Saturday, September 30, 2017

Carpet Cleaning Uniforms Are Not Metal

Carpet Cleaning Uniforms Are Not Metal
In the world of music one thing that is not metal is wearing a carpet cleaning uniform. I mean, nothing against carpet cleaners it's just not metal to dress like one everyday in your regular life. So if your regular life means you wear a carpet cleaning uniform around then fuck off.

Here is a metaphorical example of my experiences with people like this. Yes, they are real believe it or not. 

So, the carpet cleaning guy goes and says that you have to be friends with him and not me because he's super important and friends with all these people.

Then he goes around "making a name" for himself off my record. So he think's he right big and when my second album which was a demo came out somehow he starts annoying me for money only three days after it was pressed.

Then he's starts going on about how important he is and how I won't do anything for him because I have a new record out. 

Then I was planning to move away to the City and pursue music full time and do books or art and stuff and he goes "I don't like that because I wanna stay home" then I said "well you have nothing to do with any of that anyway so fuck off" then he goes around crying to everyone begging everyone to be his friend and saying no one like me anymore because I don't like the carpet cleaning guy.

Then I moved away to pursue music and books and stuff and  this guy used to be around music and stuff and was kicked out of my stuff when I moved and then he starts flaming me on the internet because he was trying to sponge off my music and stuff and started begging me for money.

So I did these records and shit and had different people around my music years ago and they all got kicked out when I moved.

Then when I moved away they all flamed me on the internet because I went to do it without them. So that guy didn't want to do anything in music or anything else then he went around flaming me crying for everyone to be his friend because I didn't like him.

Then he got mad because I was moving to the City to music and stuff full time and he didn't want to and he started crying to everyone because I was leaving and he had to quit music and stuff because I wasn't going to be around anymore.

Then the guys wears a Carpet Cleaning Uniform around for clothes everyday and he is a fucking loser.

So he goes and says: "Jason is moving away to the City to pursue music full time and he is going by himself and everyone is going to hate him now because he doesn't like me and I'm not around music anymore. Let's all flame him on the internet so he quits and stays home because I don't want to do that. Then he'll still live in his home town and then I'll be around music. So if he tries to move away he'll lose all his friend's because I don't like him because he kicked me out of music and I'm more important than him and everyone like's me more and I wear a carpet cleaning uniform for regular clothes everyday."

Then he goes:

He has this super important life to everyone and no one is allowed to ever say anything about him because he's right important or something.

Then he dresses like a carpet cleaner and doesn't want anyone to move or do anything if he's involved.

So I'm doing this big death metal band thing and I'm taking off to the City and no one else I knew wanted to participate because they all wanted to stay home and not do anything and dress right stupid.

Everyone else wants to take off and play in a band or be an artist and live in the City  but not these people....then they go.....Jason will probably not move away to do music because everyone else wants to stay home.

Then I told them to suck it and moved away to do death metal records.

So for me I like living in the City and playing in a Death Metal band and I want to live beside Starbucks and it's near my apartment and I can go there everyday.

Then the other people all thought I would choose want the carper cleaning guy wanted and stay home and not live beside Starbucks because they are handicapped or something.

Why would I not want to live beside Starbucks and play Death Metal in a huge City where it's right exciting and you can go to Starbucks every day.

Then no one else wanted to do that because "They want to stay home".....well everyone else is having a good time living in the City where it's right exciting and there's a Starbucks everywhere.

These other losers thought that:

"I was gonna quit and stay home because the Carpet Cleaning Guy didn't want to move away to be in music and that I was gonna stay home so he could be around it."

Yeah right!

Why the fuck would I wanna stop my life  and not live in the City where it's right exciting and write books and music so someone else could benefit because they wanted to stay home.

Right so I'm supposed to stop my life so that people who wanted to stay home could get their way and be around music and stay home and not have to move or do anything to get it.

So I would have to give up what I wanted to do so some prick could get his way and have the music shit I was working on while not having to change his life to have it because he thinks he's right special

Then when they talk it's like their trying to sell you carpet cleaning.

They go:

"Yeah Jason you should not move away to the City because then we can't be around you're music  thing so you should stay home so we can use it."

Then they don't want to dress metal to be around death metal band they want to dress like a carpet cleaner everyday and stay home.

Well everyone else who likes music it out having fun and living in the City and dressing metal and you people don't because you said you didn't want to because your life is so sacred that you can't leave it to be around music and you want to dress stupid.

Then they all wanted to stay home and not be metal and have the music shit there anyway and not do anything to get it.

Then when I moved away they all flamed me on the internet because I went to pursue music and books and stuff and they stayed home.

Then they tried to ruin my band and shit on the internet because I wouldn't stay home and give it to them.

Here is the deal:

The guy goes and wants to be in my music stuff and dress like a carpet cleaner everyday in regular life.

Then the doesn;t want to move to pursue music.

Then he tries to stop me when I did by flaming me on the internet and tried to make me quit.

So if you have this guy around like that he want's you to have a real death metal band and then you have to "have it at his house so he can use it".

Then you're not allowed to do anything else if you do have it for him at his house.

Yeah Right.

Why the fuck would I not move to the City to do music and books so some Carpet Cleaner Guy could have it at his house and be around it.

So he says that "His life is more important than mine" and he wanted me to quit doing music for real so I would stay home so he could have it at his house.

So I was moving away to do what I wanted and live in the big City by Starbucks and shit and this other guy goes around crying to everyone when I was leaving and tells everyone that his life is more important than mine and that I should stay home so he could be in it.

Then he tells everyone that "I should be doing music for him so he can be around it" that's because they all flames me and said that his like was more important than mine and that I should stay home and not move to the City so that he can still be around my music stuff because he didn't want to move.

Then he has this sacred life to everyone and you're not allowed making fun of him and he says that everyone has to be friends with him.

The he dresses right stupid and he wants you to have you music shit at his house so he can do it without doing anything or moving away.

So if you're friends with him you have to have all your stuff at his house so he can use it.

Then if you move away to do music on your own he says his life is sacred and his is more important that yours and he flames you on the internet and goes around crying to everyone trying to steal all your friends because you moved away and took your stuff with you and now he can't have it.

