Monday, December 23, 2019

More Details From My Lawsuit

I think now is a great time to bring forward some more of the details that happened with me when I was assaulted at Sobeys Head Office in 2008 because of all the public outcry for victim support and against violence in Canada.

This is extremely long and all public events and documented in court, the reason I never said anything yet was because I was preparing the lawsuit and just got to it now.

 I was in court against these parties three times and won all cases.

This first case was because of the staff at Sobeys head office, I was wrongfully arrested and cleared having been a victim of false imprisonment at the New Glasgow Police Station by my landlord (a police officer) based on false charges from people in the community.

All orders were thrown out and I was cleared, while I was being held in the jail my house was looted and my possessions were stolen because I quit my job at Sobeys.

This was also the day the demo version of  "Collapse - Mechanisms Of Oppression" came out in 2008 when I had just finished my project management certification hours. The ex members on the demo are also named as witness' in the lawsuit with the attack at Sobeys and they tried to assault me and make me quit music and steal my work and possessions because I was going to be making $150 Thousand Dollars a year soon and starting a record label.

I redid the album and it was plagarized.

In 2012 I was confronted by the same group of people in New Glasgow flaming me on the internet over the article and telling me that my "old friends" didn't like me anymore and ordered me to give my song to the other band...a case that I have won.

A few months later I was involved in another incident with people from Sobeys and the music community and my apartment was raided by the Police in New Glasgow with a search warrant claiming I had weapons and was a threat to hurt someone, form the same people at the Police Station.

The people from Sobeys lied to the Police to press charges against me and I was found NOT GUILTY after my home was raided for the SECOND TIME from the New Glasgow Police and staff from Sobeys Head Office.

This year in 2019 I was served a FAKE SUMMONS from Access Nova Scotia on Baker Drive at a Sobeys Plaza by a collection agency dressed up as fake sheriffs in Halifax for a false rental eviction again for the THIRD TIME they tried to break into my apartment.

I took them to a lawyer and they instantly dropped the case and paid off my debts.

Now all parties from the three cases I am pursuing as witness' against Sobeys in my lawsuit including Five Star Bailiff from Access Nova Scotia from the Provincial Government.

The most recent time they could not say anything because there was no incident, they just showed up at my home unannounced. A short time later in Halifax this Christmas I noticed they started swarming around me from the first case again from the "music scene" in the North End of Halifax and I am concerned they will break into my home for the third time in eleven years using faking summons', fake court and fake police documents.

This time I have already stopped them at the courts and there were no altercations.

Now I am bringing my case and lawsuit to the public, I am suing all parties in the case for repeatedly coming to my door with false police and court documents.

In all instances I won the cases in court. After my lawsuit I am handing the testimony in for criminal prosecution for the guilty parties and asking they receive life in prison when their group is convicted.

I will post more blurbs and details form my case as they come up.


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