Saturday, December 21, 2019

Here Is One Of The Bombshells In My Case Against Sobeys

Frank Sobey had oil investments he wrote in his Biography, that probably means they owned part of Irving Oil in Atlantic Canada, then they illegally merged in my opinion on the Stock Market at Circle K Gas Station, illegally mixing their business investments on the TSX.

That's right everyone...It's like I'm going to win Irving Oil in my lawsuit or at least Sobeys investments. That's money they all held in the Cayman Islands.

So we can all start planning what we're going to do with the oil money then in the Nova Scotia Government as it starts to get transferred to me in my lawsuit, like we can start setting up the bank account list and stuff and testing what the numbers are gonna look like in my bank accounts when I get the money, like the Court Judges might want to see all that stuff before I get there.

Sorry to let you all know this at Christmas, but I'm in Big Oil now. 

Like at Chase Manhattan or something.

*Edit - Right like that's fuel and shipyards and stuff, so we can start building our own Navy in Nova Scotia and we have all kinds of oil and stuff, like we can start building our own warships and stuff for Halifax when I get all that.

Like the military will just be running my shipyard with the local government staff and stuff, then we can all use that oil to help heat our homes in the winter in Nova Scotia.

Then I can help everyone heat their houses and reduce prices, then we'll need help setting up that up with the local governement and we'll probably all be hiring with a bunch of bullshit jobs like paper sorting and stuff as it gets transitioned, plus all the people who assaulted me will never see that outside because they will all be in prison when that happens.


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