Then he says he is more important to everyone than me and everyone has to take his side and be friends with him because his life is so sacred.

And you have to have your music at his house so he can stay home and use it because he's more important to everyone.

Then Jason can't live in the City by Starbucks because the other guy is more important and has to stay home so the other guy can use his music stuff.

The he goes around saying everyone's friends like him more and they hate Jason because he won't keep his music stuff at the Carper Cleaner's Guys house so he can use it.

That's because he's more important than everyone and Jason's music stuff should be for him to use at his house and he doesn't want to move because everyone like him the most and they don't like Jason because he wanted to like by Starbucks and everyone else wanted to stay home.

Then the Carpet Cleaner Guy when he meets you he starts copying you and then he wants to meet all your friends.

The when he meets all your friends he starts copying you and tries to steal them.

Then he tells everyone he's more important than you and starts making fun of you behind you back to your own friends.

Then when you move away and he gets kicked out of your music stuff he gets mad and starts crying like a baby and he starts copying you and making fun of you to everyone and tries to steal all your friends because you won't have your music thing at his house and he didn't want to move.

That's because he the most super special friend to everyone he knows and you can't say anything bad about him.

Then if you own a big music thing everyone says you're not allowed to move away to the City to pursue it because he needs it at his house to be in music and won't leave.

Then if you move away anyway he cries to everyone he meets saying you're a prick because you wouldn't live in a small town so he could be in music.

That's because they all said that "Jason's music thing was for other people who were more important than him and they needed it at their house."

Then when Jason moved away by himself to do music they all flamed him on the internet and tried to make him quit because some Carpet Cleaner Guy was more important to them than Jason was and they all wanted Jason to stay home from the City so the other guy could have Jason's music business thing at his house so he could be in it and still stay home.

Yeah right, so I have to give up my life in the City so some other people I knew could have it at their house in a small town because they didn't want to move.

Now everyone loves them other guys and hate's me because I wanted to live by Starbucks and do music full time.

You people must be totally retarded to be out out in real life living that.

No one's stuff they do is for you at your house to use and no one give up their life somewhere so you can have it and be in music.

You are total retards.

Crying to everyone saying you're more important than me to everyone's friends because I want to live in the City and not have it at your house so you can use it and be in music because you all said you lives were more important than mine and every is your guys friends because your super special but you don't want to move but you want to have it anyway and everyone you know has to always please you because you are super important.

I don't think so.

Everyone know's your all super retarded and no one quits music and thier life in the City so you can stay home and have it at your house and so you can be in it.

Suck it losers.


Monday, September 25, 2017

Collapse - I Don't Care What You Say

Collapse-I Don't Care What You Say

Download this link to check out a rough version of my most recent song and listen to what everyone in the Trenchcoat Mafia is copying in Halifax and Atlantic Canada and hear why I am being bootlegged by Audio Interview Cd Distributors probably but I don't know for sure.

Everyone of you losers in Halifax and Atlantic Canada in the Trenchcoat Mafia scene are losers and I am super awesome and you will never be me because I am a Death Metal Super God and you will all fail.

It does not matter how much you copy me in the metal scene because you will never be a music star because you are all idiot's and fucking suck.

You will all fail and you're labels will fail and I will still be here and you will all cry and quit because you can not copy me because I am too awesome and you all fucking suck.

You will all quit metal and be humiliated and fail and I am already a huge guitar player you will always be a failure because you are the Trenchcoat Mafia and I am real heavy metal.



Trenchcoat Mafia:The Unauthorized Interview CD out soon
PRC Music from Quebec is an open scam. That is the "Label" that makes CD's for the Trenchcoat Mafia here in Halifax and Atlantic Canada.

Here is the response from the HFX LOCAL Trench Coat mafia..."I don't understand why people are saying some people don't like us. We've been the big popular music crowd in Halifax for over twenty years and now people are saying they don't like us. It doesn't matter how big a artist is if WE don't like them because we're the biggest downtown popular crowd to ever exist in Halifax and if we say no one like's Slayer or Metallica  everyone  in our super popular Halifax crowd says they don't like them either or we won't be friends with them. That's because we own local popularity and  run the City of Halifax."

Newsflash wieners you're not popular and everyone hates you.  

Now this topic is getting super long and I'm not spending time editing my spelling on here and shit because it's too long and the topic is too stupid.

I looked this up a while ago and I don't know if it's all accurate but fuck them anyway it's what I thought and that's what it looked like.

So PRC Music from Quebec is releasing these fucking pricks albums from the Trenchcoat Mafia or "Maritime Metal" it used to be when that was around years ago  here in Halifax and Atlantic Canada.

Then their Label is PRC Music in Quebec which does all this openly in the public. That's the people from the Label my old album was on when I got ripped off 11 years ago.

The are saying they are on Universal Music Canada and it's fucking bullshit. Then they are looking for bands.

First they said they were on Purveyor Music Distribution and when I looked that up before all they carried was Interview CD's like "The Unauthorized Metallica Interview" cd's.

They said that that was the label PRC was distributed on the only one I could find just made Unauthorized Interview Cd's which  are BOOTLEGS.

I don't care when these are carried in stores, if they are really unauthorized they are bootlegs.

Then guess what?

My first album Collape - Destroying By Design got BOOTLEGGED.

So they started to press the album then they scrapped it then it got their distributor if that's accurate sells bootleg Interview Cd's.

If I had to guess I would say cd got Bootlegged, then the new laben is distributed by Bootleggers.

Yeah but you can't prove any of that like where they specifically come from but that's what it looks like. Either way PRC is a scam.

Now the Purveyor shit is not on there that I could see and it said they were on Universal Music Canada and they are not, now it say's they are on "Outside Music" which is kind of like Sonic Unyon from years ago.

So i know Outside Music is a distributor but it's not Universal Music, I don't know if  Universal Distributes Outside Music or not. 

When I looked up Outside Music's Distribution List PRC Music was not on it.

Before they said Universal Music on Purveyor and that's not on there now, the only thing I could find on Purveyor is they sold Bootleg Audio CD's of like Metallica of something.

