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I Was Assaulted At Sobeys Head Office

Lady Justice
There is a good tag line for a blog post, now I will get into some of the details that happened to me that lead to my court case against Sobeys Company and the local Police Department at the time and also now the Nova Scotia Government at Access Nova Scotia since they have re started their rentless assualt on my financial income and residence in Nova Scotia.

The point here is I was not physically harmed although I was attacked by their staff in the office and at my home, however they did go around saying I liked to wear a dress around my house just shortly before the attack in their office.

Discrimination and harassment yes, which I took too lightly at the time and looks worse today.

Like I said, their office staff tried to steal my SAP designs from my home and cancel my project management promotion etc. and use my work to promote the other staff while giving me a demotion.

Then when I quit their staff followed me and flamed and harassed me, I was then wrongfully evicted from my home with a fake restraining order from local police that was thrown out, then I was allowed to return and still had possessions there, at that time I was arrested by the same police officer and my possessions were looted from my home when I was not allowed to return.

Items stolen were cloths, keep sakes, jewelry, collectable Compact Discs some worth in the price rage of $300 each and some were autographed.

Some of the cd's were rare first pressings and Japanese heavy metal albums from the early 1980's like Venom slipcases and albums like original Possessed - Seven Churches valued at $500, in that category.   

All my clothes were stolen and not returned to me including a rare first print heavy metal t-shirt collection, University memorabilia from my graduation at St.FX , dishes, colelctable Star Wars toys toys, etc, childhood photo albums, school pictures, stereo, record player...things like that that I believe were the main targets.

Because of the heinousness of the attack and severe harassment and flaming I endured when they tried to make me quit music for quitting my job and ruin my band I am seeking a life sentence in Super Max Prison for the ringleaders if they go to trial, unless they plead guilty.

All this is documented 100% in Court Documents.

Again, I have taken a while to talk about this not because of the sensitivity of the topic, which it is, but more because I was attacked by a large group of people who ruined my job, home and tried to intimidate me into handing them over my work and money from my promotion.  

On top of that I had built two SAP servers at home and had the designs for them on my Computers which were not stolen, I had removed the more important items before that including my guitars, amps and computers.

The seriousness of the case is that I am prosecuting a large group of people through a Civil Court Lawsuit against Sobeys since their staff were the originators of the attack in the office to steal my work.

It is going to cost me a lot of money to take advance statements with lawyers in preliminary questioning for the lawsuit, this testimony will identify the ringleaders of their group of people and I am seeking a sentence of life in Super Max Prison.

I am sorry if this story sounds upsetting which it is and some people may be sensitive to the issues. 

Shortly before the attack in August 2007 I had become ill and was hospitalized several times and had to take sick leave from work - my doctors records for my sick leave were also leaked to people around the office from their management and I was also flamed with private information from my medical records in court documents which were all false statements.

After leaving the hospital I was giving a strong sedative and bedridden for three months in 2007, I had been taken off the medication in December for Christmas 2007 and then was feeling better.

After this I returned to work and until the end of May 2008 and was attacked in early June 2008.

During the attack which lasted about six weeks from people from the office and other outside is when my possessions were stolen. 

Another key point in my lawsuit takes place around that, people I knew that led the attack on me swarmed me in a group and pretended to my Hospital Support Group from my previous Hospitalization and then flamed my Doctors at the Hospital and invented a fake health scare, either as an alibi or an assault, I took this as an assault. 

They said I needed to be Hospitalized for quitting my job and not giving them my money and ruined my medical treatment at the Hospital and I had to move.

The point to that is that it is illegal to pretend to be someone's Hospital Support Group and invent a health scare on a patient (me) in order to extort them for money which is what happened.  

When the case goes forward the witness statements will name everyone who took part in the fake health scare and they will be prosecuted at that time I am assuming.

I am assuming that the attack will lead to life in prison for my assailants and then I will get millions of dollars from the government in settlements from the civil court lawsuit.

The reason I am bringing this forward in public now is because I had been served with more false eviction notices that were thrown out and some of the people from the first attack have tried to intimidate me in the public in Halifax and I am concerned they are planning a second assault on my home and to myself.

I am not concerned about my safety because they are all wimps and pathetic but it is just their "erratic" and "uncontrollable" behavior that makes them a threat like drunk driving or something that could lead to an accident at my home or something if I was assaulted.

Again, thank you for your support and this will all pay off financially in the future.

*Edit: Oh right, that is only some of the details the actual case is way longer like over one hundred incidents probably, all documented that's why it's taking such a long time. I will post more later as it come up.


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