Saturday, December 14, 2019

Court Case Update

I Have Access Nova Scotia & Five Star Bailiff In Court
Oh right this was in the news today, I had received a fake summons for back rent that wasn't due from "Five Star Bailiff" in Halifax: 

Press Release:

What happened was I got a fake collection notice from Five Star Bailiff that was fake from a Collection Agency like when they harass you for money, then they stamped it and tried to take me into a real court with it.

They tried to hold me in a real court hearing at the Tenancy Board without the court law books being present, then they tried to make up the rules of the hearing and get me to plead guilty to not paying my back rent which I didn't owe.

Then they tried to "determine" if I would be evicted or not from my apartment in a fake hearing in real court with a fake summons. Then they said if they decided not to evict me then they would make me agree to fake payment arrangement, then they tried to intimidate me treating me like a small child saying I "needed to pay my rent" and "maybe I should be paying my rent" when it wasn't due so I fucking sued them.

That part never went to court yet and I am going to shop my case around to see what I can get for a settlement and sue them later.

What happened was my lawyer threw their case out and made them cancel the fake court hearings in my defense of their lawsuit and then I didn't have to pay the rent balance, but I can't get into details.

The rest didn't got to court yet, that was just my defense.

Now I am going to ram hole Access Nova Scotia and Five Star Bailiff with Civil Court proceedings when I sue them, I am probably going to start looking for a lawyer to take the counter lawsuit against them to court when the weather gets nicer this Spring after I have some time to think about how I am proceeding against them at the Nova Scotia Government in Halifax for it.


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