Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Notes: Was The Black Metal Inner Circle From The Church Of Satan?

Was the Norway Black Metal scene founded by followers of Anton Lavey from the actual Church of Satan?

Anton Lavey brags that his "Satanic Church" also used Norse and Pagan practices from the Norway region which they included in Satanic Rituals in the "Church Of Satan" founded by himself.

Remember, Anton Lavey did not invent Satanism he only started a Satanic Church and Cult and wrote the "Satanic Bible" a book about his ideology of Satanism and is not an actual reference book.

That was in the 1960's, King Diamond would be one of the early followers of The Satanic Church which is what he says, the later generation would be the Norway Black Metal Scene.

Does that mean that since the Norway Black Metal scene were actual murderers and criminals, was that set from the actual "Satanic Music" from the Church of Satan?

Also remember that they say Norway Black Metal was the "second wave" of Black Metal after Venom and Bathory, however Mayhem was also included since 1987 with Bathory.  The actual Mayhem story could have been from the Church Of Satan and is bigger than Bathory because it is founded at the same time and created a whole music scene which is much larger than Bathory.

At the same time they are saying in old radio interviews that member's of Mayhem have gone missing, committed suicide and then were murdered  perhaps by the Church Of Satan in Norway in the Black Metal Inner Circle.

Events around the Church Of Satan founded by Anton Lavey need to be examined for criminal activity in the music business....Could the Church Of  Satan also have killed Kurt Cobain?

All at the same time with the bands Possessed, Death, Mayhem and Nirvana also share similar stories. 

In all cases the founders of the music were either shot or died leaving their music scenes to other people, Possessed left there's to Death for the invention of "Death Metal", Mayhem's was transferred to all other Norway Black Metal bands and Nirvana was handed to Foo Fighters and Courtney Love.

Not only that Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters/ Nirvana also has ties to the Death Metal and Black Metal scene and has worked with many Heavy Metal musicians on collaboration projects.

This leaves us the question...did Anton Lavey's Satanic Cult the "Church Of Satan" kill Kurt Cobain, Dead and Euronymous with the Black Metal Inner Circle and the Church Of Satan in the United States and Norway?


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