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Listen To What People Had Said About The Assault That Happened To Me

I Was Attacked At The Office
Listen to this fucking stupid story....if you follow my page you know that people from the slums were flaming me etc. and now the case behind it is in a previous post.

What you need to know is that I am not rich, not yet anyway, and I went to public school and all that and grew up with my Grandmother and stuff and lived in "the hood" of sorts but we weren't the poorest people there or anything, like I had guitars and music stuff and all that when everyone else lived on old rotten boards.

Now think back to the early to mid 1980's with people living in low rental units and duplexes, all the kids are always climbing on each other with snots on their faces, don't wash live in filth and all that. Plus they are illiterate, then they're always looking in your windows and stuff, having sex with the dog stuff like that.

A bunch of those people lived next to me when I was kid in New Glasgow, you know the ones trying to follow you around beating you up all the time and bullying you and stuff like that, picking on you all the time.

Anyway, I was away from all that by the time I was in Grade 6 or 7 and then when I got older I worked and stuff and played music and then went to St. Francis Xavier University.

After High School I took a few years off to work after leaving the poorer neighborhood then I went to University when I was twenty five, before that I ran a record store at the mall for a few years around the year 2000 when Thrash Metal made it's big comeback, plus that's when Mayhem and Black Metal started coming out from the story in "Lords Of Chaos", in fact my store worked with their Distribution in Canada and we stocked all the Norway Black Metal, back then those CDs were all $35 each.

Just think of that to give you a reference point of what time period I am talking about, like if you're into Heavy Metal and stuff. So like in the move "Lords Of Chaos" that was only like four years after the Mayhem albums started coming out

I left all that to go to University and planned to go back into music later which I did and my first record came out in 2006 after I graduated from University. Just keep that in mind to show you how busy I would have been and how distant I would have been from living with my grandmother in a poorer neighborhood.

After High School when I was taking a few years off to get a break and work for a while I decided to do all this stuff I never got to do when I was younger now that I had my own money, I started going to tons of Heavy Metal Concerts and meeting bands and stuff to get my CDs and stuff autographed while running a Record Store then back then the internet was brand new and I was an avid music collector and amassed a large rare Heavy Metal collection of original pressings and stuff like that between running a store and buying online.

I finally had all those original rare lp pressings that I always wanted and early print Japanese Compact Discs and stuff, while all that was going on I also did tons of partying and stuff and getting wasted all the time. Then I blew all my money on buying food and stuff and going to restaurants and stuff for a few years and eating out every night since I didn't get to do that when I was younger.

Probably everyday I was having pizza and McDonald's or something and spent most of my time at a coffee shop while working at the mall, that's where I met tons of people in the music and entertainment business because my town was a large tourist stop in Nova Scotia and tourism is one of our main industry's.

The big thing going on back then was Britney Spears and Nsync were brand new and those were the best selling albums at the mall.

So after I got money I decided to go stuff my face all the time since I didn't have all that as a kid and get drunk all the time while working in music then I was going to go to University later.

Then the unthinkable happened, I enrolled at St. Francis Xavier University.

What I didn't know was that the flaming had started building up behind my back from the slums which later led to the assault when I worked at Sobeys.

I didn't know this but all the poor kids in the neighborhood who never seen a University student before all thought they were going to St. Francis Xavier University with me and that I was "sharing it with them" out in the yard in the low rentals, but no one said anything to me.

They were all trying to follow me to St.FX, looking in the windows as I studied in the University library and ate at the cafeteria I was told, trying to share the food out of my mouth when I was eating with them outside in the slums and low rentals.

I was even told that they were looking at me and thought it was them going to St.FX and that I was returning to the slums when I was finished to share my degree with them out in the yard. I can imagine them sitting outside staring at me, all trying to get my chicken bones from the school cafeteria showing them to each other and taking turns sucking on them while passing them around.

I imagine they must have been thinking and saying to each other "this is what a chicken bone looks like from the University cafeteria" something they had never seen before all taking turns licking it out in the yard. Coincidentally enough, St.FX became the number one school while I was attending and they had built a brand new cafeteria with Starbucks coffee in it, I can picture all them now from the slums walking up to my car and looking in the window trying to lick the Starbucks Cup I had sitting in my Honda Civic cup holder.

They must have been saying to themselves while covered I filth, "I can't believe someone could actually go in there with all those people looking at them." all waiting for me to pass them out stuff to see from the school cafeteria or maybe show them a girls University sweater to pass around in the yard that they could smell...but I never knew they were there.

Not for seven years did I know they were there, all watching me at school and work through the window yelling and hitting stuff in frustration, all waiting for the chicken bone or girls sweater to be passed out to them from the school.

When they finally made there presence known seven years after I left for University they assaulted me on a Monday morning in early June at Sobeys Head Office where I was doing my Project Management Certification hours for the PMI Institute through St.FX and prepping for my Masters In Science and then they looted my home, stealing most of my possessions that they passed around out in the yard all showing everyone my cloths and music collection, smelling my t-shirts and pants and taking turns licking my shirt collars, items I would never want returned after that anyway.

Someone had told me a possible explanation of the assault, they said that all the people from the slums knew I was going to be making $150 Thousand Dollars a year soon and that they thought I was going to go back to the low rentals with the money and share it with them without telling me, and that they were all waiting, crying for me everyday to say it to them...a day which never came.