Then my first record got Bootlegged and they are selling it small under the counter now. So that's that people in there somewhere bootlegging where my record got bootlegged but you can never prove specifically who the bootlegger is so you can't do anything about it because they took it underground.

So they are pricks anyway so fuck them. 

This is what will probably happen:

They said they were being Distributed by Universal Music Canada and that was on Purveyor that apparently sells Unauthorized Bootleg Audio CD's as far as I can tell.

Now it says Outside Music which is a Label and Distributor in Canada but it's super small.

I don't know is Outside Music is carried by Universal Music Canada or not.

Then on the web page under label information it says all this fucked in the head shit that doesn't make any sense.

They say they are an underground label that is NOT ON A QUEST FOR WORLD DOMINATION which is pretty funny that they say that because one of my slogans is that COLLAPSE IS ON A QUEST FOR WORLD DOMINATION which includes exposing poeple like PRC MUSIC and the TRENCHCOAT MAFIA because they are both scams and in the public and they are both a public issue.

Now they are backpedaling and saying that they have been in business since the 1980's and are including all their old back catalog like my band Collapse  in their discography on their info page.

They don't say my band but it's the same list as my band and they are copying my slogan.

That's probably because they are trying to say that THEY NEVER CLOSED because everyone is saying once a label closes they should leave the scene because they owe the old bands money and it's a scam if they make a new label without them on it.

Yeah now they said they released all those old albums but they didn't...that was Great White North Records......PRC MUSIC never released any of those records they reference on their info page.

Now they are saying they released  over 150 but they didn't. Those were on a different label and PRC only has like 30 or something.

Now they are pretending they are Great White North Records and taking credit for those titles but they didn't make them. They are probably just trying to hide that fact that they are a scam by taking credit for old titles.

This is what will probably happen....they'll say their gonna be on Universal Music Canada Distribution but they need like 100 Bands or something, then they'll use that angle to sign bands and then close their label saying they never got to the level they need to get them in stores on Universal.

Then they'll just take it underground and bootleg them with Interview CD's and sell them small at they under the counter level and not pay anyone.

I'm not saying that PRC MUSIC is Bootlegging audio interview CD's and that they Bootlegged Collapse-Destroying by Design and that it's being distributed by Interview CD bootleggers with my name on it...BUT it could be that but you can't prove anything.

Then on their info page it says they have been involved in that as a "RACKET" since the 1980's (I doubt it, they are probably just saying 1980's to look cool and try and sign bands) and I don't think they are joking because it's a real racket and I have first hand experience with them.

Then they point you to their estore and say "Have a blast" and buy 3 get one free....that's probably because everyone says that their Maritime Label was "Blast Head" and just closed and it was probably they same thing as "Great White North Maritimes" and that PRC was probably running that as an Atlantic Canada Label and they just closed it and sold off their inventory.

So people are saying that "Blast Head" from Atlantic Canada was probably run by PRC or something and the bands they signed never knew they were on it and now they're all probably getting bootlegged but you can't prove anything.

That inventory was bought buy some other label...probably someone else they know and they'll probably just bootleg it and hold it under the counter saying the label is closed and the people who bought it are selling it as old inventory. 

In fact they probably just closed it so they can bootleg it somewhere and not pay anyone because they are closed.

But....You can't prove any of that it's just what people are saying and that's what it looks like.

Anyway, all those people are the Trenchcoat Mafia anyway and those labels are a bunch of ripoff's.

So stop running around in Montreal and Quebec saying you're right big and I'm scared of you and shit because I'm not and all you are is a bunch of losers in the Trenchcoat Mafia and you're bands all suck and you have no scene and you're "record label"is always some scam with a bunch of bootleggers at 

My band Collapse is super awesome and I am a Death Metal Super God and you are all losers.

That is all.


Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Trench Coat Mafia and All Their Loser Friends Don't Know What Your Stuff Is

The Halifax Trench Coat Mafia Doesn't Know What This Is
Continuing with the Saga of the Halifax Trench Coat Mafia and all their loser friends etc., yes this is a Saga, here is another Chapter in the Saga of my experiences with the Halifax Trench Coat Mafia and all their loser friends.

This story is about how they don't know what your stuff is if you make a lot of money because they are so poor.

When they see it they run around making fun of it and insulting you because they don't know what it is, then they start bumming you for stuff.

In this example I will be explaining the Psychological Example of their behavior with real life references  so that you, the regular people, can understand what you are facing when dealing with these people on a daily basis in Downtown Halifax or anywhere else you may be.

What I am determining through reasoning and evaluation is that the Trenchcoat Mafia People and all their friends are in fact, all Mentally Retarded.  

As you continue to see the examples I am presenting you will probably, unless you are totally retarded, come to the same conclusion as I have...all those pricks are mentally handicapped in Trenchcoat Mafia.

Since they do not live in a Hospital or have some kind of "care worker" looking after them I am assuming that they must be some kind of "Poor Social Class of the Working Mentally Retarded".

The bottom line is this....If your possessions are not for dirt poor people with no hope or money the people in the Trenchcoat Mafia don't know what they are for. 

For example, if you don't cook your food in an old Tin Can in the back yard then the Trenchcoat Mafia and them don't know what you Kitchen is for if you make a decent amount of money and a have Kitchen setup that is directly based on you income level.

The retardation that they are suffering from may kick in at above the $60,000 per person a year level and after that the Trenchcoat Mafia and those people don't know what your possessions are for if you make over that amount because they are so poor that when they see it their mental retardation comes out.

These people are so poor that that have never seen or heard of anything that someone would use or have that makes more than $60,000 a year and when they see it they all start talking and acting mentally retarded.

So in order to see that examples I am talking about you need to make over $60,000 a year for 1 Person and then have all the household items that goes with the income and then if you invite them over and let them start talking you will see that they are all Mentally Retarded because of the stuff that start saying when they see you expensive kitchen setup.

I have about four examples and in the examples let's say the person with the money in the example is some kind of Project Manager with a Degree from the Top University in Canada in Technology and has a Professional Certification and is going to be making $150,000 per year in Corporate Business and is running a Death Metal band and has all the Professional Recording Equipment and Band Gear in Real Life and is making real albums.

The other people are the Trenchcoat Mafia idiots and their friends and are all dirt poor.

