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The Trench Coat Mafia and All Their Loser Friends Don't Know What Your Stuff Is

The Halifax Trench Coat Mafia Doesn't Know What This Is
Continuing with the Saga of the Halifax Trench Coat Mafia and all their loser friends etc., yes this is a Saga, here is another Chapter in the Saga of my experiences with the Halifax Trench Coat Mafia and all their loser friends.

This story is about how they don't know what your stuff is if you make a lot of money because they are so poor.

When they see it they run around making fun of it and insulting you because they don't know what it is, then they start bumming you for stuff.

In this example I will be explaining the Psychological Example of their behavior with real life references  so that you, the regular people, can understand what you are facing when dealing with these people on a daily basis in Downtown Halifax or anywhere else you may be.

What I am determining through reasoning and evaluation is that the Trenchcoat Mafia People and all their friends are in fact, all Mentally Retarded.  

As you continue to see the examples I am presenting you will probably, unless you are totally retarded, come to the same conclusion as I have...all those pricks are mentally handicapped in Trenchcoat Mafia.

Since they do not live in a Hospital or have some kind of "care worker" looking after them I am assuming that they must be some kind of "Poor Social Class of the Working Mentally Retarded".

The bottom line is this....If your possessions are not for dirt poor people with no hope or money the people in the Trenchcoat Mafia don't know what they are for. 

For example, if you don't cook your food in an old Tin Can in the back yard then the Trenchcoat Mafia and them don't know what you Kitchen is for if you make a decent amount of money and a have Kitchen setup that is directly based on you income level.

The retardation that they are suffering from may kick in at above the $60,000 per person a year level and after that the Trenchcoat Mafia and those people don't know what your possessions are for if you make over that amount because they are so poor that when they see it their mental retardation comes out.

These people are so poor that that have never seen or heard of anything that someone would use or have that makes more than $60,000 a year and when they see it they all start talking and acting mentally retarded.

So in order to see that examples I am talking about you need to make over $60,000 a year for 1 Person and then have all the household items that goes with the income and then if you invite them over and let them start talking you will see that they are all Mentally Retarded because of the stuff that start saying when they see you expensive kitchen setup.

I have about four examples and in the examples let's say the person with the money in the example is some kind of Project Manager with a Degree from the Top University in Canada in Technology and has a Professional Certification and is going to be making $150,000 per year in Corporate Business and is running a Death Metal band and has all the Professional Recording Equipment and Band Gear in Real Life and is making real albums.

The other people are the Trenchcoat Mafia idiots and their friends and are all dirt poor.

So they guy with all the money has a professional recording setup that he knows how to use for real in real life and is playing in a Huge Death Metal Band with real albums out in real life - not the ones that the Trenchcoat Mafia are making that they think are real but are not.

The guy with the money is sitting there at his house working on the real album that is coming out and he has one of the other members of his band over to help work on editing the music. As it turns out the other guy in the band was NOT a real heavy metal guy but was in fact a poser in the Trenchcoat Mafia pretending to be real heavy metal.

They are sitting there working on the REAL RECORD in REAL LIFE not one in the imagination of the Marilyn Manson people, at the rich house where they are going to have tons of money in REAL LIFE not in a retarded person's imagination.

This is REAL MONEY at the guys house not Imaginary Money in a Retarded Person's fantasy. The then other guy in the band from the Trenchcoat Mafia slips into some fantasy while he is visiting the rich house editing music and goes to the rich guy thinking to himself:

"You think you are so big because you are editing music on a Professional Recording Setup sitting there pressing all those buttons like a big shot and you're pissing me off because you look like an idiot."

In fact, this is what was actually happening. 

The rich guy in fact really had all that in real life and was recording a real album on professional recording equipment just like everyone else in the Music Industry and had the same equipment.

What the Trenchcoat Mafia guy was watching was the rich guy's mannerisms while he was using professional recording equipment and thought he was "showing off because he thought he was right big" when in fact the rich guy was just following the Operating Instructions of the Recording Equipment, and the poor guy didn't know what it was because he never saw it before because he was so poor.

So the poor guy never saw Professional Recording Equipment before and when he did he saw the rich guy following the operation instructions and was watching his mannerisms of his hands and stuff of what you do when you follow the instructions to make a REAL HEAVY METAL record on Professional Equipment.

This is the whole thing at this point:

When you make above a certain income level poor retarded people don't know what you are doing with the stuff you are using.

When they see you following the operating instructions they think you are "showing off because you think you are big" when in fact you are just following the instructions and those are the hand actions you have to do to make the expensive equipment operate.

Then because they are retarded, they think you are "making fun of them" by your mannerisms of following operating instructions in front of them when they see you operate expensive equipment.

Back to the example....

The then rich guy starts making supper and offers the poor guy some food because he came over to help edit music on the rich guys pro death metal album.

The rich guy starts making food in expensive kitchen that that poor guy has never seen before because he is so broke.

The poor guy goes:

"You know man, you have all this money and stuff at your house you should probably put some more money into your frying pans and stuff for your kitchen so that when I come over to visit and eat the food you're cooking will taste better for me."

Then he goes:

"Then we could use some stuff like that at my house too." and stated bumming his for kitchen suppilies.

This is what happened...the rich guy threw him out of his house and told him to fuck off permanently for coming to his house and making fun of him and trying to tell him how to spend his money and them bumming off him looking for stuff for his house from the rich guys money.

Then that was it, the poor guy never comes back. 

However, then the poor guys keeps running back into the rich guys yard screeching and hollering and won't fuck off.

