattan or something.

*Edit - Right like that's fuel and shipyards and stuff, so we can start building our own Navy in Nova Scotia and we have all kinds of oil and stuff, like we can start building our own warships and stuff for Halifax when I get all that.

Like the military will just be running my shipyard with the local government staff and stuff, then we can all use that oil to help heat our homes in the winter in Nova Scotia.

Then I can help everyone heat their houses and reduce prices, then we'll need help setting up that up with the local governement and we'll probably all be hiring with a bunch of bullshit jobs like paper sorting and stuff as it gets transitioned, plus all the people who assaulted me will never see that outside because they will all be in prison when that happens.


Star Wars..The Saga Continues

In the future The Force has created Star Wars fan fiction on the internet...

Ben and Yoda stand disembodied alone in The Force.

"We have failed with The Force." says Ben.

"Yes." agrees Yoda.

"What will we do with The Force?" asks Ben.

"We must continue our journey into The Force, it will show us the path." Yoda says to Ben.

The Force begins to send Ben a message, he cringes putting his hand to his head.

"I must travel back in time to stop Luke." says Ben.

Yoda nods in agreement.

"I must continue my journey, seek me if you need." Yoda says to Ben.

Yoda continues alone on his journey into The Force leaving Ben to travel back in time and try to stop Luke.

Ben following The Force travels backwards in time to shortly after his death to stop Luke from failing with The Force.

Ben appears to Luke shortly after his death disembodied.

" have to stop, you have failed with the force." Ben says to Luke.

"No Ben...." Luke replies "I must continue." he tells Ben.

"No Luke, you have to stop. You have failed with The Force, you have to listen."

"No says Luke, I have to continue." he leaves Ben to continue to pursue his father Darth Vader.

"I must follow Luke with The Force to stop him." Ben says to himself. "Only he can save us."

Ben stands disembodied, concentrating waiting for his instructions from The Force.


Friday, December 20, 2019

Listen To What People Had Said About The Assault That Happened To Me

I Was Attacked At The Office
Listen to this fucking stupid story....if you follow my page you know that people from the slums were flaming me etc. and now the case behind it is in a previous post.

What you need to know is that I am not rich, not yet anyway, and I went to public school and all that and grew up with my Grandmother and stuff and lived in "the hood" of sorts but we weren't the poorest people there or anything, like I had guitars and music stuff and all that when everyone else lived on old rotten boards.

Now think back to the early to mid 1980's with people living in low rental units and duplexes, all the kids are always climbing on each other with snots on their faces, don't wash live in filth and all that. Plus they are illiterate, then they're always looking in your windows and stuff, having sex with the dog stuff like that.

A bunch of those people lived next to me when I was kid in New Glasgow, you know the ones trying to follow you around beating you up all the time and bullying you and stuff like that, picking on you all the time.

Anyway, I was away from all that by the time I was in Grade 6 or 7 and then when I got older I worked and stuff and played music and then went to St. Francis Xavier University.

After High School I took a few years off to work after leaving the poorer neighborhood then I went to University when I was twenty five, before that I ran a record store at the mall for a few years around the year 2000 when Thrash Metal made it's big comeback, plus that's when Mayhem and Black Metal started coming out from the story in "Lords Of Chaos", in fact my store worked with their Distribution in Canada and we stocked all the Norway Black Metal, back then those CDs were all $35 each.

Just think of that to give you a reference point of what time period I am talking about, like if you're into Heavy Metal and stuff. So like in the move "Lords Of Chaos" that was only like four years after the Mayhem albums started coming out

I left all that to go to University and planned to go back into music later which I did and my first record came out in 2006 after I graduated from University. Just keep that in mind to show you how busy I would have been and how distant I would have been from living with my grandmother in a poorer neighborhood.

After High School when I was taking a few years off to get a break and work for a while I decided to do all this stuff I never got to do when I was younger now that I had my own money, I started going to tons of Heavy Metal Concerts and meeting bands and stuff to get my CDs and stuff autographed while running a Record Store then back then the internet was brand new and I was an avid music collector and amassed a large rare Heavy Metal collection of original pressings and stuff like that between running a store and buying online.