So they guy with all the money has a professional recording setup that he knows how to use for real in real life and is playing in a Huge Death Metal Band with real albums out in real life - not the ones that the Trenchcoat Mafia are making that they think are real but are not.

The guy with the money is sitting there at his house working on the real album that is coming out and he has one of the other members of his band over to help work on editing the music. As it turns out the other guy in the band was NOT a real heavy metal guy but was in fact a poser in the Trenchcoat Mafia pretending to be real heavy metal.

They are sitting there working on the REAL RECORD in REAL LIFE not one in the imagination of the Marilyn Manson people, at the rich house where they are going to have tons of money in REAL LIFE not in a retarded person's imagination.

This is REAL MONEY at the guys house not Imaginary Money in a Retarded Person's fantasy. The then other guy in the band from the Trenchcoat Mafia slips into some fantasy while he is visiting the rich house editing music and goes to the rich guy thinking to himself:

"You think you are so big because you are editing music on a Professional Recording Setup sitting there pressing all those buttons like a big shot and you're pissing me off because you look like an idiot."

In fact, this is what was actually happening. 

The rich guy in fact really had all that in real life and was recording a real album on professional recording equipment just like everyone else in the Music Industry and had the same equipment.

What the Trenchcoat Mafia guy was watching was the rich guy's mannerisms while he was using professional recording equipment and thought he was "showing off because he thought he was right big" when in fact the rich guy was just following the Operating Instructions of the Recording Equipment, and the poor guy didn't know what it was because he never saw it before because he was so poor.

So the poor guy never saw Professional Recording Equipment before and when he did he saw the rich guy following the operation instructions and was watching his mannerisms of his hands and stuff of what you do when you follow the instructions to make a REAL HEAVY METAL record on Professional Equipment.

This is the whole thing at this point:

When you make above a certain income level poor retarded people don't know what you are doing with the stuff you are using.

When they see you following the operating instructions they think you are "showing off because you think you are big" when in fact you are just following the instructions and those are the hand actions you have to do to make the expensive equipment operate.

Then because they are retarded, they think you are "making fun of them" by your mannerisms of following operating instructions in front of them when they see you operate expensive equipment.

Back to the example....

The then rich guy starts making supper and offers the poor guy some food because he came over to help edit music on the rich guys pro death metal album.

The rich guy starts making food in expensive kitchen that that poor guy has never seen before because he is so broke.

The poor guy goes:

"You know man, you have all this money and stuff at your house you should probably put some more money into your frying pans and stuff for your kitchen so that when I come over to visit and eat the food you're cooking will taste better for me."

Then he goes:

"Then we could use some stuff like that at my house too." and stated bumming his for kitchen suppilies.

This is what happened...the rich guy threw him out of his house and told him to fuck off permanently for coming to his house and making fun of him and trying to tell him how to spend his money and them bumming off him looking for stuff for his house from the rich guys money.

Then that was it, the poor guy never comes back. 

However, then the poor guys keeps running back into the rich guys yard screeching and hollering and won't fuck off.

This is because the poor guy keep's "checking" with the rich guy to see if he's going to start buying him stuff by annoying him and stop throwing him off the property.

So that's what the poor guys is doing when he keeps running back into the yard screeching and hollering. 

He's checking to see if the rich guy will stop telling him to get out of there because he wants the rich guy to buy him stuff. He thinks that if he keeps pestering and annoying  the rich guy all the time that the rich guy will take him back into the Kitchen and start feeding him and buying him expensive frying pans for his house.

Then if the rich guy did the poor guy will start bossing him around and telling him what to buy for his kitchen because when he comes over he wants the rich guy to have better cookware for him so the food will taste better for him when he visits because he is a fucking bastard and thinks he's right big and important when he is a fucking hobo and can fuck himself permanently. 

Again, here is the background...

The rich guy bought all this expensive kitchen equipment over the $100,000 a year income level and the poor guy doesn't understand what the rich guy is doing when he's using it.

The poor guys see's the rich guy following the operating instructions to work the fancy kitchen equipment and doesn't recognize the body language and mannerisms it takes to work the expensive kitchen equipment.

This is because he is so poor and have never see expensive kitchen equipment before and doesn't recognize the mannerisms and body language it takes to operate the expensive equipment.

So when the rich guy is using the fancy expensive kitchen equipment and professional recording equipment to make real death metal albums the poor guy doesn't know what he is doing because he has never seen it before and is broke.

Here is the example again if you understand the whole background:

The rich guy is making a real death metal record on expensive equipment and has a fancy kitchen setup and the poor guy has never seen either and doesn't understand what the mannerisms and body language are to work the recording equipment or the fancy kitchen.

They are there editing the  music for a record and their is food cooking in the Kitchen.

The poor guy goes:

"You are sitting there and you think you are right big and important because you're making a record and your arms are flailing around like an idiot and I fucking hate you because you look like a fucking idiot editing music." He Thinks To Himself.

Then he says out loud:

"You know man, when I come down here to edit music and you have all that money and stuff at your house you could have some better frying pans so that when I eat my food takes better. Plus, we could use some of that over at our house."

So he starts making fun of you for your mannerisms because he didn't know how to operate fancy recording equipment or fancy kitchen equipment, then he thinks your acting right big for following operating instructions, then he thinks you're "making fun of him" because of your mannerisms when you cook or edit music on fancy equipment but that's just what it looks like when you follow the operating instructions and he didn't know that, then he starts insulting your kitchen saying you need better stuff to cook so the food will be better when the goes there to eat, then he starts bumming and saying his family needs that at their house and wants you to start giving him stuff.

That's because he is mentally retarded and thinks he right big and important but he's just a poor retard - That is the Halifax Trenchcoat Mafia and actually happened to me here in Nova Scotia with them.

So the rich guy threw his ass out of there because he is a fucking asshole and never let him come back.

Now he keeps running back in the yard screeching and hollering and checking six million time over and over to see if you're going to let him back in the house and feed him and start buying him stuff.

Then if he go it he'll start bossing you around and trying to tell you how to spend your money because he is a prick.

Needless to say, the rich guy never let him come back and he keeps screeching and hollering because he is a fucking cunt fucking idiot.

