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Connections In The Rehtaeh Parsons Case & The Case Against My Attackers

Rehtaeh Parsons
I remember when the Reheaeh Parsons came out in the news of her suicide, to be fair like a lot of people I didn't really get what was going on and it was just another news story and I was occupied at the time after just moving to Halifax when she died in April 2013 and I caught up with the case a couple years later after I started getting settled in Halifax.

I have just started comparing the public time line with the death of Rehtaeh Parsons with the time line in my case because of the similar events in the Cyber Bullying I recieved from people in Halifax in 2008 from the "Maritime Metal Message Board" based in the North End of Halifax. 

Now something I just noticed, I am now allowed to sue my flamers under the Cyber Bullying Laws that were passed in 2013 after her death, I was flamed one year earlier again in 2012 after I was in LA Weekly and I now may be able to sue the people who flamed me under the Rehtaeh Parson Cyber Bullying Law however it was passed after my case.

Not only that Rehtaeh Parsons was a student and I used to play in my band Collapse at the all ages club in Halifax on the Commons where the assault on me took place, so she may have been in the North End at the Commons with her friends and met the same people, I don't know though and I have a separate case. 

People in my case we going around saying "dead" all the time as a slogan or catch phrase and then later people drew pictures of stuff they were saying and sent them to her or something, I saw that in the movie they made about her.

I was attacked in 2008 and they looted my possessions while they held me in the jail illegally. I thought maybe in the Rehtaeh Parsons case "No Where To Hide" with me that also included the Police Station and they could be referencing that the group knew police officers who were also hazing her and maybe not taking the bullying complaints like in my case because it was their group that assaulted her.

They also could have been doing that because they wanted her to start buying them stuff and giving them money and their possessions like in my case then when she didn't they gang raped her and all lied and no one would take the report for revenge on her for going to downtown Halifax like to an all ages club or something (I am just speculating) and when she didn't they attacked her, like from the North End and Gottiengen Street.

Not only that she was from Cole Harbour and it is commonly known that in the North End of Halifax members in bands there are also from the Cole Harbour High School and flamed me after I was assaulted at Sobeys Head Office.

In both cases there was an assault and then a flaming to cover it up. 

In my case I ended up getting arrested defending myself and was later released and found not guilty.

Like the band members in the North End who were putting up posters all over downtown Halifax were also from Cole Harbour and would have known her at the all ages club and skate park if she was down there, those are the same people that flamed and attacked me in 2008.

All those people are wimps to me but not to a teenage girl when being attacked by a group of people from the North End of Halifax and Gottingen Street, like they are street people and hobos and stuff who are also from Cole Harbour some of them.

Rehtaeh Parson was gang raped in November 2011 when she was 15 and they took her pictures and spread them around Halifax and then flamed her to make her not tell anyone, and then police may not have taken her complaints, in my case they even gave me fake court orders that were thrown out. 

Then in about January 2012 I was in LA Weekly and then they began flaming and attacking me again and flaming LA Weekly coming to my house and telling me "my old friends didn't like me anymore" (the ones facing charges in my lawsuit against Sobeys Office) and that they "wanted me to give my song to the other band" trying to order me around while flaming me.

With Rehtaeh Parsons they called her a slut, spread her picture around and tried to discredit her story with the community by flaming and spreading lies about her, the same thing that happened to me in 2008 in New Glasgow and Halifax on the Maritime Metal Message Board.

They attacked me, stole my possessions and then flamed me....after that I was arrested for going after them to get rid of them and was later found not guilty.

The people said they were "watching everything you did" and calling it something else to them to flame and make fun you, like they were "humping your feelings and hobbies" then saying it was all something else to make fun of you and then trying to scare you with Halloween masks and stuff to ruin your nerves so you would be afraid to tell on them. 

I wasn't and won my case then had them banned permanently from my life. 

For example they might have been making fun of her clothes and hair or something like they did to me saying her pants and jacket were something else to flame her calling her cloths stupid and that she looked like she didn't wash for wear brand name cloths just to make fun of her and ruin her nerves, that is what they did to me.

They said I was homeless, poor and didn't look after myself for wearing brand name clothes, going to the beach and getting my teeth cleaned...just saying it was something else to piss me off to start a fight, then when I said something to them in an argument they all lied to the Police about what it was and tried to say no one would help me because they "owned the town".

Then it turned out to be fake court order from the Police.

After I was flamed afrom the LA Weekly article I was involved in a second altercation in Summer 2012 and the other people lied to the police and my apartment was illegally raided, after that I moved to Halifax.

The time period of when I was flamed and attacked the second time in 2012 when just after the rape of Retaeah Parsons in 2011 and when I was in an altercation with people in summer 2012 I think at the same time they were flaming Rehtaeh Parsons in Halifax in the same neighouhoods that the people flaming me and assaulting me lived in.

The North End of Halifax and the skate park and all ages club on the Commons from the "heavy metal" bands there and some of their members are from Cole Harbour. Then they just go around flaming people, stealing their stuff, putting up posters and playing concerts in the North End.

Rehtaeh Parson attempted suicide on April 4, 2013 and died on April 7, 2013 less than a year after the second incident with me in August 2012 after I was again flamed and attacked in January 2012 for being in LA Weekly only two months after she was gang raped.

You can pretty much guarantee that if you track down these people saying all that flaming people, robbing and assaulting them that there will be some of the people in common in both cases because we were all from the same area in Halifax.


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