If fact, they said the attack came from Sobeys staff at their head office from the slums and low rentals and they all wanted me to go back and live in the slums so Sobeys staff could use my school projects to get a free SAP Server for their business from St.Francis Xavier University which is where I learned to design software and SAP Computer Systems.

It turns out that the staff at the office were all living in the slums and low rentals I was told and that they all wanted a free server and all their staff wanted  promotions off my school work, then they were all saying apparently that they "thought they were going to school with me" and they were "waiting for me to give it to them" from out in the yard...including the management staff at Sobeys Head Office where they did their SAP installations at their company.

Leading up to the attack I had told everyone that I was leaving to move on in music after I have finished my certifications and was putting my money into my band Collapse and record label Forward Regression Records and going to buy a $700 Thousand Dollar house in a new neighborhood, leaving the slums forever and moving on with my life which would now include a brand new swimming pool out in my back yard to sit at.

The story I was told is this...Sobeys staff said that they "were not going to give it to me" meaning my new life out of the slums from going to University and working in the music business so they could get a free SAP Server for their business and free work for their friends in the low rentals in the slums.

Then I was attacked...I was swarmed by dozens of people all hazing me in New Glasgow and looting my home, they said my house was like a "tree fort" to them and Sobeys staff and they were raiding it and stealing my cloths all picking on me out in the yard like they were seven years old.

They said they were all bullies and now that I was 32 at the time the new bully would be Sobeys, a Corporation that was a bully so big I could not beat up. Then they gathered all the people who knew me from living near the slums from when I was younger and began hazing me from their office, using there office in Stellarton Nova Scotia as a base to haze me and loot my house saying it was like a "tree fort" to them when they were children and people were letting them into my house to loot my possessions.

Then they said they were trying to make me cry and beg to them to get my stuff back when they were all wimps and scruffs, wanting me to go house to house begging for my clothes back until I gave their business a free SAP Server from St.Francis Xavier University.

They even wanted to "hold my money in their pocket" potentially millions of dollars, holding my Platinum Visa above my head dragging me around by the ear and making me jump for it crying like they were all children while their friends all took turns holding me there punching me in the head eating ice cream off my Platinum Visa while all the staff laughed at me in the Managers and Directors offices at Sobeys Head Office for being a wimp with all that money, while I stayed home and showed them how to be the boss at work all reading off my notes to run the office while I made no money.

Then they said they wanted me to stay home while they had poor people hold my bank card over my head and I made them a guide to be the boss so they could just read off the notes and get promoted while I was demoted and handed out all my money to the people from the slums and low rentals in New Glasgow and the North End of Halifax.

They said that they tried to hold me with my money outside the courts so they could beat me up with bullies from when I was a child and them at a Corporation and they assaulted me to see if I knew the real laws or not, proclaiming that I would not tell on them because I loved them too much from my childhood and was too embarrassed that my neighbors in the slums and Sobeys office staff were going through my underwear from my stolen clothes all making fun of me in public to humiliate me in front of the whole town when I was potentially going to be a millionaire from my school work, all laughing like jackals from their offices where they worked as managers.

Then they said the bullies were also now the "local police department" and then they began serving me fake court and police papers all in the court records and using the local jail at the police department as a "tree fort" like in the slums and that they were using the jail while working in the police department as a tree house from when they were children in the slums and detaining me in it until I let the other kids hold my platinum credit cards...a message that I "had to figure out on my own" like the one I didn't get when they were crying for my chicken bones outside the St. FX school cafeteria that I didn't know about.

Like at my graduation from University and on exactly the same date as the demo for my record "Collapse - Mechanisms of Oppression" came out in 2008 which was the same time I finished my Project Management Certification hours for my promotion they grabbed me and assaulted me, when I defended myself they used the local police department as a tree fort from the slums holding me in the jail cell illegally waiting for me to give their friends from the slums and low rentals my platinum credit cards to hold my money from the police station or they said they were going to keep arresting me as much as they wanted with the staff from Sobeys on the day of my University Graduation or they wouln't give me my freedom like bullies in the slums when they were children saying that I was too scared to tell on Sobeys or they would keep arresting me...right to my face.

Obviously, I told on the Courts they were using it from the local police as a "tree fort" with the police station right in front of the Judge who did not know what they were doing I and told on them and turned them in and now they are all facing life in prison from the assault in the witness statements I am preparing for my lawsuit against Sobeys.

Also, witnesses in the lawsuit are the ex members of my band Collapse from my earlier recordings who are wittiness in the case who also flamed me and facing criminal prosecution from me if they are connected and I have permanent restraining orders against them. Moving on I re did the albums without them and scrapped some of the recorded material.

Now the group of people if that's all true I heard will be facing like 800 felony charges amongst the group for hazing me for six weeks, looting my house and illegally detaining me at the local police station with fraudulent police and courts documents from the police station that they used as a childhood tree fort for bullies with the staff from Sobeys Office to hold me in the slums and steal my money and work for them and their friends...homeless people begging for change on the medians in downtown Halifax and North End Halifax and the slums in New Glasgow if the rumors turn out to be true.

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