That is the end of what happened there, he can keep running around screeching and hollering all he wants because no one gives a fuck and everyone hates him but he has to stay out of the yard when he does it.

Three more quick examples of the same thing:

The other guy comes over into the expense kitchen and see's you cooking and doesn't know what you are doing and starts making fun of you to himself then he goes and put his hand up and goes "Yea I know, you think you're right big or something, just drop know when I come over to visit it's be nice if you have a better table for me to sit at and by the we could use that over at our house as well."

He says the same thing so fuck him....He insults your mannerisms and then wants you to buy him a better place to sit for when he visits your house and then starts bumming and wanting you to start buying his family kitchen tables and shit.

Fuck him, he is a fucking hobo.

Another guy comes over and he goes...."Yeah I just wanted to see what you looked like making juice mix in your kitchen so I can go around making fun of your mannerisms because I think I'm right big."

That guy watch's you stirring juice mix in your fancy kitchen and doesn't  know what you are doing with the fancy kitchen equipment because he is so poor and thinks he so tough that he goes around making fun of millionaires in their own kitchen for the way they stir juice mix when he works in an old warehouse or something and he's not even invited over to your house when you are rich.

Finally here is the last example....

Lets say a women comes into a lot of and goes out and gets her hair done like all the other women with the same amount of money.

She comes back to where these people are she knows and they see her and go:

"What are you fucking doing you look like a fucking idiot with that stupid hair style thinking your right big acting like your right important and you look like a fucking idiot and everyone hates you because you think you're right important."

When in fact, that is not what happened. What really happened was the woman earned a bunch of money like $100,000 or something and went out and got the same kind of hair style as all the other women in the same income bracket.

The other people didn't know what it was and started flaming her and calling her a fucking idiot for getting the hairstyle that goes with a $100,000 income. 

They loser people didn't know what any of that was and started flaming her not knowing what they were making fun of.

The she put the run to them and they never came back. 

Now every so often they keep running back into the yard screeching and hollering checking to see if the woman will take them back inside and let them get away with bossing her around and yelling at her because they don't believe she means it because they are mentally retarded and keep checking to see if than can get away with it when she in fact hates them to death and they aren't allowed around her anymore.

That his the Halifax Trenchcoat Mafia and their idiot friend in the area doing that.

When you see those examples and add all that up you can obviously see that the only explanation is that they must be mentally retarded to be doing all that because it is the only explanation.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Halifax Trench Coat Mafia vs. Womens Yacht Pants

Trench Coat Mafia

Here is the latest in the recent happenings with the Halifax Trench Coat Mafia in the North End or wherever else they are from around here.

Now they are in a fight with women's Yacht Pants, or Wrap Pants/Rider Pants, anyway I know them as Yacht Pants. 

So what they are doing now is after they Flame you they are saying that you are not allowed talking about them and now they are all running around threatening people to keep their mouth shut about them.

Now a bunch of kids in their 20's drive up to from the Trench Coat Mafia in Halifax in some shitty car from the North End or somewhere and threaten you looking for a fight and then they take off.

So now their all trying to scare everyone who says what they are doing....just like in the Motorhead lyrics to the "Ace of Spades" album.

So you're in you 40's like me and a bunch of their idiots come up to you and try to scare you for telling everyone what they are doing and then they all try to make fun of YOU. Yeah right, anyone who dresses like that has no business making fun of anyone they are so fucking unattractive and stupid looking.

Now these fucking kids in their 20's come up to you and you're like almost 42 or something like myself saying their looking for a fight because you're telling everyone you hate them and that they are pricks annoying everyone, then before you can do anything they take off in some shitty car and they are just outside pestering people and annoying them pretending to look for a fight and trying to scare you and then they take off before you can do anything and nothing ever happens. Why twenty something year old kids would be bothering guys like me that are like almost 42 is beyond my comprehension.

This is what happens...when they "run in" on you when you are outside to pick a fight they don't know where you are standing at or the background you are in. Then they start screaming and screeching about what you are saying and then they take off. 

Women's Yacht Pants
So now they are in a fight with Women's Yacht Pants. That's because they all went out looking for a fight with the people who are complaining about them (this is why people are complaining about them) and they are like people in their 40's and professionals and regular people and they are down their making fun of Women in their mid to late 40's and the Trench Coat Mafia losers don't know where those women live at and don't know the background of where these women live - now they are down there picking a fight with them in their 20's dressed like idiots and they don't understand where the people live who are complaining about them or the background they live in like homemakers and professionals in their mid to late 40's.

They have been doing this for years, they all start flaming everyone and then when people complain they all run down their  threatening them.

So they all go out looking for a fight with the people talking about them and ended up around a bunch of women who are like 46 when they are in their 20's. They all starting picking fights with them for telling on them and then taking off in a shitty car before they could do anything. 

Then the Trench Coat Mafia people all started making fun of them for wearing Women's Yacht Pants.

Apparently, those idiots don't know what they are. Not only that they also don't know what a 46 Year Old Women's ankle looks like.

Women's Yacht/Wrap Pants
First they ran in and didn't know the background they were in picking a fight in with regular people in their 40's or what they were doing there.

Then they all started making fun of the women's Yacht Pants and looking for an argument for talking about the problem they are becoming around the Halifax Area.

This is what they said to 46 year old women about the issue of them "mouthing off" about them. So those idiots in the "Trench Coat Mafia" are saying that if Women in their 40's who are regular people and professionals complain about them that they are "mouthing off" and they went their looking for a fight.

They said the to the 46 Year Old women in rebuttal to their complaints: " You are a fucking idiot and no one like's you. You just sit around there all day with your hand flailing around and your pant's all hiked up with your ankle sticking out and you look like a fucking idiot and you have no friends."

They said that to them looking for an argument after they ran in on them and didn't know the background they were standing in and were like in their 20's or something and dressed up like Marilyn Manson or something.

Here is the translation:

When they said that the women had no friends they meant in their crowd and they thought that the 46 Year Old women were trying to "fit in" in Halifax and thought they didn't have any friend's because they were wearing Yacht Pants and not dressed up like Marilyn Manson.