This is because the poor guy keep's "checking" with the rich guy to see if he's going to start buying him stuff by annoying him and stop throwing him off the property.

So that's what the poor guys is doing when he keeps running back into the yard screeching and hollering. 

He's checking to see if the rich guy will stop telling him to get out of there because he wants the rich guy to buy him stuff. He thinks that if he keeps pestering and annoying  the rich guy all the time that the rich guy will take him back into the Kitchen and start feeding him and buying him expensive frying pans for his house.

Then if the rich guy did the poor guy will start bossing him around and telling him what to buy for his kitchen because when he comes over he wants the rich guy to have better cookware for him so the food will taste better for him when he visits because he is a fucking bastard and thinks he's right big and important when he is a fucking hobo and can fuck himself permanently. 

Again, here is the background...

The rich guy bought all this expensive kitchen equipment over the $100,000 a year income level and the poor guy doesn't understand what the rich guy is doing when he's using it.

The poor guys see's the rich guy following the operating instructions to work the fancy kitchen equipment and doesn't recognize the body language and mannerisms it takes to work the expensive kitchen equipment.

This is because he is so poor and have never see expensive kitchen equipment before and doesn't recognize the mannerisms and body language it takes to operate the expensive equipment.

So when the rich guy is using the fancy expensive kitchen equipment and professional recording equipment to make real death metal albums the poor guy doesn't know what he is doing because he has never seen it before and is broke.

Here is the example again if you understand the whole background:

The rich guy is making a real death metal record on expensive equipment and has a fancy kitchen setup and the poor guy has never seen either and doesn't understand what the mannerisms and body language are to work the recording equipment or the fancy kitchen.

They are there editing the  music for a record and their is food cooking in the Kitchen.

The poor guy goes:

"You are sitting there and you think you are right big and important because you're making a record and your arms are flailing around like an idiot and I fucking hate you because you look like a fucking idiot editing music." He Thinks To Himself.

Then he says out loud:

"You know man, when I come down here to edit music and you have all that money and stuff at your house you could have some better frying pans so that when I eat my food takes better. Plus, we could use some of that over at our house."

So he starts making fun of you for your mannerisms because he didn't know how to operate fancy recording equipment or fancy kitchen equipment, then he thinks your acting right big for following operating instructions, then he thinks you're "making fun of him" because of your mannerisms when you cook or edit music on fancy equipment but that's just what it looks like when you follow the operating instructions and he didn't know that, then he starts insulting your kitchen saying you need better stuff to cook so the food will be better when the goes there to eat, then he starts bumming and saying his family needs that at their house and wants you to start giving him stuff.

That's because he is mentally retarded and thinks he right big and important but he's just a poor retard - That is the Halifax Trenchcoat Mafia and actually happened to me here in Nova Scotia with them.

So the rich guy threw his ass out of there because he is a fucking asshole and never let him come back.

Now he keeps running back in the yard screeching and hollering and checking six million time over and over to see if you're going to let him back in the house and feed him and start buying him stuff.

Then if he go it he'll start bossing you around and trying to tell you how to spend your money because he is a prick.

Needless to say, the rich guy never let him come back and he keeps screeching and hollering because he is a fucking cunt fucking idiot.

That is the end of what happened there, he can keep running around screeching and hollering all he wants because no one gives a fuck and everyone hates him but he has to stay out of the yard when he does it.

Three more quick examples of the same thing:

The other guy comes over into the expense kitchen and see's you cooking and doesn't know what you are doing and starts making fun of you to himself then he goes and put his hand up and goes "Yea I know, you think you're right big or something, just drop know when I come over to visit it's be nice if you have a better table for me to sit at and by the we could use that over at our house as well."

He says the same thing so fuck him....He insults your mannerisms and then wants you to buy him a better place to sit for when he visits your house and then starts bumming and wanting you to start buying his family kitchen tables and shit.

Fuck him, he is a fucking hobo.

Another guy comes over and he goes...."Yeah I just wanted to see what you looked like making juice mix in your kitchen so I can go around making fun of your mannerisms because I think I'm right big."

That guy watch's you stirring juice mix in your fancy kitchen and doesn't  know what you are doing with the fancy kitchen equipment because he is so poor and thinks he so tough that he goes around making fun of millionaires in their own kitchen for the way they stir juice mix when he works in an old warehouse or something and he's not even invited over to your house when you are rich.

Finally here is the last example....

Lets say a women comes into a lot of and goes out and gets her hair done like all the other women with the same amount of money.

She comes back to where these people are she knows and they see her and go:

"What are you fucking doing you look like a fucking idiot with that stupid hair style thinking your right big acting like your right important and you look like a fucking idiot and everyone hates you because you think you're right important."

When in fact, that is not what happened. What really happened was the woman earned a bunch of money like $100,000 or something and went out and got the same kind of hair style as all the other women in the same income bracket.

The other people didn't know what it was and started flaming her and calling her a fucking idiot for getting the hairstyle that goes with a $100,000 income. 

They loser people didn't know what any of that was and started flaming her not knowing what they were making fun of.

The she put the run to them and they never came back. 

Now every so often they keep running back into the yard screeching and hollering checking to see if the woman will take them back inside and let them get away with bossing her around and yelling at her because they don't believe she means it because they are mentally retarded and keep checking to see if than can get away with it when she in fact hates them to death and they aren't allowed around her anymore.

That his the Halifax Trenchcoat Mafia and their idiot friend in the area doing that.

When you see those examples and add all that up you can obviously see that the only explanation is that they must be mentally retarded to be doing all that because it is the only explanation.


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