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MUSIC: Was Kurt Cobain Murdered By A Satanic Cult?

Was Kurt Cobain Murdered By "The Mentors"?
Was the suicide of Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain really a murder from a Satanic Black Metal cult from Norway? 

Or more specifically, done by the Satanic Cult Of Anton Lavey from California working with the Heavy Metal band "The Mentors" in Seattle along with the Black Metal band Mayhem from Norway?

Admitted Nirvana heroin dealer Eldon "El Duce" Hoke (deceased) from the Seattle based band "The Mentors" had stepped forward in the 1990's and claimed that Courtney Love from the band Hole had offered him $50,000 to kill Kurt Cobain to which he said no, because he was out on tour.

He said that he had referred the job to "Allan Wrench" someone he knew from Seattle who Eldon Hoke claimed to be a hit man and heroin dealer. 

Eldon Hoke from the band "The Mentors" which was actually heroin dealers in Seattle he claimed that sold heroin to members of the band Hole and that he knew Courtney Love and that his roommate had dated a member of Hole and sold them heroin meaning for Kurt Cobain from Nirvana.

Hoke claimed that "The Mentors" was a band from Seattle made from selling Heroin to Courtney Love and Nirvana and then they started releasing "heavy metal albums" while drug dealing to Nirvana.

After the death of Kurt Cobain Hoke went on shows like Jerry Springer, Donahue and Hard Copy to promote his band "The Mentors" and claiming that Courtney Love offered him $50 thousand dollars to kill Kurt Cobain and he thought that was a lot of money.

Shortly after his television appearances Hoke was hit by a train in California and decapitated. 

Hoke had implicated his friend "Alan Wrench" in the murder of Kurt Cobain to which Wrench admitted on video camera. He said that he would go to Kurt Cobain's house and get him high on heroin while holding him like a baby with his hand on the gun until he pulled the trigger to make it look like a suicide and that he was a hit man and did it for $50 thousand dollars claiming he would never get caught.

Alan Wrench also said that Courtney Love was going around offering people $50 thousand dollars on a regular basis to do what she wanted and that she was trying to hire someone to kill Kurt Cobain a similar story to the suicide of Dead from the Norway band Mayhem and the murder of Black Metal Guitarist "Euronymous" also from the band Mayhem as documented in the movie "Lords Of Chaos".  

This is putting into question was vocalist Dead from Mayhem also killed in the same manner as Kurt Cobain as described in a video by Alan Wrench. In Norway, the suicide and murder was done by a "Satanic Cult" that followed Anton Lavey's Satanic Church in California at the same time as the death of Kurt Cobain.

The connection is that The Mentors were also in California at the same time playing in Heavy Metal while dealing heroin to Nirvana the location of Anton Lavey's "Church Of Satan".

"The Mentors" were also in the same Heavy Metal scene with Norway Black Metal band Mayhem who followed Anton Lavey which could have been the same followers in the band "The Mentors" at the "Church Of Satan" and that the Satanic Cult from Norway in Black Metal who actually did murder people may be the same followers of the Satanic Church in California around the band "The Mentors" who have claimed they murdered Kurt Cobain with hit man "Alan Wrench" and Eldon Hoke from the band "The Mentors".

Hoke claims he was on tour at the time but the band wears masks so you don't know for sure if he was actually with them.

The Black Metal Satanic Cult from Norway who murdered probably ten people including Mayhem band leader Euronymous also might have murdered Kurt Cobain to "kill grunge music" like they had done in Norway to Euronymous in Black Metal for the Church of Satan from Anton Lavey.

Testimony has said that Kurt Cobain was buying heroin in downtown Seattle from members of the band "The Mentors" and that he had a hotel room downtown that he stayed at when he was doing and buying heroin.

People said that he had stayed there alone while on heroin and that in the days leading up to his death he was reported missing by Courtney Love who had pretended to be his mother to cancel his credit cards. 

The cards were reactivated and then used by other people around Seattle after his death. 

The question is was "Alan Wrench" hired to kill Kurt Cobain from people connected to the Church Of Satan in California and the Black Metal murders in Norway through the metal scene with the band "The Mentors".

The connection is that Dave Grohl was not an original member of Nirvana and did not play on their first album "Bleach" and had connections to the Heavy Metal scene with Eldon Hoke of the Mentors. Dave Grohl would later collaborate with many members of the Heavy Metal scene on music projects like where the Norway Black Metal murders happened connecting him to the Norway scene with The Mentors.

They also said that Kurt Cobain was disbanding Nirvana because he was sick from an illness and touring too much and needed a rest plus he was using heroin.  He then said he did not want to play Lollapalooza which they were going to get millions of dollars for and Courtney Love wanted the money, then Hoke from "The Mentors" said she was offering money to kill Kurt Cobain to the heroin dealers in Seattle.

Kurt Cobain apparently was also divorcing Courtney Love while disbanding Nirvana and she along with Dave Grohl would be getting no settlement from him for Nirvana, then they wanted the Lollapalooza money.

After Kurt Cobain's death, Grohl and Love both got "settlements" from Nirvana and he launched the Foo Fighters similar to what Mayhem had done in Norway at the same time off the death of Euronymous.

Police investigators say that there are no cases in the police records of a similar circumstance of the death of Kurt Cobain.

Forensic pathologists had ruled that Kurt Cobain was too high on heroin to commit suicide with a shotgun...and that the police never had any cases of that.

There were also no finger prints on the shotgun that killed Kurt Cobain suggesting that they were possibly wiped off by accident and they never put his hand back on the gun.

This would confirm the story of "Alan Wrench" that said he held Kurt Cobain like a baby making him take heroin until he got him to squeeze the trigger on the gun...this was a mistake.

By the time "Wrench" got Kurt Cobain to pull the trigger investigators say as claimed by "Wrench" Cobain was "too high" to be able to pull the trigger from an overdose of heroin suggesting that he was shot by "Wrench" while holding him in a suicide position on the gun and that "Wrench" did not know there was too much heroin in him and he messed up the murder potentially as a hit man because they were high on heroin when they did it.

Two months later the former bass player from Hole who was a friend of Kurt Cobain's was also found dead of an overdose in similar circumstances.


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