Friday, December 27, 2019

Cole Harbour High School

Cole Harbour High School
I went to Cole Habour High School today to look around, I also took a walk in the local area.

Cole Harbour is one of the worst, poorest, small, condensed neighborhoods I have ever seen in my life. The whole area was duplex's and tiny houses and it stank so bad from the smell coming out of the houses I almost threw up.

The idea of Rehataeh Parsons being raped in that area makes me sick to my stomach. I realize that some people down there are better of than other like Sidney Crosby who if he played Ice Hockey would be rich in the area to the rest of the neighborhood.

Rehataeh Parsons they said was led to a party by a new friend in one of the biggest dumps I have even seen, then she was gang raped by blacks and filmed or something while drunk underage, that should be automatic statutory rape even if they were all under age because she was unable to consent in surroundings that were unfamiliar.

Also, if she spent the night there where were the fucking parents? Then who bought them liqour?

All those people are responsible for her death.

Where are the fucking video tapes from the High School?

The school has cameras on the roof of the school yard and at the public library behind the school where the ice hockey rink is and swimming pool. There should be video of her being bullied all over the place down there and you could see her attackers grouping on her in the footage.

The elementary school in the area is one of the worst schools I have even seen in my life. Both schools need to be closed and amalgamated with Dartmouth and the kids bused into the City to go to Dartmouth High School or Prince Andrew High School in my neighbourhood.

Most of the area around the schools needs to be plowed it is in such terrible condition.

The area around the Dartmouth High School at the Metro Transit Bridge Terminal where the houses are is 100 times better condition and safer than Cole Harbour which is one of the worst places I've ever seen.


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