Friday, December 27, 2019

Here Is The Evidence For The Convictions In The Rehtaeh Parsons Case

Police Face Charges In Rehtaeh Parsons Case For Court/Evidence Tampering
I was just posting my notes for this on Twitter you can read my short notes on that page, Rehtaeh Parsons family needs to sue the Police in the investigation to get this matter resolved according to public testimony. 

What they need to do is sue the Police Station aka Nova Scotia Government for millions of dollars and then personally hold each police officer the case accountable and sue them at home for filing false Police reports in the case in separate cases so that they will each have to get individual lawyers.

The police officers will not have the money to defend the Civil Court Lawsuits in individual cases and will bankrupt them "weakening their hold" on illegally blocking cases from getting to the courts, when they are bankrupt they will not be able to defend her attackers at the Police station for the bums in downtown Halifax.

This is one of the key pieces of evidence in the case, the Police said that a text message between her and the people involved in the attack after the incident meant consent to the sexual assault.

This is an admission of guilt from the Police. 

The Police are not allowed to rule on the street that the text after the fact meant consent to the sexual assault before the message was sent, that is for the Judge to decide.

What they mean is that the Police blocked the Courts from hearing the case by not pressing charges, making a "personal ruling" on the evidence at the Police Station that a text message meant they could not press charges because it was consent.

That evidence was meant to go to the Judge for the Courts to make the ruling, meaning the Police illegally blocked the case from the Halifax courts to protect her rapists and flamers from downtown Halifax.

The text message was supposed to be submitted as evidence in the Courts Preliminary Hearing on the rape charges and nude photos they spread at the school.

At the Preliminary Hearing the Courts and Judge would decide if the text message meant anything to the case, and determine if it was evidence in the trial.

Not only that the text message and all the evidence is appealable to the Supreme Court of Canada on probably every level including Civil Court.

What they mean is the Police blocked the Rehtaeh Parsons case from reaching a Preliminary Hearing in the Courts in Halifax and the Judges and Courts did not get to review the evidence thus also illegally blocking the entire appeals courts in all of Canada by making a street ruling that the text meant consent to the rape.

The people in the documentary are the exact same people I have been complaing about for eleven years and bumming change in downtown Halifax and on Gottengen Street and flaming people on the internet including myself in my court case against Sobeys staff and their accomplices who attacked me in 2008 and I beat them in court.

What they are doing is they flamed Rehtaeh Parsons, her name means Heather spelt backwards, after the assault and flaming in order to create an incident between her and her attackers, the same thing that happened to me, then they all lied to the Police.

The Police said that the future incident between Rehtaeh Parsons and her attackers, an incident that they created, was consent to the past assault.

What they mean is the Police ruled without the courts that a "text message" ruled out a gang rape by black men on a white fifteen year old girl that was video taped while she was drunk underage.

Then they used this text message they faked by creating an incident through flaming to make her talk to throw all that out at the Police station.

This is why I am suing them so brutally in my case.

They keep saying that a paper clip meaning a text message can beat a gang rape by black men on a white woman in Canada and block all court appeals because they made a street ruling at the police station.

They mean that the bums downtown begging for change and one police officer can get together and flame the victim of the attack to create an incident with their attacker, which was a future text message, meaning nothing and is not even a paper clip to the courts to rule out the assault.

This is why they piss me off so bad, they try to cancel your case at the courts by creating an incident with the attacker like a text message.

Then they try and use that to block the courts from hearing the evidence and are blocking the entire Supreme Court of Appeals in all of Canada with a text message.

Obviously, this is not possible and the text message has NO WEIGHT in the courts compared to a public flaming and gang rape on a fifteen year old girl.

In Canada, you can NOT RULE OUT a gang rape case with a text message no matter what is in the content because it is so small that it holds no weight in the courts and is barely real anyway because it takes place on the internet and not real as a defense against their victim in the actual courts.

In the case this only shows that the Police are personally involved and are blocking the Courts from hearing the evidence at the original Preliminary Hearing in Halifax which has never happened yet because the police threw the evidence out with false rulings that never went to the Judge.

Again, all parties doing that with the Police and flamers who are also lying to police and creating false incidents to lie to the courts when the victim responds are going to get life in prison and her family will get millions of dollars in settlements when the case is resolved by Canada's Courts.


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