Thursday, December 19, 2019

Trump Impeachment

Donald Trump Impeachment...Yeah, I read that right next to Elvis is working at Burger King.

This all still has to clear the United States Senate ect. You don't even need to check but I will later, I'm too busy dealing with the Death Wish gang camped out on my doorstep...I might turn into a lawyer version one of those Terminators from the movie the Terminator, the articles of impeachment will turn out to be Treason from some government defense contractor that they slipped through the House of Representatives with some tapped government computer or something buying the votes with stolen tax money.

It doesn't matter anyway, Trump is only proving they are Traitors in Washington DC with the ones up here in Alberta and Nova Scotia...hang for it on live television then.

All these people are only making the rest of us stronger.


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