Women's Yacht/Wrap Pants
The point their is the Trench Coat Mafia People in Halifax don't know that 46 Year Old women in Halifax who wear Yacht Pants have a different life than them and that they are not interested in Marilyn Manson and thier friends are other people not the Hobo's in Leather Jackets in the North End.

Right, Newsflash duh....46 Year Old Women in Halifax who wear Yacht Pants are not interested in fitting in with the kids in the North End and Trench Coat Mafia. 

They have a different life and are normal people with different friends and don't go to where you all "hang out" at looking for friends and contrary to your belief's in the North End their not "losers who don't fit in" they are not even interested in anything in your life and probably all hate you to death.

They are also people who are professionals and lawyers or go to the town counsel meeting or something. So let's say the background is a bunch of women who are like 46 who would be like a lawyer or on a town council or something and were all outside talking and they are against the Trench Coat Mafia people.

A bunch of kids in their 20's ran in and started trying to pick a fight with them over them talking about it and all made fun of their Yacht Pants and Mannerisms and took off screeching and hollering.

Here is the picture....what they were witnessing was Professional Women  who are like 46 all outside talking and they all started flaming them and making fun of the scene they were all sitting or standing in and the Trench Coat Mafia People didn't know what Women who are like 46 looked like when they go outside talking or doing work like a lawyer.

They were making fun of they way a 46 year old women flails here hand around like an idiot but in reality she is a lawyer or something and she was just using a pen and  writing all day.

So those losers didn't know what a 46 Year old Women who was a Lawyer looked like when she was writing with a pen all day working and they all started making fun of it saying she was "flailing her hand around like an idiot and no one liked her" because they though she was "stupid looking".

Then they said everyone hated here because she was a loser and "had her pants hiked up with here ankle sticking out and everyone hated her" when in reality she was wearing Yacht Pants and they are in style and the Trench Coat Mafia didn't know what they were. When they said her "ankle was sticking out like an idiot" what was really happening was she was sitting their with her legs crossed wearing Yacht Pants and writing with a pen. 

Her ankle was sticking out because she had her legs crossed and that's was a women's ankle looks like in Yacht Pants when she crosses her legs. 

So the Trench Coat Mafia people in their 20's didn't know what a 46 year old women's ankle looked like when she crossed her legs while wearing yacht pants. That's what all women's ankles look like dumbasses  when they cross their legs in Yacht Pants.

That's what they were making fun of...a 46 year old women with her legs crossed wearing White Yacht Pants and writing with a pen......those Trench Coat Mafia people didn't know what it was.

That thought here hand was "flailing around like and idiot" because she was using a pen and they thought "she has her pants all hiked up and had her ankle sticking out like an idiot" when if fact she was just wearing Yacht Pants and had her legs crossed, the Trench Coat Mafia didn't know what it was.

They thought she was a loser who didn't fit in and had no friends because she sits around with hand flailing like an idiot and her pants hiked up with her ankle sticking out and that no one liked here.

This must because they are mentally retarded.

They had no idea of the background they were in when they said that and didn't know what a 46 year old women looked like when she was wearing clothes that are in style and working as a lawyer or something.

They must be total retards not to understand that....apparently they have never seen that before because they didn't know what it was and thought is was some loser and they tried picking a fight with her because she didn't like them and all took off in some shitty car.

Those idiots are the kids that keep running into your yard screeching an hollering and "going on" about what you are saying about them when your are like 46 or something.

No matter what you tell them they just keep running back in the Yard screeching and trying to tell you to stop talking about them and what they are doing when you are a regular person. That must have some awful bad mental problem or something.

When you explain to them that the women wasn't a loser she was a professional and just working they don't get it and they just keep running into the yard screeching about you complaining about their behavior and won't fuck off.

Everyone one of them pricks is like that, they don't get it that they are not allowed down there bothering you and that you have a different life than them.

They don't get it that other people have a different life than them and if you complain they won't stop running into your yard making fun of 46 Year Old  women for wearing Yacht Pants saying they are losers for not likening them or keeping your mouth shut.

No matter what you tell them they don't get that they are not welcome at your house or yard and their fight in all in their head or something. Then they run into your regular life and don't know where they are (like a professional setting) wearing leather jackets and shit and start making fun of your clothes and mannerisms because they have never seen them before and think your just being a loser....right, when your a 46 year old woman wearing expensive Yacht Pants and writing with a pen.

They don't know what it is and make fun of them for their ankle sticking out because they don't know what a 46 year old women's ankle looks like when she crosses her legs. 

You people are fucking losers.

Finally, their who "scene" is bullshit. The whole point of the message in heavy metal is to be yourself and stand out and NOT fit in with the crowd. 

Now the Trenchcoat Mafia people have "made a crowd" out of it so they can all "fit in" somewhere which is the opposite of the message in Heavy Metal.

They are loser who dress like heavy metal but just so they can fit in with each other because no one like them. Real heavy metal is about being your self and not fitting in with the crowd.

All those idiots dress heavy metal together because they are posers and not they real one so they can "make friends" and have a place to "fit in" in some scene or soething wich in NOT METAL AT ALL.

That's the kind of shit they said to me as well, they have no idea what they are even talking about. Just to let you know regular people with professional degrees like myself don't sit around with their friends all day when they are almost 42 trying to fit in.

People like me have a different life than you and you apparently don't understand that or know what it is, I don't hang around with my friends all day not knowing what a women's ankle is. I have a regular life and a huge education so fuck off and stay out of my yard losers.

You fucking idiots who don't know what women's Yacht Pants are no nothing about regular people's lives and they are not interested in you so why you all just fuck off and stop humiliating yourselves in public every two minutes.


Sunday, September 17, 2017

World's Largest Flea Market People Buying Up Halifax Collectables

World's Largest Flea Market
The Collectable's Market Value Has Sunk

The big flea market people were around Halifax buying up all the collectables for next to nothing recently or something.

This is because the value of Collectables has dropped and you can't get any money for anything probably right now. These are probably the people from the United States from the World's Largest Flea Market who were here and bought up all the collectable's in Halifax for next to nothing.

Now they will be making the rounds to all the Large Flea Markets in the United States with all the stuff they bought here. 