I finally had all those original rare lp pressings that I always wanted and early print Japanese Compact Discs and stuff, while all that was going on I also did tons of partying and stuff and getting wasted all the time. Then I blew all my money on buying food and stuff and going to restaurants and stuff for a few years and eating out every night since I didn't get to do that when I was younger.

Probably everyday I was having pizza and McDonald's or something and spent most of my time at a coffee shop while working at the mall, that's where I met tons of people in the music and entertainment business because my town was a large tourist stop in Nova Scotia and tourism is one of our main industry's.

The big thing going on back then was Britney Spears and Nsync were brand new and those were the best selling albums at the mall.

So after I got money I decided to go stuff my face all the time since I didn't have all that as a kid and get drunk all the time while working in music then I was going to go to University later.

Then the unthinkable happened, I enrolled at St. Francis Xavier University.

What I didn't know was that the flaming had started building up behind my back from the slums which later led to the assault when I worked at Sobeys.

I didn't know this but all the poor kids in the neighborhood who never seen a University student before all thought they were going to St. Francis Xavier University with me and that I was "sharing it with them" out in the yard in the low rentals, but no one said anything to me.

They were all trying to follow me to St.FX, looking in the windows as I studied in the University library and ate at the cafeteria I was told, trying to share the food out of my mouth when I was eating with them outside in the slums and low rentals.

I was even told that they were looking at me and thought it was them going to St.FX and that I was returning to the slums when I was finished to share my degree with them out in the yard. I can imagine them sitting outside staring at me, all trying to get my chicken bones from the school cafeteria showing them to each other and taking turns sucking on them while passing them around.

I imagine they must have been thinking and saying to each other "this is what a chicken bone looks like from the University cafeteria" something they had never seen before all taking turns licking it out in the yard. Coincidentally enough, St.FX became the number one school while I was attending and they had built a brand new cafeteria with Starbucks coffee in it, I can picture all them now from the slums walking up to my car and looking in the window trying to lick the Starbucks Cup I had sitting in my Honda Civic cup holder.

They must have been saying to themselves while covered I filth, "I can't believe someone could actually go in there with all those people looking at them." all waiting for me to pass them out stuff to see from the school cafeteria or maybe show them a girls University sweater to pass around in the yard that they could smell...but I never knew they were there.

Not for seven years did I know they were there, all watching me at school and work through the window yelling and hitting stuff in frustration, all waiting for the chicken bone or girls sweater to be passed out to them from the school.

When they finally made there presence known seven years after I left for University they assaulted me on a Monday morning in early June at Sobeys Head Office where I was doing my Project Management Certification hours for the PMI Institute through St.FX and prepping for my Masters In Science and then they looted my home, stealing most of my possessions that they passed around out in the yard all showing everyone my cloths and music collection, smelling my t-shirts and pants and taking turns licking my shirt collars, items I would never want returned after that anyway.

Someone had told me a possible explanation of the assault, they said that all the people from the slums knew I was going to be making $150 Thousand Dollars a year soon and that they thought I was going to go back to the low rentals with the money and share it with them without telling me, and that they were all waiting, crying for me everyday to say it to them...a day which never came.

If fact, they said the attack came from Sobeys staff at their head office from the slums and low rentals and they all wanted me to go back and live in the slums so Sobeys staff could use my school projects to get a free SAP Server for their business from St.Francis Xavier University which is where I learned to design software and SAP Computer Systems.

It turns out that the staff at the office were all living in the slums and low rentals I was told and that they all wanted a free server and all their staff wanted  promotions off my school work, then they were all saying apparently that they "thought they were going to school with me" and they were "waiting for me to give it to them" from out in the yard...including the management staff at Sobeys Head Office where they did their SAP installations at their company.

Leading up to the attack I had told everyone that I was leaving to move on in music after I have finished my certifications and was putting my money into my band Collapse and record label Forward Regression Records and going to buy a $700 Thousand Dollar house in a new neighborhood, leaving the slums forever and moving on with my life which would now include a brand new swimming pool out in my back yard to sit at.

The story I was told is this...Sobeys staff said that they "were not going to give it to me" meaning my new life out of the slums from going to University and working in the music business so they could get a free SAP Server for their business and free work for their friends in the low rentals in the slums.

