Monday, December 30, 2019

National Socialist Party: Neo Nazi Black Metal Event

National Socialist Black Metal
National Socialist Black Metal or NSBM is having a neo-Nazi Rally this weekend according to in Kyiv, Ukraine and is known as the neo-Nazi networking event of the year

The event is being called a "militant black metal festival" which they say has become a networking hub for the neo-Nazi party in the Capital of the Ukraine.

Bands at the festival have lyrical themes including swastikas, the holocaust, anti Jewish semitism and racial slurs against the Jewish people.

The Militant Black Metal Festival is a hub they are saying for the transnational white supremacy movement and organized by the Azov Movement which played a major role in the Ukraine Revolution and war against Russian Separatists. 

Past extremist networks at the festival also included neo-Nazi groups from the United States, Germany and Italy called the Atomwaffen Division, The Third Path Party and Neo-facisist group Casapound.

Thorsten Hindrich's a musicologist from the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz says that the group plans to build a "pan European community of far right extremists" and has said that it is clear that they have built a network including almost the complete European neo-Nazi scene.

He also says that Kyiv has become a safe space for far right neo-Nazi extremists and that the group was also founded by Russian neo-Nazi's who have relocated to the Ukraine to run the Militant Black Metal Festival and back National Socialist Black Metal for the united European Neo-Nazi Party.


Could the uprising in neo-Nazi activity be coming from the gang rape and murders like in the Rehateah Parsons murder and these other cases?

9 Teens Suspected Of Gang Raping Teenage Girl:

India Police Kill Four Gang Rape Suspects:

Gang Rapes And Murders Case Prompt Wave Of Anger:

Black and India gang rapes have been on the rise and these attacks on our citizens could be coming from illegal immigrants coming from places in the southern hemisphere and India who are coming to Canada illegally.

White extremist sentiment may be on the rise because of these non white gang rape attacks like with Rehateah Parsons and other similar stories.


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