This is a sign of how the value of collectables has sunk to next to nothing. Everyone knows around here in Halifax that if the World's Largest Flea Market was here buying stuff to sell at flea market's in the United States that the market value of the collectables is super low. That's because they came here and bought it all for nothing to take back to the United States to sell at the Flea Market's they have there at low prices.

One of the biggest secrets in the market of Collectables for 2017 is  THE VINYL LP. and RECORD PLAYER SETS.

Vinyl Lp's and Record Player Sets are big heading into 2020
Right now Vinyl Lp's are becoming a huge retail market and apparently Vinyl Lp Records are reportedly out selling digital downloads. I can't confirm this crazy statement but that is the word on the internet.

Here is the deal. Right now manufactures are opening the Vinyl Lp Record Sales Market to ANYONE who wants  to sell records. The small independent manufactures who have licensed their albums from large Companies like Sony, Universal and Warner  Music are trying to move their products fast and are asking upwards to $45 per album for common house hold Lp records. This is because they are doing small runs of like 10,000 copies and their prints are limited and licensed from Major Labels. Now they are trying to move their products fast because of the large trend in Lp Record Sales which are apparently out pacing digital downloads in the music industry sales market.

Here is what is going on with the big Independent Label Lp Sell Off.....

Vinyl Lp's are about to be worthless!

Since Vinyl Lp's are about to be worthless Independent Manufactures are trying to dump their products as fast as possible.

Wireless Streaming Bluetooth Lp Player
This is because Major labels are about to pull their Product Licenses from Independent Labels and start Mass Producing Vinyl Lp Records again for the brand new Wireless Streaming Bluetooth Lp Record Players which retail for around $150.

With Vinyl Record Sales outpacing Digital Download Sales Major Labels are pulling their licenses from Independent Manufacturers to mass produce Vinyl Lp's to use with the new Wireless Streaming Record Players which can play your records wireless anywhere in your house!
The word coming from the World's Largest  Flea Market people in the United States is that people are trying to sell their old records for up to $300 per album and are asking up to $45 per album for on an eight song record!

Since Major Record Labels can't get any money out of digital sales and can't compete with Smartphones that hold 10,000 songs for free off the internet people are saying that they around about to mass produce the Vinyl Albums for the Wireless Record Player for only $2 per record brand new at Wal-Mart Discount Bins. 

The World's Largest Flea Market People in the United States are saying that everyone is over charging for their old Vinyl Lp's because the price is about to drop to $2 per record for discount bins at Wal-Mart so the Major Labels can get $2 for Eight Only Songs when everyone gets 10,000 songs for nothing off the internet.

To compete with Free Digital Downloads Record Companies are now about to ask $2 for eight buy them on the Vinyl Lp.

Now they are planning to re-run all their old albums from their music vaults and sell them for $2 per album at Wal-Mart for the Wireless Lp Record Player.

Record Companies will be making a fortune in the future off selling Vinyl Albums for  only $2 per record with only about eight songs on it when they can't get any money at all out of digital sales.

Now everyone will be able to collect as many Vinyl Lp's as they want because they will only be two dollars.

Everyone in the Music Industry knows that Vinyl Lp's made in the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1980's are as common as regular household cardboard are are worthless.

Now they are saying that when mass produced like in the 1960's Vinyl Lp's are as cheap as common as cardboard. People are saying that in the future when they get a free digital download of an album for their smart phone they will be able to get the artwork for $2 in a Wal-Mart discount bin if they get the Vinyl Lp to go with it.

Record Company people are saying at the World's Largest Flea Market that Vinyl Lp Collectables prices are a scam because they are about to be re-run and mass produced like in the 1960's for $2 per album in Wal-Mart bins.

They are warning people to "not be fooled by artifically inflated prices" on music collectables.

Record Companies are saying that "the price of a Vinyl Lp is the same as house hold cardboard so they might as well throw a Vinyl Lp into the cardboard so they can get $2 for the artwork."

With prices about to drop to $2 per record at Wal-Mart bins for the Wireless Lp Player record companies are going to make a fortune at approximately $2 for only eight songs when people get 10,000 for free.

"$2 per album for about eight songs is a lot of money when we get nothing for 10,000  songs off the internet" is what they are saying. 

So they are going to manufacture them for the price of house hold cardboard and throw in the vinyl record and get their $2 for the picture on the cover.

Now they are  pulling their licenses from independent manufactures to get their $2 per album at the Wal-Mart bins like ordinary cardboard that comes with a vinyl record and the album artwork.

Then they are promoting the Wireless Vinyl Lp player and mass producing Vinyl Lp's for $2 each at Wal-Mart Discount bins. 

They are saying this will generate a lot revenue and help recover money lost because of free digital music on smartphones.

This may be out in the next couple years at Wal-Mart.


Friday, September 15, 2017

The Maritime Heavy Metal Trench Coat Mafia Can Suck It

Marilyn Manson - Leader of the Trenchcoat Mafia
These people in Halifax and around Atlantic Canada are mentally handicapped. Everyone knows there is this huge problem with these people but now I'm actually starting to get what everyone else is complaining about, like people who are not into heavy music or concerned parents or whatever.

Then their "group" have this history of bothering people and going on killing sprees or something. Now I am actually starting to get what other people are concerned about and what the Marilyn Manson Trench Coat Mafia People are even talking about.

Now this is in Marilyn Manson stuff and all over Black Metal and Heavy Metal stuff like Motorhead exactly the same as the Trench Coat Mafia. 

So when you say "Trench Coat Mafia" now this includes Marilyn Manson, Motorhead, Death Metal and Black Metal now in every heavy metal category.

Here is what I'm getting from all this:

The Concept of Marilyn Manson - This is the guy who is super unattractive or something is the character to "regular" or "beautiful" the "Beautiful People" he is going on about in his music is regular people.

So the whole point of this guy is the "statement" he is making....

He's going to go around in front of normal people the "beautiful people" dressed up all crazy looking in some goth costume in public where everyone is nice looking and walk around in front of them being unattractive or something dressed up in a costume to "shock" people or scare them or something.