Then I was attacked...I was swarmed by dozens of people all hazing me in New Glasgow and looting my home, they said my house was like a "tree fort" to them and Sobeys staff and they were raiding it and stealing my cloths all picking on me out in the yard like they were seven years old.

They said they were all bullies and now that I was 32 at the time the new bully would be Sobeys, a Corporation that was a bully so big I could not beat up. Then they gathered all the people who knew me from living near the slums from when I was younger and began hazing me from their office, using there office in Stellarton Nova Scotia as a base to haze me and loot my house saying it was like a "tree fort" to them when they were children and people were letting them into my house to loot my possessions.

Then they said they were trying to make me cry and beg to them to get my stuff back when they were all wimps and scruffs, wanting me to go house to house begging for my clothes back until I gave their business a free SAP Server from St.Francis Xavier University.

They even wanted to "hold my money in their pocket" potentially millions of dollars, holding my Platinum Visa above my head dragging me around by the ear and making me jump for it crying like they were all children while their friends all took turns holding me there punching me in the head eating ice cream off my Platinum Visa while all the staff laughed at me in the Managers and Directors offices at Sobeys Head Office for being a wimp with all that money, while I stayed home and showed them how to be the boss at work all reading off my notes to run the office while I made no money.

Then they said they wanted me to stay home while they had poor people hold my bank card over my head and I made them a guide to be the boss so they could just read off the notes and get promoted while I was demoted and handed out all my money to the people from the slums and low rentals in New Glasgow and the North End of Halifax.

They said that they tried to hold me with my money outside the courts so they could beat me up with bullies from when I was a child and them at a Corporation and they assaulted me to see if I knew the real laws or not, proclaiming that I would not tell on them because I loved them too much from my childhood and was too embarrassed that my neighbors in the slums and Sobeys office staff were going through my underwear from my stolen clothes all making fun of me in public to humiliate me in front of the whole town when I was potentially going to be a millionaire from my school work, all laughing like jackals from their offices where they worked as managers.

Then they said the bullies were also now the "local police department" and then they began serving me fake court and police papers all in the court records and using the local jail at the police department as a "tree fort" like in the slums and that they were using the jail while working in the police department as a tree house from when they were children in the slums and detaining me in it until I let the other kids hold my platinum credit cards...a message that I "had to figure out on my own" like the one I didn't get when they were crying for my chicken bones outside the St. FX school cafeteria that I didn't know about.

Like at my graduation from University and on exactly the same date as the demo for my record "Collapse - Mechanisms of Oppression" came out in 2008 which was the same time I finished my Project Management Certification hours for my promotion they grabbed me and assaulted me, when I defended myself they used the local police department as a tree fort from the slums holding me in the jail cell illegally waiting for me to give their friends from the slums and low rentals my platinum credit cards to hold my money from the police station or they said they were going to keep arresting me as much as they wanted with the staff from Sobeys on the day of my University Graduation or they wouln't give me my freedom like bullies in the slums when they were children saying that I was too scared to tell on Sobeys or they would keep arresting me...right to my face.

Obviously, I told on the Courts they were using it from the local police as a "tree fort" with the police station right in front of the Judge who did not know what they were doing I and told on them and turned them in and now they are all facing life in prison from the assault in the witness statements I am preparing for my lawsuit against Sobeys.

Also, witnesses in the lawsuit are the ex members of my band Collapse from my earlier recordings who are wittiness in the case who also flamed me and facing criminal prosecution from me if they are connected and I have permanent restraining orders against them. Moving on I re did the albums without them and scrapped some of the recorded material.

Now the group of people if that's all true I heard will be facing like 800 felony charges amongst the group for hazing me for six weeks, looting my house and illegally detaining me at the local police station with fraudulent police and courts documents from the police station that they used as a childhood tree fort for bullies with the staff from Sobeys Office to hold me in the slums and steal my money and work for them and their friends...homeless people begging for change on the medians in downtown Halifax and North End Halifax and the slums in New Glasgow if the rumors turn out to be true.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Crusty The Bread Grinch

"I'm Crusty The Bread Grinch and I'm gonna steal all the bread from the Food Bank for Christmas if the University Students don't sign your paychecks over to the grocery store office at their Office Managers houses...Baaa Grak!!!!"

"I'm gonna steal all the Christmas bread from the Food Bank nak nak nak!!!!"


