Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Events Leading Up To The Attack

I have had a long time to prepare my case so far in my defense against my attackers in 2008, one of the reasons this is taking so long is I don't have all their names and testimony yet so it's not a simple matter of filing a report plus it went on for a long time. 

In 2007 when I was sick and in the Hospital my doctors were working with me to sort things out, by the time I was feeling better entering January 2008 I was working with them to change my living and work arrangements, probably the last time I was with the people who attacked me was the Ozzy Osbourne concert on the first night in January 2008 in Halifax.

I was attacked at the start of June a few months later. 

Before that I had made the decision that as I was moving on with my life and quitting the party scene to pursue my degrees and education after I finished my certification hours. Since I was going to be making a lot of money I had decided that I would be changing jobs and moving to a new neighborhood and buying a nice house worth like $700 Thousand Dollars and then starting a Heavy Metal Record Label with my money. 

At counseling these were the issues we were working out, I decided I would follow the doctors advice and stop hanging around with people who were on drugs from the slums and heavy metal scene and I was leaving the "party crowd" because I wasn't able to do that and pursue the rest of my education, on my doctors advice I began dropping friends that I had known.

They said these "negative minded" people from the slums were affecting my mood when I was studying and I needed to stop drinking and doing drugs because I was sick at the time. They said they were "bringing me down" and negatively affecting my work - all documented in my medical records.

I began telling a few people this was happening and that I wasn't going to be talking to these people anymore and I made a list of people I was crossing off as friends when I was moving and coming into that money, like since then I have been wrapped up in this court case which is worth more than I would have made at work.

As this was happening I had told people these acquaintances I knew from my past from the poorer neighborhoods. Leading up to the attack I had several incidents at work, they tried to say my work was wrong in front the of whole staff and started trying to humiliate me at the office writing huge red x's on work diagrams saying that it was wrong without understanding the material.

I flipped out and told them off telling them that it was correct, then they gave me a fake work performance review which I refused to sign at their office, then they weren't even qualified to grade my performance. 

What they meant was that I wasn't "inventing" enough work for them from scratch and they wanted me to install my projects and severs out of my own pocket for nothing at their office. Then they assaulted me and tried to make me give it to them.  

When I quit they flamed my doctors office pretending to be my support system saying I was having a "health scare" because I wouldn't do what they wanted.

This was one of the larger issues that pissed me off in the case, they tried to say that I was sick and having a heath scare because I wouldn't do the work for nothing then they flamed my doctor. I think they were trying to get the doctor to tell me to give them my work, however it was the doctors advice that I leave the situation months earlier and I was only following their advice in my treatment program at the hospital.

Issues like that are the key points that I have spent time "hammering out" in the case.

I already beat them in court about the main issues but the issues I am blogging about never made it into court yet and are for my lawsuit. 

Like this...people tell me that issuing a fake order and arresting someone for entering their home to hold them in a jail cell while other people looted their house is life in prison. 

I am told that incident alone is life in prison. 

The problem is I don't have a full list of people involved and all their statements yet to get the whole story. Like my stuff went in so many different directions I couldn't track it down and no one would return it to me at my new apartment which they also illegally raided four years later.

In 2011 I found out that some of my items had been sold on ebay including rare autographed Misfits albums from their "American Psycho" tour. The people selling the items were from the New Glasgow and North End Halifax "music scene" so I know who they are now. 

Like all the main people involved in the case were people from the North End of Halifax in the Heavy Metal scene like the bands playing downtown putting up posters and playing concerts in the North End around 2008, everyone of them flamed me with the people who assaulted me and stole my possessions at the time, along with my ex band members and estranged and now disowned relatives I had who were living in the slums with them, people who are not allowed to talk to me for the rest of my life.

My point to that is when I told people I was leaving and cutting people off those relatives were friends with them in the slums and the office staff at Sobeys, then they all got together behind my back to steal my work and money from me for Sobeys and ruin my band stuff because they knew I said I was leaving.

Then they tried to stop me and take it because they weren't entitled to my future money, then they wanted me to stay in the slums and bleed me for work and money and not let me buy a nice house with my earnings.

I am told that is life in prison when they are convicted, the civil court lawsuit against Sobeys and their past court statements later will identify the rest of their group of people and all the stuff they did, then they will be brought to justice by Canada's Courts when they are all identified.


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