Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tales Of Treason In Atlantic Canada: Will The Traitors Hang?

The Future Of Halifax?
If you ask me I'm one for bringing back the gallows anyway, in fact I'd be happy to go down there and help out with all those hangings or I'll just send people down for the local magistrate. 

No fingers have been pointed as of yet in a case of treason in Atlantic Canada that I am aware of except for some espionage case at the local Naval Base, that guy got a twenty year sentence. Don't quote me, I'm just going from memory.

Maybe people think treason is not a crime anymore, well it's listed on wikipedia so it must be still in the books. 

Then there is High Treason and Regular Treason which I won't really be getting into, you decide.

Let's say a Business or large Company decides to spend their money to overthrow a public referendum like the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping vote when Sobeys sued the Nova Scotia Government in 2006 and they illegally overturned the public vote in favor of a local business...is that treason? I would say yes but you would have to ask your local municipal judge for an official ruling.

Not only that Sobeys spread a story in Atlantic Canada that they used in the courts and said that "old people didn't know how to vote in Nova Scotia" and that they were "outdated" and "didn't understand what Sunday Shopping was."

That is part of the fake "evidence" they used in the Nova Scotia Courts to overturn the public vote.

Fortunately for Sobeys, I am not old or outdated and can offer them a current opinion from the public.

For example, them and their staff won't be coming to my house to flame me like they did to the elderly at the Sunday Shopping Referendum although they tried.   

I am only assuming that is the same thing because their office staff flamed me and tried to steal my SAP Server Designs out of my home two years later in 2008 and I left their company.

From my perspective I can only assume that the people from Sobeys who flamed me are probably the same ones spreading the story and flaming the the elderly in the Referendum case in 2006.

So is it treason for a Company to sue a referendum and then spread a fake story flaming the elderly with their office staff to illegally sway the courts...I would say yes and then send them to the gallows in downtown Halifax if I was in charge. 

It's the people flaming everyone that makes the whole case though...everyone knows them, they are poor, uneducated and go around talking down to everyone trying to say they are better than people and trying to humiliate them in public.

Then they go around the office spreading stories about how if they can get someone's personal assets they should take them and share the money with their friends, then they flame them trying to get them to give up their personal assets so them and their friends can steal them when you are vulnerable.

I would say that is treason for a business to do that in some format.

Like they ridicule your cloths, your appearance and talk right ignorant to you and looking down on you....usually when you are better off then them, that's to try and steal your money like when a girl is out dress shopping.

They go.."Hey, look at that fat bitch, let's see if we can steal her money."...then they flame her when she is attractive to see if they will fall for it to "loosen" her assets through public harassment, that is also what happened to me when I was flamed from Sobeys.

Well if a business does that and blocks fair court regulations with a group of people to steal their assets then I would say it is treason.

Recently, I was served a fake summons from the Nova Scotia Tenancy Board from a Sobeys Plaza in Baker Drive in Dartmouth/Halifax, that same thing had happened to me in New Glasgow, NS my home town in 2008 just after I quit Sobeys and was also served with fake papers.

In both of my cases everything was thrown out in 2008 and 2019. Not only that I am suing both parties...if those cases connect the people doing that will probably get life in prison when I sue and press charges, and that's also the flamers as well.

Like for flaming people in a group from a business and then trying to steal their assets through issuing fake court documents and summons'. 

If that all connects to the same case like with me then the group will get life in prison...which I am seeking from the courts for the people flaming me, issuing me fake court documents and trying to steal my SAP Computer designs in 2008.

Here is the point of this post...is Access Nova Scotia a fake Government Office issuing fake notices for the tenancy board?

Well that is to be determined, but it's like this...if that was connected to my past case with Sobeys and with the Nova Scotia Referendum people have said that it is people from Sobeys Office flaming everyone that are issuing fake documents from the Nova Scotia Tenancy Board but I don't know.

Why would Sobeys staff be at the tenancy board doing that?

Easy...that have rental units at Shopping Centers and tenants that fall under the tenancy board.

The question is this...is Sobeys issuing fake documents from the tenancy board to control the people who rented their retail store space in shopping centers?  

If that was me, they would have done that to steal my computer software designs.

That will all be determined later when I sue them because I will be asking them that with a court subpoena.


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