Sick Fucking Behavoir: The Grocery Store Refused To Sell The Food Bank Bread At Christmas

I can't even believe my fucking eyeballs and it's why I started telling everyone I was assaulted at Sobeys Head Office.

They said the Food Bank went to the Grocery Store or Bread Company in Halifax with Government funding to buy bread for the Food Bank from Feed Nova Scotia at Christmas and they refused to sell them the bread.

Apparently, they said they were selling it off in the store only to outside customers.

Uh, that is the same fucking is illegal to turn away shoppers from a store, I don't know which store but it's Sobeys Company and them.

They just did that so the Food Bank couldn't hand out bread at Christmas, all they could give out was one loaf of bread per family or something when it is usually 6 or 9 loaves per family.

They just did that because it was Christmas.

This is why I am pursuing my case in public against Sobeys Office Staff, the people started hand out fake summons' at Access Nova Scotia on Baker Drive in Dartmouth with a fake bailiff at a Sobeys plaza, then they refused to sell to the Food Bank as a paying customer, the same money or more than they would have made in the store.

Now Sobeys Company Staff is coming out outright and saying they are traitors to Canada and can pick who gets to buy bread and stuff at Christmas with them and their partners ONLY BECAUSE they own the stores selling bread.

Then they are saying they own Nova Scotia at their homes and they have NO MONEY in their business only because they had access to the bread, then they refused Canada's Government Funding for Feed Nova Scotia to buy bread people are saying.

Now it's all fake summons' from Access Nova Scotia at the tenancy board with a fake bailiff and they won't let cheque recipients have bread at Christmas because they owned the store selling the bread and refused the Nova Scotia Government as a paying customer, which is illegal duh.

Now they are all getting life in prison in public saying they own Nova Scotia at their homes from a grocery store and are refusing to sell food to the Nova Scotia Government.



Trump Impeachment

Donald Trump Impeachment...Yeah, I read that right next to Elvis is working at Burger King.

This all still has to clear the United States Senate ect. You don't even need to check but I will later, I'm too busy dealing with the Death Wish gang camped out on my doorstep...I might turn into a lawyer version one of those Terminators from the movie the Terminator, the articles of impeachment will turn out to be Treason from some government defense contractor that they slipped through the House of Representatives with some tapped government computer or something buying the votes with stolen tax money.

It doesn't matter anyway, Trump is only proving they are Traitors in Washington DC with the ones up here in Alberta and Nova Scotia...hang for it on live television then.

All these people are only making the rest of us stronger.


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

I Was Assaulted At Sobeys Head Office

Lady Justice
There is a good tag line for a blog post, now I will get into some of the details that happened to me that lead to my court case against Sobeys Company and the local Police Department at the time and also now the Nova Scotia Government at Access Nova Scotia since they have re started their rentless assualt on my financial income and residence in Nova Scotia.

The point here is I was not physically harmed although I was attacked by their staff in the office and at my home, however they did go around saying I liked to wear a dress around my house just shortly before the attack in their office.

Discrimination and harassment yes, which I took too lightly at the time and looks worse today.

Like I said, their office staff tried to steal my SAP designs from my home and cancel my project management promotion etc. and use my work to promote the other staff while giving me a demotion.

Then when I quit their staff followed me and flamed and harassed me, I was then wrongfully evicted from my home with a fake restraining order from local police that was thrown out, then I was allowed to return and still had possessions there, at that time I was arrested by the same police officer and my possessions were looted from my home when I was not allowed to return.

Items stolen were cloths, keep sakes, jewelry, collectable Compact Discs some worth in the price rage of $300 each and some were autographed.

Some of the cd's were rare first pressings and Japanese heavy metal albums from the early 1980's like Venom slipcases and albums like original Possessed - Seven Churches valued at $500, in that category.   

All my clothes were stolen and not returned to me including a rare first print heavy metal t-shirt collection, University memorabilia from my graduation at St.FX , dishes, colelctable Star Wars toys toys, etc, childhood photo albums, school pictures, stereo, record player...things like that that I believe were the main targets.

Because of the heinousness of the attack and severe harassment and flaming I endured when they tried to make me quit music for quitting my job and ruin my band I am seeking a life sentence in Super Max Prison for the ringleaders if they go to trial, unless they plead guilty.