So when your sitting there in an outdoor restaurant on the pier or something having a nice dinner or something you look over and their's this guy there all dressed up showing off in some crazy outfit in front of people who are regular and dressed nice making a public spectacle of himself.

This is for people who are ugly or something and don't fit in with everyone normal. 

So he goes down to the church or something on Sunday in some crazy costume and tries to scare all the church goers by making a spectacle of himself in a crazy outfit.

Then all these other people who don't fit in all start cheering for him at going down there and making a fool of himself in front of everyone else that doesn't fit in.

That's the "Trench Coat Mafia" people all cheering for him, that's their way of "getting back" at regular people because they don't fit in.

So that's the whole appeal for the fan base of Marilyn Manson or "Trench Coat Mafia" the fans are called is to make a spectacle of themselves in front of the regular or "The Beautiful People" he is calling them while all the fans who are losers or something and don't fit in all cheer.

That's how they get back at regular people for not fitting in by making a spectacle of themselves and then they all group together and made some club or something to go around annoying people in public dressed up in costumes so they fit in together all annoying people they don't like.

So you take the outfits off them are they look like dork's and don't fit in with regular people so they wear a costume and go around together like Marilyn Manson all annoying people in the regular part of society.

Black Metal Trench Coat Mafia
For me I am just into heavy metal, so I would like wear a jean jacket and heavy metal shirt or something and just go around being normal and playing music. I thought that was the whole thing.

It turns out that not everyone is doing that in hard rock music. 

The rest of the people are posers wearing heavy metal stuff as "Costumes" like Marilyn Manson and copying his act and going around annoying people and trying to scare them like Marilyn Manson.

Those Black Metal outfits are just stage costumes, now people are wearing them around outside everyday annoying people in them and doing that Marilyn Manson act.

So they are all the same, if they are wearing around a crazy costume all day that is supposed to be stage clothes they are all the Marilyn Manson Trench Coat Mafia now, Black Metal, Death Metal all of them.

So what happened to me is a few years ago they all started annoying me in the North End of Halifax and tried to ruin my advertising campaign. It turns out that they are the Trench Coat Mafia in Halifax on the old Maritime Metal webpages, all of them on there.

Motorhead Trench Coat Mafia
They said they were in Thrash and Heavy Metal like Motorhead and into Death Metal and Black Metal. Then you go play and find out they are all the Trench Coat Mafia and are just wearing costumes and doing some act on the internet and running around Halifax annoying everyone like Marilyn Manson does and dressed up in every costume imaginable. 

When it comes down to it they are all posers.

Now they are all doing the Marilyn Manson Trench Coat Mafia act in every heavy metal category and all they are doing is PUTTING ON A SHOW so they can shock people like Marilyn Manson and then when you go down there to where their bands play at there is no substance and it is not a real music scene.

So you can't go play there in a real band because they are all fakes. For me, I am a University Graduate and Project Manager and worked in a Corporation and I am a super huge guitarist and play Death Metal and stuff like that in the REAL MUSIC. They are just the fake one and don't know anything about real heavy metal.

They just copy it and run around like Marilyn Manson annoying people because it's all the same to them. Instead of doing the Marilyn Manson act they do it in Heavy Metal and dress like Motorhead or Black Metal and run around wearing make up and stuff every day "shocking" the regular citizens of Halifax or anywhere.

So all those Trench Coat Mafia people started flaming me in Halifax and on the internet because I am Death Metal but I am the regular people or the "beautiful people" Marilyn Manson is out there annoying. I have a regular career and play real heavy metal, none of them even know what it is because they just copy everything and are doing an act like Marilyn Manson out in public.

That's why the Halifax Trench Coat Mafia people all go around flaming me and trying to ruin my advertising campaign. It's because they are posers and are doing that Marilyn Manson act against regular people including me when I'm playing real heavy metal.

In Halifax you go to a restaurant on the waterfront and sit outside at the Harbor for supper or something and you look over and there's this guy there dressed up like Marilyn Manson blasting Marilyn Manson music on a cell phone outside at the restaurant trying to scare everyone.

He's sitting there doing Marilyn Manson's stage act in front of everyone and thinks everyone is going to start cheering for him for annoying regular people blasting Mariyn Manson on a cel phone in downtwon Halifax. 

They are a bunch of fucking idiots. They think you are "scared of them" because you are normal regular people and their out there "making a statement" in front of you while they think the rest of the Trench Coat Mafia is out there cheering for them.

Newsflash: No one is scared of those people, I think they are Mentally Retarded.

So someone like me who plays real heavy metal and is a University Graduate and goes skiing and gets a tan and goes to the beach and stuff is the total OPPOSITE of those people.

They are all sitting in the house all the time and don't play sports or go to university and don't go tanning at the beach and stuff and have no social life and are all right pale and pasty looking.

Then they were all badmouthing me because they are jealous because I have all that and they don't fit in at the Beach or Ski Lodge and I do.

So the Motorhead people and the Marilyn Manson people all did it together flaming me on the internet and trying to ruin my advertising campaign doing that Marilyn Manson act in Halifax in one group.

So the metal people and the Trench Coat Mafia people are all the same here in Halifax and Atlantic Canada.

Now no regular people like me or anyone in real heavy metal people go to their shows because it's just the Trench Coat Mafia there doing some fake act pretending to be heavy metal music. 

No one can even show them their music collection in real metal now because the Trench Coat Mafia people all go around copying what they are listening to in the group and come back and start annoying them.

So now all the real metal guys all stay home and it's a more underground metal scene now and no one shares their music with the other people because they are the Trench Coat Mafia and go around annoying everyone with other people's favorite music.

This is what happens, if a Trench Coat Mafia Person see a real artist when they are a poser they all get mad because they what to be a huge music star and think they get it as soon as they see it by copying Marilyn Manson, then they think they are going to be famous or something like Marilyn Manson because they saw a real artist.

Now guys in metal don't go to shows or let them people see their music collections because they all get mad because real metal people have more music stuff than them and they all run down there annoying them and flaming them because they are mad that a real music guy has more than them when they are being a poser in the Trench Coat Mafia.

Now everyone in real heavy metal have made the metal scene more underground so the Trench Coat Mafia can't see it or be involved. 

In Halifax and everywhere.