Saturday, December 21, 2019

Star Wars..The Saga Continues

In the future The Force has created Star Wars fan fiction on the internet...

Ben and Yoda stand disembodied alone in The Force.

"We have failed with The Force." says Ben.

"Yes." agrees Yoda.

"What will we do with The Force?" asks Ben.

"We must continue our journey into The Force, it will show us the path." Yoda says to Ben.

The Force begins to send Ben a message, he cringes putting his hand to his head.

"I must travel back in time to stop Luke." says Ben.

Yoda nods in agreement.

"I must continue my journey, seek me if you need." Yoda says to Ben.

Yoda continues alone on his journey into The Force leaving Ben to travel back in time and try to stop Luke.

Ben following The Force travels backwards in time to shortly after his death to stop Luke from failing with The Force.

Ben appears to Luke shortly after his death disembodied.

" have to stop, you have failed with the force." Ben says to Luke.

"No Ben...." Luke replies "I must continue." he tells Ben.

"No Luke, you have to stop. You have failed with The Force, you have to listen."

"No says Luke, I have to continue." he leaves Ben to continue to pursue his father Darth Vader.

"I must follow Luke with The Force to stop him." Ben says to himself. "Only he can save us."

Ben stands disembodied, concentrating waiting for his instructions from The Force.


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