All this is documented 100% in Court Documents.

Again, I have taken a while to talk about this not because of the sensitivity of the topic, which it is, but more because I was attacked by a large group of people who ruined my job, home and tried to intimidate me into handing them over my work and money from my promotion.  

On top of that I had built two SAP servers at home and had the designs for them on my Computers which were not stolen, I had removed the more important items before that including my guitars, amps and computers.

The seriousness of the case is that I am prosecuting a large group of people through a Civil Court Lawsuit against Sobeys since their staff were the originators of the attack in the office to steal my work.

It is going to cost me a lot of money to take advance statements with lawyers in preliminary questioning for the lawsuit, this testimony will identify the ringleaders of their group of people and I am seeking a sentence of life in Super Max Prison.

I am sorry if this story sounds upsetting which it is and some people may be sensitive to the issues. 

Shortly before the attack in August 2007 I had become ill and was hospitalized several times and had to take sick leave from work - my doctors records for my sick leave were also leaked to people around the office from their management and I was also flamed with private information from my medical records in court documents which were all false statements.

After leaving the hospital I was giving a strong sedative and bedridden for three months in 2007, I had been taken off the medication in December for Christmas 2007 and then was feeling better.

After this I returned to work and until the end of May 2008 and was attacked in early June 2008.

During the attack which lasted about six weeks from people from the office and other outside is when my possessions were stolen. 

Another key point in my lawsuit takes place around that, people I knew that led the attack on me swarmed me in a group and pretended to my Hospital Support Group from my previous Hospitalization and then flamed my Doctors at the Hospital and invented a fake health scare, either as an alibi or an assault, I took this as an assault. 

They said I needed to be Hospitalized for quitting my job and not giving them my money and ruined my medical treatment at the Hospital and I had to move.

The point to that is that it is illegal to pretend to be someone's Hospital Support Group and invent a health scare on a patient (me) in order to extort them for money which is what happened.  

When the case goes forward the witness statements will name everyone who took part in the fake health scare and they will be prosecuted at that time I am assuming.

I am assuming that the attack will lead to life in prison for my assailants and then I will get millions of dollars from the government in settlements from the civil court lawsuit.

The reason I am bringing this forward in public now is because I had been served with more false eviction notices that were thrown out and some of the people from the first attack have tried to intimidate me in the public in Halifax and I am concerned they are planning a second assault on my home and to myself.

I am not concerned about my safety because they are all wimps and pathetic but it is just their "erratic" and "uncontrollable" behavior that makes them a threat like drunk driving or something that could lead to an accident at my home or something if I was assaulted.

Again, thank you for your support and this will all pay off financially in the future.

*Edit: Oh right, that is only some of the details the actual case is way longer like over one hundred incidents probably, all documented that's why it's taking such a long time. I will post more later as it come up.


Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Collapse - Mechanisms Of Oppression


About My Constitutional Court Case

This is super important information that people want to know or ask me about. 

Right now, to my face in the public people who had worked at Sobeys Office when I left in 2008 are facing life in prison in my lawsuit against Sobeys when it is brought forward to Canada's Constitutional Government. 

My case in NOT proceeding in the Unconstitutional Government that changed the Sunday Shopping Referendum and none of my proceedings will be held there, my case is in Canada's Legal Courts under the Constitutional Government NOT the one being proclaimed by Sobeys Company in Atlantic Canada and the so called UCP of Premier Jason Kenny in Alberta. 

The people who flamed me starting in 2008 that tried to steal my work and music stuff are facing life in prison in my lawsuit which they have pressured me to defend myself in public to them on this blog so I have.

I graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in 2005 with extra credit and I am only 2 classes away from having a second degree in History as well as 18 months work from finishing my Master's in Science.

As well, I did the Software Design Program for my first Degree from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia with a concentration in Project Management .

After my graduation I was employed at Sobeys main office in Stellarton, Nova Scotia next to my hometown of New Glasgow where I completed my Certification In Project Management which is a $150 Thousand Dollar a year position.

Sobeys had also promised my funding for compete my Master's Program while working at their office to finish my certification hours, which I did for a lower rate to get the work experience.

After my certification hours were complete Sobeys staff tried to cancel my accredited Project Hours which they did not own, then they tried to take my un-completed work and steal it for their other staff to get promoted and cancel my Project Manager promotion and credit hours so they could get their SAP server built for free, with the other staff they picked that got promoted over me, they then cancelled may $20 Thousand Dollar Master's funding and I was assaulted at their office by their staff. 

I quit my job and told them I was suing them knowing I would get millions of dollars from them in settlements.

They then flamed me to death from New Glasgow and the North End of Halifax in the music community and tried to make me quit music and at my home and on the internet. 

After that my landlord who I was renting a house from was a local Police Officer.

The police officer I rented the house from FORCED AN EVICTION on me with THREE DAYS NOTICE and is illegal.

After this they issued me a Restraining Order from my returning to my house, which I did with permission of the courts.

The same police officer then ARRESTED ME after wrongly evicting me from my home for breaking the Police Order. 

The police order was THROWN OUT by the courts and was NOT VALID.

When I could not return to my home my possessions were LOOTED by people from the local music scene and from the North End of Halifax, items such as rare autographed Misfits CD's I found out later were then sold on ebay.

After that I had to leave, move and buy new possessions and get restraining orders against them all.

Now I am going to give them life in prison for assaulting me, robbing my home, wrongful arrest and multiple constitutional breaches against me from the police department.

Since then I have moved myself and music stuff to Halifax where I have been UNINTERRUPTED with false court notices until this past August when I received one  from the tenancy board which was again thrown out.

You people trying to fuck me over are getting life in prison from the testimony in my lawsuit against Sobeys Company, I guarentee that you will leave my property permanently in the Country and NEVER RETURN to my residence when I am finished.

I already have the evidence to sue Sobeys and the Police Department which is progressing.  

In advance when I get lawyers to take statements from the people who tried to steal my SAP Computer Designs at Sobeys in 2008 who also flamed and harassed me, as well as the people with them from the local "music scene" at the time who also flamed me and tried to ruin my band in advance of my lawsuit which I am using as evidence against Sobeys.

As this was done to me in public on the record in Canada's Courts.

That testimony is a confession to what had happened, I am using that testimony to prosecute them for life in prison during my lawsuit for thier assault on my at home in 2008 from Sobeys Head Office which was done by their staff and others they knew outside.

You can all guarantee that you did not get away with anything and that this case is a Constitutional Matter that never expires in the Courts for robbing me at my home and trying to steal my SAP Computer Designs at your offices. 

If you approach me with this matter in the public I will press charges against you and you are already facing life in prison from your "white collar crime" with Sobeys office staff, then you will get like 20 years if you assault me again when you are facing a life sentence from Canada's courts for you other crimes with staff from Sobeys.

You got that yet or what? 

Plus, people say that is treason...we'll see what the courts say then in the future when we all get there together.

Got it or what?


Tales Of Treason In Atlantic Canada: Will The Traitors Hang?

The Future Of Halifax?
If you ask me I'm one for bringing back the gallows anyway, in fact I'd be happy to go down there and help out with all those hangings or I'll just send people down for the local magistrate. 

No fingers have been pointed as of yet in a case of treason in Atlantic Canada that I am aware of except for some espionage case at the local Naval Base, that guy got a twenty year sentence. Don't quote me, I'm just going from memory.

Maybe people think treason is not a crime anymore, well it's listed on wikipedia so it must be still in the books. 

Then there is High Treason and Regular Treason which I won't really be getting into, you decide.

Let's say a Business or large Company decides to spend their money to overthrow a public referendum like the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping vote when Sobeys sued the Nova Scotia Government in 2006 and they illegally overturned the public vote in favor of a local that treason? I would say yes but you would have to ask your local municipal judge for an official ruling.

Not only that Sobeys spread a story in Atlantic Canada that they used in the courts and said that "old people didn't know how to vote in Nova Scotia" and that they were "outdated" and "didn't understand what Sunday Shopping was."

That is part of the fake "evidence" they used in the Nova Scotia Courts to overturn the public vote.

Fortunately for Sobeys, I am not old or outdated and can offer them a current opinion from the public.

For example, them and their staff won't be coming to my house to flame me like they did to the elderly at the Sunday Shopping Referendum although they tried.   

I am only assuming that is the same thing because their office staff flamed me and tried to steal my SAP Server Designs out of my home two years later in 2008 and I left their company.

From my perspective I can only assume that the people from Sobeys who flamed me are probably the same ones spreading the story and flaming the the elderly in the Referendum case in 2006.

So is it treason for a Company to sue a referendum and then spread a fake story flaming the elderly with their office staff to illegally sway the courts...I would say yes and then send them to the gallows in downtown Halifax if I was in charge. 

It's the people flaming everyone that makes the whole case though...everyone knows them, they are poor, uneducated and go around talking down to everyone trying to say they are better than people and trying to humiliate them in public.

Then they go around the office spreading stories about how if they can get someone's personal assets they should take them and share the money with their friends, then they flame them trying to get them to give up their personal assets so them and their friends can steal them when you are vulnerable.

I would say that is treason for a business to do that in some format.

Like they ridicule your cloths, your appearance and talk right ignorant to you and looking down on you....usually when you are better off then them, that's to try and steal your money like when a girl is out dress shopping.

They go.."Hey, look at that fat bitch, let's see if we can steal her money."...then they flame her when she is attractive to see if they will fall for it to "loosen" her assets through public harassment, that is also what happened to me when I was flamed from Sobeys.

Well if a business does that and blocks fair court regulations with a group of people to steal their assets then I would say it is treason.

Recently, I was served a fake summons from the Nova Scotia Tenancy Board from a Sobeys Plaza in Baker Drive in Dartmouth/Halifax, that same thing had happened to me in New Glasgow, NS my home town in 2008 just after I quit Sobeys and was also served with fake papers.

In both of my cases everything was thrown out in 2008 and 2019. Not only that I am suing both parties...if those cases connect the people doing that will probably get life in prison when I sue and press charges, and that's also the flamers as well.

Like for flaming people in a group from a business and then trying to steal their assets through issuing fake court documents and summons'. 

If that all connects to the same case like with me then the group will get life in prison...which I am seeking from the courts for the people flaming me, issuing me fake court documents and trying to steal my SAP Computer designs in 2008.

Here is the point of this Access Nova Scotia a fake Government Office issuing fake notices for the tenancy board?

Well that is to be determined, but it's like this...if that was connected to my past case with Sobeys and with the Nova Scotia Referendum people have said that it is people from Sobeys Office flaming everyone that are issuing fake documents from the Nova Scotia Tenancy Board but I don't know.

Why would Sobeys staff be at the tenancy board doing that?

Easy...that have rental units at Shopping Centers and tenants that fall under the tenancy board.

The question is Sobeys issuing fake documents from the tenancy board to control the people who rented their retail store space in shopping centers?  

If that was me, they would have done that to steal my computer software designs.

That will all be determined later when I sue them because I will be asking them that with a court subpoena.


Saturday, December 14, 2019

Court Case Update

I Have Access Nova Scotia & Five Star Bailiff In Court
Oh right this was in the news today, I had received a fake summons for back rent that wasn't due from "Five Star Bailiff" in Halifax: 

Press Release:

What happened was I got a fake collection notice from Five Star Bailiff that was fake from a Collection Agency like when they harass you for money, then they stamped it and tried to take me into a real court with it.

They tried to hold me in a real court hearing at the Tenancy Board without the court law books being present, then they tried to make up the rules of the hearing and get me to plead guilty to not paying my back rent which I didn't owe.

Then they tried to "determine" if I would be evicted or not from my apartment in a fake hearing in real court with a fake summons. Then they said if they decided not to evict me then they would make me agree to fake payment arrangement, then they tried to intimidate me treating me like a small child saying I "needed to pay my rent" and "maybe I should be paying my rent" when it wasn't due so I fucking sued them.

That part never went to court yet and I am going to shop my case around to see what I can get for a settlement and sue them later.

What happened was my lawyer threw their case out and made them cancel the fake court hearings in my defense of their lawsuit and then I didn't have to pay the rent balance, but I can't get into details.

The rest didn't got to court yet, that was just my defense.

Now I am going to ram hole Access Nova Scotia and Five Star Bailiff with Civil Court proceedings when I sue them, I am probably going to start looking for a lawyer to take the counter lawsuit against them to court when the weather gets nicer this Spring after I have some time to think about how I am proceeding against them at the Nova Scotia Government in Halifax for it.